We drove around like what seemed like forever. "So, Jeff, where would you like to eat?" I said. "Well actually I am tired of all this fancy food when we are on the road, woiuld you mind going to McDonald's?" he said. I had secretly wanted to go for a good ole burger myself. "Nope not at all. Let's go." We pulled into a nearby drive thru at McDonald's order, and then went to the beach to eat. Jeff and I sat and talked for what seemed like hours. "You know what, Katie sometimes I just wish that I can be treated like a normal person, not some superstar. I mean I would love to go somewhere and not have 50 million screaming girls chase me. You know what I mean, wait you don't know what I mean." he said feeling bad for the last remark that he made. "Yeah I understand what you mean, but in a different way, I sometimes wish that my family would include me." Now Jeff looked interested, he didn't know Vince was my dad but I wanted to tell him but I couldn't. I needed to know if he liked me for me or that fact that I was the bosses little girl. And that he would get further in the business if he dated me. "I mean I love my family but my brother and sister always get ahead you know, and especially my sister she is so whinny but she is the apple of my dad's eye." "That reminds me of Vince's family." He said while laughing, not realizing how close to the truth he was. We just talked for hours about all things and then we took a ride back to his place. "Well Jeff, I have to go I have school in the morning." Jeff kissed me on the cheek and side I will see you again. He was a totally gentleman and I really liked him. He was not the Punky Brewster Rainbow Bright Wacko freak that Stephanie said Billy Gunn called him. He was sweet That what started our relationship and started the ending to it.

That is what brings me up today. Well actually one week ago. When Jeff finally found out the truth that I was indeed a McMahon. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had spent the night with Jeff like I did most of the time. We had been together 11 months and I loved him more than the day that I met him. The only bad thing is that I never did tell him the truth about my family. And I figured that I would tell him sooner or later not yet, that was until he came through the door.

"KATE". he yelled. "What Jeff I am coming." I yelled back. "Why did you lie to me? Why did you not tell me that you were a McMahon, that you were Vince's daughter?" he sputtered showing me a picture of him and me." "Who told you that I am a McMahon?" I asked. "Well I took the pictures in to show Chris Jericho, and he was like, what does Vince think about you dating Kate? And I said why does it matter to Vince? And Chris said well if you were dating my daughter I would be wondering to. Now Katie are you going to admit it?" he yelled "I guess not." He said Before I could even answer. He started to walk out. " Jeff, I am sorry, Yes I admit that I am Vince's daughter, but I wanted to make sure you liked me for me and not because I was Vince's daughter. Please forgive me. I said as I started to cry. "You know what I loved you, It would not have changed anything, Katie. But you could not tell me, and our entire relationship was based on a lie, one big fat lie." "Please Jeff, I love you, please don't leave me." I screamed as the tears rolled down my face. thats when he walked out the door and did not come back.

I diecided tonight is the night that I will tell everyone everything. It was my time to go out there. No one knew not even my dad. The music blared and I walked out into the ring. "Who is this girl? Jr said into the microphone. The audience sat there and waited. I grabbed the microphone and began to speak.

"Now I know you all have no idea what I am doing here or who I am, but I need to call someone out and talk to them. Vince can you please come out here? No chance started and Vince made his way to the ring.