Chapter 4

Suzy took off the backpack, and unzipped it. This confused Candace.

"Suzy, what are you doing?" She wanted to know. When Suzy got out the blueprints, the teen's eyes widened. "Suzy, no!" Suzy looked at her babysitter.

"Sorry, Candace." She apologized. "But, if they want it that badly, they can have it if it means we can have our friends back. Plus, we don't know what the blueprints are for. It may be for instructions for how to build a tricycle or an ice-cream cone maker. I don't even know what blueprints are even."

"I don't think they'd break in our house for an ice-cream cone maker."

"Give it here, little girl." Howie urged her. "Then we'll release your friends, I promise."

"And a promise is a promise." Duncan added. "Remember?"

"Suzy, no!" Phineas shouted. "Don't do it!" Her friends shouted at her not to either. Suzy was hesitant. She was still unsure. Who should she trust? Her friends and Candace, or strangers?

"Remember," Howie reminded her. "Your friends' freedoms are at steak here." Suzy then made her decision. She probably would regret this, but she wanted her friends back too. Surely, whatever these strangers wanted can't be too bad, would it? She headed towards Howie, ignoring Candace and her friends' protests.

"That's a good little girl." Howie said to her. "You're doing the right thing. Your parents raised you well."

When Perry saw this from his hover jet, his eyes widened, and quickly flew down. He grabbed the blueprints just as Suzy was about to hand it over to Howie, and zoomed back up before anyone could see him.

"Hey; what the?!" Howie asked.

"I'm sorry!" Suzy apologized. "It's not my fault."

"It's okay, kid. I know it's not your fault."

"So, can I have my friends back?"

"No; I said once I have those blueprints, and I don't, do I?!"


"Sorry, we got to go." He got back in the car with a still struggling Phineas. The car drove off. Candace looked around and saw a taxi.

"Get in the taxi, Suzy!" She ordered. The taxi door opened, and the two went inside.

"Follow that car!" Candace ordered as she and Suzy buckled their seatbelts. The taxi drove off. Suzy saw that the driver was Miles.

"Hey, Miles!" She greeted.

"Hey, kids!" Miles greeted back. "Long time no see!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Candace stated. "We can chat later; right now, focus on your driving."

"All right, all right; I am. Sheech!" She looked at Suzy through the rearview mirror. "Is she always like this?"

"Sadly, yes." Suzy answered. "But, you get used to it." Candace didn't respond; she just kept her eyes on the car ahead.

Perry felt something like ice cream drop onto his shoulder. He looked at it, and was disgusted. It wasn't ice cream. A bird had just pooped on him. He was so disgusted that he dropped his grip on the blueprints. He was going to grab it again when the wind picked up, and blew it away. He snapped his fingers in frustration, and went after it.

"Open the window!" Candace commanded as she saw the floating blueprint.

"Just hold the button if you want same air." Miles explained. Candace did just that, reached out off the window, and caught it.

"Got it!"

"Don't do that!" Miles scolded. "If you weren't careful, you could've seriously injured yourself. You're setting a bad example for your little friend."

"Sorry." She was going to add that Suzy wasn't her friend, but didn't, but Suzy did, and she was just her babysitter. Miles laughed.

"Whatever. You're still little." Candace unrolled the blueprints.

"Now, let's see why they're after these blueprints."

"I want to see!" Suzy spoke. Candace made it so she and herself could both look over them.

"The Leader of the World-Inizer?" Suzy was confused.

"What's that?"

"Don't know, but it can't be something good." She rolled it back up. "Okay, we got to give this to the police, and can never let them have these no matter what."

"I know; don't treat me like a early five- year old." Candace was confused.


"I'm almost six, so I'm a late five-year old. You need to start treating me like one. I'm smarter then I look, you know."


They followed the car to an underground grange.

"I don't think I should go under." Miles said.

"It's all right." Candace assured him. "Just do it." Miles was still unsure.

"Okay." He did as instructed, and followed underground.

Miles parked a little ways down where the crooks got out with Phineas and the gang. Candace couldn't believe who was among them when she and Suzy got out. It was Rodney!

"Hey!" She said. "I know that guy! He was from my favorite dance show; Let's All Dance until We're Sick with the really long name."

"That's great, Candace!" Suzy responded in a sarcastic tone. "Let's just get them before they do something bad to our friends." Candace closed the car door. They were about to go when Miles spoke to them.

"What about my money?"

"No time!" She looked at Suzy. "Suzy, you stay here with Miles."

