"Dinky, get me my Potions book please!"

"Yes, Master Draco!", came the high pitched, hurried response. The elf disapparated with a quiet pop, reappearing seconds later with the required tome.

"Bring it here please, Dinky, that's all Dinky, thank you - oh, could I have some of those cookies Wispy bought the other day and a glass of pumpkin juice, actually?"

"Right away, Master Draco!" The elf disappeared for a second time, before reappearing with the required snacks, then bowing low to the floor; disappearing for the final time with a slight snap.

Draco Malfoy always got what he wanted. No matter if it was a new Training Broomstick, or a new Potions Playset book, or a Pegasus down in the stables at the bottom end of the Gardens. In Malfoy Manor, this boy had everything he wished for, literally on a silver platter at times, due to some of the snacks he ate. He had no need to tire his Mother out by bothering her with the prospect of a new set of robes when he could simply ask one of his House Elves. Dinky was his personal Elf, Effy was his Playroom Elf, Tricksy was his Garden Supervising Elf. He had an elf for every occasion; except for the bathroom elf, he drew the line there.

The blond boy, at that particular moment, was sat on his bed watching the colours change in a rememberall, bored out of his mind. His mother was no doubt off in some foreign country, his Father working with the Ministry off on some important errand. It was good being the Heir to such a wealthy family, the luxurious lifestyle something that Draco had always known, had been surrounded with since birth. The eleven-year-old, though being at a young age, was considerably more mature than the majority of his peers, which is understandable given the fact that he had quite the prestigious reputation to uphold - everyone knew Abraxas Malfoy was not a person to oppose, and Draco was fearful of things being reported to the man if anything went wrong in any way.

With Draco's studies, he was currently learning several languages, including Russian, Bulgarian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Latin, Greek and Danish. Additionally, what people didn't know, however, not even his godfather knew this, was that while Draco got everything he wanted, he wanted only one thing as of late. To meet Harry Potter. Draco had spent hours pouring over numerous books, ranging from thick and heavy tomes to simple ten-page leaflets. Draco was obsessed; he wanted to meet the boy who lived through the ordeals of the First War. Draco envisioned him to be somewhat similar to himself; brought up within the wizarding community, familiar with anything magical, intelligent, witty, elegant, positively brimming with power. And they would, of course, be great friends. Best friends. Harry Potter would need no one else, aside from Draco.

Draco was bought out of his thoughts with the third arrival of Dinky; who appeared with a pop.

"What now, Dinky, I thought I told you I don't need anything else?"

"Dinky is sorry, sir, but your Father wishes to see you; he says it is of the utmost importance that you go to his study immediately." Draco was curious; what could his father have come home early from the Ministry to discuss with him? He found the whole situation very intriguing.

"Very good, Master Draco."

Draco was practically brimming with excitement - did his Father have the latest Quidditch set that he had asked for? Or maybe that book on dragons? He supposed he would find out in a moment. Draco left his room, walking down the corridor, of which the flooring was the finest white marble, imported from Peru. The walls were gilded with intricately designed nymph carvings, crafted by one of the best wizarding carpenters there ever was, several thousand years back, when the first Malfoy had inhabited the Manor. He continued down the widespread marble staircase, past the marvellous front entrance to his home. The eleven-year-old then took a sharp left down into the first alcove next to the main doors, wrenching the oil lamp downwards, waiting for entrance to his Father's study. Once permitted, he went in.

"Hello, Draco."

Draco sharply turned at the sound of his name. He knew that voice. A wide grin soon covered his face.

"Uncle Sev!"

Draco rushed forwards, temporarily forgetting all sense of decorum; throwing his arms around his Godfather, remaining unaware to the fact that his father was still in the room. Draco giggled slightly as he felt his Godfather ruffle his hair affectionately, noting the happy tones of his voice when Severus addressed him.

"How are you, Draco? You look well enough, I hope Dinky has been good to you?"

"Yes, Uncle Sev, everything is fine here, my studies are going well, I now know a total of eight languages, Latin being my most fluent, and my Potions lessons are a breeze. It seems to come to me almost naturally, and I really enjoy the lessons with Mr Droell. He says that I'm one o the fastest progressing people he's ever taught the art to."

Severus looked down at Draco, pride shining in his eyes. "Well done, young Draco, if you keep this up, you'll be a Master in no time."

"Yes, son, you will be at a very high level; we are both incredibly excited to see where you could progress in Potions." Lucius interjected; from the look on his son's face, Draco had forgotten Lucius was in the room.

Draco looked down in a rare display of his infrequent shy nature, humbled into silence by the praise he had received from the two figures in his life that meant the most to him. He spoke. "So why are you here anyway, Uncle Sev, are you going to stay with us for a while?" His curiosity getting the better of him, he continued, "Hey, if you stay with us for ages and ages then maybe Father will smile from time to time as he always seems more relaxed when you're around." Draco looked toward his Father, silently asking what his Godfather was here for.

