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Chapter 3: The end once again and a knight of hope

Now everyone in the street was silent, staring at Louise with anger clearly present on their faces.

Even the animal people were looking upset.

Why was everyone so angry?

All she did was say her name, the name she'd been told to call her?

"What are you playing at, calling me by that name?" The girl asked, looking quite irritated.

"But...I was told to call you that by someone else..." She stammered, deciding not to mention that she was the one who had suggested it.

"Well, whoever that someone is, they have a really sick sense of humor! Using the name of the being who nearly destroyed our world half a century ago like that on someone else, that's so wrong! You're never supposed to use her name, it's a taboo!"

Everyone in the street nodded and seemed in agreement with that statement.

"Yeah, she's right!" A brown dog said.

"You should know better, kid." A mother said, shaking her head in disapproval.

"It's called a taboo for a reason. What kind of parenting did you even have?"

The crowd muttered in disapproval, most glaring at Louise.

"I..." She began, but the girl was already walking away.

"If you have nothing else, I'll be going. I don't have time to waste with you. I have important things to attend to."

And like that, she walked away.

Louise watched, with stunned eyes, as a clearly alive Felt appeared, seconds later and took the girl's emblem from her, and darted off.

"Wait!" She cried, trying to come after the one who would surely remember her, "Felt! Explain all of this, please!"

Felt stopped to look at her. "Geez, thanks to you, I've been caught! Thanks a lot!"


"Are you in league with her?" The girl said imperiously.

Louise could do nothing but watch in sadness as Felt charged on and the girl did as well, leaving her behind.

"So...I did die..." She muttered, "And, apparently, no one remembers what happened except for me. I've died twice, both times to Elsa-san. I guess you could call this a time travel by death? No...more like...I suppose I could call it revenant by death." She muttered.

Louise hung back, wanting nothing more to do with the crowd, who apparently decided they didn't want to help her.

She slunk into the alley to cry, when suddenly there were those three again.

"What's wrong with you? Lose your mommy?" They taunted.

"I'm not in the mood, so back off, you creeps." She growled.

"We don't like having sass thrown our way." The smallest one said, and suddenly they were repeating their actions.

"I hate you, leave me alone!" She cried, trying to go back to the crowd.

One looked irritated, before he suddenly knocked her to the ground and placed his hands on over her mouth and nose.

"Shush, if you shout that loud, the guards will hear."

But Louise couldn't hear that much anymore, nor could she breathe.

They were choking her.

"I think you're killing her." One remarked.

"Shit! It was an accident! I just wanted to tell her to shut up!"

The voices faded to a whisper as Louise's world went black again.


"Kid, are you gonna buy some fruit or not? I don't have all day."

A familiar voice.

Was this hell?

Louise opened her eyes, in time to see Mr. Kadomon there.

"I can't afford it..." She muttered.

His eyes narrowed, before he said, "Then get out of here."

Like before, he pitied her, so she trudged into the alley.

Screw that girl.

Screw Felt.

She didn't want them to die, but she was enraged that they would forget about her so easily.

It wasn't like they had been lying, either. She'd seen the clear confusion on their faces.

Was this her fate?

Doomed to being forgotten, forever?

What kind of ability even was this?

Louise had just wanted to be respected, to be powerful, and had rested all her hopes on getting a familiar. But clearly those were childish dreams.

She'd died three times now.

She didn't want to die again.

Louise looked up in time to see the three losers again.

This time, she knew they weren't to be messed with.

But she remembered something they'd said before.

Something about guards?

Of course there were guards.

She could call to them!

"Hand over your valuables, girly, and we'll let you leave alive."

"Go to hell." She said.

The three tried the same process as they had the first time, intent on assaulting her right there.

"GUARDS, HELP ME! THEY'RE ATTACKING ME! GUARDS!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Don't let her get us caught!" They said, panicking, halfway through pulling her skirt off.

No one came.

They grinned gleefully. "Looks like we'll be able to have ourselves a fun time with this girl, here. Ready to be deflowered?"