"But, I want to go with you." Suzy protested. "They have my friends too."

"Sorry Suzy, but it might be dangerous. I won't risk it."

"But, you're going."

"You're right. I am going, but I'm older then you are."

"So? I can do risky things too. You know, you and my family can't protect me forever. I need this, so I'll know what to do when I'm on my own." Candace sighed.

"You're still not going."


"No; what will I tell your parents if something happens to you?"

"The truth." Candace looked at Miles.

"Can you watch Suzy for me?"

"Sure." Miles answered as Suzy put on her pouty face. "But, I'm not paid to babysit. You have to give me more money."

"I can't right now. I spent it all. I will later, okay?"


"Thanks!" She ran off. Suzy looked at Miles.

"You better call the police." Miles nodded in agreement.

"That's a good idea, little girl." He said. He pulled out his phone. As he dialed, Suzy ran off.

"Hey, Candace!" Suzy greeted when she was by her side. Candace looked at her, and groaned.

"Why did I know that you were going to defy my orders, and come anyways?"

"Because I'm a good friend to my friends, and will always come to their rescue despite the consequences!" Candace sighed.

"Alright! You may come, but stay by my side."

"That's not a guarantee!"

"Suzy!" Suzy sighed.

"Fine; I'll be by your side."

"That's a good girl."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." She changed the subject, "Miles called the police."

"What?! Suzy, bad guys want you to come alone without the police. That what happens in the movies."

"Well, how should I know? I'm not ancient."

"Suzy, I'm only a couple years younger then your brother. How old do you think we are?" Suzy shrugged.

"I don't know. Adults say it's impolite to ask an elder their age." Candace sighed.

"Well, I'm not a dinosaur, okay?
"I know, you're a human being like me. I also know that dinosaurs are extinct. See? I know things, and aren't dumb like you adults think kids are. " Candace sighed again.

"What are you going to do to us?" Phineas asked as they were in Rodney's apartment.

"You're our bait, kid." Rodney replied. Bloodpudding was beside him. "Your sister has something we need. So, when she comes to get you guys, we'll offer them a trade. Your guys for the blueprints."

"How will she find your apartment?"

"Way ahead of you, kid. One of my men will lead them to us."

Both Suzy and Candace marveled inside of the lobby. There were doors to the bowling ally, pool, restaurants, fitness center, an arcade, and even a casino. A fountain was in the center of the room. Pennies were under the water, and there was a fish tank, and birdcages.

"These people must be rich to live here." Suzy observed.

"Yeah," Candace agreed. "No kidding. But, we're not here for the lobby. We're here for…" Suzy was irritated about this.

"I know. I'm not a dumb kid."

"Good, glad we're at an understanding then." Suzy rolled her eyes.

Perry, who was in disguise, marveled at the lobby too. No wonder why Doof hates Rodney. He would hate him too if he already didn't hate him.

"Where are we going?" Suzy wanted to know.

"You know where we're going, Suzy." Candace told her. "We're going to get my brothers and your friends back from those evil men. "

"No, I know that! But, how will we find them? Do you know where they are?"

"Way ahead of you, Suzy. I'll find out by asking this lady at the front desk." She was about to ask, when a chubby man with a monocle approached them.

"Excuse me." He said in his Russian accent. "I believe I could be of help."

"Oh, yeah? How?"

"Candace," Suzy said to her. "Don't talk to him. He's a stranger. Stranger danger!"

"Suzy, shush!" Candace shushed her. She looked at the chubby man. "Go on."

"Are you looking for some guys in lab coats who took some kids hostage?" Candace's face brightened.

"Yes! Do you know where they are?" The guy nodded.

"Da! They're on the fifth floor, room eighteen."

"Thanks!" She was about to go, when Suzy pulled on her. Candace looked at her.

"I don't feel right about this guy. I think he might be bad news."

"Suzy, not now. We're going to get my brothers and your friends back, isn't that great?"

"Yeah, but…" But, Candace dragged her away to the elevators. Perry followed them. The chubby guy laughed evilly to himself. A random guy noticed this.

"Why are you laughing like that?" He wanted to know. The chubby man stopped laughing, and turned to him.

"Nothing!" He lied. He then was mad. "Look, why don't you leave a guy you never met before alone, and just mind your own beeswax!" The other guy was shocked.

"Okay, okay, I was just asking. Sheech, don't need to be rude about it!" He left. The lab coat guy headed towards the elevators.

