Persona 4: Covert Operations

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters from the Persona series belong to Atlus Japan and Aniplex. Same thing goes with the appearance of any characters from the Devil Summoner series. All characters from the Assassin's Creed series and the Martin Mystery cartoon belong to Ubisoft and to Marathon. All other characters belong to yours truly. Any cameo appearance of characters from other franchises/series belong to the original copyright holder/s.


The Center investigates a string of supernatural incidents in Yasoinaba. One of their agents, who's there by chance, is ordered to be activated. The agency finds itself entangled by the supernatural and by shady organizations that want the power behind the murders. A crossover with Assassin's Creed/Martin Mystery cartoon. Starts after Yu Narukami is in town for a few days.

Chapter 1: Off Duty Ends

April 2010

Chechen Republic, Northern Caucasian District, Russia

("I saw him heading towards the forest! Come on!")

Loud voices in Chechen were heard when armed men from the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs or MVD, specifically from the 141st Akhmad Kadyrov Special Purpose Police Regiment in Russian-made DPM Woodland camo, various combat vests, black combat boots and NII Stali Ssh-68M combat helmets, opened fire with their IZHMASH AK-74M assault rifles at a person running away from them.

It was hard to say who the person is or what was his physical features since the person running wore a black balaclava, a Guatemalan Jungle Digital BDU and tac vest with an Arsenal AR-M1F assault rifle. The masked man opened fire on pursuing MVD officers to keep them pinned down from chasing him.

("Get down!")

The PPSM-2 officers took cover, either using the trees or getting prone and hope that the 5.45 Russian bullets hit the ground.

Dammit! They're still onto me.

The AR-M1F-armed person kept running after he fired the assault rifle, intending on making it to his destination.

"You okay there?"

The person received a radio transmission from a friendly just when he was about to outrun his MVD pursuers.

"Almost there! Are we still going to rendezvous with the Ichkerian Peacekeepers?!"

"MOM doesn't think it's a good idea until we can throw off the MVD off the trail!"

"And how's that going to happen?!"

His answer came about when he heard automatic gunfire from behind with the screams of the PPSM-2 officers heard from a distance.

"Happy now? I got the IPs to give us a hand with the ambush. From what I'm being told right now, they'll going to get their attention instead of you."

"Yeah, whatever. Let's get out of here. I've secured what the FSB was trying to keep secret in Chechnya."

The armed person reached out to a empty vest pouch and examined an item wrapped up tightly in old cloth.

April 14, 2011

The Center, Unknown Location

In the huge operations room of The Center, a Caucasian woman with short black hair in her white Center coat, pants and high heels was busy overseeing today's operation in Japan. A while ago, Center personnel from the organization's Security and Intelligence Division have reported a spike in paranormal readings from Yamanashi Prefecture. Specifically in the small town of Yasoinaba.

"Status report." MOM asked the analysts for any information after she walked inside.

"We found some spikes in Yasoinaba as of a few minutes ago." An analyst worked on his console to get a closeup of Yasoinaba on the map. "It's just like a few days ago when local police reported in a missing person's case."

"Which area?"

"Over there, ma'am."

A red dot blinking was shown on the map, which was located in the town's lone police station.

"The police station?" MOM murmured when she got a good look at it.

A small green alien in a hovercraft went inside and hovered near the woman.

"Did something happen, MOM?"

MOM turned around to address the green alien. "Looks like we picked up another paranormal spike in this part of Japan. Just like the other time when our weather satellite noticed the recent appearance of fog with the rain in the area."

"The SID analysts did say that it shouldn't happen like that. Not in that kind of weather."

MOM remembered the report as well. When she read it over, it just gave her a very bad feeling. She then asked, "Is the spikes going strong?"

"Yes, MOM." The analyst replied. "It's going steady for a while in the station. It's not going away any time now."

If that's the case, I need to have him reactivated again even though he's not due to report to duty for another month or so since he last changed schools.

"Billy," MOM spoke to the alien again. "did the SID report anything else today?"

"Only reports from our Japanese agents on a new urban legend called the Midnight Channel, which originated from Yasoinaba."

MOM continued to stare at the location of the Yasoinaba Police Station before she handed her next order.

"Get SHADOW mobilized at once. I want a team to be ready in a few hours for this case. It doesn't matter who's in it, just as long as he or she has East Asian physical features."

"Understood, MOM."

"For now, we need to get a good look at this urban legend. See if there's anything connecting to the mysterious fog."

April 13, 2011

Dojima Residence, Residential District, Yasoinaba, Nakakoma, Yamanashi, Japan

A teenager had just arrived in the house owned by Yasoinaba police officer Ryotaro Dojima, which was empty since he was busy with work while his only daughter, Nanako, was still in school. He arrived late in the afternoon since one of his classmates took him to the town's Junes department store where he was shown the food court. He also had the opportunity to meet one of his seniors at work.


