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By Rage



Hermione ran off, looking flushed and still crying. She didn't harm Draco on purpose; she was just forced to! Didn't she at first politely tell him to let go of her? She was just protecting herself, after all…

"Pesky Peaches," she choked to the Fat Lady, upon arriving at the Gryffindor Tower.

The portrait stared at her. "Anything wrong, Hermione?" the Fat Lady asked in a motherly tone.

Hermione shook her head in reply. "I just want to go to bed, that's all."

The Fat Lady opened her mouth to say something, but hesitated. "If you say so," she sighed, opening. The portrait hole had appeared and Hermione climbed in hastily and arrived in the Common Room. There were a few people there, and to Hermione's relief, no one who personally knew her was present.

So, she clambered up to the girls' dormitory and reached her four-poster bed. Fortunately, everyone was already asleep and no one heard her come in. She changed in her pajamas and climbed under the covers, still teary-eyed and feeling horrible.

"I'm sorry, Draco," she whispered, closing her eyes. She just didn't know what had come over her. She didn't mean to use her wand against Draco… Hermione tightened her hold on her blanket.

She had no idea why she kept pushing herself farther away from him. She had gotten what she wanted; Dana was out of his life. But she was scared, frightened. Frightened that everything would just be a joke, a fantasy. A part of her knew that he only liked her just because she was the girl he had dreamed of literally, and not because for who she was.

Besides, it would never work out between them. He would still be the annoying boy who had tormented her for the past five years and she would still be the Mudblood, his enemy. She was afraid that he would just make a joke of her love and that he would break her fragile heart.

And she didn't want that to happen to her. So, she had come to a final decision. Tomorrow would just be any other day, and Draco would just be any other person. She would forget their friendship and she would forget whatever she had felt for him.

Hermione smiled sadly, and glanced at her bedside table. There lay peacefully the silver rose Draco had given her. Once she had touched it, a surge of joy and at the same time sadness rushed through her. Moments they've spent together flashed in her head and Hermione couldn't help but smile.

Though she had decided to forget everything that had happened between them, deep inside, Hermione knew that she couldn't. She couldn't forget those times when both of them had cried and laughed, and she certainly couldn't make herself forget those times when she felt and knew that she truly loved Draco…

But most of all, she could never forget those times when she was absolutely sure that Draco loved her too… not because she was his most awaited girl, but because she was just herself… just Hermione.

With that, Hermione drifted off to a dreamless sleep, still clutching the rose in her hand.


Days passed. Lessons flew by like any other in Hogwarts, and no conversation was made between Draco and Hermione. Hermione hung out all the time with Ron and Harry once again, and Draco wandered alone around the castle in his spare time.

Dana shot looks at the two every time she could and scowled. She had thought that they would finally be together when she had left Draco, but she was wrong. They were more distant than ever…

Draco, on the other hand, stared deep into space all the time, and only snapped out of it whenever he saw Hermione. He would keep his eyes glued to her, until she was out of sight, and Draco would once again resume staring out into space.

One day, the Gryffindors and the Slytherins had Double Potions together and Snape, being very cruel and unforgiving as usual, decided to make their lives a living hell for at least a couple of hours.

"Good afternoon, students," he said quietly, an evil grin forming in his face.

The students greeted him back dully and Snape crossed his arms. "For today, you will all be making a simple draft called the Featherweight Potion, which is used—yes, Miss Granger?" A scowl formed in Snape's face and Draco glanced sharply at her direction. "I didn't even ask a question."

Hermione jumped slightly. "I—I just wanted to finish your statement, professor," she stammered, lowering her hand. "But I-I've changed my mind, sir—"

"Oh no, Miss Granger. Take your time and finish what I was saying." There was a malicious glint in Snape's eyes and Draco stared at her.

Hermione gulped and stood up. "The—the Featherweight Potion is u-used to make a person or an object light as a feather and—and make him, her or it acquire super speed if necessary."

She sat down once again and Draco glanced at her. Snape, on the other hand, clapped his hands mockingly. "Very good, Miss Granger. Ten points to Gryffindor for giving a very good answer—" Hermione and the rest of the others beamed and Snape continued. "—and ten points from Gryffindor for interrupting me."

The Slytherins snickered and Hermione gaped at Snape. "Hope that teaches you a lesson," Snape said to Hermione rather smugly. The Gryffindors glared at their teacher.

"Now, I will pair you all up. Boy and girl together, I'd have to say—to prepare you for Valentine's day—but of course, each pair will be a Gryffindor and a Slytherin together." Snape's lip curled and everyone groaned.

Draco sighed and glanced at Hermione. She was looking down at her desk, wringing her hands quite nervously.

Meanwhile, Snape had started to pair them off. "Patil, Goyle! Brown, Zabini! Longbottom, Parkinson—" Draco sighed and leaned on his chair. He prayed hard that Snape would pair him off with Hermione…

"Malfoy and Granger!"

