Author's Note: Just wanted to remind readers of the warnings for this chapter. Yaoi, shota, incest, non-con, NSFW mature adult content, and OMG what did I write... Consider yourself warned! ^^;

Chapter 5: Falling Inside the Black

When Balthier regained consciousness, he found himself lying on silken sheets in a large four-post bed. He sat up and rubbed his eyes to discover Vayne sitting in an armchair at the foot of the bed, staring at him coldly. The memories of his brutal attack came flooding back as quickly as the pain. Balthier grabbed the sheet beneath him to cover his nakedness and scrambled up the bed in an attempt to put as much distance between Vayne and himself as possible. However, he did not get far, his left ankle bringing up hard in the irons that chained him to one of the bed posts.

Realizing his torture was all but over, the sky pirate tugged furiously at the chain with his leg until the edges of the metal drew blood from his ankle. He swore at the larger man, who seemed to be amused at the pathetic display. "Damn it, release me at once!" Balthier demanded.

"I could, but I am not yet finished with you," Vayne answered, the small flame from the kerosene lamp casting shadows over Vayne's face as he grinned at the sky pirate.

At that moment, the double doors at the end of the room opened and Balthier prayed that his friends had escaped and come to his aid. At this point, being found naked and chained to a bed would be an embarrassment he would accept to find his way out of this nightmare. But instead, two Imperial guards entered and delivered Larsa to his brother in what seemed to be their customary way – by throwing the child across the floor.

"That will be all," said Vayne to his subordinates, as he motioned for them to leave. The guards left hastily while Larsa struggled to pick himself up from the foot of the bed.

Much like himself, Balthier noticed that the boy was looking like he had seen better days. He was barefoot and his white blouse was dirty and untucked. He looked tired, his spirit broken, and his movements lethargic. He also appeared fearful of looking in Vayne's direction. It was startling for the sky pirate to see Larsa in such a dilapidated state, and he wished for some way to return the boy to the intolerable little brat that he had always known him to be. As Larsa's gaze met the barely covered sky pirate, the child's cheeks turned bright red and his head bowed in shame.

"Come forward," Vayne commanded Larsa with a cruel smile. The boy shuffled hesitantly toward his elder brother's chair and Vayne grabbed him forcefully. Twisting the boy's face in the direction of the bed, Vayne forced Larsa to look upon Balthier.

"What is it that makes you so ashamed, little brother? This is your new comrade, is it not? So, what do you think of him now?" Vayne interrogated. "Do you not think that your admiration of this scum has gone unnoticed?"

The tears that welled up in the boy's eyes announced themselves with a glimmer in the flickering light. "Please, don't," Larsa managed to plead through Vayne's grip on his jaws.

Vayne's last remark had caught Balthier off guard. This man was even sicker than he had thought. The boy was still practically a child after all.

"Let the boy go, or I swear you will regret it," threatened the sky pirate, as he tried in vain once more to free himself. He swore to himself that he will take his time and enjoy the moment when he extinguishes the life from Vayne's body.

"Observe well, sky pirate," Vayne remarked. "Watch and learn of the suffering of one who wishes to rule, yet lacks the power."

"I will do no such thing, and you will not touch that boy!" said Balthier, the pot of anger within him boiling over.

"I think you both shall learn to follow my orders," threatened Vayne. "Or have you forgotten about your comrades that are still under my care? It would be such a shame if their blood were to paint the floors of my prison," continued Vayne with a grin.

Balthier gripped a fistful of sheets, his knuckles turning white with rage.

"What will you do, sky pirate? How far would you be willing to go to save their lives?" pondered Vayne aloud. "After all, I hear you are quite the hero."

"You bastard," Balthier growled.

"You know what to do, Larsa," Vayne commanded, releasing his brother and giving him a slight push toward the bed. "Why don't you show your new friend just how much you admire him?"

"Your twisted!" the sky pirate shouted. He had expected a similar form of rebuttal from the boy, but to Balthier's disbelief, Larsa bowed his head and moved toward the edge of the bed.

