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Hello everyone, J here with another Naruto fic.

I know that I shouldn't start new stories without having finished the previous ones, but this one was buzzing in my head so much that I couldn't find the will to write anything else!

I have almost finished the third chapter of Common Sense, so in a couple of weeks, it will be up.

Enough said about my woes. This new story is a Gamer!Fic, mostly because I'm so obsessed with the genre. I needed to find one that satisfied me completely, and even though I found a few good ones, none really scratched the itch, so I decided to write my own!

This is a Gen fic! Which means NO Harem, no twelve-years-old married couple, no soulmates etc etc

I want my Naruto to develop fully as a shinobi before I'll let him have any romantic relationship, which means at least after the start of Shippuden, and even then it will be the kind of relationship that a ninja could have, not any vanilla stuff!

I hope you people will like it!



You have slept in your bed. HP and CP are fully restored.

Blinking blearily at the floating blue screen, Naruto merely grunted, clearly believing to be still half sleeping, before rolling to a sitting position at the edge of his bed, carefully lowering his feet to the cool floor.

Gathering his strength, the blond stood up, yawning and stretching.

Eyes still half-closed, Naruto moved through his morning routine on autopilot.

Only once he had finally reached the bathroom, taken a warm shower and liberated himself, did the boy start to take notice of the anomalies calmly floating in front of his face.

Instead of freaking out, as would have been normal for the Uzumaki even a day before, the boy just raised his hands in the Ram hand-sign calling "Kai! (Release)".

A sweep of Chakra burst from Naruto's form, strong enough that would have repelled any Genjutsu up to Mid-Chunin level.

Strangely, the floating boxes stubbornly remained where they were in mid-air.

Naruto released a breath, inwardly counting up to ten to maintain his cool. This strangeness was either a really powerful Genjutsu, in which case there was little that he could do about - even if such a case was very much improbable - or what he was seeing was, indeed, real.

The boy decided to take a look to the other window, still trying to acclimatise with the last revelation.

Gamer Guide: Introduction

The Gamer, a power of unimaginable potential, is the culmination of Gaia's blessing upon you and your greatest strength: playing video games!

After a thousand of years from the Shinju's sealing, Gaia's Natural Chakra has returned to its full potential. In its awareness, the planet has decided to grant you a boon, a power connected to your most powerful desires, to help you in your path in life.

Your desire for freedom, coupled with your necessity to understand the mystery that shrouds your life fully and your wish for support and acknowledgement have merged with such a boon and evolved into the form that would be most useful to you, giving you the power to live your life as a Video Game.

As it was spawned from the nigh-infinite power of Gaia, your ability is absolute and influences reality itself and, depending on your use of it, will grant you the chance to fulfil all your dreams.

This power is, from the very moment it was bestowed upon you, fully yours and separated from Gaia. As such, its removal is nigh-impossible.

Good luck, Gamer Uzumaki Naruto.

A stunned Naruto was left gaping at the still open window in front of him. The boy felt rather unsettled by what he was reading, even if a small part of him was exulting at being given the chance to prove himself. If it wasn't all a Genjutsu. That possibility was still out there, even if it seemed smaller by the second.

The Uzumaki couldn't remember upsetting someone with that kind of power and ability, and he was always careful not to upset any Jonin - for it could only be one of them to cast such a detailed illusion over him, one that could resist the assault of his Release Technique, the only thing concerning Genjutsu that he could do very well -.

Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto decided to give it a last test, the ultimate one! Taking a deep breath, he drew his right foot back, before slamming it down on the wall's corner, hitting his pinkie in the process.

"YEEEOOOOOWWWWWW!" A scream tore its way out of his throat at the immense pain, scaring a wandering cat that was prowling on the rails of the small balcony of his living room out of his wits.

After a minute or so, when the pain had receded to a dull throb, Naruto raised his head to look if his little stunt had worked. He was greeted by a new window.

For taking an idiotic decision, -1 WIS.

The boy groaned loudly at his misfortune, before rising himself up and finishing his interrupted business in the bathroom.

Once done, Naruto relocated to the small kitchen, where he took out a bowl, a box of cereal and a can of milk - still good! -.

Sitting down at the table, the boy finally decided to do something about the floating blue boxes.

