A/N: The latest of my crazy ideas. I figured, what if instead of Louise summoning a familiar, she herself was summoned by Satella to the Re Zero universe?

Sorry if it's all mechanical, school, hand pain AND depression have made a wreck out of my writing lately. Also, I'm not good at writing Louise. First re zero attempt, too.

Part 1: End of Tristain and Beginning of a Nightmare

It was the day of the summoning for the Tristanian Academy of Magic, the day when magical students summon their familiar. The familiar will be their eternal companion in the world.

One girl was hoping and praying that she would at least do something right for once and summon a familiar.

However, this was just the beginning of a long journey which would also become a nightmare for poor Louise.

"Good luck, Zero!" A student taunted, which made everyone else around her titter and laugh as well.

Louise ignored them and steeled herself.

Today was the day she would show all of them.

Louise closed her eyes and began her summoning spell, "My servant that exists somewhere in this vast universe-"

How dare she be referred to as a servant, but Satella, the Witch of Envy, listened to the voice as it talked, intrigued.

"my divine, beautiful, powerful-"

Her? Beautiful? This girl was calling her beautiful? She was powerful, true, but-

"powerful servant, heed my call!"

She was not a mere human's servant.

"I wish from the very bottom of my heart, add to my guidance and appear!"

No, Satella would not appear there.

Instead, she would send her to her world, in an ironic twist of fate. The young girl was intriguing, but she must learn not to call witches her servants.

Satella rose, and began casting her magic to bring the human from her own, archaic world, to her own. As strong as this magic was, hers was much stronger.

Her heart beat faster. Perhaps, this was the one who would save her.

Louise thought she heard a faint voice whisper in her ear. She stopped, confused, and turned around, in time for purplish-black shadows to snatch her up. It happened so fast that none saw it.

The only thing anyone saw was a flash of light, when everyone looked, Louise was nowhere to be found. She had just vanished into thin air.

Professor Colbert panicked and quickly closed the Summoning Ceremony for the day, while her parents would inevitably have t ob e told of their daughter's mysterious disappearance.

Despite search efforts, Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valiere was never located, and remained a missing person for some time.

Little did they know that Louise was about to experience true terror.

"Please...save me..." she begged.

Louise heard the voice, as bright as day.

The voice sounded lonely, it sounded so sad, and her heart went out to it.

"Who are you!?" She screamed.


She saw nothing, but she heard something, many somethings, actually.

Hadn't she been at the Summoning Ceremony only ages before this?

Louise opened her eyes...and saw a giant wagon, headed straight for her.

What the hell? Why was there a wagon there?

For a few seconds, the pinkette could do nothing but stare blankly at the sight, as the wagon came closer and closer to her, until it was inches from her face.

Then, she did the rational thing, stopped staring and flew backwards, onto the ground.

This attracted some attention from the crowd that was nearby, watching.

"Ow!" Louise moaned, rubbing her sore head.

Was this just a dream?

She heard a voice then, a sharp, commanding voice, that brought her out of her thoughts.

"Hey, girl! Hey, are you listening to me?"

She turned her head to look up at whoever could have spoken those words, but paused as she saw the head of a giant, dark green lizard staring down at her with...annoyance on its face?

Was this her familiar?

"I'm talking to you, kid! You could've been run over! Next time, pay attention! I have a business to run!" The lizard spoke to her.

The lizard...spoke...to her. A familiar could...speak? Wait, it was dressed in a suit, like a person would be.

Confused, Louise glanced over at the cart, which was pulled by other lizards.

"Yes, sir..." She mumbled, getting her words out all at once.

The lizard man seemed satisfied with her words, before he climbed back onto his cart, whipped a lizard, and the cart was off and out of sight before she could call after the strange sight.

"What just happened?" She asked herself.

It was then that she noticed where she was, or rather, where she wasn't.

The school, the field, the students...they were all gone.