His prayer was answered. Draco smiled slightly and stood up. He picked his things up and walked off to Hermione's desk. "Hermione," he said, nodding to her. Hermione grunted in reply and turned away.

"According to the book, we need all these things," she told him, pushing her book towards him. "Some unicorn hair, feathers of a phoenix, and some dragon blood."

Draco nodded along as he looked at the ingredients. "I'll be getting that from the student cupboard, shall I?" He asked, glancing at her.

Hermione nodded in reply and began fixing the tools they needed. Draco sighed and walked towards the cupboard. He grabbed the things they needed, and went back to their table. "Here." He placed them carefully on the table.

"Thanks," Hermione muttered, her attention still on the book. "We'll start first with heating the cauldron…" She whipped out her wand and flicked it. A second after, there was fire already beneath the cauldron.

"Feathers of a phoenix, please." She extended the palm of her hand and Draco placed them carefully in it. "Thank you." She held them on top of the cauldron, and set them on fire. The ash fell inside, and once it touched the bottom, red sparks emitted from it.

"Unicorn hair."


Draco watched her put the ingredients in, and once again, Hermione turned to him. "Now the dragon blood."

Draco nodded, picked up the small bottle, and handed it to her. "Thanks."

She pulled her hand away, but found that she couldn't. Draco was holding her hand. "Please let go of me," she muttered, turning away. But Draco didn't let go of her.

"Everything going well?"

Draco immediately pulled his hand away from Hermione's and looked up. It was Snape, his hair looking much oilier than ever. Both of them nodded in reply and Snape leaned near their cauldron.

"Good." He gave them a dirty look and left their table.

Hermione sighed in relief, and opened the bottle. Draco glanced at her. "See what could've happened?" Hermione hissed, glaring at him. "He could've seen you-- holding my hand!"

"Just got carried away," he muttered. He shot her an apologetic smile and mixed the potion.

Hermione rolled her eyes and poured in the liquid. Draco continued mixing the potion in silence and Hermione read the remaining instructions quietly.


Rain poured that evening. The sky was swirling with thick gray clouds and lightning appeared every other time. Thunder was heard and the wind was thrashing quite harshly against the windows of the castle.

Hermione walked through the dimly lit hallways as she checked every crack and hole in each one while humming a nice song. "The sun will come out tomorrow, pa da da da dum dum dee dum dum… There'll be sun," she sang, "Tomorrow, tomorrow—"

She stopped singing. She had come across a hall and someone was sitting by the window. And Hermione realized who it was. It was Draco, staring outside.

Her eyes wide with surprise, Hermione prepared to turn on her heel and leave. However, Draco had already seen her.


Hermione turned around and stared at him. She bit her lip and prepared to run, but her body didn't seem to obey her. Run legs! Run! She ordered. Did he put a leg -locking curse on me?

Instead of turning the other way, she walked towards the window where he sat. Draco glanced at her and looked back outside. She sat beside him and kept quiet.

Thunder was heard and the rain poured harder. Hermione closed her eyes and sighed. How she wished that she was beside him forever… but she completely knew that that was impossible.

She then became aware that Draco had his hand on hers. Hermione looked at him, but he was still gazing outside the castle. She tried pulling her hand away, but Draco stopped her.

"No… don't pull away." He said quietly, grasping her hand more tightly.

Hermione bit her lip, and blushed. There was a tingling feeling, and though it made her uncomfortable, it felt quite nice.

Hermione looked at her watch and realized that it was getting late. "I have to go," she said curtly, standing up. Her hand was still held by Draco and he seemed like he didn't want to let go.

"Draco, I—"

"Why didn't you tell me, Hermione?" Draco shifted his gaze to her, which made her very uncomfortable.

Hermione stared at him and opened her mouth to reply. "I—I—"she stammered, looking away. "I was scared."

He blinked.

"You wouldn't look at me twice if I weren't the girl, would you?" Her eyes flashed with anger and hurt. "I was just any other girl to you until you found out that I was the one."

"Hermione, I—"

"What if I weren't the girl you were looking for? Would you still treat me in such a special way—"


Hermione blinked. Did she hear him right? "What do you mean, 'yes'?"

Draco stood up. "You know what I mean."

Hermione's eyes grew wide. I must be dreaming, she thought, staring in Draco's eyes. She searched through them and found that he wasn't joking.

Draco stepped closer to her. "You're more important than anyone else to me, I think," he whispered.

"Why won't you give up on me?" she asked quietly, looking deep into his gray eyes.

Draco took one more step and cupped her cheek. "I don't know," he replied, "but I think it's because—"

Hermione knew what was coming. "Because what? Because—"

And before she knew it, Draco had already leaned in and kissed her.


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