He noted that his Apple iPhone 4 vibrated in the left pocket of his pants. Taking the smartphone in his hands, he saw an unregistered number on the screen.

"Hello?" The teenager answered the phone call after he got inside the house, taking off his shoes before he went up the stairs.

["I'm sorry to interrupt you with a month's worth of vacation time left, but I'm officially reactivating you as of this moment."] MOM's voice was heard on the other line, speaking to him in English.

["I don't understand."] The teen was a bit upset when he heard the news and spoke in English. ["I'm suppose to have this month left as part of my hiatus before I report back for duty."]

["It's quite urgent that you head back to SHADOW duty at once, agent Yu Narukami. The Center's detected spikes in paranormal activities for the past few days now, especially before and after you arrived in Yasoinaba."]

["But how..."]

["For starters, the confirmed death of a Mayumi Yamano happened with a spike in paranormal activities."]

What now? I'm due to report back to SHADOW after this month. But do I blow that off since I'm spending time with uncle?

["We've received word that the same spikes are in the town's police station. Do you know anything that happened today? Even the slightest detail could help."]

Yu thought carefully about his superior's questions before he replied. ["I heard some gossip from the school's seniors that a girl named Saki Konishi left a bit earlier from school than usual to head to work at Junes yesterday. That's about the time I came across a murder scene in the town."]

["The local department store huh? It's possible that something happened to her on the way and the police wanted to ask her about it."] Some silence lingered on the line before MOM continued. ["I asked SID to check on any Junes records regarding the girl. They mentioned about her leaving early again to head to the station."]

The station? What is she doing there?

["I want you over there to check the station and see if something's going on. You obviously can't go there through the front door. So you'll need to sneak around."]

Yu sighed when he heard MOM's order. ["All right, MOM. I'll go and have a quick look."]

["I'll have Billy relay any additional info that the SID may come across."]

["Am I doing this for SHADOW work in an under the radar capacity?"]

["That's right. You're going in alone since I'm still in the process of assembling a team. If you're caught, then I'll proceed to spread information that you're just a thrill seeker and urban explorer looking for kicks. Understand?"]

["Understood, MOM. I'll head out as soon as I can."]

["You'll find a dead drop point en route to the station. Just head past the MOEL gas station and search the benches nearby."]


["I pray for your success, agent Narukami."]

"Being called back in a time like this..." Yu sighed after he ended the phone call with MOM. "Just what I really need."

He placed his schoolbag down next to the desk and walked over to his closet.

The closet door opened up, revealing a small box that was tucked in the corner.

Yu was about to open it up when he settled for taking a peek instead.

I probably don't need it for this op.

The teen got his dark blue hoodie jacket, gray shirt, black jogging pants and his white Nike running shoes.

Haven't been in the field for a while. Hope I can pack a mean punch if I have to use it.

In front of MOEL gas station, South Shopping District, Yasoinaba, Nakakoma, Yamanashi, Japan

Yu was seen jogging towards the direction of the MOEL gas station when he stopped at the bus stop area in front of it. He crouched in front of it, pretending to check on the laces of his running shoes. Yu looked below the benches and saw something was attached underneath it.

Here goes.

He grabbed the small box attached underneath the bench and opened the cover to secure a watch that resembled the Casio digital watches in the market. Also included in the box was a bluetooth-based headset, an iPhone 4 smartphone and a pen-shaped object. He wore the headset on his right ear, pocketed the smartphone and tucked the pen into the left pocket of his hoodie.

The box was quickly attached underneath the bench before anyone began to look at him and wonder if he was doing something fishy.

Jogging towards the direction of the station with his hoodie up at all times to hide his face, Yu received a phone call when he felt the smartphone vibrate in the right pocket of his jogging pants. He pressed on the headset's button to pick up the call.

["Hey, Yu. It's Billy."] Billy greeted Yu on the line with enthusiasm in his voice. ["So did ya pick up the stuff from the dead drop?"]

["I did."] Yu replied as he kept up his jogging pace. ["Is MOM around, Billy?"]

["She's having a meeting with the SID to figure out what to do next. I assume she told you that she's preparing to assemble a SHADOW team for the Yasoinaba case?"]

["She did."]

Billy sighed on the line before he said. ["Just letting you know that the paranormal readings are still going constant in the station, Yu."]

["Thanks for the update, Billy. I should be at the station in a while."]

["Use the O-Watch's communicator when you get the chance to do so. We need to test it out on the field."]

["All right, all right."]

As Yu ended the call, he was already near the outskirts of the Yasoinaba Police Station. He placed his right hand on the black neck gaiter and moved it up to cover his nose and mouth.

Yasoinaba Police Station, Yasoinaba, Nakakoma, Yamanashi, Japan

Yu found himself at the outskirts of the police station. He looked around to see if anyone was around, civilians and police officers alike.

"Coast is clear."