Instead, she was in what looked like a bustling city of some sort, with some strange tools she'd never seen before being used. Even stranger were the people. There were people with...cat ears and tails, and dog ears. There were animals and lizards in human clothes, walking around and talking.

"WHERE AM I?" She screamed.

A few passersby cast her curious stares, but otherwise said nothing, deciding that she must be crazy.

"Was I...was I reverse summoned?" She said to herself, panicking and trying not to cry.

She pinched herself.

The weird city was still there the next time she looked.

This time, a cat person was in front of her.

"Hey lady, move! I need to get through!" He exclaimed.

"Don't just stand there, people need to pass by!" An older woman scolded.

"Sorry..." She said, moving to the side so they could pass by.

She walked with the crowd, listening to their speech. Strangely, she could understand it, but the writing was all gibberish to her.

The fact that she, a noble, could not suddenly read this language was terrifying.

It sank in on her how screwed she was.

If her mother found out that she had reverse summoned herself somewhere else-Louise shuddered to think of it. Her mother would kill her.

But then again, was she even able to see her mother again?

What if she had been transported to her familiar's dimension?

What if there was no way back?

So far, there was no sign of anyone or anything familiar.

She started to shake and tremble, as memories of the people she knew flew through her mind.



Stupid Zerbst girl.


The maid.

Professor Colbert.

Headmaster Osmond.

Princess Henrietta.






At the realization that she might never see them again, she broke.

She hadn't even gotten a familiar, either.

She was still just Louise the Zero, but...there was an opportunity.

Here, no one knew the Zerbst girl, presumably.

Maybe she could just...start over here.

Someone had to know something.

She spotted a man with green hair running a fruit stand.

Upon seeing food, Louise's stomach rumbled.

She hadn't realized she was hungry.

Now that she realized it, here was her chance.

"Sir, sir!" She cried.

The big, buff man turned his eyes in her direction.

"What can I help you with, kid? You here to buy something?"

His face changed. "Why are you crying? Are you lost?"

"Uh-huh," She said, wiping away a tear and steeling herself, "Um, sir, where is this place?"

The man frowned, looking quite confused. "You should know where you are. This is the capital of Lugunica."

"Lugu...nica?" She asked. She had never heard of that place before.

"Um...do you know where Tristain is?" She asked.

"Tristain? Nope, can't say I've heard of it. Are you a foreigner or tourist of some kind?"

Her heart sank upon hearing his words.

She really had been dumped into another world.

Now what?

"I guess. Um, are you going to give me one of those fruits? I am hungry, and I'm a noble..."

This made the man's eyebrows rise. "You still have to pay for food, noble or not, kid."

She dug in her pocket and brought out some Tristanian money.

The man frowned, examining the money. "I don't think I know this currency. It's not fake, but it's not currency I take. Sorry, kid. Do you have any other money?"

Louise shook her head.

"Well, then, get going. You're holding up the line." His voice was a bit softer than before.

Louise nodded and took off, ignoring the concerned looks of the people around her.

Clearly, seeing a young girl in distress did worry them.

But she didn't want to be anywhere but home.

Louise curled herself up in an alleyway, crying and punching the wall in frustration.

Suddenly, she wasn't alone.

"Well, well, well, look what we've got here. It's a little girl and she's crying. Are you lost?"

"Yeah..." She muttered through sobs.

"Too bad. We're not here for your sob story."

She was jerked to her feet abruptly and tossed against the wall.

She looked up, furious as to who would manhandle a noble like her.

There were three scruffy-looking men standing in the alleyway, all staring at her with creepy grins on their faces.

"She's cute." The rainbow-haired one said.

"Maybe she's a noble and is loaded." The second one said, rubbing his hands together.

"Well, give us your valuables." The third one said.

"That's right, all we want is your jewelry, your valuables, and then we'll let you go. Hand it over nicely."

"No!" She cried, kicking dirt in the rainbow-haired one's face.

He did not look happy then.

