Chapter 1 The accident

Megastorm was doing outside the ship seeing what there was to see. Megastorm saw an older brother fox playing with his little brother and showing it how to do things. "Only if my older brother was like that." Megastorm said. "All he does is hit me on the noggin and berate me." Megastorm said.

"I don't even think the word brother or family means anything to him." Megastorm said.

Starscream was watching from behind the rock with a weapon he designed. "Once I eliminate Megastorm and pin it on the Maximals I will be the successor of the Decepticons." Starscream said.

"Roger," BB agreed.

Starscream aimed the weapon at Megastorm who was sitting down and pondering. He fired it and the beam hit Megastorm. Megastorm screamed in pain. Then there was a bright flash. The weapon began steaming and then it short circuited. "Oh great!" Starscream said.

Then he and BB heard crying it was that of a sparkling. They ran over and saw Megastorm not as 19 year old mech but as a sparkling. "It was not suppose to do that." Starscream said.

"Roger," BB said.

Thrust and Dirge heard Megastorm's scream and came to investigate. They saw him as a sparkling. "I saw the Maximals do it to him." Starscream said. "Right BB?" Starscream asked.

"Roger," BB answered.

"We have to tell Galvatron." Dirge said picking Megastorm up. Megastorm was crying really loudly.

"Does he want something?" Thrust asked.

"I dunno," Dirge said. "Let's just take him to the ship and sort this out."

They headed back to the Galvaburg II. Galvatron was in the command room and heard the crying and turned around. When he did he saw Megastorm as a sparkling crying in Dirge's arms.

"What happened?" Galvatron asked he was starting to get angry.

"Thrust and I didn't see what happened." Dirge said.

"We heard Megastorm scream and found him like this." Thrust answered.

"The Maximals did to him with this weapon one of them dropped it." Starscream said.

"Roger." BB agreed.

Megastorm was still crying. "You idiots, give him to me!" Galvatron snapped. Dirge handed him over. Galvatron began to rock Megastorm. Then he moved him up to his shoulder and began rub his back in an effort to calm him down. Megastorm was calmed to a soft whimper. Galvatron continued rubbing small circles on his back. Then Megastorm's whimpering stopped.

Megastorm made some more noise it meant he was going to start crying again. "Oh no tell me he's not going to cry again." Starscream said.

"He's probably hungry." Galvatron said.

"I have some oil cream filled cupcakes in my room." Thrust said.

Galvatron shook his head. "No at this age sparkling's need sparkling formula." Galvatron said. "I think there might be some bottles in the medical bay. I need one of you to hold him while I go get one ready." Galvatron said. He was about to hand him to Starscream. "Gently," Galvatron said. Megastorm saw Starscream became frightened and cried.

"I think he's afraid of him." Dirge said. Then Galvatron handed Megastorm to Dirge. Megastorm seemed pretty content in Dirge's arms.

Galvatron went into the med bay and found the bottles and the sparkling formula. He fixed it up and put in the heating station. Sparklings prefer the formula warm. He took it out. He tested it on his wrist. "Just right." Galvatron said.

Megastorm was crying again he was hungry. Dirge was trying to calm him down. Galvatron came in and took Megastorm into his arms. He put the nipple of the bottle in Megastorm's mouth. Megastorm started suckling. The others were shocked. "Autorollers construct a crib for Megastorm. He needs one to sleep in while he's like this." Galvatron said.

"Yes sir." the Autorollers said.

Megastorm was busy suckling on the bottle. His tiny hands gripped the sides of the bottle. Megastorm then let go after drinking two thirds of it. Galvatron put the bottle down. Megastorm started to whine and made a face.

"Look he's making a funny face." Thrust said.

"No, Thrust he needs to be burped." Galvatron said putting Megastorm up to his shoulder and began patting his back. Megastorm let out a big burp and sighed.

Megastorm was began to suck his thumb. Galvatron brought Megastorm back to his chest. Megastorm looked right up at Galvatron. He smiled at him. Galvatron smiled back. Megastorm yawned. Galvatron knew that Megastorm needed a nap. He was sparkling and sleeping was very important to Megastorm's health.

As luck would have it the Autorollers had finished the crib. It was very well made. "Where would you like us to set it up?" Autostinger asked.

"My room I don't want him sleeping by himself. Plus I need to hear him if he needs anything." Galvatron said.

"Yes sir." They said.

Galvatron placed Megastorm in the crib. Galvatron could see that the crib could rock. Galvatron tucked a blanket around Megastorm's sides. Then rocked the crib. Megastorm closed his optics and went right to sleep.

Galvatron set up a baby monitor and walked quietly out of the room and shut the door quietly.

To be continued.