The blond swiped with his hand to the right at the first pop-up of the morning, he watched it disappear. Nodding to himself, Naruto then called out "Close" to the second notice, and it vanished too.

Stopping for a second to think, he then thought as clearly and as loudly as possible 'Close' to the last window, and smiled when it dispersed. It was good to know that he could do such a thing silently, as he didn't want to seem like a madman swiping at the air in public or talking loudly to himself - he had no doubt that his new 'ability' was visible only to himself; it was the way things went in Video Games, after all -.

For thinking things through and managing to prevent looking like an idiot, +1 WIS.

Smiling a bit, Naruto nodded to himself: he had quite a bit of fiddling around to do to figure out the ins and outs of his new power.


As it was the end of March, the Academy had let out just a week before, which meant that it wouldn't start up for another two weeks.

Grinning to himself, Naruto walked purposely through the trafficked streets of Konoha, deliberately ignoring the cold looks directed at him, towards the training grounds, where he decided to try his newest power. The boy had finally come to terms with his situation and, as a seasoned gamer, he knew better than to throw himself headfirst without knowing the workings of the 'system' inside out.

Naruto had thought to inform his Jiji or Iruka-sensei of his shiny new toy, but the fresh memory of his latest failure at graduating from the Academy stopped the thought in its tracks before it could fully form. It was already the second time that he failed the exam to become Genin - even if both times it was taken with a class older than him - and it was high time that he changed his methods if it meant that they didn't work. Apparently fervently praying to the God of Ramen to make his Bunshin work wasn't considered as 'adequate preparation'. Who would have thought?

Backtracking a bit, Naruto snatched back his previous train of thought. It would be easy to go to one of the two authority figures that he actually respected, and probably the right thing to do, but this thing was his. No one would ever imagine something as ludicrous as the planet itself - and yes, Naruto knew what the Gaia Theory was, he played too many games not to know - giving him, The Orphan, the Village's Pariah, such a power.

No, he wouldn't share it with anyone else, at the very least until he knew he could trust that person completely and without inhibitions, and while he loved the Sandaime and Iruka, he knew they both were hiding things from him, which meant he couldn't fully trust them, even if it hurt to just think about it.

Shaking his head, Naruto finally arrived at the Training ground C, one of the five usable by Academy Students, and looked to the messages that had popped up during his walk through the Village.

A skill has been levelled up

A skill has been levelled up

A skill has been levelled up

[Negative Emotion Sensing] (Passive/Active) [Lv.4, EXP 32%]

The ability to sense negative emotions, such as hatred and killing intent, of any individual around. With increased level, the exact location of the KI can be determined, as well as more info about the source. Skill granted by ?.

Range: 40 Metres

Chances of Homing in on KI source: 4%

'I wondered what those windows were. Figures that it would be something like this' Naruto thought. It wasn't like he didn't already know that there were a lot of people that didn't like him. He counted himself blessed that the resentment and dislike were merely channelled in ignoring him or glaring at him, and no one actually acted upon it.

The interesting thing, though, was that the skill had already been present, which meant that there was a lot that he had to discover about himself.

'Now's as good a time as any, I guess'


Name: Uzumaki Naruto Age: 11

Class: The Gamer

Level: 5 Next Level 8,606/10,000 EXP

Title: Academy Student (+25% EXP up to Lv. 15)

HP: 675 (500)

CP: 900 (700)

CPC: 12,5%

STR: 7 (-2,5)

VIT: 17 (+7,5)

DEX: 10 (+3,25)

AGI: 17 (+7,5)

INT: 20 (+10)

WIS: 5

LUK: ?

Attribute Points: 25

Money: 12.000 Ryo (1.200$)


Uzumaki Naruto is an aspiring shinobi, currently enrolled at the Konoha Shinobi Academy (KSA). His background is shrouded in mystery. Him being a ? and his pranks have gotten him in trouble many times over the years. Naruto is a very determined young man, striving to prove himself both as a ninja and as a person by becoming Hokage, his path is full of possibility. At the moment, he is the Dead last of his class.

'Oh my, I don't even know if that's good or bad, but I'll take a leap and say it isn't particularly impressive… And what's with WIS being so low! OI! And the description! What the hell?!'