"Hold her down, boys, we'll take good care of her stuff for her."

Before Louise could protest, the other two were restraining her while the first man looked through her pockets.

They examined her wand, but deemed it useless and threw it aside.

"This money is weird and worthless. Great, our victim is poor."

"For your information, I'm a noble!" She screamed. "Don't you dare insult me, peasant!"

"Peasant? Girl, we're being nice to you right now. If you get any more rude, we're gonna have to get rough."

The third and second one looked quite lustful, tugging at her skirt.

"Let's see how hot she is."

"Yeah, it's been a long time since we got a girl."

"If you won't give us anything of materials, well, then we'll have to settle for this." They said, suddenly throwing her to the ground as she kicked and thrashed.

The two men held her down, laughing at her attempts to fight back, and taunting and slapping her around.

"Ready for some fun, girlie?" The rainbow-haired one said.

Louise spat in his face. "Go to hell."

He looked furious, and pointed a knife at her throat. "Make one more sound, and I'll cut your throat."

'Help me,' Louise mouthed the words. 'Someone...help me!'

Then, she heard footsteps. So did the would-be rapists.

They looked up, in time to see a short, blond-haired girl with red eyes racing by on a rooftop.

She had something in her hands.

A thief? Like Fouquet?

Louise looked up at her pleadingly, and the girl looked back, looking sympathetic and irritated, before she turned her head away and continued on.

"Sorry, but I've got places to be!" She said, and like that, the girl was gone.

Louise was truly alone.

"Are you gonna cry?" One of them said, stroking her hair.

"S-Stop it." She whimpered.

Was this it? Was no one going to help her?

"That's enough." Came a new voice.

Then, the thieves were sent flying back by several large projectiles of...ice?

Sure enough, there were several giant ice projectiles in the wall now.

The thieves blinked in confusion before turning to face the next interloper.

"Who are you?" They demanded. "Can't you see we're busy here?"

"I won't let you get away with what you did. Stealing something of importance from me, it won't be overlooked!" The voice sounded female, and so familiar.

Louise found herself looking at a girl who was quite tall. Her hair was the most beautiful shade of white Louise had ever seen, and it fell down to her waist. Her eyes were a shade of violet-blue, and seemed to look right through you. She wore a single rose in her hair and wore a strange-looking white outfit that clearly screamed a noble.

Hope surged in her chest. Maybe this noble would help her.

The thieves let go of her and she tried to sit up, but the first one held a knife to her throat.

"What are you doing to her? She looks pretty terrified." The white-haired girl scolded.

"This girl got smart-mouthed with us, so we're teaching her a lesson." The rainbow-haired man explained.

"It looks like you're trying to do something much worse than stealing. I can't let that slide." She said, narrowing her eyes. "Return what you stole from me. Return it now, it's very dear to me."

"We didn't steal anything from you, it was that blond girl who did!" The panicked thieves explained. "We saw her run by not long ago."

"Really?" The girl said, "Thank you for the information."

The thieves grinned, thinking they were being let off the hook.

"But...you are doing something despicable to this girl, and I can't overlook that."

"You think you can fight us alone?"

A new voice joined in. "She's not alone, cuz I'm with her."

A small, silver, cat-like familiar poked its head out, staring at them.

"You'd be fighting two of us."

"That's a spirit!" They exclaimed. "A spirit user?"

"I agree with my daughter, let the child go, she seems scared enough."

Another talking familiar.

The thieves fought a brief battle against the girl and her cat-like thing, but it was no use. She was too strong.

They fled.

"Hey, did you steal something from me?" She asked.

Louise shook her head furiously.

Her head was pounding so hard.

"Are you all right?"

Louise couldn't respond, as then she'd passed out.

Something soft had cushioned her.

She opened her eyes and saw...fur that she was lying on.

Panicking, Louise noticed that the cat from before was nursing her and was now twice its usual size.

