Harry Potter sat at his usual place by the Griffindor table. It was late Saturday morning, or more like afternoon, about a week into October of his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry was hardly eating, instead glaring a hole in Snape's customary black robes.

Only they were pink this time around.

And it seemed, nobody had noticed that, except for Harry, that is.

"What are you staring at there, mate?" Ron Weasley, his friend, asked Harry around the spoon of oatmeal he'd showed in his mouth just a second ago.

"Chew with your mouth shut, Ronald!" Hermione Granger, another one of Harry's friends, huffed in annoyance.

Harry continued to glare. Snape's robes had turned pretty shade of sunflower-yellow now. Still, no one seemed to notice.

Dumbledore's robes caught fire of cartoon-blue color at the hem. Hagrid's beard sprouted flowers, possibly daisies, Harry thought, or something alike.

And still no one noticed.

Suddenly, Dumbledore got up on his feet and trying to get attention to his persona, knocked with his fork on his goblet.

"Ahem!—Everyone, I know you've been dying of curiosity since my announcement at the Welcoming Feast about our newest addition to the teaching staff.

"Alas, the person I've originally intended to grant a post of Muggle Studies Professor here at Hogwarts could not accept it due to personal issues.

"But I had finally managed to find a suitable substitute for the job.

"So, without further ado, allow me to introduce—"

Dumbledore made a wide gesture, inviting someone to the teacher's table. "Diana Ross!"

Harry gaped.

The person, emerging from the darkest corner of the Great Hall was bearing a stark resemblance to certain Dark Lord, as Harry had seen him in his second year, during his encounter with possessed diary—

Going white as sheet in the face Harry breathed, "Tom Riddle!—"