Candace knocked on the door when they got there. Perry hid by a pillar with a bust behind a glass case on it. Candace looked at Suzy.

"Okay, Suzy." She told her. "Remember to stay by my side at all cos…"

"I know, I know!" The little girl interrupted. "Stay by your side at all costs. Don't need to remind me. You just wasted your breath by telling me that."

"Well, I just wanted to make sure you know." The door then opened. They screamed as Dr. Bloodpudding and another scientist pulled them both in. Perry quickly snuck in as the door locked behind them.

"Welcome!" Rodney greeted them. "To my humble abode." The other scientists and his robot, Chloe were by him. Candace saw the kids held by some of his men. Perry did some somersaults, and quickly hid behind a computer desk. He peeked out.

"Let them go!" Candace ordered again. "They're just kids; they didn't do anything."

"Except they're on your side. You know what we need first." Suzy noticed the chubby scientist.

"Candace," She said to her. "I knew he was bad news!" Candace saw him, and couldn't believe it.

"You're working with them?" She wanted to know. The fat guy nodded.

"Da." He answered. "Guilty as charged. You have been fooled by the evil Dr. Boris Vova."

"Yes. I sent Dr. Vova down to get you two here."

"And you thought I was a good guy." Vova said and then laughed. "Boy, were you wrong!"

"I knew you were evil." Suzy piped up. "I could sense it, and I'm younger then her. So, it shows that just because you'll older does not mean you are more smarter then people younger then you." Candace sighed, and face palmed. Suzy just has to one up on her. She looked at Rodney.

"Anyway, you give back the kids." She commanded.

"First, you give us the blueprints." Rodney stated. Candace sighed.

"Of course. The bad guy wants what he wants first. How could I not see that cliché coming?"

"How about we do rock paper scissors?" Suzy suggested. "If Candace wins, we're give you the blueprints first and you give us back our friends, if the bad guy wins, it's the other way around."

"What?" Dr. Diminutive asked. "We're not doing that. That's kid stuff."

"And we're not kids." Dr. Bloodpudding added.

"So how are we going to figure this out?" Suzy wanted to know. "Eenie-meany-miny-mo?" But, that idea was immediately dismissed as well when Dr. Diminutive and Bloodpudding said no at the same time. "Well, we have to do something!"

"I agree with the little one." Rodney agreed. "So, give us the blueprints."

"No!" Candace disagreed. "First, you give back my brothers and the others." Rodney sighed, and did s face palm as well.

"This is not going to work." Perry saw reflections of police siren flashes from the computer screen. He saw a nearby window, pulled out the chair from the computer, and dragged it under the window. He also grabbed Rodney's toolbox, and struggled to put it on the chair. He climbed up, got on the toolbox, stood on tiptoes on the windowsill, and tried with all of his strength to lift up the window.

He sighed after a minute. This is not going to work. He was about to try again when he lost his balance, bumped into the toolbox, and fell to the floor. Everyone looked his way at the commotion he made. The toolbox fell on top of him. The chair fell on his tail. He winced in pain.

"Looks like we have an unexpected guest." Rodney observed. "Grab him." Perry tried to escape, but couldn't. Not with a chair on his tail. Bloodpudding and Chloe went over. Chloe got the chair off of him, and Bloodpudding grabbed him. They returned to Rodney and the others.

"I know you." He told the platypus. "You're not pulling the wool over my eyes. You're that duck-beaver creature friend of that bumbling idiot, Doofenshmirtz." This surprised everyone.

"What are you talking about?" Phineas asked. "He's just a kid like us with teal skin, duck-bill, and beaver tail, isn't he?" Rodney ignored him.

"Never mind. You're not messing up my plans." He looked at the others again. "If you don't give us the blueprints, we're going to have to get them ourselves." He looked at the backpack. "Howie, check the backpack."

"With pleasure." Howie said. He went over to Candace, who protested and tried to protect the backpack. But, no matter what, Howie snatched it from her, and went to dig though it.

Oh, if a miracle should happen. Candace thought. Now would be the perfect time.

Perry had to inform the police, and tell them of the location, but how? The platypus had an idea. He took out his phone, and dialed his boss. Rodney got out the blueprints.

"Aha!" He said. "Here it is! Now, I'm one step closer in ruling the world."

Major Monogram, who was out having dinner with his wife and son, took out his phone. Once he saw that it was from Perry, he told his family that he had to take it. He looked at the screen, waiting for Perry's message.

