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By Rage

Orders are orders. There is nothing to understand. – The lamplighter, The Little Prince


He slammed the door shut, his eyes wide with fear.

He had seen his father on the ground, lifeless and dead. His mother was standing in front of him, and she had stared at the body. Her tears had fallen freely, and she dropped her wand.

"Draco," she had whispered hoarsely. "W-what did I do…?"

Draco closed his eyes tightly and sank to the floor, tears now forming in his eyes. "Noo…"

He heard his mother come up the stairs and knock at his door. "Draco?" she said timidly, choking through her tears. "Are you here?"

He did not answer.

"I had to do it, Draco… I had to…"

He covered his ears with his hands, trying not to listen. However, he failed.

"I just had to do it… I know that you, of all people, can't understand… but you have to…"

"GO AWAY!" Draco shouted, cold tears now streaming down his face.

He buried his face in his arms and cried.

His father was now dead.

His mother was already traumatized.

What now would happen to him?

He raised his head and stared at his surroundings, ashen-faced and pale. It was dark and lonely.

His family was gone.

He was alone.

He had no one… nothing.

For the first time in his life, he was scared and vulnerable.

He had no idea what to do.


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