He ran towards the station's parking lot by jogging in front of the station. Since the area didn't have walls around the building, it was much harder for him to sneak into the place.

There's gotta be a way to get inside.

Yu kept looking at the station's exterior until he spotted a fire escape door located at the west side of the station. In front of it was an allocated area for police vehicles since the front was reserved for civilian vehicles and for police vehicles for a short period of time. In addition, the area was also partially fenced off to non-police vehicles.

"Perfect." Yu ran until he was able to crouch behind a parked Toyota Crown squad car. The said location gave him a good view of the fire escape door.

Taking the smartphone out, he saw that it was locked with a biometric fingerprint access. Yu used his left thumb to unlock the phone.

On the phone was several phone apps that aren't available in the market, made specifically by the Center's R&D Division for SHADOW agents.

"Nothing that I can use to do a blackout." Yu murmured while he peeked out from behind the squad car.

Seeing that it was clear, Yu jogged up to the door and slightly opened it. He thanked the stars that it wasn't wired to the fire alarm.

With the area clear of all officers, Yu maintained the hood over his head and ran up the steps.

April 14, 2011

The Center, Unknown Location

With MOM gone from the operations room for the meantime, Billy was placed in charge of overseeing the operation to search the police station. The op was sanctioned by MOM in her official capacity as Center director. SHADOW is one of the few units in the organization authorized to do black ops work at the discretion of the SHADOW head agent if and when joint work with either the police or the military would not be beneficial.

Such as the possibility that someone in the station may have supernatural powers. But so far, SID has yet to bring evidence to suggest that theory.

["The map of the station should be uploaded to your phone, Yu."] Billy spoke to Yu through his headset.

["Thanks, Billy. This'll come in handy. I'm at the emergency staircase as I speak."] Yu gave Billy his thanks.

["MOM says that you'll be updated when the team is ready."]

["Okay. Thanks."]

Billy continued to observe Yu's infiltration on the map. He ordered the analyst to secure and upload the blueprints of the Yasoinaba Police Station on the main screen.

April 13, 2011

Yasoinaba Police Station, Yasoinaba, Nakakoma, Yamanashi, Japan

Yu reached up to the third floor of the station, which has some of the its interrogation rooms located, according to the blueprint maps provided to his smartphone. He was told by Billy on his headset that the paranormal signature was coming from one out of the two interrogation rooms on the floor.

"Great." Yu opened the door slowly and peeked to see two uniformed officers walking down the corridor, their backs facing him. "How am I going to find out which interrogation room I should check?"

["Hey Yu. Are you still there?"] Yu heard Billy's voice again on the headset since he didn't end the transmission.

["I'm at the designated floor."] The SHADOW agent whispered. ["There seems to be a few officers roaming around. I can't go and show myself without getting into trouble."]

"Stay put. I'll ask someone to check on the possibility of doing a blackout on the station."

If only he was here. He can probably use a demon to eavesdrop on the interrogation rooms.

["All right. We're ready to cut the power in the station."]

["Do it."]

At his signal, the entire station went dark.

"Hey, what happened?"

"Get someone to check the power?!"

["You're clear!"]

Thanks to the power being cut, Yu was able to get out and run towards the interrogation rooms. The corridor's emergency lights kicked in due to the power outage.

["The corridor you're on should have the interrogation rooms on the right side. You should be able to find the doors leading to them."]

Yu saw the first interrogation room door and opened it slightly. He saw someone being pushed into the screen of a CRT-type TV set, but he couldn't make out the person since the room's old emergency lights didn't give much to go on aside from the fact that the person pushed inside the TV had a Yasogami High School uniform. It gave the assailant the perfect opportunity to hide his face due to the bad lights.

He grabbed his pen device and clicked the button to activate the voice modulator to hide his real voice from whoever he was facing in the room.

"Hold it! What did you do to that girl?!" Yu challenged the person who had just shoved a person literally into the TV.

"So you must be the hero who's out there to save the damsel in distress, huh?"

"Out of my way."

"Yeah? You and what army..."

"Me and this army!"

Yu and the suit-wearing man got into a struggle before the former gave the latter two punches to the chest, followed by a hook to the face.

"Why you!" The suit-wearing man grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him towards the TV.

What the?

"Since you want to get her so badly, how's about I help you get inside?"

Yu was being shoved onto the CRT TV screen after the agent got tackled. The man threw some stacks of paper at him as a form of distraction. He felt his body being pushed inside, feeling his back go in first before his head and neck came next. Yu had his hands to keep him from falling inside.

"I'm not going down that easy!"

As the rest of his body was being pushed (violently in fact), Yu decided to kick the assailant hard in the chin just to keep him off his feet. But while the kick helped him get the assailant away, it only made him go inside the screen completely since he can't see where his kick was going.

I can't see where the kick went to, but I knew I hit that guy.

