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We see a large field a ridge on either side of it. Near the center but in the background there is a cliff overlooking the field. Along one side of the field a line of Aliens waiting for their foes to move. Across the field lined up a row of Zerglings doing the same. On the line of Zerglings every other Zergling disappeared in a splash of blood. In their place stood Defilers, the Aliens just looked at each other then with fierce mite started to run down the side of the hill however the charge was counteracted by the Defilers launching Plague after Plague at the mass killing most of the Aliens. Those who were only injured retreated back up to the hill. Next, the Aliens tried to pounce on the Zerg but the once agene the Aliens' attack was foiled this time by a row of Hydralisk that were burrowed behind the Zerglings. This time some of the Alien blood splashed on the Zerglings and the Zerglings died almost instantly. The Aliens saw an opportunity they realized that to win a massive assault would be required but before they could organize the charge, the Zerg appeared at the bottom of the Alien hill. This puzzled the Aliens greatly but there was no time to think because the Zerg charged the hill but right before the Zerg reached the Alien assault line the Zerg burrowed. The Aliens looked around confused for a moment then everything became apparent when hundreds of spikes came up from underground, they were Lurkers. The remaining Aliens retreated but were chased down by a group of Guardians. "You owe me $150," bragged a Dark Templar from the over looking cliff. "Ya, ya I know," was all the Predator next to him could say. "What are the two of you doing here?" came a voice from behind them. They spun around to see Infested Kerrigan standing behind them with a rather pissed look on her face.

End for now