Safe For Now

Five minutes later, the Wizards are sitting on the Winx's couch, and Ogron has finished giving the fastest explanation of his life.

He told them everything after they were thrown out of Bloom's computer, how they left Gardenia, how the Warrior Fairies attacked them, how they teleported back, and how they found the Winx at the Frutti Music Bar.

It feels exactly like an interrogation to them – except more ridiculous because Bloom is in a deep blue swimsuit with a streak of fire racing diagonally across and was heavily making out with Sky five minutes ago.

Bloom sat in a chair facing them, with the rest of the Winx standing behind her, and her sunglasses resting on top of her head.

She doesn't even blink as she watches them through the whole explanation, it's kind of unnerving actually; especially with her inhuman gaze, her pupils have widened so much they can't see her irises and they get the feeling she's looking at all of them at once.

She is silent a full minute after Ogron finishes explaining, and they get the distinct feeling she is reading them like open books - what they don't know is she's also reading their auras.

Anagan is on one side of Ogron, Gantlos is on the other; and Duman is lying beside him, still unconscious even now - and they have the impression she's looking at all four of them.

The past few minutes, Bloom's been completely motionless, showing no signs of judgement or any kind of decision; they can't find any kind of tell that gives her thoughts away, not even her emotions in her eyes.

Suddenly, she asks "When was the last time you four did anything besides run from the Warrior Fairies?"

Ogron blinks and after a minute says "Around three days, why?"

Instead of answering, she gets up and walks to the kitchen. They hear her open the fridge, and then teleport back with a pizza box. When she drops it on Ogron's legs, its warm to the touch but not burning hot.

"You look half starved."

They get the feeling its Bloom's way of asking them to eat something without seeming like she cares.

Then, she bends over, puts one hand on Duman's shoulder, and starts glowing bright blue and orange - her body igniting in flames a moment later.

Even weak as they are, the other Wizards can sense the extreme power flowing through her - how did they miss that before?

They know she has healing powers, they knew ever since she healed herself after getting rejected by the Black Circle at Alfea - but they didn't actually think she would try to heal Duman.

After a minute and a half - one where Bloom's eyes narrowed in concentration and turned orange - Duman stirs and groans, and Bloom takes her hand off him.

"Oohh, what happened? Also, why am I so warm? Wait, is that pizza I smell?"

Ogron has to hold back a chuckle, trust Duman to think of his stomach even after being out cold for three days.

Anagan says "Thanks. How'd you do that?"

She smirks and says "Simple: I'm so stubborn that eventually whatever is wrong is healed. Long explanation short: I flooded him with my magic, but I don't exactly recommend going for a rematch any time soon."

The Winx form a huddle, while the Wizard eat food for the first time in days.

They can hear them all whispering, and Bloom points out the fact that the Earth Fairies are back, and that there is a positive energy in the world.

Ogron says "And that energy continues to drain us more and more. We are no longer fairy hunters, and he renounce our dark powers."

He makes the Black Circle appear over his hand, and says "Don't be afraid. All our power is contained in this circle. Take it, and see that only good comes of it."

He's pretty sure Bloom wouldn't be afraid if the Circle if it grew legs and a face and started spouting out curses at them all, and she pretty much confirms it when her eyes flash orange with an emotion he doesn't catch - though he can guess at what it might be.

It floats over to Bloom, who shrinks it and puts it on her index finger.

Ember walks in from Bloom's room and nudges Bloom's leg. Bloom gives her a look that borders on maternal, and starts rubbing Ember's neck; making Ogron sure the second dream did happen, right along with the first.

Ember looks over at the Wizards, giving them a look that says she would love nothing more than to give them a fireball for a welcome.

She growls and Bloom growls back.

Mentally, she says They won't try anything, they can't tonight. They're too exhausted from running from the Warrior Fairies.

Duman mentally asks the other Wizards What are we doing here guys? Bloom's crazy, remember?

"Not crazy Duman, and it's a little late for second thoughts."

All four Wizards stare at her, and she meets their gazes evenly.

Gantlos finally asks "You can hear us in your head?"

"Oh yeah, ever since Ogron came in and left the door open."

The rest of the Winx don't seem shocked, because she told them and the Specialists about it after the fight all through the city.

Duman mutters "Oh, great. Don't tell me she heard-"

"Yes, I heard you talking that time you four broke in. I heard every word."

She grins mischievously, making Duman go bright red and groan.

Ember flicks her tongue out, like a snake tasting the air - except they get the feeling it's more a case of her sticking her tongue out at them.

