Katsuya ran down the street. He was running a little late again for the tournament. He hated it when he wasn't early, since he couldn't hang out with Yugi and Mai unless he was, but he had to work a little later today at his job. It had been three years since they had all graduated high school, and things had changed quite a bit. Anzu was going to graduate from her dance school in America soon. She could have graduated earlier but had decided to get a degree at the same time in Liberal Arts. Hiroto had worked at his father's factory for a while and was now training to be his right hand man. As for Ryo, he had decided to follow his father's foot steps and become an Egyptain Archaeologist. He was currently doing a four year degree program in Egypt for Archaeology, so they didn't get to see him very often either. Shizuka was still in high school, but she was getting ready to graduate. There was talk about her possibly coming out and moving in with Katsuya until she got on her feet, something that wouldn't have been possible if he had still lived with their father. Since he took to the Professional circuit with Mai and Yugi he had been making enough in prize money to get his own apartment. He had told her she was more than welcome anytime. Then there was Ryuji. He had taken over his fathers cafe and turned it into a popular restaurant. He offered Katsuya his old job back, but Katsuya refused. He would never dress like a dog again, even if it was a request from a friend.

Instead the young man got a job at a nearby department store. It wasn't glamorous, but it made enough to help with bills and let him buy new booster packs to keep his deck updated. He was sad that he couldn't see his friends all the time like they used to. He hadn't even seen Anzu, Hiroto, or Ryo since the holidays. Mai and Yugi were at all the tournaments, but so was Seto and Mokuba. Mokuba wasn't bad and hadn't tried to kill any of them since before Death-T. Mokuba still didn't play duel monsters, but he was running Kaiba Corp well. He was on friendly terms with all of them an was never rude or disrespectful. Seto was a very different story. He barley even acknowledged them. However Katsuya figured he must have finally admitted he was a decent duelist since Seto had added him to the tournament roster's invitation lists. Even so, he always acted surprised when the blonde showed up and tried to talk him into quitting. Yugi and Mai would get angry but they wouldn't defend him, he had told them not to. He could take care of his own problems.

Katsuya decided to take a small alley that would cut off a few minutes of his travel. As soon as he turned down the narrow street he could see a group of high school kids hanging out, smoking cigarettes and laughing. He felt an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach. Is that how he really looked when he was a kid? A sad lost teen hiding out back alley's because there was no better place for him to go? He could turn and avoid the ally completely, but he decided he didn't have time for that. They were just teens after all. As he walked they seemed to notice him. One of the teens moved into the center of the alley, as if he would block Katsuya. The others looked over and put sneer's on their faces, like they were trying to be intimidating. Too bad for them that it just made them look a little pathetic to the veteran gang member.

"Hey man, why don't you leave your money and go back the way you came?" the kid in the middle asked. Katsuya ignored him. The kid did not look happy about that and decided to take a swing at the older male. Katsuya shifted to the side so the punch would miss him, then grabbed the boy's wrist as he tried to pull his fist back. The blonde stepped toward the others back, pulling his arm with him an twisting it up behind the teen. The others were against the wall in surprise as Katsuya released him with a small shove, forcing the teen to take a few steps forward.

"I'm kinda in a hurry here kid." Katsuya explained. The boy turned to look at him, and Katsuya recognized a familiar look in those eyes. The desire to fight no matter what. He hated seeing that look in others.

"You bastard! I'll teach you!" the kid snarled. He moved to come at Katsuya again, but another boy stepped between them. "What are you doing?" he snarled.

"You don't recognize him? That's Jounouchi Katusya." the new boy said. The first glared.

"So? He's just some card player." the boy said. Katsuya knew in the last few years he had been gaining a little fame. He was always in the semi-finales if not the finales of nearly every tournament he had played after all. Anyone who followed the game knew who he was at this point.

"That's not what I meant. He was known around her for a while as a gang member. You cant' beat him in a fight." the kid said. So that past had to rear it's ugly head again. His times in Hirotoani's gang were not something Katsuya had fond memories of. The boy seemed to realize the truth in that statement and moved back to let Katsuya pass. Katusya looked at each of them in turn before he continued down the alley and left.

As he headed toward the tournament, Katsuya couldn't help but think about those kids. When he was a kid his situation felt so hopeless that he needed some control of his life. So he fought. The people he fought were never the ones he was mad at, but they were easy scapegoats. He could get out his frustrations on his terms before going home and facing the hopeless situation he found himself in. Then he met Hiroto. Hiroto showed him there were other ways to go besides hanging out with a bunch of thugs who didn't care if he lived or died. He found a confident and a friend. Then he met Yugi, and learned he didn't need to rely on violence to get through everything. There were other ways to fix a problem then to just go through it.

If it hadn't been for Hiroto and Yugi, Katsuya doubted he would ever have made it out of that situation. Thanks to them he could take control of his life. He could build a life! He was able to protect his sister, he was able to secure a future for both of them, something he would never have been able to do being on the streets like he had. They helped him, reached out to him. Yet those kids were still on the street, and they weren't the only ones. How many others were in seemingly hopeless situations and had no one to reach out to them, to give them a second chance? He hoped one day someone would be able to do it, to reach out to those children and give them the second chance they needed.

Katsuya was so lost in thought he didn't realize he had arrived at the tournament site. "Jounouchi!" called Yugi and Mai as they waved at him to get his attention. the blonde grinned and waved back.


Seto sneered at the blonde, his blue eyes standing behind him. It was Seto's turn and Katusya only had one face down. It was a trap card, but one that wouldn't save him when Seto attacked with the blue eyes. He was out of options. He supposed he wouldn't make it past the semifinals this time. It was too bad, he really wanted the extra money to buy a new booster pack, but he'd have to just settle for paying his bills this time around. "You will never beat me Jounouchi, so why don't you just quit? What the hell are you even going to accomplish here anyway?" Seto asked. Katsuya glared, about the snap at him or yell, but the words hit home.

What was he accomplishing here? As a duelist right now he was securing himself a better home and a better future for his sister and himself, but what else was he doing? In the end did he really get much further than before? Anzu was chasing a dream, Ryo was trying to learn more about the past to help people, Ryuji was giving people an escape to go to when they needed a break, Hiroto was trying to improve working conditions for his father's employees, so what was he doing? He was still stationary, not moving forward. It was like the kids trapped in the alley.

Remembering the kids Katsuya wondered if anyone would notice their situation. Then something clicked together for him. Someone did notice their situation! He did! He had noticed and he had the ability to help them better than anyone. He didn't have to hope that someone would come along to help the kids. He could be that person! He not only could, but he decided he would be the one to help kids like that. Katsuya found himself actually grateful for Seto's words. That was the second time Seto had accidentally helped him when he was trying to destroy the blonde's self confidence.

"You know what Kaiba, your right. So take your best shot!" Katsuya said with a cocky grin. Mai, Yugi, and Seto all looked at the blonde in confusion. Seto wondered just what was going through his head. Meanwhile Yugi and Mai looked on in worry. Did Seto finally break him down? They felt a wave of worry for their friend, something seemed too finale about how he said that. Seto decided he didn't care what was going through the male's head.

"Suit yourself, destroy him Blue eyes!" he ordered. Katusya grinned, it wasn't the end, but the beginning to something new.

Hey ya'll! So here is a story about a headcanon I have. I explained the idea in a story I wrote to test it called Duel Me. If you want to read the headcanon I put it there. I hope you all like the headcanon and I will do everything I can to update this regularly. I hope you like it and tell me what you think! Obviously I have no claim to Yugioh or anything like that. If I had then the new movie would have given Katsuya a much bigger role!