Hari sat down primly, watching as Ciel and Mr Damiano played the game Ciel had pulled out specifically for this visit. Damiano was going on and on about needing more money- absolutely ridiculous, considering what he did- and Ciel was conveniently ignoring everything the Italian man said.

She suppressed a smirk as Mr Damiano rolled the dice. "You lose a leg in the enchanted forest," Hari whisper-said somewhat malevolently. She twitched her fingers, wrapping another layer of the spell she had cast when the Italian man first entered the building around him.

Mr Damiano tried to say something else, but Ciel cut him off. "It's still your turn, I lost my turn, remember?" Damiano shut his mouth and reluctantly rolled the dice again. He tried to move six times, but Ciel stopped him. "You lost a leg, so you can only move three times." Here, Ciel looked at Damiano's piece."Your body is burnt by the raging flames," the malevolence was in his voice as well. Hari's fingers twitched again, wrapping the final layer of magic around Damiano. They wouldn't be continuing the game, as the proximity spell Hari had cast on the door registered Sebastian's approaching presence.

Unsurprisingly, the door opened and Sebastian walked in. "I apologize for the interruption, but dinner is ready."

Mr Damiano chuckled slightly, though they all noticed he looked very slightly relieved. Ciel spoke again, "We can finish our game afterwards, Mr Damiano."

He shook his head. "Oh, I don't think so. It's rather obvious you'll win."

Ciel gave the smallest of snorts as he stood. "I'm not into leaving games unfinished." He offered his hand to Hari, who accepted it and stood, moving her hand to the crook of his elbow, so he could escort her to the table like a gentleman.

"Child," Damiano muttered under his breath angrily. Hari and Ciel both turned to give him a look, and he hurriedly corrected his previous statement. "I mean, the heart of a child is likely a requirement for toy companies. It would certainly explain why Funtom is so successful."

Ciel nodded in acknowledgement and they left the room. "Quel ridicule baratineur, idiot et poseur," Hari muttered quietly to Ciel.

He stifled a snicker, replying just as quietly. "En effet, mais il obtiendra ce qu'il mérite."

"Oui, il sera.*" Hari and Ciel shared a small smirk as Mr Damiano looked at them in confusion.

As they were led to the gardens by Sebastian- what had happened to the dining room this time-, Hari could've sworn she saw Sebastian smirk at them slightly. He probably did, knowing him. Over the two years it had been since she and Ciel had made a contract with him, things had changed so instead of him being just their (demon) butler, he was now a friend as well. Though, that was only when it was just them.

Ciel pulled out Hari's chair for her, which was the one directly to his left (as was only proper), while Damiano sat across the table from them. Hari looked around slightly, noting the garden wasn't a garden, anymore, but a Japanese stone garden.

"Finny screwed something up again," she muttered quietly to Ciel, causing him to bite his lip to stifle a small laugh.

Something Hari had found out about them was that they only really acted like they had before when they were alone with each other, or Sebastian.

Which, thinking about it, made sense. They had suffered together, so they could help each other push away the memories, and Sebastian had saved them, and was now the only one, besides each other, who would not and could not betray them- no matter what.

Glancing over, Hari and Ciel noticed Sebastian was going on a slightly rant about Donburi, the meal they were having. Glancing at the somewhat-raw beef mixed with fish and vegetables piled on top of rice, they gave each other sceptical looks. "Bard's flamethrower, you think?" Ciel whispered to her.

"Most likely," she whispered back, deciding that if Sebastian fixed it (or Bard did under Sebastian's monitoring) then it should be good, even if it maybe didn't look so. She speared a piece of the meat with her fork, making sure to scoop up some of the other food with it. Yep, she was right. It was good.

They watched in slightly exasperated amusement as Mey-Rin stumbled a bit and began to pour onto the tablecloth, though it wasn't by much before she managed to move the wine bottle (a miracle with her shaking, Hari was sure) over the glass so that the wine actually went into the glass.

Sebastian ushered Mey-Rin over to Bard and Finny, who had come over to escort her off, while Sebastian grabbed the tablecloth on their end of the table. He pulled it off of the table, easily managing to keep everything else on the table in place.

Damiano didn't notice, to absorbed in eating the donburi like a starved animal. At least he managed to keep a bit of decorum, Hari thought while fighting to not wrinkle her nose at the sight. Deciding to go to safer sights, she turned to see Ciel giving Damiano an amused look, as he hadn't noticed yet, while Sebastian folded the tablecloth over his arms.

Looking up, Damiano noticed the missing tablecloth. Finally. "Where did the tablecloth go?"

Giving each other a very brief look, Hari spoke up first. "There was a slight stain on it," she said, giving him a small smile that hid her disgust for the man.

"We had it removed, so as not to distract the three of us from our meal," Ciel picked up, falling into the old habit of completing the other's sentences.

Damiano stared between them and Sebastian, who was calmly standing between and slightly behind them, folded tablecloth over his arms. He gave a laugh. "My, what an able butler who two have!"

"Don't mind him, he just acted in a way befitting of one of my and Hariel's servants," Ciel replied dismissively.

Damiano, while no longer laughing, was still chuckling a bit. "Yes, I really should not have expected anything different from the Earl Phantomhive and Marchioness Peverell."

Hari shared a small, secretive smirk with Ciel and Sebastian. "Indeed, you really should not have expected anything else."

Damiano gave her a strange look but didn't comment, thinking she was just agreeing with his words.

After dinner, they returned to the office, where Ciel and Damiano returned to their discussion then Damiano left to use the telephone. Hari and Ciel exchanged amused glances.

After some stupidity with Italian tea and Ciel not liking it (it was a little weak, but not terrible, in Hari's opinion), Hari activated the spell she had wrapped around Damiano.

"And now," she said slightly dramatically to Ciel, "it begins."

Ciel smirked, and Sebastian left, also smirking. Time to pull this off. Once Hari received the notification from one of her pre-placed spells (in preparation for this), she nodded at Ciel. Ciel spoke, in a low and creepy voice but still recognizable as his, "You are bewitched by the eyes of the dead."

Hari snickered- that wasn't too far off, actually.

Ciel repeated it a few times, before another notification was received. Hari gave Ciel the signal to stop, and silence fell again until the third one came. Hari spoke up. "You lose a leg in the enchanted forest."

The fourth, then fifth notification came. Sebastian had said the 'burnt by raging flames' thing to Damiano. Moving to the window, Hari and Ciel watched as Damiano slowly crawled away, giving a terrible scream.

"What an unattractive scream," Ciel commented dryly.

Hari snorted, then turned with to Ciel with a grin, "How fitting, considering him."

*This is French: "What a ridiculous, posing, moronic suck up."

"Indeed, but he will get what he deserves."

"Yes, he will."

I apologize if it is incorrect, I used a translating app to write that, because I am only currently in my first year of learning French, so I really only know the basics of this conversation, such as yes, he, what, etc.

So sorry for the wait, I've just been really busy, you know?

~Faeries and Vampyres