"That's enough now." A new voice said.

Louise looked up through tear-filled eyes, in time to see...Wardes standing there?

No...it wasn't him.

The figure had the same blue eyes as him, though.

But he was tall, with red hair and wearing a knight's outfit.

"What is going on here? I heard a young woman scream." He said.

"Nothing, she simply lost her pants and we're helping her put them back on."

The red-haired man's gaze fell on the terrified Louise and he glared at them. "I know what's going on here. You're attempting to rape a young woman. Well that won't fly here, now that I'm here. I demand you unhand her and step away from her immediately."

"It's a misunderstanding-"

"She looks frightened enough that it's not. Now pull her skirt back up and hands off her." He said calmly, though his eyes were burning with rage.

Shakily, they helped her to her feet.

"Wait...you're...that knight, right?"

"Reinhard van Astraea, that's right." He said calmly, "And I'm afraid that protecting damsels is also my knightly duty."

Louise felt so happy at the sight of this kind stranger that she broke out into tears, startling the other three.

"They tried to...to disgrace me, take away my virginity!" She bawled, play acting as Eleonore-neesama taught her to do.

"That's not-" They began, but Reinhard stared so hardly at them that they backed off.

"Damn you, stupid wench! We'll remember this!"

And like that, they were gone.

"Are you all right, young lady?" He asked.

Louise blushed. He was certainly quite handsome.

But she was already engaged, although she wondered how that would work out here.

"I'm fine...thank you..."

"It's no problem. It's what I'm supposed to do. What are you doing here, by yourself? It's a dangerous place for young ladies alone." He said comfortingly.

"I don't have my guardians with me." She said, lying. "What's your name, sir?" she asked.

"I'm Reinhard van Astraea, a knight. What's your name, miss?" He asked.

Louise felt a ray of hope come over her. "I'm Louise Valiere."

"Nice to meet you, Louise. Is there anything else that you need?"

Louise hesitated. "Um, please look out for a girl with silver hair. I don't know her name, but she could be in danger. Tell her not to come to a root house."

"I see. Is there anything else?"

Louise paused. "No...I'll be fine."

"Tell me if you need anything, Miss Louise," Reinhard said.

Louise smiled brightly before waving goodbye and heading off, unaware that Reinhard was watching her.

"What an unusual aura that girl has." He remarked.

Louise knew that she needed to save Felt, Rom, and...that girl from being killed by Elsa. But she didn't know how she could do so. Wait, didn't Felt live around here? She should at least seek her out.

Louise headed back to the slums when she encountered someone.

Someone who made her blood run cold.

It was Elsa.

The same woman who had killed her twice so far.

Louise's stomach churned and she froze in place.

The woman walked by her, before turning to face her. "Oh my, you seem to be afraid of me. That's strange, we have never met before."

Her blood boiled at the sight of this nasty woman near her.

"I like fear...it's a very good sight. Goodbye, I have somewhere to be."

Elsa was headed for the root house!

She had to save them.

She decided to see Felt first. She had been told that Felt lived in the slums.

She found Felt's house, which was a rundown building that barely counted as a building.

"What a dump." Louise said, turning her nose up at the dump.

"Don't you dare insult my house!" Felt cried from behind her.

"Felt!" Louise cried.

Felt looked confused. "Are you a customer?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm here to make a deal with you about the item you stole recently."

Felt looked suspicious. "How do you know that?"

"Never mind how I know, we have to go now to the root cellar to make the trade."

Felt looked startled at how Louise was tugging her forward. "Relax, we have time. It's safe and plus I still have to xonsider my other client as well."

Louise hurried her along until they got to the root cellar. Felt chanted the words again and Rom answered, alive this time.

Louise felt tears prick at her vision. He was alive.

This time, she would make sure they would all be alive.

Even if they didn't remember her.

Like before she presented her wand to them and used the spells. They agreed, but Felt grew suspicious of Louise. Louise was quite pleased that Felt hated being poor. Louise couldn't blame her, being a noble was the best.