Naruto ranted internally a bit more, before finally accepting that maybe it was the truth.

Once he had finally calmed down, the boy plopped himself on a rock and started thinking about what else he should learn about his ability before he started his training.

'Perks & Flaws?' he called in his mind and was answered by another window popping in front of him.

Special Perks:

[? Lineage] : +2 VIT & INT per level, +25% EXP gain in Fūinjutsu, -10% EXP gain in Chakra Control;

[? Lineage] : +2 AGI per level, +20 CP per level;

[? ?] : +100 CP & HP per level, -25% Reputation gains from home Village and Inhabitants (if Neutral or below), -25% EXP gain in Chakra Control, Skill: Negative Emotion Sensing;

[Child of the ?] : ? LUK, Hardships in life, +50% chance of droppings from Rare up;

[The Gamer] : Grants Perks Gamer's Mind & Body.

It was all very confusing, but it didn't mean that it was necessarily bad. Most of these Special Perks gave him quite a boost, even if their very presence meant that there was a lot which he still needed to know about himself.

All in all, Naruto felt pretty good about them, even if he could have done away with the Reputation and Chakra control penalties and especially with the 'Hardships in life', but Uzumaki Naruto wasn't cowed by anything, and he would go on just like always.


[Gamer's Mind] (Passive - Dynamic): Allows the user to think calmly and logically. Grants a peaceful state of mind, immune to hypnosis and psychological status ( for Genjutsu from users up to 10 level over the Gamer);

Well, that explained why he hadn't freaked out during at first, and why he was managing to think through this whole thing without going on too many tangents. It probably wouldn't hold on too many powerful emotions, but it was still a cool perk.

[Gamer's Body] (Passive): Grants the user a body that allows living in the real world like a game;

Which was pretty self-explanatory. He would still need to make a few tests to see the limits of this one, but he wasn't too worried.

[Prank King] : +15% EXP gain in Strategy & Tactics, +25% EXP gain in Stealth, +1 DEX per level.


[Mildly Malnourished]: Hampered physical growth, -25% to VIT, DEX, STR and AGI, +10% vulnerability to drugs and poisons. This Flaw can be eliminated only by following a properly balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Well now, that was bullshit! He ate a very balanced diet of ramen and ramen! How could his own ability mock the Lord!

'Bah, I can't believe the sacrifices I make to become a ninja! I'll have to buy a cookbook then, 'cause I can't survive on scrambled eggs and plain rice…'

As Naruto pondered how to include more foods in his diet without completely eliminating his beloved ramen, he started doing his routine training of running laps around the Training Ground and doing push-ups and pull-ups for as long as he could.

Now, Naruto was still confused by the suddenness of this whole thing, but as he was still young and almost devoid of common sense, the blond didn't really put up much of a fight. After all, if ninjas could spew fireballs and run up walls, it wasn't much of a stretch for his new ability to be the real deal.

As he went through the various exercises, Naruto ignored the pop-ups, deciding to read them all at the end of his routine, for otherwise he would be constantly distracted!

Already, without him noticing, the [Gamer's Mind] was helping him concentrate, while just the day previous he would have found much difficulty in following the training regime without fiddling about.

Once the Uzumaki had finished, he dropped to the ground panting for air. He hadn't really thought that he would get this tired just from exercising!

A small part of his mind whispered that he had never put any actual effort before, so it was normal that he would feel that way.

Deciding to ignore his traitorous psyche, Naruto went on to practice his katas for the Taijutsu taught at the Academy, once again feeling his muscles scream from places he didn't know he had.

The boy felt once again sore all over and wanted to drop down and curl up, but his legendarily stubborn determination came through and he kept on training, this time turning towards the Shurikenjutsu practice targets.

As he finally finished the routine that Iruka-sensei had said everyone should follow at least three times a week, Naruto fell to the ground, panting. He had done it! For the first time, he actually managed not to get too bored or distracted and finish the whole thing!

After resting for a few minutes, the blond picked himself up, and staggering a bit the whole way, he slowly reached his house.


Later, following a long shower, he dumped himself on the couch, and, at long last, the boy allowed himself to read the myriad of screens that had appeared during his training.