He didn't have to celebrate since he was falling inside. Yu placed his hands and arms on his head and tucked his legs to his chest in order to protect himself from any hard impact.

Unknown Area

Where am I?

The SHADOW operative couldn't see a thing. The only he can hear was some footsteps.

The fog's so thick that I can hardly see anything.

"Who's coming?"

Out of the fog was something that resembled a bear mascot from a local fair or amusement park. It had a blue head with a red body. Yu immediately ensured the voice scrambler was turned on, which was located in the pocket of his jogging pants with the zipper slightly open to access it before he closed it.

"Pardon me..." He asked the bear, speaking in a baritone voice thanks to the scrambler. "Do you know where am I?"

The bear eyed him for a few minutes before he challenged him. "You need to leave! This place is too dangerous for humans!"


"Look! I don't have time to debate with you!" Yu got his Center-issued smartphone and showed him an image of Saki obtained by the group's intelligence division. "I'm looking for this girl and for I know, she's in danger if she stays here!"

The bear covered his head with his paws, realizing that Yu is adamant to stay until he can find her.

"Okay, okay." The bear sighed and gave him a pair of glasses. "I see that you need to look for her, but you need to take these."

Yu took the glasses and wore them. He was amazed to see that the fog was gone, which meant that he can move around and find his way.

What the hell is this?

He looked at the ground and noted that there was silhouettes of humans drawn onto the floor, but he decided to keep it in mind for the meantime.

"Thanks, bear." Yu thanked him before he ran off. He made sure the hood covered his head and eyes.

"Wait for me!" The bear ran alongside him. "It's dangerous if you go alone!"

"You know your way around?"

The bear nodded. "I lived here ever since I was born. Besides, I know where she went."

"Okay, lead the way."

The bear nodded before it introduced himself. "My name is Teddie. What yours?"

Yu decided to keep his name out for now. "I'm Souji. Souji Seta."

After what appears to be minutes spent at navigating through the new area, Teddie brought Seta to an area that greatly resembled Yasoinaba's Central Shopping District. It was a good thing that he got a map of the place after he arrived in the town in order to study the layout.

This area's like the Central Shopping District... How did this place make an exact likeness of the district?

"I found her going to this place." Teddie said when he stopped near the direction of Konishi Liquors. "Does this area ring a bell?"

Yu looked at the signs that says Konishi Liquors in Japanese. "Yeah..." He replied in the same baritone voice. "This is it."

He was about to go in when he noted that Teddie wasn't going inside with him.

"I... I'm beary afraid, Souji-san." Teddie explained his reasons why he wasn't going inside. "T..the best thing I can do is to provide tactical support in case you have to fight."

The SHADOW agent glared at Teddie hard that the bear began to feel nervous.

"Ooo...okay! Wait for me!"

Yu went inside to check the interior of the shop. It was the same as it was described in the brochures that advertise the shop as one of the most famous liquor shops in Yamanashi Prefecture. He took cover and took a peek from around the corner. While he was able to see a table nearby, he didn't have time to examine it since Saki's life was in danger.

Where is she?

The hooded teen saw Saki was alive and well, but she was standing on an area that wasn't a part of the actual Konishi Liquors shop.

The floor she's standing on. It looks like the area where I landed on back there a while ago... I guess I need to report the existence of the Mayonaka TV urban myth as real to MOM.

"I just really hate the Hanamuras for what they're doing to the store, my folks and even to Naoki. I just wish everything would just go away!"

"That voice..." Yu murmured. "That's Saki Konishi. And there's another one." He can visually tell that the other Saki Konishi was fake due to her eyes since they were colored yellow.

Teddie stood behind Yu, trying to stay as quiet as possible.

Soon, the spotlights on the same TV studio set focused on Saki when they were turned on.

"NO! That's not true! You're just spouting out lies! I'm really nice to Yosuke!"

"Really?" The other Saki smirked. "Allow me to refresh your memory and see they have the same opinion as you..."

Saki began to hear the thoughts of her classmates and friends at Junes. Even the neighbors.

"I betcha Saki went to work with Junes so that she can do some kinda honeytrap plot to the Hanamura's only child.."

"Naw, man. I remember someone telling me that Saki's got some big blackmail revenge plan on the manager when she got to work in Junes. Heard it's got something to do with her family business."

"I feel sorry for that girl. Having to work in that awful place ever since it opened up. I don't know what's happening to her parents."

"What is going on with the Konishis? Honestly, I don't know what came into their minds when I got word that she applied to work in that damn store..."

"You see... I really, really hate that Yosuke kid." The other Saki giggled and pretended to cry and pout. "You can't hide your true feelings. This... is who you really are, Saki Konishi. I am you, after all."

"NO! NO!" The actual Saki shouted. "YOU'RE NOT ME! YOU'RE NOT ME AT ALL!"

"Oh that's perfect. In fact, that's really, really perfect!"

