Music Café

The Winx are all in Aisha's gymnasium, and she tells them she's got a way to take their magics to the next level - they call out what workout equipment they want, it appears made of Morphix. She makes a trampoline-like mat appear, directly under Stella, and soon they all call out equipment to use - Flora and Techna make jump ropes, Aisha herself makes an elastic band, and Bloom makes a pull-up bar that she then hooks her legs over at the knees and starts doing upside down sit-ups.

Musa is about to call something out when Riven walks in and immediately starts training, without even a hello to his girlfriend. Instead of saying anything, Musa just walks out - Bloom, on the other hand, swings down from her bar and makes an illusion of Musa over herself. She catches the boomerang as it flies by, and Riven asks "Musa, why'd you do that?"

"Maybe I wanted to see if you'd see me holding it or just a floating object here, Riven." She could snap the thing in two, she's suddenly so furious at him - this boomerang has almost literally become his new love interest, or it's at least more important to him than Musa is.

"Give it back, Musa. I need to focus right now."

She lets the illusion drop, revealing a glare for him as she nearly shoves it into his chest. "I'll be right back. Don't move a muscle, Riven. Or, I swear, I'm going to pound you into the ground." She disappears in a burst of orange, and reappears a minute later with Nabu. "Nabu, you're his best friend. Get his head screwed on straight, one way or another, about Musa and their relationship. I'm going to find her and calm her down."

She storms out, leaving Nabu to ask "What just happened and why did Bloom come out of nowhere looking seriously ticked off?"

Bloom catches up to Musa, who's got a despairing look on her face. "Hey, Musa, you alright? You know Riven's a jerk sometimes."

She sighs, then says "Yeah, I know. But lately, it's like I don't even exist. All he thinks about is that stupid boomerang - I'm starting to regret they ever got those weapons back on Lynphea, Bloom. Really, I am. No offense to the rest of the guys, or their weapons, but…"

"I get it. And I agree - on the part about Riven, anyway."

"You're lucky, Bloom. Sky cares about you. Cares enough to look away from his sword and over at you during training."

Bloom studies Musa for a minute, then says "Forget Riven for now, I got Nabu in so he'll hopefully talk some sense into him. Or, I can try beating some sense into him if you'd like."

Musa gives a half-smile, and says "Thanks for the offer, but no, Bloom. You'd probably beat it a little too deep and it'd come out the other side. I just…I need something that's mine. Stella's got her Boutique, Flora's got her greenhouse, Aisha has her gym, Techna has Timmy and the Localizer, I need something to focus my energy on. Something positive, something I can call mine. Do…do you hear that?"

The two girls follow the sounds of music they started hearing, all the way to what looks like a blank hole in the wall - Bloom and Musa share a look, then walk right through it. They've long since learned that appearances don't always mean a lot - Bloom's taught them that plenty of times.

Behind the wall, they find a dusty room with furniture under white sheets and instruments lying on top of them - and the sound of music playing is stronger than ever here. As Musa walks by, the instruments start floating and playing themselves - they're magic, and Musa's presence as the Fairy of Music woke them up.

Bloom says "Another room in Alfea that was lost. I wonder how long it's been since anybody was in here."

"I don't know, but…Bloom, this is incredible! Can you feel the magical potential in here?"

Bloom shrugs, and says "Faintly. I'm guessing it's a lot more available to your senses, being the Fairy of Music and all. Like me and heat. Musa, I think we just found your place." Musa grins hugely, and tackles Bloom in a hug.

Later that night, Musa's writing up some sheet music while Bloom's talking with Roxy on the phone.

Seriously? You and Musa found an abandoned music room in Alfea?! Just how many rooms and places are there here?!

"An excellent question, Roxy. But here's mine. You want to learn to play an instrument? Because even Musa can't play eight at once with only two hands and a single mouth, you know."

OMIGOSH, YES! I'll get my roommates in on it to! This will be so great!

The next day, Musa's got the room cleaned up and all the sheets put away - and has turned the room into a music café. Roxy and the girls she is sharing an apartment with get in, and then they start playing - it doesn't go so well until Musa tells them to relax and focus on what drives them, and then hours pass by before anybody realizes it.

In Cloudtower, Icy's pacing back and forth while Darcy, Stormy, and Selina watch - and hope the thin layer of frost on the floor doesn't get any thicker. "We can get past the protective music barrier they made with enough time and a little imagination, but even if we do there's Bloom right behind it with her damn weapons and fists! Bringing down the barrier won't do any good if she just throws us out on our heads right after we get in!"

Selina smirks, and says "I think I know of someone who can get rid of her."

Darcy rolls her eyes, and says "Valtor couldn't get rid of her, and he's the one that's responsible for turning her into a fighting force with the strength of a dragon! Unless you've got something in that book of yours that can resist all magic, we're toast - literally!"

Selina's smirk grows even bigger, and she says "Well, it's a good thing I know a dwarf that fits that description. Rumpelstiltskin, a brilliant, cunning dwarf who lived in Alfea's enchanted clearing for centuries."

Stormy rolls her eyes now, and says "Brilliant, hooray. Is he brilliant enough to get Bloom out of the picture?"

"You're not getting it. He's a master of all things deceitful - I daresay he beats Darcy here in trickery, maybe even Bloom's Norse god of mischief brother."

Darcy raises an eyebrow, looking somewhat impressed, and says "Go on, I'm listening."

"And his long exposure to Alfea's enchantments has made him immune to all magic. He's not immune to pain, but something like, say, floating him in the air won't work."

They all stare at her, and Icy finally asks "Why didn't you try him before now?! Pull him out!"

In Alfea, most of the Winx are listening to Musa, Roxy, and her roommates play, when suddenly a short man in a pointed hat appears out of nowhere holding a large hourglass. Bloom asks "Who are you? What do you want?"

"Oh, I'm not here for the band! I'm here for the strongest girl in all the land!"

Aisha says "Must be our latest fan, referred to us by the Trix. Winx, Bloomix!"

They try to catch him, and discover that magic just slides off him - or bounces back if it's an attack spell, as Bloom finds out. Sky, Riven, and Nabu run in just in time to see Bloom hit the wall with the force of her own attack spell, and hit the floor just as hard.

Rumpelstiltskin jumps over, landing next to her as she rubs the back of her head and looks up. Before anyone can react, there's a flash of light and he cackles out another rhyme about his work being done and leaves.

When they can see Bloom again, everybody's jaw drops to the floor hard, and Techna says "We should get Daphne. Now."

Roxy nods, and says "This is going to be interesting. Because I can tell she's still part-dragon."

AN: Ooh, what'd he do to Bloom? what happened on Pyros can't be reversed, by the way, so that's not it - and Roxy said she's still part dragon. Find out next chapter! As for everyone looking for more interaction between Loki and his siblings - like daphne - your wishes will be granted! Bloom's in trouble, and Loki's got free time since he's off the throne. PS. sorry about the long wait, been trying to balance classes, homework, and fanfiction...and I got hit with about five different ideas all at once, and am trying to make them pan out. I'll finish this story before I start posting any new ones, don't worry - but I'm trying to keep my ideas for all of them flowing and its a little harder then you'd think. Oh well, its a challenge I accept! Enjoy! More chapters coming soon - right along with Infinity War! Just give me a few more chapters to tie up season six!