Feel the burn! For continuing your training through exhaustion, +1 VIT x3

Through diligent training, your STR goes up by 1

For exercising your coordination and aim, +1 DEX x2

As a result of your training, new skills have been created (Lv. has been adjusted because of previous usage):

[Physical Conditioning] (Passive) [Lv. 3 67% EXP]

[Physical Conditioning] refers to the development of physical fitness through the adaptation of the body and its various systems to an exercise program.

Passively increases VIT, STR, AGI and DEX by 3%

[Shurikenjutsu] (Passive/Active) [Lv. 2 89% EXP]

Shurikenjutsu is the art of thrown weapons. Any handheld bladed weapon that has [Thrown Weapon] in its description can be used with this skill. Shuriken, Senbon and Kunai are a few examples.

Passively increases DEX by 2%

Passively increases damage with Thrown Weapons by 5%

Actively increases accuracy of Thrown Weapons by 5% (2 CP)

[Beginner Ha no Nagare (Leaf-flow) Style Taijutsu] (Passive/Active) [Level 2, 14% EXP]

The basic style of Taijutsu taught at the Konohagakure Shinobi Academy. Ha no Nagare Style has no particular inclinations towards attack or defence, instead of having the characteristic of being easy to learn. The beginner's set is basic punching, kicking, blocking and a few basic grapples.

Passively increases STR, VIT and DEX by 5%

Naruto looked at the screens blankly before he slowly raised his right hand upwards and fist-pumped lazily. It wasn't bad at all for the first training session, even if he knew from his gaming experience that it would slowly become more and more difficult to raise his Stats in such a way.

Annoyed at his low WIS, Naruto put 5 Attribute points in the Stat. As soon as he did so, he developed an urge to kick himself in the shins for spending his precious points so easily.

The blond therefore decided to keep his Attribute points for the time being, as he wanted to push himself as much as possible before he 'artificially' enhanced himself. And he also suspected that there would come a time when he would be in a pinch and would need to dump them somewhere specific.

For thinking things through logically, and coming to a wise conclusion, +1 WIS.

'Damn, I was pretty lucky this time. I need to start being more careful with these things. I should probably solve some puzzles or something if I want to increase my WIS again.'

As it neared nighttime, Naruto decided to see if he could obtain the most useful skill in every RPG, *The Observe*

Therefore, he started looking at various things in his apartment and cataloguing in his mind every detail he could possibly notice. After ten minutes of stained wooden floorboards, cheap nightstands and the likes, he finally got a notification

[Observe] (Passive/Active) [Lv. 1, 0% EXP]

A skill that allows the user to view information about people, animals and objects that this skill is directed upon. The higher this skill's level is, the more information is gathered. (5 CP per use)

Passively raises observational skills by 1%

Naruto grinned to himself, happy that he could obtain his very first OP skill. Oh, it was almost nothing now, but in a few months, he was certain that it would become one of his most powerful ability. As Iruka-sensei said 'Information is a ninja's greatest weapon'.

The boy, therefore, decided to go out to eat lunch at Ichiraku's and observe everything he could. It would serve both to level the skill up and learn more info about his place in the food chain.

As he walked through the streets, Naruto carefully Observed everyone who walked near him, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

What he learned made him grind his teeth, as he was evidently behind in his development as a ninja and had a very long road ahead of himself.

It appeared that Civilians' levels spanned from the 1 of toddlers to the 14-15 of talented craftsmen and artisans in their prime. Ninjas were a different thing altogether. He saw a few Academy students from the class below his who spanned from level 3 up to level 7 for the more talented, which made him pretty mad. Was he, a measly level 5, so much behind? Well, he had a whole year to up his game and become an amazing ninja!

'I'll show 'em! Dattebayo!'

Genins were much more powerful, and even those in their mid-teens were above level 15 but no one surpassed level 30 and only a couple even neared it. Naruto saw then a couple of shinobi wearing the Chunin vest, one who was level 34 and another one with a ? instead of the usual number.

'Seems like if they are too high in strength, I can't learn their level… Well, makes sense, considering it was the same with all the games I've ever played'

As Naruto arrived at Ichiraku's, he used Observe on the Ramen Chef and his Daughter, which by now had levelled up three times, which meant that he could now see HP and CP as well.

