Standard use of fanfiction, I wanted a storyline, so I wrote it.

There was one large issue that was likely with dating Itachi Uchiha Sakura decided.

Between her busy schedule at the hospital with the rare mission and his near constant missions even their "weekly" manicure night together didn't always turn out. Finding time to go on a date with him seemed as though it would be a struggle. When he was called out on a mission the morning after that fateful manicure night she really wasn't hugely surprised, but she was a bit disappointed that it was one that would take him away for a month. However, since he kissed her before he set off on his journey despite the fact it was four in the morning and she looked like trash, she figured that they could work on the dating thing after. She had her work in the hospital and her teammates to distract her in the meantime.

And quite the distraction she found them to be, Itachi and continuing to explore their newfound relationship, remained in the back of her mind, filed next to her plans to take a vacation and other things that weren't possible right now.

She had only mentioned the fledgling relationship to Ino because she knew the blonde would have her head if she wasn't the first to know. Sakura made an extra effort to swear Ino to silence because she didn't want the Uchiha clan planning her wedding to Itachi just yet. She just knew that if Mikoto caught a whiff of this she would have her wedding kimono bought before Sakura got a say in it.

Not telling Naruto and Sasuke had only been partly intentional. She didn't want them kicking up a big fuss before she knew how this relationship would progress after all, even if Itachi could knock them to the next Tuesday, which would give them time to take things slowly. But even with that pleasant thought in mind, at first she chose not to tell them, then it wasn't at the forefront of her mind so it never came up to tell them.

It was a day when she knew that Itachi would be coming back any time, the timely person he was. However, that wasn't too much of a concern, since she knew she'd see him eventually.

She had her Team 7 boys over for a rare dinner at her place, her evening had been free and all three of her boys were in town after all. She had done her best at creating okonomiyaki for all of her boys, and she had only burned and disposed of maybe two of them. A success if she said so herself.

"I still can't believe that you can stick ramen in one of these!" Naruto yelled, as he always did.

"That's not ramen you idiot, that's yakisoba." Sasuke muttered, enjoying his own which was made with extra tomato.

"You want to know what else is going to look like ramen if you don't shut up and stop ruining my hopes and dreams-"

"Maa, settle down boys." Kakashi turned the page in the latest Icha Icha book, Icha Icha Torment. He was enjoying the significantly more kinky turn this novel had taken the series. He snuck food through his mask like always.

"I'm just glad to know there's a way to sneak a vegetable or two into you Naruto!" Sakura laughed as she enjoyed another bite of her own okonomiyaki. She had stuck extra shrimp in hers and enjoyed how they tasted amid the okonomiyaki batter, mayo, and sauce.

Sakura's head snapped up when she heard a polite knocking at the door. She reached out with her chakra to see who it was and with a smile she went to answer it.

She pulled the door open as the boys stared confusedly at the visitor at the door, this was their time with Sakura. "Itachi, you're ba-"

Itachi pulled on her arm and after a quick "I'm home." planted a kiss on her lips. To say Sakura was surprised he would kiss her in front of her team already would be true, however, the fiery aura behind her was not surprising. It was scarcely a peck really, that quickly transitioned into a hug pulling her close. "I missed you."

She heard a pair of chopsticks snap behind her.

"LET GO OF HER YOU- YOU- CHILD SNATCHER." Naruto roared, throwing his broken chopsticks aside.

Itachi pulled Sakura in tighter and focused his eyes on Naruto as he placed his chin firmly on Sakura's head. "Last I checked both Sakura and I are consenting adults."


Sakura grabbed a piece of candy from a bowl next to her door and expertly chucked it into Naruto's wide open mouth without looking. He squawked disgruntedly then coughed a couple times. She calmly pushed away from Itachi and turned around to face her boys. Sasuke and Kakashi had not said anything as of yet but their disapproving glares towards Itachi said they were one in mind with Naruto.

"You get five questions." Sakura said calmly as Naruto continued recovering from the candy attack.

"When did this start?" came from Sasuke.

"The night before your brother left on his mission."

