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"This is your new room, classes start tomorrow morning, so be sure to get a good night sleep and freshen up." Fairy Godmother opened the closet. "Queen Belle took the liberty of getting you some new clothes and shoes since you came with so little. The bathroom is through that door. I made sure to make it so that you have your own room. I hope it suits your taste, Raelyn."

The girl standing by the bed nodded. "It's lovely, thank you, I'll be sure to thank the queen when I get the chance to see her."

Fairy Godmother smiled at her. "I'm so glad that you agreed to come here." She put her hands together. "Welcome to Auradon Prep."

"Thank you."

The older woman left the room, closing the door behind her.

Raelyn sighed and dropped her bags on the bed. "Why am I here again?" She breathed. Something caught her attention. She sniffed the air. "What is that sweet smell?" She followed her nose to a silver tray with a silver dome lid on it.

She lifted the lid and her eyes sparkled in awe. "Wow! So pretty!" She stared at the assortment of sweet treats, in a variety of colours and patterns. She picked up one and sniffed it. "No poison detected..." She muttered. She took a tentative bite. She hummed happily. "Yummy!"

Meanwhile, in Jay and Carlos' room, the four from the Isle of the Lost were playing a video game.

"You can't beat me!" Mal laughed, as she royally whipped Jay's butt on Mario Kart.

Evie was sitting on one of the beds, filing her nails. "Don't you think it was weird that we got the afternoon off classes today?"

Carlos laughed as he rubbed Dude's belly. "Don't complain! It's a whole afternoon of doing nothing."

Jay swore loudly. "You beat me again?!" He whined.

"You bet I did." Mal mock-punched his arm.

Carlos felt his stomach grumble. "I'm gonna get some snacks, anyone want anything?" He asked, standing up.

"Nah, I'm good." Mal piped up.

"Could you bring some crisps or something?" Jay asked.

"Can you bring me some soda?" Evie added.

"Sure, won't be gone long." He took Dude with him.

Raelyn sighed as she went over to her wardrobe and looked through the clothes. She had to admit, the Queen knew how to pick clothes. There were the stereotypical princess dresses, but there were also t-shirts and jeans, fit for an everyday girl like her.

She picked out some skinny jeans and a red and black checked, hooded shirt, along with a white crop top to go underneath it. She went to the bathroom and took a nice hot shower. She felt all the dirt and grime wash away.

It wasn't exactly easy to keep clean in the woods where she grew up.

Once dried and ready, she checked her appearance in the mirror.

The first thing anyone would see was fluffy tan ears and a matching fluffy tan tail.

Raelyn sighed. She concentrated and preformed a spell, which made them disappear. Her stomach growled. "I guess I can't live off complimentary sweets." She grabbed her key and left the room, closing, and locking it behind her.

She followed her nose to find the kitchen. With all these different smells, she felt like she was going in circles.

She finally made it to the kitchen that was for students to make snacks and light lunches themselves. "Finally." She exhaled.

She let herself inside and looked through the first food cupboard she saw.

She turned around with flour and other various ingredients to make pancakes and screamed.

Carlos had stood up from a crouching position looking in the fridge. "What?!" He hadn't realised he had company either and dropped the food he was holding.

Raelyn took in the boy's appearance. He was kinda cute, white hair, kind eyes… she blinked. "Sorry! I didn't realise that somebody was in here, I was so focused on stopping my stomach giving me a lecture." She smiled at him.

Carlos snickered. "I'm sorry too." He picked up the food and placed it on the table.

Raelyn frowned at the assortment of sweet treats he had taken from the fridge. "You have a sweet tooth I see."

Carlos blushed a little. "Yeah well, where I grew up we didn't even know what sweets tasted like."

Something clicked in Raelyn's head. "You're one of the kids from the Isle of the Lost?"

He nodded. "Carlos. Nice to meet you…?"

"Raelyn, nice to meet you too." She smiled widely. She felt something on her leg. She looked down to see Dude sniffing her leg. "Oh, hello little guy."

"Oh, that's Dude. The campus mutt. He's kinda attached to me."

"Oh, well…" Raelyn knelt and held her hand out.

Dude sniffed it before placing his paw on her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Dude." She shook his paw.

Carlos laughed a little. "So, I guess that you're new?"

She nodded. "I just transferred today."

Carlos grinned. "So, that's why we got the afternoon off?"

She shrugged. "Possibly. I looked a mess when I got here, Fairy Godmother probably didn't want anyone seeing me in the state I was." She added in a small voice.

Carlos frowned. What did she mean by that? He cleared his throat. "So, what are you making?" He gestured to the flour on the kitchen bench.

"Pancakes. You want some?" She asked.

His eyes lit up. "Yes please."

She giggled. "Coming right up."

Carlos watched the new girl as she cooked. "Can I help?"

"Can you please find some chocolate chips?" She asked.

He nodded and went into the cupboard. "We're lucky! One tub left." He put the tub next to Raelyn. "Those smell so good."

"Good." She smiled, she sprinkled the chips onto the pancake before flipping it over. "Grab a plate, first one's almost done."

He held his plate in front of her as she flipped the chocolate chip pancake onto it. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome." She poured more of the pancake mix into the pan.

After they were done eating, Carlos checked his watch. "Crap! I was meant to take these snacks to the others." He jumped up and tried to pick up all the snacks that he had raided from the kitchen.

"Do you need a hand?" Raelyn picked up the cans of soda.

"Thanks. It's just to the dorm."

She nodded as they headed out of the kitchen.