Anagan asks "How come we haven't heard your thoughts then?"

Bloom smirks and says "Try and find me now, I dare you."

They all focus, and Ogron's the last to give up. After a full minute though, he asks "Alright, why can't we find you?"

Because I know how to make barriers. You four definitely don't.

All four jerk in shock, and Ogron takes the chance to find her. Then, it's like a wall is put in place and she is gone.

"That's why."

Gantlos asks "And why would you need to build barriers like that?"

Her eyes flash orange at that, but she doesn't miss a beat and says "Let's just say I have an open mind. My magic can react to other powerful objects easier than most, it can get somewhat explosive if that happens."

They can see dried saltwater covering her in a thin layer, and she suddenly says "We can finish this in the morning. Its late, everyone's tired, and the Warrior Fairies can't get past the Wards I put up around the Shop."

Ogron asks "When did you do that?"

"After you four broke in."

He thinks to himself, Well, that explains the key.

She stands up and says "I'm taking a shower, be out in five."

She disappears in a burst of embers, and they hear her moving around in her room. A minute later, the water is turned on for no apparent reason.

They really should be used to Bloom's teleporting - she's done it enough times in battle after all.

Sure enough, five minutes later she walks out in blue cotton pjs and salt-less hair. Belle follows her around and Ember is oh-so-obviously watching them from in front of the television.

The young dragon clearly doesn't trust them, and Duman calls out "Why is Ember looking at us like she's going to eat us when we're sleeping?"

Ember growls, but Ogron has no idea what she said.

Bloom deadpans "Because the last time you four were here you broke in, tied up the rest of the pets, put a sleeping spell on her, searched through the entire building looking for a ring that wasn't even here, destroyed my room in that same search, and nearly fried my computer when you entered it."

All four of them stare for a moment, and Duman says "Oh."

"Yeah, oh."

Belle growls at them from beside Bloom's head, high-pitched and almost laughable. Ember's following growl when Duman snickers at Belle is low and dangerous, daring them to try anything.

They get the distinct feeling they aren't supposed to leave the couch - they weren't really planning on going anywhere though.

Bloom opens the fridge, lets out a whistle, and Ember leaps and glides over immediately.

They get into a conversation made up of growls and thrums - which means the Wizards have no clue what it's about or what it could mean. Bloom could be telling Ember to back off a little, or she could be telling her she's doing a great job and to keep it up until everyone is asleep.

In reality, Bloom and Ember are discussing what the four Wizards are going to eat. All they have in their fridge is fruits, veggies, and all the various stuff Bloom made while she was alone with the pets and Ember.

Eventually they reach an agreement, and Bloom makes a large paper grocery bag appear.

All the rest of the Winx went into their rooms when she went into the shower.

Musa's recording herself singing various songs, Techna's putting one of her gadgets together, Stella's designing new outfits to wear, Aisha's working out on Morphix equipment, and Flora's watering and feeding her huge collection of plants.

By now, most of the Wizards are falling asleep.

It's the first time in days they haven't been worried about being found and attacked by the Warrior Fairies - and they actually ate something and Duman is healed now.

They honestly don't know how they missed Bloom's strength before, maybe it's because they are so much weaker now.

Whatever the case, she healed Duman before they could even ask - not quite fitting who they absolutely thought she was.

Ogron's the only one awake by now, Duman dropped off around three songs ago, then Gantlos, then Anagan.

He's exhausted, Bloom saw right through him earlier - he's really wondering just how much she's been through.

'8th World Wonder' started playing when she went into her room, and he's betting he knows who she's thinking about.

The make-out in the water is kind of a giveaway though, they were wondering when she'd finally get over herself and date Sky already.

'Set Fire to the Rain' by Adele played next, and he can't help thinking the line about how there being a side the singer never knew could apply to Bloom - he's sure seeing her other side now that they are under a truce.

The Winx started teasing Bloom, but she teleported to another room before anyone could be sure if she was blushing or not.

Now the music has stopped from Bloom's room, but Ogron can hear Bloom's voice.

He can't make any words out though, he's too tired and the room is too far away.

The last thing he heard clearly is a question in Bloom's voice in his head, picked up accidentally.

What am I going to do?

Now, he's too tired to make sense of any sounds, and the next thing he knows, its morning.

AN: Yeah, Bloom's just a little different when your not fighting her every time you see her - wonder why they never guessed that. She saw right through his act because she's been in their condition and worse - Cloudtower - and the next chapter shows who she's talking to. Wondering who it is? Read on and find out!