An earthquake erupted from the stage when Yu dashed in to move Saki out of the way.

"Move!" Yu noted that she was getting weak. Most likely due to the environment.

"Keep her safe, Teddie." He motioned Teddie to come and let her sit up on one of the shelves when she sat down, feeling very tired all of a sudden.

"What are you going to do about... it?!" Teddie pointed to Saki's other self, seeing it laugh for a few seconds. Afterwards, it changed into a hulking behemoth that has half its body visible with its legs in the hole. It looked like a demon with a skull face on it and horns on top of its head. It had black wings on its back with its giant hands stuck on the floor due to its long claws. On its mouth hanged the very likeness of Saki, still with its white eyes and clutching onto a kitchen knife.

"What I do best!" Yu eyed the glass display that had kitchen knives made for Konishi Liquors. He used his left elbow to smash the display case before he secured one of the knives inside.

The hooded teen held it via reverse grip.

"What's this, Teddie?" Yu called for the bear's attention. "What's this thing I'm facing?"

"It's a Shadow!" Teddie quickly answered. "In this case, it's the girl's own self, trying to prove to her about her real feelings!"

"A Shadow huh?" Yu murmured. Then it's like the case files we got debriefed on with the case in Sumaru City. Problem is I doubt this knife can cut it for me.

"I am a Shadow... The true self." The hulking Shadow huffed. "I'll get rid of anything that gets in my way...!"

The hulking Shadow eyed Yu, although it can't see his face since his hood obstructed his sight.

"You're first!"

The hulking Shadow raised its right hand up in the air before it began to bring it down to smash Yu into the floor, already clenched.

April 14, 2011

The Center, Unknown Location

MOM secured bio datas of qualified field agents as requested from Billy. From the list alone, she counted around four people who are of East Asian descent. They were also either near Narukami's age or just a year older or younger than him.

"Just the right amount of people needed for this op. I'll need to brief them as soon as I can."

From what she read up on them, all of them were in SHADOW. It was perfect since she needed them to support Narukami in Yasoinaba by acting as his eyes and ears due to his status as a student in the town, which left him little options to help him roam outside unless he was out with friends or doing errands on behalf of the Dojimas.

I'm sure Agent Narukami can think of something.

When MOM went through their bio data, she found some things interesting about them. One of them was the current Raido Kuzunoha from Japan, who had been recruited into the Center many years ago thanks to the handiwork of her predecessors when the organization was mysteriously contacted by someone who had the title of Herald of Yatagarasu, which meant that the person was working on behalf of the mythological Japanese creature known as Yatagarasu.

After all, anyone who has worked in the Center knows that most myths taught by their fellow countrymen are real.

She continued to dig through the folders. Two agents who had dabbled in being demon summoners hailed from the Philippines and Malaysia of ethnic Chinese origin, both of them male. A female agent was also included, who is from South Korea.

Rumors has it that at least one of the agents in the team has access to a special supernatural ability known as "Persona". The rumors didn't specify about this, except that those with the ability can summon it in the heat of battle.

All of them can speak Japanese in various degrees from fluent to conversational levels aside from agent Kuzunoha. This should be good. They'll be able to do their work as long as no one suspects them to be not Japanese unless he or she finds out.

"Excuse me, MOM." Billy hovered inside her office unannounced. "I brought the agents in as requested."

"Thank you, Billy. Tell them that I'll do the debriefing from the office. I don't have time to head to the nearest briefing room."

"Understood, MOM."

April 13, 2011

Liquor Store, Twisted Shopping District


Yu saw the incoming hand slam meant for him, which made him run forward towards the Shadow before he did a running slide.

Damn. This one's tough. I'll need a way to get around it.

"Souji-san!" Teddie called for Yu's attention after he rolled to the left to avoid being slammed by the giant Shadow. "I've analyzed the Shadow! It's weak to physical attacks, but I'm not sure where the weak spot is!"

"I'll figure something out!" Yu shouted when he nearly dodged an incoming punch meant for him by rolling onto the right.

Dammit... The hooded SHADOW agent was frustrated by the giant Shadow's fierce power. This one throws punches and other assorted physical attacks. I can't get near it.

He caught sight of the Shadow's attempt to pound its clenched fist onto the ground.

I can use that.

Yu decided to try something. "Hey! What's the matter? Am I too fast for you, huh?!"

"Why you! Stay still so I can pound you flat!"

His taunt seems to have worked when the agent anticipated the incoming pound.

"You missed!" Yu smirked when he saw the clenched fist on the ground. He took the opportunity by hopping on it and he dashed all the way on the arm. It was also good timing that the head was resting on the ground, obviously feeling tired from trying to pound on him from time to time.

Looks like a good spot to try.

"ORYAAAHHHH!" Yu charged it and leaped from the Shadow's shoulder to the back of its head. He began to assault it by stabbing several times, maintaining his reverse grip on the kitchen knife he used.

