Part 1:

(BTW Boromir is 5 years old in this.)

Boromir sat in the candlelight on his father's favourite chair in the parlour with his nanny sitting in the chair beside him, listening and waiting. Suddenly they heard a loud moan echoing from the room down the hallway.

"May I go to see her now, Hilly?" Boromir asked his nanny.

"Not now my dear. The baby still hasn't come yet"

They heard another loud moan but Boromir could stand it no longer. While Hilly was looking the other way, he ran out the door and down the hall. But as soon as he left the room she noticed and came running after him screaming "come back child!"

He finally reached the door and there he found his father sitting on the floor beside the door with his back against the wall, tears ran down his face. When he saw Boromir, he gestured for the boy to come to him and when he did, he sat him upon his lap and held him close.

Suddenly, Hilly came huffing and puffing down the hallway and when she saw Denethor with Boromir, she said "I am so sorry Master. He ran away from me and…"

"It is alright Hilary. He can stay here with me. You may go now"

With a bow, she dashed off back down the hall.

While they sat in the hallway, they could hear Finduilas crying and moaning in the room and every time she did, Denethor brought his son closer to him, to comfort him.

Then there was a silence and this made Boromir more scared.

"Is she going to be alright father?" he asked on the point on tears.

"Yes, yes, do not worry my love" he said gently kissing Boromir's brow.

Then they heard a baby crying in the room and they both jumped to their feet. After a few minutes, the doctor came out and when he saw Denethor, he shook his hand and said "congratulations master! It's a health beautiful boy!" he looked down at Boromir and said, "And you have a brother! What a joyous evening it is!" and he turned to walk down the hall but as he did Denethor called out after him, "Mantillas! What of my wife?" he said.

"Oh yes, she is perfectly well, my lord and the nurse will call you in as soon you are welcome" and he turned to walk down the hall again, but even as he did, the door opened and the nurse popped her head out.

"My lord, you may come in now" she said excitedly, letting them in.

Denethor walked in and found Finduilas sitting upright on the right side of the bed holding the baby smothering it with soft kisses. He rushed to his wife's siding forgetting everything else in the world and, taking her hand, he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. "Thank you" he said softly.

"Thank you" she said with a laugh and handed the baby over to him. 'Beautiful' Denethor thought to himself as he looked into his son's eyes and he could not help thinking how much the baby resembled his mother.

Finduilas watched him affectionately but her attention turned toward Boromir who was kneeling on the other side of the bed clinging onto the bedpost, looking rather helpless.

"Boromir my dear, would you like to hold your brother?" Finduilas asked.

Boromir moved next to his mother and sat cross legged on the bed. Then Finduilas gently placed the baby in Boromir's arms.

"Boromir, what do you think of your baby brother?" his father asked.

Boromir smiled and said "he is lovely". He rocked him slowly in his arms and began to sing a lullaby.

Finduilas laughed and said "what is that you are singing my love?"

"It is a lullaby that Hilly taught me. About a courageous and handsome Prince called Faramir who won many battles and was loved by all."

He looked down at his brother's face and gently kissed his nose. "Faramir" he whispered.

Finduilas gazed at her son, her heart overwhelmed with love. "Do you wish to call him Faramir, my love?" she said, holding back tears.

"Yes I do" Boromir said looking up at his mother, "And he will be just like the prince in my lullaby"

"Faramir" Denethor repeated, "Faramir it is!"