My name is Katie and I am a McMahon. The baby of Vince and Linda, the younger sibiling of Shane and Stephanie, The little peanut macroon like Shane's wife Marissa and Stephanie's husband Hunter call me. I know you all are probably thinking, wait a second I thought Stephanie was the baby... Well that is untrue. Steph is slightly older than me. I will be 19 in June. Everyone thinks that it is great to be a McMahon. All the money, All the power and all the fame. But I would trade places with you anyday. Being a McMahon is not all the it is cracked up to be.

Unlike Shane and Steph, I am unknown as a McMahon. I have never been on RAW or Smackdown. I have never been on a promotional tour. I have never even been to a WWF show house or live. The rest of the family does that stuff. Me, I just worry about school. Until that one day that completely changed everything.

I was a freshman at University Of Connecticut majoring in journalism and I was working for WWF Magazine, a job that my father had gotten for me. I diecided one day that I was going to see what it was like and go to WWF headquarters. Dad always talked about it and I did see picture but I was never there. I was always to busy to go there. I went to look for my keys and realized that my wonderful brother Shane took my car to the office and took his keys to the truck with him, so there was my reason to be down there. But I had to take a bus.

I stopped at the corner of the street and headed into the door. Man this place was huge. I snuck into a side down labeled employees only. I was walking down the hall when a voice called out "Hey, how did you get in here?" a young man yelled. It was Jeff Hardy. " Umm, well I slipped the guard a 20 and he let me in." I said laughing. "What, man if they let you in then they will leave anyone in like that. I have to tell Vince." Jeff Replied. "No wait I was just kidding, I work for WWF Magazine, the name is Katie McAllister, that was the name that they gave me in school so no one would know I was a McMahon.""I am looking for Vince." I said. "Well he is more than likely in his office doing the work for tonight's raw, go talk to Mary his secretary, she let you know. ok?" said Jeff. "Ok thanks, oh yeah by the way it was nice meeting you Mr. Hardy." I replied. "Well the pleasure was all mine and you can call me Jeff." he said. "Thanks, see ya." I said as I made my way to Vince's door.

~~~~ TBC~~~~~