"Get off me!" The Shadow struggled in vain to get Yu off the back of its head by swinging its hands wildly. Yu managed to stab the back of the head several times before it leaped off and landed back on the ground.

"I need to turn up the heat..." Yu murmured when he landed on his feet. He saw the Shadow was reeling back from the pain it felt from the knife assault. "That head seems to be the weak point."

He felt something stir within him. Something that reminded him of the previous encounter in the fog-ridden world that asked him if he wanted to find the truth.

Damn straight. I'm going to beat the shit out of this Shadow and find the truth behind this urban myth.

"Do you wish to seek the truth?..."

Yu heard the voice he heard in his dream once, speaking in the same tone that he's using right now to conceal his identity, but he wasn't sure if Teddie heard it.

"Summon your Persona. It is the only way you'll survive this battle."

The voice's got a point.

A tarot card appeared in front of him, falling down at a slow speed so that he can see it via eye level. He reached out to it and grabbed it with his right hand.

"!" Yu said the word slowly before he gritted in pain when the tarot card burned up in his hand.

I can handle it... It's just like in training.

The blue flame briefly erupted from his hand and from his rear when the summoning happened.

Teddie was amazed to see something as magnificent as the summoning of a Persona right before his eyes. Behind Yu was a giant figure that had a gray body and face. It had a black trench coat, but had its head concealed in a hoodie similar to what Yu was using. In its left hand was a giant spear that appeared to be held on its left hand underneath the trench coat sleeve.

The blue flames eventually died down.

"Amazing..." Teddie murmured when he watched Izanagi appear from behind Yu.

"LET'S GO, IZANAGI!" Yu shouted when he made another charge at the Shadow. Izanagi responded in kind by using the giant spear to stab its eye.

The giant Shadow screamed in pain when Izanagi delivered the damage. He ordered the Persona to retreat and called for Zio.

"ZIO!" Yu shouted when he pointed at the Shadow's head. Izanagi responded and struck it with a lightning-like attack. The giant Shadow felt the pain and tried to apply a backfist.

"RAKUKAJA!" The agent shouted when he the incoming attack and tried to block it with his arms. The backfist stopped when an invisible barrier halted it in its tracks, but the aftermath of the attack's force nearly made Yu tumble down.


Izanagi used Zio again to shook the giant Shadow. This time, it fell down, face first due to being shocked severely.

"You made it weak! Now's your chance!" Teddie yelled at the top of its voice when he saw the Shadow go down.

Yu ran up to the catwalk surrounding the area from the nearest staircase. From there, he hopped onto the railing and jumped with confidence. He positioned his body frame by leaning forward with his arms wide open.

His target was to land at the back of the Shadow's head.

Here I go.

Yu landed at the area where he wanted to be. Before he landed, he positioned the knife with his right hand raised up. Afterwards, he stabbed the back of the Shadow's head with it.

The Shadow growled in anger when it tried to swat Yu away. It only made things easier for him when he landed on its hand and stabbed the hand to get it distracted.


Yu went back to the Shadow, stabbing at the back of its head again until he got knocked off.

April 14, 2011

The Center, Unknown Location

MOM was busy in her office, waiting for the agents to arrive. There wasn't any time to waste since time was of the utmost importance.

"I brought them here as requested." Billy flew inside her office, leading the four SHADOW agents inside.

"Good work, Billy." MOM acknowledged Billy when she counted the agents on top of her head.

"Agent Jang Tae-sung reporting in for duty." The South Korean woman saluted MOM when she stood at attention. The other three SHADOW agents stood in attention as well.

"Agents." MOM stood up from her seat, wasting no time to explain the situation. "I'm afraid we're in a tight situation here with regards to what's going on in Yasoinaba."

"What about it?"

"There's a situation going on there and Agent Narukami is currently involved in it."

The team was entirely silent after they heard one of their own was in trouble.

"No need to worry. I have utmost confidence in his skills. Right now Agent Jang, I need you to lead the team to Yasoinaba right away."

April 13, 2011

Unknown Area

Yu got up, feeling some pain on his body and legs, partly due to the Rakukaja spell wearing off. He decided to use it again since it benefited his personal fighting style.



Yu commanded Izanagi to cast the spells to properly defend himself from another attack before Zio was casted to shock the Shadow in order to stun it.


Izanagi obeyed the command and charged again at the downed Shadow. It used its giant spear to do multiple slashes at the head until it screamed in pain. After the scream came, it dropped dead.

Is it over?

The giant Shadow changed forms, this time back to the appearance of Saki. It looked at the unconscious Saki and sighed.

"Looks like I won't know if she's able to accept her real feelings..."

The Saki-type Shadow eventually disappeared from sight.

"Let's go." Yu walked back to the unconscious Saki, checking her pulse before he could determine that she was still okay. "We can't stay here for much longer."