"She seems to be better now." The cat announced.

"Well, that's good." The girl said, "Did they do anything to you?"

"They really frightened her." The cat said, "I can sense her emotions."

"No..." She whispered, getting back to her feet, glad that at least someone nice was around.

"I'm currently looking for something that was stolen from me. Did you see the girl, too?"

"I did." Louise described the girl to the new girl, who nodded.

It was then that Louise noticed that she had a pair of...pointed ears.

She was...an elf? Elves?

Like the race that hated humans and witches?

She felt a sliver of fear go through her before swallowing it.

This girl didn't seem that bad. Maybe the legends were wrong.

After all, she had never met an elf before.

"Um...I can help you look." She said.

"Really?" The girl brightened. "But you don't seem very strong. You could slow me down."

Louise felt her face turn red. She was all too used to being called useless.

"She could be useful to us." The cat chirped.

"Um...I don't mind helping." Louise said shyly.

The girl smiled brightly. "Thanks, that means a lot."

As the two of them worked together throughout the day searching for what she'd lost, Louise noticed she had never heard her name before now and was quite curious. So she decided to ask.

"What's your name? I never asked before now. I'm Louise Francois Valiere." She said, deciding to shorten it.

The girl was silent, before the cat creature, who had introduced itself as Puck earlier, urged her on.

"My name's Satella." She said, almost all at once, like she didn't like her name or something.

"Whoa, what a bad one." Puck said.

"Satella? That's a good name." She said, "Sounds like a star."

Satella blushed, and the two of them went on their way, continuing to search and even helping a child out and winning the grumpy green-haired merchant over.

The sun started to set, and for some reason, Puck the familiar had to leave them.

"Why is your familiar leaving?" Louise asked.

Satella gave her a funny stare. "He sleeps during the night, just like people do."

"Take care of her for me, Louise." Puck said, winking at her as he faded away, into her necklace.

"You can keep familiars in that?" Louise asked again, astonished at how much more advanced this world's familiars were in comparison to hers.

Her heart ached as she realized she still didn't summon her own familiar.

Apparently, the thief named Felt worked in a root cellar, so the two of them decided to investigate.

Louise, being bold and intrepid, decided the right thing to do as a noble was to investigate first.

"Be careful." Satella said, but not before giving her an orb to carry with her.

Everything smelled like a cellar should, gross, musty and...strangely, salty.

Louise didn't notice anything off, until she spotted the red liquid on the floor and held back a scream.

Was...was that an arm?

An arm that had once belonged to a man, now detached!

Louise let a small scream escape her lips, upon seeing that there was a giant man dead on the floor.

"Oh dear, did you see that, little girl? I'm afraid I won't be able to let you leave here now that you saw that." A silky voice said. It sounded female.

Louise whirled around to see who it was, but the attacker was too fast for her, knocking her to the ground.

Pain shot through her.

She realized she had been stabbed with something.

"Your bowels are a lovely color."

What the hell...she coughed up blood.

She was not going to die like this.


Oh no, she was involved, too.

Satella stepped in the room.

Louise heard her scream before she, too, was killed.

The two lay beside each other.

Louise thought of her old world and decided she wanted to redo things. She didn't want to die just now.

'For Henrietta's sake! For sister's,' she thought, tears escaping her eyes, 'I don't want to die here.'

'You shall not die here, I will not allow it.' The spirit known as Satella said to herself, as she rewound time.

Satella and Louise's hands met as friends dying together.


"Hey, girl...what are you staring at me so intently for? You lose your parents or something?"

It was the green-haired shop merchant from before.

Louise gazed furiously around.

No Satella, no Puck, no bloodstains.

What had just happened?

Gazing over herself, she saw that she was alive, somehow.

Did some kind of magic make her...go back in time?

"Mr. Kadomon?" She asked.

He frowned. "I don't recognize you, kid, how do you know my name?"

Louise blinked in disbelief.

What happened to her?