"Please, just listen to what he says," pleaded the boy quietly, tears rolling from the outer edges of his large, blue eyes. "Make no mistake, he will kill them," he added.

"This is blasphemy. We must not let him, he can't make you–"

"It's ok…" the boy said. With a whisper, he added shamefully, "I've done it before."

At that moment, with those four words echoing in his head, the sky pirate felt his stomach drop. What a man does to another man is one thing, but committing such acts upon a child was beyond deplorable. An ache grew in Balthier's chest as he imagined the abuse Larsa must have endured within the perverse Solidor household.

A vacant look washed over the child's face as he began to methodically unclothe himself. He started with his shirt, followed by his pants, and under-stockings, robotically placing the garments in a pile at the foot of the bed, until he stood completely exposed. His frame was small, and the lamp's flame danced shadows across his white skin. As much as he hated it, the sky pirate found himself closely watching the boy's every movement. The dream he had back on the airship flooded his memory, and he fought hard to push the thoughts from his mind.

Larsa mechanically reached for the nightstand and pulled out a small bottle of oil. With the bottle in his hand, the boy crawled onto the bed and straddled the sky pirate's lap. Balthier, not knowing what to do, grabbed the frail arms and pushed him back.

"Please," Larsa whispered, clutching at Balthier's shoulders.

"Larsa, no. This is not– right," said the sky pirate, struggling for words and craning his neck toward Vayne. "How can you do this? To your own kin?" Balthier glared at the other man. But Vayne sat silently in his chair looking satisfied, twirling a piece of his dark hair between his thumb and forefinger.

Balthier could barely stand to look as Larsa, naked and seated in his lap. He poured the oil into his hand and reached beneath the thin silk sheet that separated them. The boy grasped the sky pirate's flaccid member and stroked it hesitantly, daring not to look at the man's face. Balthier tried to refrain from thinking about how a child of his age knew how to do such things.

After a few moments, the boy finally lifted his head and leaned up to kiss the sky pirate on his lips. Balthier laid frozen still.

"Please," whispered Larsa under his breath in a voice that was meant only for Balthier to hear. "Just do as he says – or he will surely kill them all. And…" the boy hesitated. "I will make sure you enjoy this," Larsa added as he proceeded with another kiss.

The kiss was light, Larsa's lips soft and supple. The sky pirate had received a fair share of kisses from a fair share of women, but none had been performed with such delicacy. He suppressed his breath of surprise as he felt the boy's tongue slowly creep its way past his lips, searching out more of his taste.

The sky pirate tried, god knows he tried with all his might, not to let his body give any response to the child. But he was dishonorably falling prey to the tiny fingers that were repetitively stroking him. Pulling back, he broke away from the kiss and Larsa gave a slight groan of disappointment.

The boy's skin was smooth, and the insides of his thighs felt warm against the sky pirate's hips. Balthier looked away, tried thinking of something else, but his body was betraying him once again. Larsa's fingers moved quicker. Despite Balthier's hatred for what was happening, and his fear of what would come next if he were to become erect, Balthier's cock was growing to its full length at the mercy of skilled, slippery fingers.

Suddenly, Larsa released his grip on Balthier's shaft and the sky pirate breathed a sharp sigh of relief. However, it was then that Larsa reached behind himself, to knead at the tiny opening between his cheeks. A slight hitch in the boy's breath marked the moment he entered himself with his first finger. 'Oh merciful…' thought Balthier as his cock involuntarily twitched at the sound. Balthier's muscles began to tense, his heart pounding in his eardrums. There was something about watching Larsa press into himself that almost made the sky pirate actually want to do this. As the sinful act continued to unfold, Balthier was unable to resist the urge to touch the pale, smooth legs straddling him.

Larsa continued to insert more fingers and stretch his entrance. As he made his preparations, the boy's own member grew hard and the former expression of vacancy on his face was replaced with something more vulgar.

"That's good Larsa, show our sky pirate what a lewd body you have," Vayne sneered, his gaze fixated on the couple.