Ichiraku Teuchi - Lv.14 'Master Ramen Chef'

HP: 230

CP: 50

Ichiraku Ayame - Lv. 6 'Apprentice Ramen Chef'

HP: 170

CP: 40

'Well, that was what I expecting, more or less.'

"Teuchi-ji-san, Ayame-nee-chan, give me two Miso bowls!" Naruto exclaimed, before thinking on it and deciding to get something 'healthy' too "Add an eggplant Ramen too!"

The two Ichirakus looked up at his voice and smiled brightly at the boy. Teuchi chuckled to himself, before answering "Of course Naruto!"

Happily eating his favourite food, the blond boy didn't notice the shadow approaching him from behind until it was too late, and was therefore bonked on the head by a slightly exasperated Iruka.

"Naruto! How many times did I tell you that you weren't ready for the exam this year?!"

The young Chunin plopped himself on the stool next to the Uzumaki's and signalled to Teuchi to prepare him a bowl of Miso as well.

"Ouch! Iruka-sensei, you didn't have to show it like that you know'" Muttered Naruto quietly, but was rewarded with a flick on his forehead.

While the blond grumbled about the unfairness of it all, the Academy Teacher looked at him in relief. He had suspected that the boy wouldn't be too down from his newest failure, but he had still been worried, as his fellow orphan didn't really have anyone to support him at home.

Feeling a bit better now, Iruka allowed himself to observe the blond sat near him. He knew that Naruto was resilient and determined, but was all the same impressed by his resolve to become a ninja. Not many who failed the graduation exam decided to continue on the path of a shinobi. Especially someone who had a hard life, like Naruto did, being a Jinchuriki and all.

Iruka, therefore, wowed himself to help his - favourite, a small part of his mind whispered - student to actually become a ninja.

Naruto, meanwhile, was Observing his teacher too, with the aid of his newfound ability, and was busy reading all the info he obtained from it, as the skill had once again levelled up.

Umino Iruka - Lv. 39 'The Just Teacher'

HP: 1020

CP: 1070


Umino Iruka is a chunin of Konohagakure who serves primarily as an instructor at the Academy. Left an orphan by the Kyuubi, Iruka spent the following few years as a prankster, only listening to the Sandaime Hokage and his 'friend' Mizuki. He decided to become a teacher to pass on the Will of Fire, inspired by The Professor's wisdom. He thinks of Uzumaki Naruto dearly, as if he was a little brother.

The blond felt his throat close up by a lump of raging emotion. He knew that his Academy teacher actually liked him - one of the precious few - but to read it like that, in such an unmistakable way, it was as if a heavy weight was taken off his shoulders. After a few seconds, the strong emotions were forcibly calmed by his [Gamer's Mind] and the boy was left with a feeling of calm contentedness.

Speeding up the rate at which he was eating his ramen, Naruto thought about telling the Chunin about this whole Gamer thing but gave it up almost immediately. He loved Iruka, in his own warped way, but this was the first time he could do something about his difficulties in becoming a ninja, it was the perfect tool to obtain the strength he needed. What if he told the Hokage who decided to seal it away? How would he become the most awesome ninja? No, it was going to stay his secret and his only.

Once he had finally finished his meal, Naruto made a mental catalogue of what he needed to improve now, and what he could work on more leisurely. It seemed mostly that his CPC needed great work, like his STR and WIS.

Even more than that, he was honestly a bit ashamed of his measly Lv.2 in [Beginner Ha no Nagare Style Taijutsu] after four years of Academy. His [Physical Conditioning] and [Shurikenjutsu] too needed much work.

Glancing at the young man sat by his side, Naruto started to think that even if he didn't tell Iruka about his Gamer power, it didn't mean that he couldn't ask him for help in his training. The Chunin would probably be overjoyed!

"Ne Iruka-sensei" the boy called his attention "do you think that you can help me with my training today? I really need to work on my skills if I want to graduate this time!"

"Good attitude!" Iruka noted with a smile "I would help you today if I could, but I need to go to the Hokage's Office to work on the new Genin Teams with him." the Chunin continued with a sigh.

