(A/N: As mentioned, this fanfic is a sequel to 'The Things I Did for Her'. It won't make much sense if read independently. I'll be trying to add some comments to refresh your memory, though.

There will be some historical facts in later chapters.

A quick reminder:

Hynek = Czechia

Eva = Slovakia

Hynek's part of the story starts once Eva requests a break-up and leaves Prague (that is, early 1992). She refuses to talk to him, so he doesn't understand yet what is truly happening.)


She's not gone. Of course she's not gone.

That was quite a storm, though. Not only in terms of weather. It must be that time of the month again.

Yes. She just needs to sulk a little bit. Like back when she was a kid. She'll come back any minute now. Look sheepish for a while, then cook a delicious dinner and make up with me. The divorce papers will end up in the fireplace.

Two Days Since She Left

Not back yet.

Five Days Since She Left


Ten Days Since She Left

Still no news.

Except that she created her own flag and raised it over the Bratislava castle. What for?!

Two Weeks Since She Left

Our boss called.

He enrolled me in a break-up support group. What a fool.

A Month Since She Left

The support group was not bad, actually. They provided plenty of tips for everyday life, some free snacks and human warmth. What's more, I got to meet new people. Women. Single women eager to…

No. I shouldn't.

Two Months Since She Left

I got kicked out of the support group for purposely sabotaging their efforts. Okay, I'm not proud of myself, either, but putting me on black list seems exaggerated. Although… well... replacing the counselor won't be easy, I have to give them that. By the way, she's among the members now.

The next day, my boss came for a visit. I opened the door, but he just stayed on the threshold, looking all around himself in horror. Indeed, I hadn't cleaned up much recently.

"I might have let myself go a little a bit…" I admitted sheepishly.

"Maybe you should do the army again."

I did not want to do the army again. I wanted to stay in my little house, not get up before six thirty and treat myself to a cold beer every evening. As a proof of my good will, I started to collect the clothes scattered all over the place and fold them, eyes still on him, counting on the memory of my fingers. But they seemed to have no memory of the piece I was holding. I raised it to realize it was one of Eva's dresses.

"What's that doing here?!" he almost snapped.

"I… well… I was looking for a clean shirt the other day and -"

He raised his hand to stop me. Then, he took a deep breath and said:

"Listen to me. You are going to find a box, put all of her stuff inside and have it shipped to Bratislava. Do you understand?"

I said nothing.

"Start now."

It was never a good idea to question him, but at that moment, I had to.

"It's just that… what if she gets back in the meantime?" I raised my point. He blinked a couple of times, looked me over, sighed, shook his head and left.

Three Months Since She Left

Guess what! Upon my boss's pleading, Katyusha agreed to come over for a bit. That's great because it means she's not angry with me anymore. Even so, physically, she keeps her distance, making it very clear that trespassing will be prosecuted. She's pretty effective - she shops, cooks, cleans and does the laundry in exchange of some money. Everyone is happy.

I must not sleep with her.

Three Months and Three Days Since She Left

Out of clean clothes again. No more food, either. And, yes. I slept with Katya.

Three Months and Two Weeks Since She Left

I did the laundry. It wasn't that difficult. Neither was the ironing. The real problem is food.

Come on, man. You can do this. You used to be an excellent cook. It's just that you haven't done it in such a long time. Fifty years, or so? Anyway, it's probably just like riding a bike!

The fridge was empty, so were the cupboards. I started to make a list of ingredients for a garlic soup. She would make it often because she liked it. I didn't, I simply ate what was available… Hold on! I am the cook now. And I will cook what I want. Let's start with something easy. Like Spaghetti Carbonara. Mmmm!

Today's Shopping List





Off to the shop now!

Three Months, Two Weeks and an Hour Since She Left

What the hell?!

I didn't recognize the place. The last time I'd been here, the shelves were basically empty. There used to be two kinds of cheese. Now, there were about fifty. Low fat, 50% fat, smoked, Polish, French, Greek, Scottish… same went for all the other ingredients. Grrr. Looks like you need a degree to do the basic shopping nowadays.

Just when my head was about to drop in despair, a nice elderly couple appeared next to me. We started talking; a bit embarrassed, I explained about my predicament. They helped me pick the right products. Turned out they lived just around the corner. Before we parted ways, they invited me to come see them should I need further help. I thanked them, but doubted it would be necessary. I was a grown man doing some basic cooking - what could have possibly gone wrong?!

Three Months, Two Weeks and Three Hours Since She Left

I realized I didn't know how to cook pasta. The package said 'For Al Dente, boil for ten minutes'. But how much spaghetti? In how much water? And who the hell is Al Dente?!

In the meantime, I'd eaten all the bacon. Better return to the shop and, on my way back, I'd stop at the elderly couple's house and ask for help.

Three Months, Two Weeks and Six Hours Since She Left

The elderly were off, their daughter answered the door. I explained. She said I should come in, that she would teach me a thing or two.

Just as promised, I've learnt plenty of things that afternoon.

Today's Shopping List


I still don't know how to cook pasta.

Three Months and Three Weeks Since She Left

For crying out loud, let's finish with this nonsense. I'll just take a pot, fill it with water, let it boil and… wait, I have a better idea. A coffeemaker provides boiling water, doesn't it? So I just put the pasta inside and…

Today's Shopping List



-fire extinguisher

-condoms (the firefighter was a hot brunette)

I still don't know how to cook pasta.