Come on, Agent P. Monogram thought, impatient. I'm having dinner with my fam. I don't have time for this.

"Dad?" Asked a concerned Monty. Monogram's wife was worried too. "Is everything all right?"

"I'm just waiting for Agent P's message." He replied. "Once this is taken of, then we can continue with our family night out."

"Is Agent P the Chihuahua?" Mrs. Monogram wanted to know.

"No, dear. That's Pinky from Wanda's division."

"Oh, well it is the panda?"

"No, that's Peter the Panda."

"Is he the pelican? The parrot, parakeet, or pig? Pigeon, penguin, or porcupine?"

"The answers to all of those is no."

"Then who is Agent P?"

"He's a platypus, and the most viable agent in the agency."

"Oh." She remembered something. "Remember when you first mentioned him, I thought you were nuts, because I didn't know platypuses existed? I almost called on a therapist. Remember that?"

"Yes, yes, it was hilarious." He then saw a message from Perry pop up. "Ooh, now shut up." Mrs. Monogram was shocked and mad at this.


"Sorry, but I got a message from Agent P." He read it.

"Well, Dad?" Monty asked. "What did he say?"

"I got to call the police." He saw his family's worried faces.

"I hope everything's all right." Mrs. Monogram spoke. "Maybe we should leave."

"No, no. This'll just be quick. Everything's fine, nothing to worry about. I promise." Mrs. Monogram still was unsure as her husband made the call. Monty comforted her.

"Give me your phone." Chloe said to Perry. Perry looked at her. The robot had her hand out. "Come on, you don't need it." Perry gave it to her. He didn't mind. He was done sending the message. He was sure he was going to get it back. Chloe smiled. "Thank you platypus." She left him be.

"Again," Phineas spoke. "What platypus?

"Now that you have what you needed, are you going to let us free?" Candace asked. Rodney looked at her.

"You may call the police on us. I can't take that risk."

"We won't call the police." Suzy told them. "We promise." Rodney went up to her.

"That's sweet, but I don't trust you, and your friends."

"But a promise is a promise."

"You can say that, but I still won't trust you no matter what you say."

"So, you're just going to keep us here?" Candace questioned. "You can't do that." Rodney went to her now.

"I can do whatever I want. But you're right. I don't want to keep you kids here forever. Hmmm, what should I do? I'm sure I'll figure out something."

"Rodney," Bloodpudding said to him. Rodney turned to him. "Doesn't that idiot Doof have an Amnesia-inator or something?"

"Oh, yeah. That should do something. Okay, Chloe, you and," He pointed at the three scientists. "all of you go over there, and steal it." They all saluted.

"We won't let you down, Master." Chloe promised.

"Good to know."

"Question." Diminutive said to him. Rodney looked down at him.

"What do you want, shorty?"

"After we do this, are you going to start treating me with respect by not mocking me for my height?"

"I'll be grateful. As for making fun of you, probably not." Dimutive was disappointed.

"Aw, come on!" He pouted. "It's not my fault that I'm this way! I'll make an Ant Size-erator to make all of you ant-size. That'll show you all; I'll be the voice for all of the evil short people in the world!"

"Whatever. Now go, before I change my mind. Oh, and one of you make sure Chloe doesn't get any ideas with a certain robot."

"I won't." Chloe promised. "But, yeah, you better tell them just in case. That's a good idea."

But, before they could go, there was a knock at the door.

"Open up!" The person beyond the door barked. "This is the police!" Rodney turned to Candace.

"Don't look at me." Candace said. "I didn't call them. I don't know who did."

"And it wasn't us either." Phineas added. The other kids agreed. They then yelled for help at the top of their lungs. Rodney and the others shushed them.

"I saw our disguised guest, the platypus, with this, sir." Chloe showed her master the phone. Rodney went to the semi-aquatic animal.

"Was it you?" He asked the mammal. Perry just glared at him. "I bet it was you."

"What will we do, boss?" Duncan asked Rodney. "Should I offer them doughnuts for our freedom? It will be a great sacrifice. But if it means we go free, I'm willing to do it. I can always steal more." Rodney was thinking long and hard about this. "Boss!"

"Shush; I'm thinking!" The knocks were now louder. Rodney looked at the window. "Maybe we can escape thought the window. But, then again, it's Duncan and Howie they're after, not us." He looked at them. "Sorry guys, I have to turn you in." Howie and Duncan were both surprised.

"What?!" Howie questioned. "We got the blueprints for you. You kidnapped the kids. How could you betray us like this?"