"Still I will make time tomorrow morning without a doubt!" Iruka finished quickly upon seeing the beginnings of a pout. The whiskered cheeks and wide blue eyes were too much!

A new skill has been created through a special act

[Puppy Eyes] (Active) [Lv. 8, 15%EXP]

When an animal or person tilts their head and somehow gives the effect of adorable, big, puppy eyes. It can make people say yes since they can't resist the cuteness.

28% chance of getting a yes (works only from Neutral up, effectiveness increases with closeness)

Grinning widely, Naruto confirmed his willingness, paid Teuchi, who then waved him away with a chuckle alongside Ayame, and started walking back through the Village's streets.

Strolling about, Naruto kept using his [Observe] on every interesting person he came across until he arrived in front of a Bookshop.

The blond had already decided that he would need a few new skills to improve his lifestyle. He really needed to free himself from that pesky [Mildly Malnourished] Flaw. It sucked up way too much of his physical power.

As he entered, the clerk, a young man who was busy reading a magazine, didn't even bother to turn towards him.

Naruto decided then to buy, other than the cookbooks, one on plants and herbs and one on craftsmanship. It seemed to him like the sensible thing to do! - and who would have ever thought Naruto Uzumaki to be a sensible one! -.

The boy felt grateful that the only staff member today was the young clerk, who was clearly much too into his magazine to take a look at his face. It wasn't that he was always treated badly, but it was pretty irritating to be followed around the shops he visited because no one trusted him to behave himself. A few times he had even been chucked out before he could buy anything.
In the last few years that hadn't happened again, and he was always given decent merchandise, but the feeling of being deeply unwanted in the stores was always depressing.

Paying quietly for his books, Naruto hurried back home. He liked being able to level up his [Observation] and [Negative Emotion Sensing], but the feeling of coldness and ill intent was starting to get at him.


Once back in his apartment, Naruto let out a sigh of relief. He sat down at the table and unpacked the books he had just bought.

As soon as he placed his hand on the 'Cooking for Dummies' book, it started emitting a soft glow again and a window popped up, asking him if he wanted to learn it.

He had been slightly freaked out at the store when it began shining, but it appeared that it was merely an ocular effect of his ability reserved to him, which was pretty cool for it meant that he could find Skill Books and Scrolls just by walking by them. Thought he had better buy them before he started absorbing because otherwise, he would have to answer a few awkward questions.

Thinking a clear 'Yes' Naruto watched the book disappear in a burst of chakra and enter inside him.

Through Absorption of a Skill Book, a new skill has been created

[Cooking] (Passive) [Lv. 2, 15%EXP]

Cooking or cookery is the art, technology and craft of preparing food for consumption with or without the use of heat.

Passively adds 12% chance of success to all [Cooking] actions

Passively reduces 2% chance of Food Mishap

Passively reduces 2% of Food wasted during preparation

As the glow finally faded, Naruto felt his mind slowly assimilating the knowledge about handling [Cooking] Tools, various methods of preparing food, many ingredients and simple recipes. It even supplied him with basic knowledge about medical nutrition!

The whole thing took a couple of minutes, which was way too long in Naruto's opinion! It probably had to do with his low Mental Capabilities. It was likely that as he raised his INT and WIS he would be able to absorb more complex Skill Books in less time.

The blond groaned at the thought of having to meditate to increase his mental elasticity. It was probable that such a Skill would bring many benefits, but the mere thought of sitting still for hours doing nothing was enough to bore Naruto to death!

'I should probably absorb these remaining two Skill Books, prepare dinner and then either start meditating or practice my DEX with long series of hand-seals'

A new Skill has been created through the Absorption of the Skill Book 'Botany 101'

[Botany] (Passive) [Lv.1, 0%EXP]

Botany, also called plant science(s), plant biology or phytology, is the science of plant life and a branch of biology.

Passively adds 10% chance of successful tending to a plant

Nodding to himself, Naruto slowly catalogued the knowledge about various plants and the methods to tend to them that the Skill Book had given him. It was practically all new to him, for, besides a few herbs that were used in the kitchen, the Uzumaki knew nothing of plants. A glaring hole in his education, considering that Konoha was immersed in a forest.

Naruto waited a bit before transferring the third Skill Book's knowledge to his mind. He wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but better be safe than sorry.