Lucius replied, "Draco, Sev isn't staying with us for a while, sadly, no, but why he is here is certainly along the lines of moving from one location to another. Severus is here to ask me if I can possibly spare a room for one of his charges to lodge in for a while, as it is the only place that this person will be safe."

"Yes, Draco, what your Father says is true, I need to bring someone here, the same age as you, to keep them safe from someone who's trying to capture and possibly harm them. However, when he arrives he will be quite resigned to himself and of a quiet nature. That doesn't mean that you can't talk to him, but I'd like it if you befriend him as it will make his and your time here a lot more enjoyable than if it were something that you wouldn't enjoy, as I can imagine you would argue with him, and we don't want that to happen. Now, when Mr Potter-"

"Harry Potter?! The Harry Potter, is going to be here, staying with us?! Are you sure you're not confusing Potter with Porter or something Severus? Surely Harry Potter would not be in danger, he's a wizarding hero!" Draco slowed in his tirade of speech l, only then realising what he had said. He met his father's eyes somewhat reluctantly. "Sorry, Father, sorry, Uncle Sev, carry on."

"As I was saying, when Mr. Potter arrives, please do try your very best, Draco, to make him feel welcome, but at the same time to not let your excitement best you, okay? Mr. Potter, from what information I have gathered from a colleague of mine, is not at all what we thought him to be. He is quiet but is in no means someone to underestimate at a glance. There have been reporting of strong magical impulses traced back to his current location, and my associate believes that it is because he is being treated at a standard that is significantly below average while residing there. Now, I have yet to see this situation for myself as I have not yet visited his house. However, if necessary, and the conditions are that extreme, then he will be bought here tonight."

Draco couldn't believe it. It is almost as if what he had wished for is coming true - not that Draco believed in wishes or anything as foolish as that - but he couldn't have had a more blinding grin on his face at the moment. Harry Potter was coming here to live with them for a while. The youngest Malfoy felt as if Christmas had come early.

"Sev, did you say that you were going to his house tonight to see what's going on there? Can I come? I'd be a big help, I'm around the same age as Harry you said. Because that wa-"

"No, son, this is something that Severus must do alone." Lucius said, frowning at his son. Where had this sudden obsession, this need that had evidently planted itself inside his son, come from? The elder Malfoy had never seen his son looking so incensed about anything before.

"Actually," Severus' smooth tones broke Lucius' train of thought as he spoke, "that wouldn't be too bad of an idea. At least that way if things did go wrong Harry would have someone to hopefully relate to and that he would trust somewhat, to keep him safe. Yes, this will work, good suggestion, Draco." Severus thought about the idea some more and was surprised at Draco having thought of this. That's not to say that Severus was presuming that his godson was unintelligent, rather he was saying that Draco was usually the type of person who would rather stay at home and be waited on hand and foot as opposed to doing the hard parts of any task. Severus was glad that Draco was mature enough, even at such a young age, to have such a balanced and considerate approach, however much it was based upon the enthusiasm of the prospect of meeting the "great Harry Potter."

"Very well, Draco," Lucius said, now convinced that Draco would be an aid rather than a hindrance, "you may go along with Severus, but only on one condition; you come back and help Severus out with whatever arises. His apprentice, if you will. You will remain well mannered, civil, and show a certain level of decorum at all times, Draco, do you understand? Because though you are still young, you are a Malfoy above all else; and while we are relaxed within our own home, outside of it we muSt be the personification of elegant control. I understand, son, that tonight will be exciting for you, but you must remain calm at all times so not as to startle the boy. Because from what Severus has told us, Harry is in a very delicate situation with an extremely fragile state of mind. Do you think you can do that for me son?" Lucius looked his son head-on and could see the determination that he was displaying l, as well as the slight hint of pride as a result of being allowed along to visit where Harry was staying.

Draco stared right back at his Father, his face that of an open book, showing the control that he felt he had over the whole situation and the possible experiences that he would have to face shortly. "Thank you, Father, for entrusting me to go along with Severus to fetch Harry. I can assure you that I will hold up the Malfoy family name. Thank you, Dad, thank you!" He turned to his godfather, "Should I pack things now, or should I just change my robes and we leave now?"

"What I believe to be best is for you to go and put a fresh set of robes on, and then meet me by the main doors of the Manor in precisely half an hour. Seeing as it is already six-thirty, by the time seven o'clock comes, everything should be in order and we should be ready to go and investigate Harry's whereabouts." Severus explained, somewhat anxious about what they would discover at Privet Drive.