"Yeah, but I don't want them to break my door down. And it's because I'm evil. I can betray anyone I want." Rodney looked at his friends. "Except you guys. I will never betray you. It's in L.O.V.E.M.U.F.I.N. code." He then looked at the kids who all had confused looks on their faces "I know, the name needs to be fixed." He was about to go, when the door crashed down. The police were on the other side.

"Too late." Dr. Diminutive said.

"Officers!" Britney cried. "They kidnapped us!"

"Don't worry, little girl," An officer assured her. "We' have them arrested.

"Officer, I didn't kidnap these wonderful children." He pointed at Howie and Duncan. "It was them! They also stole some blueprints from Blueprint Heaven."

Duncan went up to him, and offered him a doughnut.

"Want one?" He asked. The officer was disgusted by it.

"Ew; no! I hate doughnuts." Duncan was shocked.

"I don't understand. What police officer abhors doughnuts?"

"This police officer does."

"Then you're not human."

"Well, I'm sorry. I am human. Doughnuts are the grossest things on the planet." Duncan looked like the officer just insulted his mother or father. "I hate you."

"I'm about to arrest you and your friend. You don't have to like me."

"Can I eat doughnuts in my jail cell?" The officer rolled his eyes as he cuffed him.

"You can eat all the doughnuts in the world if you for all that I care." Duncan cheered. The other officers cuffed the other scientists.

"Should I destroy them, sir?" Chloe wanted to know.

"No, Chloe." Rodney told her. "I'll figure out a way to escape." He saw the officers were glaring at him. He smiled lamely. "I mean, I wouldn't dream of escaping."

"Yes, you would." Dr. Diminutive said. Rodney glared at him.

"Shut up." The short scientist looked at the officer.

"He and the others have been teasing me about my height, Officer, and I don't like it. Increase their sentences for every time I got insulted."

"Sorry." The officer replied. I can't help that. You just have to live with it." Diminutive was disappointed at this.

"Aw, man!" He and the others were taken away. One officer stayed behind to untie the rope from the kids and disguised aquatic mammal.

"Thank you, officer." Candace thanked him. The other kids did the same.

"No problem." He responded. "Just doing my job. Glad to help. Say. Do you need a ride home?"

"Yeah, we do." He looked at Perry, but he wasn't there anymore. The kids shrugged. "Guess he has his own way home."

They have just gotten back seconds after Linda and Lawrence got back.

"Hey, Mom and Dad's home!" Phineas observed. "What good timing." When they got out, he called to them. They saw this, and grew concerned that their children and friends have just gotten out of a police car. Linda looked mad, and put her ands on her hips.

"Candace," She said firmly to her daughter. "Care to explain?" But, Candace didn't have to. The officer did it or her. The parents couldn't believe it.

"My," Lawrence said as the officer drove off. "Sounds like you kids had quite the adventure, huh?"

"We sure did, Dad." Phineas answered. They all headed to the house. The children told them of their adventures.

"Candace," Suzy told her babysitter. Candace turned to her.

"Yes, Suzy?" She wanted to know.

"I'm sorry that I've been nasty to you over the past year. I was jealous of you and my brother. That wasn't right. So, I promise, from now on, I' be nicer to you, and support you and my brother's relationship." Candace was touched by this.

"Ah, Suzy I'm touch…" She realized something. "Wait, is this a trick to get my guard down? Because if it is…"

"No trick, I swear. Gosh, you have little faith in me Candace. It really hurts." Candace didn't know weather to believe the girl, but gave in. Se smiled.

"I'll always have faith in you Suzy, until you backstab me."

"I won't."

"We'll see."

When the Johnson's came to collect Suzy and her friends, they all told them what they told Linda and Lawrence.

Perry texted to his boss that he was all right before going to bed that night. He also texted to Doofenshmirtz because he knew that he wanted to know that his arch nemesis was in jail Doofenshmirtz texted right back almost instantly.

'Perry the Platypus," He wrote. "Firstly, congrats on being alright. Secondly, on Rodney and the others going to jail, I never thought I'd see the day. You just made my day! Thax for texting that, LOL!'

Candace was glad that the day was finally over. She was also glad that she and Suzy extinguished their fames to one another. She wasn't sure if it'll last, but it's a start. Now, she can date and be with her boyfriend without worrying. She never thought she wanted to babysit her again, but she'll be willing to. But. She didn't want to have the same adventure such as this ever again.