'Uh, that's strange. Normally I would have immediately learned the three Skills without posing myself a problem.' He then grinned to himself 'It must mean that the points I gained in WIS are actually already starting to work! That's so cool!'

Once the boy felt it to be safe to use the 'Basics of craftsmanship' Skill Book, he gave the assent internally and was again enveloped in blue chakra.

A new Skill has been created through the Absorption of the Skill Book 'Basics of craftsmanship'

[Crafting] (Active/Passive) [Lv.1, 0%EXP]

[Crafting] is essential to survival. All tools, weapons and most building materials are made through crafting. From the beginnings of the human race, [Crafting] has been what has distinguished it from animals. It comprehends Engineering, Forging and Handicraft.

Passively Increases DEX by 1%

Chances of successfully crafting something 10%

Chances of crafting something of higher quality than Poor 1%

Requires [Crafting Tools] to use

Scowling a bit at the low chances of crafting anything decent, Naruto sighed to himself. He should have known, having played many games for the many hours he had to himself, that such an important skill would have been nerfed down.

'Ugh, at this rate I'll spend all the time practising and training and all the nice pranks I started planning will go to waste…' Naruto grumbled internally 'Bah! The sacrifices I have to make to become Hokage! It better be the most awesome job ever!'

Shrugging his shoulders, the blonde went about cooking himself some fried rice. Just because he had learned new recipes, it didn't mean that he could cook them correctly!

After dinner, Naruto retired to his room to practice his hand-seals, something absolutely necessary for Ninjutsu. Creating a new skill just for it.

A new skill has been created through a special action

[Hand-seals] (Passive) [Lv.8, 04%EXP]

are used to perform many ninjutsu, genjutsu, and other secret arts other than taijutsu. The exact amount of chakra necessary to perform a technique is manipulated through hand seals. There are different sequences of hand seals for every technique, requiring memorisation.

Passively increases DEX by 8%

He went at it for two consecutive hours, resulting in an increase in DEX of 2.

Before going to bed, the boy recapped mentally what he needed to practice with Iruka-sensei the next day, meaning his Taijutsu forms, his Shurikenjutsu throws and some effective strength training tips.

Nodding sleepily, Naruto finally let himself fall into the waiting embrace of Morpheus.


Recap of the skills that have increased from when they were last

[Negative Emotion Sensing] Lv.4 - lv.7

[Observe] Lv.1 - lv. 7

[Cooking] Lv.2 - lv. 3

Recap status ( I'll do this only once in a while, as I want to include it into the story only when it is needed)

Name: Uzumaki Naruto Age: 11

Class: The Gamer

Level: 5 Next Level 8,606/10,000 EXP

Title: Academy Student (+25% EXP up to Lv. 15)

HP: 707

CP: 900

CPC: 27%

STR: 9

VIT: 20

DEX: 15

AGI: 17

INT: 20

WIS: 11

LUK: ?

Attribute Points: 20

Money: 12.000 Ryo (1.200$)



I'm back. Indeed.

Hahaha, I won't annoy you guys with too many details, but I want to clarify a few things.

I make the calculations for the stats every time I add something new, which means that I shouldn't have made any error, but if you find any error, please tell me.

The stats are all rounded down, 'cause I say so.

I'm trying to make it as fair as possible and as plausible as possible, so I'd appreciate any suggestions on how not to screw up this fic.

I wrote the whole thing in two days, which means that I really like the concept and will most likely be publishing this pretty often!

I have read many Gamer fics where they end up with a shitload of skills, which I'll try to avoid. It'll be difficult, but I'll try to spare you guys the pain of having to remember the thousands of abilities and their current level.

As you should have read, I've put a recap of the stats and skills at the end of the chapter. I won't do this always, as it only adds clutter to the writing, but I shall endeavour to recap once in a while, possibly by inserting it into the story. I'll only do the end-of-chapter recap if too many Attributes and/or skills level up, which would otherwise mean full-on chaos.

I really hope you guys like it! I know I do. Please let me know any if you have any suggestion or constructive criticism, 'cause I'm still a bit new to the whole writing fanfictions thingy, and I need all the help I can get

See ya next time,