As the boy thrusted deeper into his own passage, he used his other hand to rub his cock. It was so wrong, but everything about the view was erotic – the way the boy's head tilted back, the way his lips parted, and the way his legs trembled ever so slightly over the sky pirate's lap. It would appear that it no longer mattered to Larsa that they were being forced to do this. Nor did it matter who was watching. At this moment in time, the boy was seeking nothing more than to satisfy the desire growing within his own body.

The hand that Larsa was using to stroke himself began moving faster. His breathing became jagged as he neared his peak. Balthier couldn't divert his eyes as Larsa labored to satisfy himself.

"That's enough," commanded Vayne suddenly. Larsa stopped abruptly, startled by the interruption. He looked over his shoulder toward his elder brother with anger. "I think you've adequately readied yourself," the man stated.

"Yes," replied Larsa with a hint of resentment as he withdrew his fingers. Larsa put his arms around the sky pirate's neck and leaned forward to kiss Balthier once more, this time deeper and more intense. Balthier gasped for air as the silken tongue darted around, feeling out the inside of this mouth. The sky pirate found himself drowning in the sensation.

After a short time, Larsa broke the kiss and reached around himself to grasp the sky pirate's erection. There was something almost seductive about the way Larsa's lips were flushed against his light skin, and the way his dark hair fell forward, concealing most of his face. His tiny hand squeezed the sky pirate's length and Balthier was almost afraid of the child's wanton expression as he proceeded to position himself over the tip of Balthier's shaft.

"D-don't…" stammered the sky pirate, with a look of warning. He couldn't forgive himself for what they were about to do. But damn it, Larsa didn't stop. In fact, Balthier was certain he saw the hint of a grin form in the corners of Larsa's lips as he stared straight into the sky pirate's soul and pressed the head of Balthier's cock inside of him.

"Why…" 'are you doing this?' Balthier silently begged the child.

"Hnnnn," the sky pirate couldn't stop the sound that escaped him as more of his length was engulfed by Larsa's tight entrance. He looked over and glared at Vayne, whose thoughts showed clearly by the smirk on his face.

"Damn… you," Balthier managed to get out under the heat of Vayne's stare.

He turned his gaze back to Larsa, who leaned forward slightly, forcing himself to take in the sky pirate's thick shaft. Balthier couldn't help it when his hips involuntarily thrusted upward into the tight passage, seeking more friction.

The action drew a gasp from the boy, and Balthier found the sound only heightened his arousal. With his cock buried this deep inside the boy, the sky pirate was certain he was going to hell for doing this and actually enjoying the sensation. Larsa spread his small hands across Balthier's chest and began to move.

"Ahhhh," the boy cried as he labored slowly over the sky pirate's unyielding member. Balthier could feel every ridge and quiver of Larsa's hole as it stretched to accommodate him. It was so much hotter and tighter than anything he had ever felt.

'Fucking hell. How can this feel so damn good?' the man cursed silently as he was ridden. The sky pirate found his hands running up the child's soft thighs, and tracing small patterns over his thin abdomen. Eventually, his fingers moved to Larsa's small, pink nipples, squeezing gently at the sensitive nubs. The sudden spike of sensation brought forth a sharp sound in the boy's throat.

Larsa leaned back, placing both hands just above Balthier's knees and started to grind against the man's cock with slow and deliberate thrusts, impaling himself over and over again. Heat spread over Balthier's skin as he watched the sinfully erotic display. His cock pulsed in rhythm with the boy.

"Haa… good…" Larsa panted as he repeatedly lifted his small frame up and down over the sky pirate's length. The child's cock was hard and bobbed from side to side as he rode the man beneath him. Beads of sweat were forming on Larsa's brow as he sought his pleasure.

"Nnnnnhhhh, ahhh," Larsa moaned in ecstasy as his hot cum spattered across the sky pirate's abdomen. A moment later, the child collapsed onto Balthier, his small body gasping for air.

"Come now, I am certain you can do better than that," Vayne taunted his brother, sharply eyeing the pair.

Balthier could feel the walls of the boy's cavity twitching all around his shaft. It was almost too much for him to bear. It took every ounce of his strength to stop from just driving his cock hard into the boy and splitting him apart like a piece of dry lumber.

