The planet Domino is under attack by three witches.

They are looking for power, power enough to take over the entire magical dimension, and destroy anyone who opposes them.

The oldest princess, Daphne, cursed to be without her body by them, is carrying a small bundle in her arms while running, or rather floating, away from the three witches.

They look like three old hag-like women, with long stringy gray hair and wrinkly pointed faces, but each of them are very powerful on their own. Together they are more than a match for almost everyone they face.

But Daphne is not almost everyone, she is the former holder of the Dragon Flame, the most powerful source of magic in the whole galaxy - and the reason the three witches are attacking Domino.

They want the Dragon Flame and will do anything to get it.

But Daphne will do anything to protect it and the bundle in her arms, her year-old baby sister, Bloom.

The baby princess means more to Daphne than anything else in the whole galaxy, including the source of power that is the baby girl's destiny.

Bloom, the second princess of Domino, is the next holder of the Dragon Flame. And it is already inside her, Daphne transferred it to her when the witches arrived and now is doing the only thing she can to protect her baby sister.

She is sending her to another planet in another galaxy.

She casts a barrier spell to slow the witches down and teleports to another room down the corridor.

The castle is crumbling and there is mass panic as the Three Ancestral Witches make their assault, with a wizard that they literally made from a piece of the Dragon Flame that mixed with darkness.

They called this wizard Valtor, and he is keeping the king and queen busy while the witches go after the princesses.

Daphne knows that the spell won't hold them back forever, she looks at her baby sister, maybe for the last time.

The baby princess is wearing a dark blue outfit with her name in bright orange on the front, her hair is as orange as a flame and she has cyan eyes. Daphne made her a necklace made to help her control her magic, keep her from accidentally doing something, like burning something down from a nightmare.

The necklace is made of a dark orange tinged metal, about the size of the palm of a hand, it has an engraving of a dragon breathing fire, and at the center is a gem, like liquid fire, as bright orange as Bloom's hair.

On the back of the necklace is a symbol, glowing orange; it is the source of the necklace's power, it means "control".

She begins the spell to send Bloom out of harm's way and the witches' grasp or knowledge.

Daphne runs her index finger on the ground and fire follows where her finger was, she traces a circle of fire around her baby sister and then symbols for where she is leaving and where she is going to end up.

The first half of them describe where she is now, the second half describe where she is going.

Daphne is almost finished with the spell, but the witches arrive before she can add the final symbol, the one that means the planet Earth.

Without it, the spell will put her at the biggest source of magical power in that galaxy, though to Daphne's knowledge that would still be on Earth somewhere.

The spell can take her away from the destruction and chaos, so Daphne activates it and holds the witches off while it works.

Bloom disappears, the only proof she was even there, or the spell was done, is a circle surrounded by symbols, which if you don't know what they mean look like nonsense, burnt into the floor.


Seconds later, on a place called Asgard, the All-father and Queen Frigga are summoned to the Bifrost, the single most powerful object in the Nine realms.

Something completely unexpected has happened: a baby girl, one Heimdall has never seen before, has suddenly appeared in a circle of dying flames, surrounded by burning symbols inside the magical bridge!

The baby girl has fiery orange hair, and cyan eyes, in a blue outfit, with a pendant on a chain at her feet.

She is trying to catch the embers of the flames, and is not being hurt when she does.

Their two sons, Thor and Loki, also came.

Thor is tall, with pale hair, dark blue eyes, and is carrying Mjolnir, his magical hammer, and is very strong.

Loki is also tall, but he has black hair, gray eyes, and a small dagger; and while he isn't as strong as Thor, he does have illusions and his wits.

Loki can feel something in the little girl, though he has no idea what; all he knows is that she no ordinary baby girl.

He kneels by the baby girl and casts a small spell, a ball of fire for her to look at while they look at the symbols around her.

She surprises all of them when the ball of fire changes to the form of a girl, ghostly, but unmistakably there.

The baby girl says one word, a name "Daph-ne?" while looking at her, then begins to cry when she disappears.

Loki made the fire girl disappear, in fact he had been so startled when she formed that he let go of the spell - so the girl was sustaining it.

Frigga picks her up and comforts her, and notices the name on her outfit "Bloom".

She asks "Is that your name? Bloom?"

The baby doesn't speak another word, but falls asleep.

They decide to raise her, and because they have no clue where she came from or what the symbols mean, they don't tell her about the fact that she is adopted.