Title - Initiative

Author - Paige Darke

Category - AU, Romance/Action/Adventure

Summary - Angel gets nabbed by the Initiative, ends up in the cell next to Spike. Stuff happens, including confrontations with Riley. The Fang Gang shows up, and they save the day.

Timeline - Sanctuary happened, but The Yoko Factor didn't. Oz never showed back up, so Riley is still a member in good standing of the Initiative. Doyle's not dead.

Pairings - B/R, B/A, C/D, W/T, X/A, G/O

Spike looked up from the white tile floor of his small cell as he heard the soldiers of the Initiative - the bastards who had captured him - come into their secretive underground installation. They were carrying the limp body of a vampire, a vampire that Spike knew quite well - it was Angel. He gave a soft laugh as the carried the Slayer's ex past him.

Angel came to a while later, cussing softly and rubbing his aching head. "Fuck."

Spike meandered up to the corner of his cell. "Well, good morning, Peaches."

His grandsire let out a disgusted groan. "Great. Hi, Spike. How are you?"

"Wow, Peaches, civilized. How nice. Are you drunk, there, mate?"

"Fuck off."

Spike smiled. "Nope, cranky."

Three of the regulars G.I. Joes strode up to the table to begin arming themselves. Angel glared at them as they strode by. "Who are these people?"

Spike shrugged. "Buggered if I know. Until today I thought that the Slayer had gotten some funding but I don't think you would be here if she had."

"You never know. We're not exactly friends."

Spike gave a soft snort. "You never will be friends. I've told you that."

"Piss off."

One of the men, a tall, beefy blonde man. "Guys, she's great. I mean, perfect!"

The other two, a black guy and a brown-haired man exchanged disbelieving glances. The blond man continued. "I mean, she's cool, right?"

"YES!!" both men exclaimed in unison.

The black man sighed. "She cool. She great. She's just freakin' wonderful. Buffy's a goddess."

Spike let out a crow of laughter. "Buffy Summers?" he demanded. "The bloody Slayer? Better watch your moves, boy. She has a mate."

Riley turned to look at the bleach haired vampire. "Mate?" he demanded. "What the hell does that mean?"

Spike laughed. "She's been claimed by a vampire. You know what's good for you, you won't touch his mate. He's a viscous bastard."

Angel rolled his eyes and sat down on the cell floor.

Riley took a step towards Spike's cell. "What do you know about Buffy?"

Spike snorted laughter. "Ah, Fluffy the Vampire Layer."

Angel growled. "Enough, Spike."

The younger vampire paused, then decided that playing the childe couldn't hurt. "Yes, Sire."

A baffled expression came onto Riley's face. "What's a sire?"

Angel growled softly. Spike chuckled. "You're an idiot, Captain Cardboard."

Riley frowned and got a slightly threatening expression on his face. "What do you know about Buffy?"

"That you're not her type." Spike gestured to the commando's combat fatigues. "I mean, does she know about the little operation that you've got going here?"

The commando's expression falter for a moment before steadying it again, but it was enough. Spike grinned, and Angel let out a low growl. He was on his feet by the electrified glass doors. "She doesn't!" Spike crowed triumphantly. "Boy, that'll piss her off." He glanced slyly at the wall that partitioned his cell off from Angel. "Probably piss of her *mate* too."

Angel growled obligingly.

Finn looked at him with a scornful expression. "Buffy doesn't have a *mate*."

Angel growled. "How little you know, *boy*."

Riley switched his gaze to the ensouled vampire. "What do you know about Buffy? Huh, Hostile?"

Angel smiled, baring his fangs. "She's great in bed."

Spike choked laughing. Riley narrowed his eyes and went to open the door to Angel's cage, but Graham's hand on his arm stopped him.

"Come on, Ri. Just calm down. Don't listen to them."

"Yeah, man, they ain't human."

Angel spoke again. "Not lately. But Spike and I were as human as you, once."

"A long, long time ago," Spike added quietly.

Forrest shook his head. "Bull."

Spike shrugged and went back to sitting in the corner of his cell. Angel sat down away from the door. Riley and the others went back to gearing up. When they were gone, Spike hollered over to the next cell. "Well, did you enjoy that? Pissing off somebody movin' in on yer 'mate.'"

Angel smiled. "Yeah, but it doesn't matter."