Sylvia was awoken by the soft sound of her phone ringing. She opened her eyes and looked around, then she grabbed her phone and saw that it was Jack who was calling her.

She answered her phone. "Jack? What happened?" she asked.

"Not much, how are you?" he asked.

"Sane as ever," Sylvia answered.

"I don't know whether that's good or bad."

"It's good."

"Look, can you do something crazy?"

"Anytime, what do you need?"

"They're going to put you in a mental hospital, but we don't want that, so you need to jump out the window."

"What?! Usually when you ask me to do crazy stuff, it's just something little, like- I don't know- something that won't kill me!"

"You won't die, Arcee will catch you," Jack said and Sylvia opened the window. She looked down and saw Jack standing next to Arcee in the narrow alleyway.

She hung up her phone. "If I die it's your fault," she yelled down at Jack, then she jumped off of the window ledge and fell into Arcee's arms. She was lowered to the ground gently by Arcee.

"I told you that you'd be fine," Jack said, grabbing Sylvia to steady her.

"I knew it'd be fine, I was just... messing with you."

"I'm sure that's what happened."


"I'm sorry to break up your bonding time, but I don't have all day," Arcee said impatiently.

When they arrived at the Autobot base Sylvia was immediately embraced with a hug from Miko. Jack helped her pry the younger girl off, then Sylvia looked around.

"Where's Raf?" she asked.

"Some kind of family thingy," Miko answered.

"Okay, where are Optimus, Bulkhead and Bumblebee?" Sylvia asked.

"We do more than just sit around and babysit you guys," Arcee answered briskly.

"So, Jack, do you want to go for a walk?" Sylvia asked her friend.

"Uh, sure," Jack told her and she smiled a little. They walked around outside until it got dark, then they went back.

About a half an hour after Jack and Sylvia got back, so did Optimus and the other Autobots. Sylvia turned the television onto the news and kicked back on the couch.

A sudden beeping noise went off. "Turn that thing off!" Miko screamed across the room.

"I can't tu-" Ratchet started, then a tall man walked in yelling.

"Prime!" he said.

"Yes, Agent Fowler," Optimus said walking up to the human.

"Do you know what happened? A little girl jumped out of a window, at the hospital, then was sighted riding off with Jack, fully conscious!"

"Hello, I'm here, I exist," Sylvia said getting up and walking across the large clearing towards the man.

"What were you thinking, little girl?" he asked her. "Your parents are worried sick about you."

"They don't give a scrap about me! They would rather see me dead than return home! They have everything they could possibly need, right? All they need is their money! Who even are you? Telling me my business!" she screamed at him.

"They do care about you, and I am special agent William Fowler!" he yelled back.

"Look, everyone thought I was crazy when I was saying I wanted to come back to here, and when I was threatening them, but my parents want me back so they can get money! They want to find this place, they want the "technology of the century", they couldn't care less that I was going to be put in a mental hospital."

"I will drag you if I have to," he threatened.

"Try me."