"Speaking of that, my nails need help, Sakura." Itachi mumbled, taking her hand. Kakashi and Sasuke's eyes went straight to the connected hands. Sakura cleared her throat, returning their attention to her.

"Did he genjutsu you into this Sakura? ARE YOU OKAY?" Naruto had obviously recovered.

"Naruto, you really think Itachi, one of the most straight-laced ninja around would do that to get someone to date him?" Sakura raised an eyebrow at her near-brother.

"Well he's dating someone, which I never thought was possible for the king of asexuals, so everything I know is a lie." Naruto crossed his arms, plotting how to separate the two by bodily force. "But anyways, he could be making you say that, shoot, what's something only the real Sakura would know."

"Why do I hide my face?" Kakashi finally piped in.

"WHAT YOU'VE SHOWN HER YOUR FACE KAKASHI-SENSEI? NO FAIR!" Naruto's attention was diverted by travesty of it all.

"Naruto be quiet before I throw you out the door and off the third story. It's a trick question. He doesn't even have a real reason for hiding his face." Sakura's fist balled up at her side.

"Kakashi-sensei, weren't you an ANBU with Itachi at some point? Could he know that? Is it really Sakura?"

Sasuke smacked the back of Naruto's head, his Sharingan activating as he checked Sakura for any trace of genjutsu. As expected, there was nothing. "She's clean Naruto. Still doesn't explain why you're dating, aniki? You've never..."

"I've never indeed." Itachi stated calmly. "It's the first time I've wanted to."

"Sakura, will you be happy with him?" Kakashi asked.

"I mean we are just starting out, but I expected more threats from you of all people to be honest?"

"Well, we could take Itachi out like the other disappointments you've dated if the three of us worked together, but if you worked with Itachi our chances would go down dramatically. Besides, out of most shinobi I know, Itachi's alright." Kakashi, crossed his arms, glancing up from his novel that he hadn't read a word of since Itachi's arrival.

"He's more than alright, he's an Uchiha and my brother." Sasuke glared at Kakashi like he had offended the whole Uchiha line.

"WHAT? YOU GUYS ARE REALLY GIVING IN ALREADY?" Naruto yelled. Sakura flash-stepped, grabbing Naruto by the collar, and flashed stepped back to the doorway, throwing Naruto off the floor.


Itachi, who had wisely stepped aside to allow for the blonde's ejection from the apartment, couldn't stop a small, amused smile from appearing on his face as his intended surely also disturbed her neighbors.

Sasuke gasped seeing the smile on his brother's face. "You really do like her or something? Oh my God, Sakura's going to be my sister-in-law. How will I survive? How will the Uchiha clan go on?"

"Calm down! We're not getting married! We haven't even been on a real date yet!"

"Reminds me, I must go now to tell my mother I've returned safely and rest, but Sakura are you free the next few days? I won't be assigned any new missions until the end of this week, at the earliest."

"I am sure I can find some time. I'll contact you."

Itachi kissed the top of her connected hand before releasing it and disappearing into the night. Naruto stumbled through the door, having climbed the three flights of stairs to her apartment. Sakura ignored him for favor of returning to her seat and her now cold okonomiyaki.

"1000 ryo they will be married by the end of the year." Kakashi sipped on his cup of tea, his okonomiyaki having been somehow finished during that conversation.

"No way."

"Thank you Sasuke, I don't know why you would think to bet on tha-"

"Once my mother knows they will be married within three months."


"Well I am not betting…" Naruto crossed his arms as he returned to his seat, his eyes landing on his ruined chopsticks as he considered how much trouble he would be in if he just started digging in to the rest of his okonomiyaki with his hands.

"Naruto, I can't believe you are the voice of reason in-"

"On anything but that they will break up within a month because Itachi is tired of how violent Sakura is."

Sakura's fist flared with chakra.

And that's the first encounter with team 7. There are so many possible shenanigans to write about! Still have to get to their first real date, Mikoto finding out, etc. etc. I have no clue how all that will turn out exactly but I hope it's all entertaining.

Let me know what you want to see still! That helped motivate me to actually continue this trash fic, lol