"Mike...What's wrong?" Emily Looked over Mike and Mike still wasn't convinced that She actually Means it...just saying that she's sorry doesn't mean it can be accepted it has to be proved that SHE means it...


and Mike calls out to Aiden but Mike's eyes instantly Turn red "Go Aiden..." Aiden then Causes Chaos with the Furnitures Mike didnt mind this since it was Necessary. "Mike! You didnt just do that did you?" Emily began to be Scared of Mike "It's time for you to Learn your lesson of what you've done Em. You shouldn't have slapped me ungratefully...you're gonna PAY!" Aiden Causes even More Chaos and made Emily Scream of out Scareness!
"EEEEK! Mike...Please Don't do this to me!" Mike Ignored her Pleading "Keep it up Aiden. we're gonna reunite pieces by pieces" Aiden then Breaks the Glass Bottle! "Mike...Please...i'm so sorry!" Yet Again Mike Ignores her "Mike...oh god i don't wanna die...Mike please...oh god..." Emily Dropped Tears and Looked at Mike. "I just want the Mike i once knew and saved me from horse carriages...Please...Mike..." She was crying a lot and calling out Mike...


"Aiden...Emily had Enough...She got the Message." Aiden Stopped doing Chaos. "Mike...Oh god...what have i done?..I...didn't mean to make you so..angry and depressed..." Mike then Says "From Now on you'll treat me Like a Person or i'm Out. Get it?" Emily then Replied "I get it Mike." Which Made Mike To be Convinced. "You Better Mean it Em...don't make me do this to you again...To be honest I didn't want to hurt you...from the beginning but just as i remembered where you slapped me..thats where i completely Lost it." Mike and Emily Watch the sunset and Emily Holds Mike's Right arm. "I love you Mike The Wolfboy."

END OF STORY! (This is what could have happened if Mike Chose Not to Forgive Emily In Chapter 4 of Storm Gonzales I hope you enjoyed this One-shot Story)