Teddie nodded. "Okay."

Yu proceeded to lift Saki up by the shoulder via fireman's lift. He struggled a bit to do it, it was his firs time to do so since his older and more experienced colleagues in SHADOW were the ones in charge of doing it. Or when the tactical units from the Special Reaction Group came with them in anti-crime/terror operations.

He dropped the knife afterwards, seeing no need for it.

"One more thing, bear." Yu approached Teddie. "DON' . . .THIS!"

"Okay, okay!" Teddie waved his arms around. "I promise!"

"Or else I'll come back and do whatever I want to make you shut up..."


Yu kept carrying Saki over his shoulders in a fireman's lift. It was safe to say that her unconscious body was giving him a hard time walking back to the starting point. He was only fortunate that Teddie was around, using his Shadow sniffing skills to help them avoid them by taking the back alleys and the sidestreets of the fake shopping district.

Here we are.

Yu and Teddie arrived back at the studio platform at last. He decided to put her body down in order to rest for a few seconds and catch his breath.

"You were so cool, Souji-san! Seeing you beat up that giant Shadow like it was nothing!" Teddie was excited by the previous fight that he waved his arms around.

"It's nothing. I've been in this kind of situation before." Yu thanked Teddie for the compliments.

"Which is why I've decided to give you this." Teddie handed Yu a pair of tactical goggles in his hand. "These should suit you much better than the glasses I gave you. Since you know, you act like mysterious and stuff..."

Yu got the goggles, turned around and wore them before he gave the glasses back. "Keep it. Maybe someone could be here and end up in the same situation like me."

"I understand." Teddie nodded when he got the glasses. "I got this one."

Yu knelt down next to the unconscious student and did a fireman's lift to carry her up. During that time, Teddie summoned the way out. It consisted of stacked cathode ray tube TV sets.

"How are we going to go in there?"

Teddie smiled and went behind Yu. "It's easy. All you have is to walk up to it."

"H-hey! Don't push!" Yu chided the bear. "I'm carrying someone!" He was forced to walk slowly and carefully towards the stacked TVs.

"I'm doing you a favor! Just get in there and...!"

Yu didn't realize that it happened so fast. When his legs touched the stacked TVs, a portal opened up and he saw himself falling down, feet first.

Before he could tell where he's going, Yu got to work on his O-Watch, which looks like a typical Casio G-Shock DW-6900NB-7JF digital watch, and activated the tracker so that his fellow agents can pick him up.

"O-Watch activated! Tracker selected!"

Unknown Area

Somewhere near Yasoinaba, Nakakoma, Yamanashi, Japan

Yu and Saki landed on what appears to be an electronics junkyard a few kilometers near the outskirts of Yasoinaba. The good thing is that he's back in the real world. The bad thing is that he bore the brunt of the impact since he held onto Saki's body in his arms.

Good thing we're back.

He saw an empty sofa nearby and placed Saki down so that she can rest a bit. He took off the goggles Teddie gave him and kept it in the hoodie's pocket for the meantime.

Yu got onto his smartphone and received a SMS.

We're en route. Wait there.

He kept his smartphone and waited for help to arrive. It only took five minutes before he heard a vehicle parked outside.

("Good thing we arrived in time, huh?") He heard someone speak to him in Korean.

("Tae-Sung sunbae.") Yu greeted the Korean woman when she showed up.

So far, Tae-sung and Mark Lau showed up. He eyed the third person who showed up, having the same black windbreakers, jeans and combat boots Mark wore with the exception of a gray ballcap and the saya of a wakizashi strapped on his back for covert reasons. A black cat was seen sitting down next to him.

Looks like a Kuzunoha's assigned to our team. Been a while since I last saw him.

["The others can't make it. MOM mentioned that he's a bit busy."] Tae-sung when to check on Saki.

["And what about him..."] Yu asked her.

Tae-sung shook her head. ["Can't risk it. He's on extended break for family reasons and he made it clear that he's not going back to the field yet. MOM honored the request after all."]

["I understand."]

"So this is the missing girl?". Mark kept an eye on Saki when he spoke to Yu in English. "Guess the local news was true that she's missing at the time."

["What happens then?"] Yu asked his fellow SHADOW agent in the same language when suddenly, their O-Watches rang up and received a video transmission from MOM. A holographic image of the Center's director showed up.

["It's me."] MOM's face showed up on the image. ["How's the victim?"]

["She's safe."] Yu replied before he asked his superior. ["What happens now?"]

["It's too dangerous for Ms. Konishi if she's returned back to Yasoinaba."] MOM debriefed the team. ["This means we need to hide her away from this place."]

["I see your point."] Yu sighed when he noted that she has a point. ["But how are we going to solve this? I mean, the police are still trying to solve her disappearance."]

["A plan's already in place. Your fellow SHADOW agents will take care of it soon."] MOM explained to him. ["This is where you guys get things messy and go covert..."]