In response to his brother's demands, Larsa started to move his hips once more. However, the child was spent and his efforts were weak. Balthier reached out his hands to steady the boy's hips and tried to lift him off. But Larsa slammed himself back down over the man's cock in resistance.

"Not yet, we can't stop… And I don't want to stop," the child breathed into Balthier's ear and began his torturously slow movements once more.

"God have mercy," the sky pirate pleaded. Larsa's words brought a surge of heat from inside of him and Balthier couldn't help his response. Suddenly, the sky pirate gripped the child's ass and buried his cock up into the boy as far as it could possibly go.

Larsa let out a strained cry, but Balthier didn't stop. He drove his fingers into the soft flesh of Larsa's ass and held him tightly in place as he thrust hard up inside. Balthier's muscles were so tense they pained all over and sweat rolled off his neck as he laboured to find his release.

As the sky pirate drilled into Larsa, the room echoed with the sound of slapping flesh. Small hands dug into the sky pirate's shoulders, aggravating the man's earlier injury inflicted upon him by Vayne. It was of no consequence however, as Balthier couldn't stop now. Animal instinct had taken over and the need to ejaculate was maddening.

The boy sucked and bit at Balthier's neck to stifle his cries of ecstasy, his youth showing from his once again erect penis. The sky pirate could feel fire growing within him and the all-too-familiar tingling sensation spread through his groin.

"Ahhh, damn it!" cried Balthier as he gave three final thrusts and came full throttle inside of the boy. The child's eyes widened with the shock of Balthier's heat gushing deep inside of him. The sensation delivered a wave of pleasure and Larsa's world shattered into sparks of brilliance as he came once more.

The young boy collapsed in a limp pile atop Balthier's damp chest and for a moment they both laid there, breaths irregular and heavy. Over the sound of his pounding heartbeat, Balthier didn't hear Vayne get up from his chair and approach the bed.

Without warning, Vayne grabbed a handful of Larsa's black hair and pulled the listless boy off Balthier. As he was dragged away, Balthier slipped out of the boy's rear with a pop, allowing semen to run freely from the boy's desecrated orifice.

"You see sky pirate, he may not be fit to rule, but my brother is at least good for something," Vayne mocked as he forced the spent boy to his knees. Keeping one hand embedded in the black tresses, Vayne quickly opened his trousers with the other and pressed the head of his sizable cock to his brother's lips. "Open your mouth," he commanded.

Too exhausted to resist, the boy parted his lips clumsily to take in the head of his brother's cock. But Vayne quickly grew impatient and forced his entire length into Larsa's mouth. The boy let out a muffled cry as he struggled to accommodate the invasion.

As the spent sky pirate watched from the bed, Vayne pumped the boy's face until he found his release inside the hot, wet cavity. The boy tried to swallow down the bitterness and gagged on the mass of hot fluid. Larsa's small frame was cast aside in an instant afterwards, as Vayne quickly fastened his pants and moved toward the door.

"My guards will be by shortly to return you to your cells. You shall all be released at first light," Vayne declared without looking back. "However," he continued, "I trust that this will be a lesson for you both. May you not interfere with my plans again, or else I will very much look forward to our next reunion."

The ominous warning sounded more like a promise that echoed coldly as Vayne left the bed chamber. The silence that ensued thereafter pushed painfully on Balthier's eardrums. He finally dared to glance down at the boy. Larsa was lying in a broken heap on the floor, his brother's semen dripping down his chin, and Balthier's from between his thighs.

How could Balthier ever forgive himself for the atrocity he had just committed? He hated himself for touching the boy and loathed the way his body had reacted. All men were nothing more than animals, himself included. Neither Balthier's body nor his mind could quite decide what to do or say to the child.

As if reading his mind, Larsa answered. "We will not tell the others about this." Wiping the white fluid from his chin with the back of his wrist, he continued quietly, "it can be… our secret."

If Balthier didn't know better, he could have sworn that he almost saw the hint of a grin.