"Why are you so eager on us hurrying through this? Like I said, I have another customer."

"Well, I-"

"What do you intend on doing with the amulet, anyway?"

Felt's red eyes stared into Louise's rose orbs, and she paused.

"Um, return it to the person you took it from..?" She said.

Felt tensed. "I knew you were suspicious!"

Before things went any further, however, there was a knock at the door.

"That must be her!" Felt said.

"Hide, before she gets here, she's gonna kill all of you!" Louise said at the top of her lungs.

The door opened slowly.

"Kill you? I would never dream of doing something so horrid, how could you say that?" A familiar soft yet commanding voice rang out.

Louise poked her head out from under the table, in time to see the girl she had met standing there.

It was the mystery girl.

"I'm glad I found you, you're not gonna get away this time." Mystery Elf Girl said, entering the room.

"Tch, you're persistent. Why not just give up?" Felt snapped, looking irritated.

"This is not something I can just give up on. If you just give it to me, no one will be hurt." Elf Girl said.

Why was she here?

The first time around, she and Louise had entered around sundown. The sun hadn't even set yet.

Did this mean that Louise held her back the first time around, and that she'd been completely useless?

Felt started to fly forward, but Elf Girl's magic was out full force. She used ice magic, just like Tabitha. Louise watched in awe.

Louise shuddered as she realized that she considered her a target now.

"Give me my badge. It is very dear to me."

"Rom", Felt said pleadingly.

"I can't do anything, you brought in too irksome of an opponent."

"You're gonna give up, just like this?" Felt said disbelievingly.

"I wouldn't, were she someone else. But, you're an elf, aren't you, young lady?" Rom asked.

Louise gasped. So she hadn't been mistaken.

Elves did exist here.

The girl closed her eyes and then replied, "I am only half-elf." She sounded upset about it.

Felt stepped back, looking afraid. "A half-elf with hair that color? You aren't-"

"I'm not who you think I am! We just look alike! This always happens." The girl grumbled.

Louise didn't know anything about what was going on, but the girl seemed irritated.

"You and her are both together, right?" Felt demanded.

The girl's violet eyes landed on Louise.

"No? I don't recognize her." She said honestly.

Of course not, they last met in another time.

Louise noticed something then that made her heart lift. She remembered how they'd looked for a lost child in the first timeline. There was a small badge on the girl's chest that the little girl had given her. Again, she still did it.

The girl was a good person.

"Why don't we just give her the badgr and she can leave, right, Miss?" Louise said cheerfully.

"Why are you acting like you are familiar with me? I don't get it." She said, looking confused.

No one seemed to be of any use.

Unfortunately, someone else had joined the party.

A shadow was behind the girl.

"Puck! Save her!" Louise cried.

A knife came flying toward the white-haired girl.

A magic circle appeared behind her head, protecting her from certain death.

She leapt forward, confused, looking over at Louise. "How did you know about Puck?" She asked.

Puck waved before looking over at Louise, also confused.

"Thanks, miss! You saved us!"

"It was me who did so." She said, sweating a bit.

"I don't think we met yet, Miss. My name's Puck and I'm a spirit. I'm ready to kill you." He shot a bunch of icicles out from behind him at Elsa and the battle raged on.

(Unfortunately the author is shit at writing battle scenes, so I will skip it)

Then when everyone was tired and worn out, Louise urged Felt to go get Reinhard, and she did.

Reinhard showed up and pretty much owned Elsa.

However, she was still alive and Louise wound up taking a death blow meant for the girl.

"Why would you do this for a stranger?" The girl said in confusion.

"I'm just bound by my duties as a noble..." Louise coughed, "And I want to know one thing."

The girl had healed Rom's injuries, and she hesitated. "What is it?"

"What's your name? I'm Louise..."

"I'm Emilia." She said, laughing.

Now she finally knew her name.

Also, she noticed that Felt seemed to be taken by Reinhard for some reason.

When she found she was wounded, she wondered if she was going to die again just as she met the girl...

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