SHADOW was one of the Center's most elite and covert units in the organization's history. For things like this, it was routine since they have the right to not help law enforcement and the military and go dark when they suspect that things are not going to do well if they further cooperate with them.

["Since the last paranormal readings spiked a bit at the town's station, the culprit who tried to kill her could be someone who knows his or her way around it. Either way, it's too dangerous. We'll have to make her disappear."]

The SHADOW agents stayed silent. The idea didn't sound nice at all, but they understood that this was the only way they can approach this problem.

["Understood, MOM."] Yu replied, still keeping a straight face.

["Tae-sung, you're in charge."]

["Understood, MOM."]

The transmission then ended.

Tae-sung approached the unconscious Saki and placed a pen-shaped needleless syringe on her neck. She pressed the button on top, injecting a muscle relaxant. This would eventually make her sleep even more for a few more hours before she would be transported out of the area by the SHADOW team.

"We'll see you later." Mark said to Yu as Tae-sung told the others to safely place the unconscious student to the parked vehicle.

As Yu watched them leave the junkyard, he turned off his voice modulator.

I need to get back to the house now.

Yu immediately departed from the junkyard and jogged back towards the direction of Yasoinaba. On the way to the Dojima residence, he fixed the hood to cover his head again since it fell down when he fought the Shadow.

Chapter 1 END

PS - Been trying to work on this for a while since I published my first Persona fanfic years ago. Now with Persona 5 out worldwide, except for South Korea, which will debut next month, it gave me an idea on doing a trinity of stories assuming another Persona sequel game won't be released before either I'm too old to do any more fanfics by sitting in front of a computer or be super lazy due to RL stuff. I hope I can finish this and most of the other stories out there. I just hope this can be used to kick in my muse and start writing again after being absent for almost a year by now.

The story's inspired by the duology when human enemies were known to be involved in the plot/s aside from good old Nyarly. Also by the Assassin's Creed plot with the war between the Assassins and the Templars coupled with the Martin Mystery cartoon with teen agents investigating hostile supernatural stuff. Some cameos from other franchises/series will show up, but only as cameos and nothing more since the main crossover is on Assassin's Creed and Martin Mystery.

Hope you guys enjoy the chapter. Let me know how it is and if I did something wrong, please feel free to let me know how it is. This is dedicated to anyone who reads technothriller done by the likes of the late Tom Clancy and Chris Ryan.

It'll feature some callbacks from previous Persona games (Maybe until SMT if..., depending on how the story goes) and from the Devil Summoner series, including Soul Hackers.

Below is the O-Watch, an OC device I made from my previous MM cartoon fics when I first started. The info on the bottom will stay there to serve as a reference.


* Binoculars - Military-grade binoculars with 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x magnification. Straps are located on both sides for easy handling. Zoom adjustment can be used to give agents a good view during surveillance.

* Communicator - Used to communicate with either fellow SHADOW agents or with the Center. Usually has a holographic mode to see the recipient of your transmission. The agent has the option to turn the holographic mode off.

* Directional Microphone - Held by a hand, it is used to spy on conversation from a distance. Accompanied with headphones to allow the agent to listen in.

* Hologram Viewer - Can be used to analyze anything from blueprints to building plans and maps. Pretty useful when you're lost somewhere. Creates 3D images of blueprints, etc. to help in navigation as an option. Also includes a translator.

* Karambit - The main offensive weapon for any SHADOW agent. Has a black blade and handle, constructed with high-quality carbon steel (for the blade) and Black Micarta (for the handle).

* Lockpick Gun - Used to force pin tumbler locks open in covert operation. Has picks that can be inserted onto the gun if the initial pick is rendered useless.

* Messenger - Used to send messages to fellow SHADOW agents or from the Center. All messages are encrypted with latest alien technology to prevent decryption.

* Push Dagger - Consists of a T-shaped blade made of high-quality carbon steel and a handle made of Black Micarta. Useful for assassination, CQC or for sentry takedowns.

* Scrambler - Has a decoder to open electronic locks and/or search for passwords to lock password-equipped doors. Also has a keycard scrambler that can used to fool keycard slot-locked doors that it has been "correctly" accessed with the proper key.

* Grappling Hook - Used for many purposes, such as climbing or pulling objects nearby. Launched from the O-Watch, it has better maneuverability and launch speed than the Turbo Bungee.

* GPS Tracker - Can track anyone or anything if and when a tracker is placed on them, 24/7/365.

* Bio Scan - Same purpose like in Martin Mystery. This also incorporates the Slime Scan technology into it.

* Legendex - Same purpose like in Martin Mystery.

* Search Mode - Enables a SHADOW agent to search for anything ranging from phone numbers to addresses.

* Portal - Same purpose like in Martin Mystery, but one that can be used to open and locate open portals. Has some issues on where the person will end up when entering a portal...