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'Robin, hurry, grab on!' M'Gann's voice echoed in Robin's head as he slipped out of the building. Talia had shown him an easy exit where no one could catch him. There, hovering a few meters off the ground, was the bioship with a rope hanging from it.

Suddenly, from behind him, groups of ninjas popped out of nowhere. So much for the easy route to not get caught. They had their weapons ready to use. Robin knew he only got a few seconds and one shot to make his escape. Taking two steps back, he calmed his mind and glanced back around his surroundings.

There, he saw two shadowy shape. One was female, the other was the size of a kid. Robin had a good feeling who those people are. Giving a sly wink and a smirk, he ran and jumped to a high point of the rope, and the group quickly flew away, dragging Robin's bone chilling cackle along with it.

"Robin!" The group walked up to him in concern. "Are you alright? What happened?" On and on, they asked questions after questions. However, they left little time for him to answer.

"Woah, hold it! Slow down with the interrogation why don't cha?" Robin put his hands up, similar to a surrender signal. "Calm down. I'm alright! Let me explain it without interruptions. Plus, I need a few minutes. It was so hectic, I didn't really pay attention to the details."

"I could help you remember the details if you would allow me to," M'Gann offered, hovering closer to me. She raised her hands towards my head and it got closer and closer. Robin made a quick move of slapping her hand away. They group all had shocked, wide eyes plastered on their faces, seeing the unusual and sudden move.

"Sorry, M'Gann," Robin apologized. "I-It's fine, I'm already remembering most of the details." M'Gann nodded, backing off and backed up next to Conner. She placed her hand on his fist, preventing him from punching Robin. Superboy was angry that Robin had slapped M'gann's hand away. Robin took a breath before beginning his fib, but after creating a mental barrier in case she accidentally look into his mind and finds out he's not telling the truth.

"After you guys left, the assassins attacked from all around. I managed to jump from above and throw a smoke bomb and escape to the vents. I decided to just navigate my way to a vent close to an opening out of there. After you called me, I dropped out of the vents, but ninjas were already getting close. I threw some birdarangs before evading them. Then I made it to the designated location of the bioship and you saw things from there."

"Is that what really happen?" Aqualad asked, raising an eyebrow. He felt like it wasn't the entire story. He felt that Robin was hiding something from them. Sure, it sounded reasonable, but there was a tiny feeling inside that told him otherwise. Robin gave him a convincing confused look.

"Yeah. Why would I lie about this?" Robin asked in disbelief. The others glanced between the two, wondering the tension that was created. Aqualad and Robin had a silent staring contest, but not for long, Aqualad conceded.

"My mistake. I apologize for having doubts, my friend," Aqualad replied. Everything seemed to go back to normal, like that conversation never happened. Kid Flash spent the rest of the way flirting hopelessly with Miss Martian while Artemis chided him. Superboy was quiet while listening to Miss Martian and Zatanna, who were ranting on and on about who knows what.

Aqualad watched Robin, who was absentmindedly daydreaming. He looked like there was something stuck in his head. Aqualad wondered what plagued the thoughts of his comrade and friend.

Young Justice: A New Bat

"So that's what happened?" Batman asked the group. They were back in the debriefing room and had explained what occurred during the mission. They all nodded, waiting for Batman to say something that would help them improve.

"Good work," Batman praised in a monotone voice, "Now go write those mission reports." And off they went, slowly walking into the living room to write the boring report.

"That was a shocker," Wally dramatically gasped. "Batman actually praised us! The world must be ending!" The team shook their heads in amusement. Sure, Batman can be heartless and emotionless, but he isn't like that all the time. At least they didn't think so. Only Robin knows the true Batman. But still, a praise coming from the Batman was rare, and they all felt proud to receive it.

"This calls for a celebration!" Wally continued. "We need tons of food!" Like always, Wally was getting ahead of himself. Artemis put her hands on her waist, giving him an annoyed look.

"Don't forget Baywatch," Artemis reminded him, "we still have the mission summary to go." Wally groaned and looked deflated.

"Fine, I'll finish the stupid report, but after that, you guys want to have a party?" Wally asked.

It didn't take them that long to finish the summary. After they were all done, Wally asked them again if they wanted to stay and celebrate. Most of them wasn't busy. They have extra time to spare. So they accepted Wally's offer. Everyone, but Dick.

"Sorry Wally," Dick apologized. "I have to cram for this huge test. Totally not feeling the aster for it though. Sorry, but I have to decline your offer. I'll catch up with you guys later!" And with that, Robin walked into the zeta beam, went into the light, and transported back to Gotham City.

Luckily, Wayne Manor and the Batcave wasn't too far from there. All he had to do is jump building to building as a shortcut and snuck in without any civilians noticing.

"Hiya Bats! Agent A!" Dick greeted as he swung into the cave. Bruce was still in his Batman costume, typing at at the Batcomputer, researching some new case. Agent A, otherwise known as Alfred, stood close by with a plate full of his famous fresh baked cookies.

"Good evening, Master Dick," Alfred greeted back. "Would you care to have some cookies?" Nodding viciously, he grabbed a handful and started stuffing it into his mouth. He did slow down and ate it in a more mannerly type of way, seeing Alfred's disapproval.

Batman had said nothing back to Dick, too focused at the case at hand. Dick sighed. It was usually like this. Dick would come home from the Mountains or any place really, and Batman, aka Bruce, would just be more focused on a crime. He would usually ignore Dick or be strict, full on unemotional bats, not tolerating any kind of failures.

But there are some times Bruce would show that he cared, whether it be him, his brothers, or Alfred. He just rarely show it, due to the many horrible crimes in Gotham that had to be stopped. Dick understood that. He just wished Bruce showed his kinder side more often.

"So where's Jason and Tim? " Dick wondered, "I don't hear them yelling for once." Jason and Tim were two boys Batman had picked up years ago. Jason had tried stealing tires off of the Batmobile while Tim's parents were both killed. Batman had adopted them both, making Dick slightly jealous. Actually, he was mad at first. After all, Bruce never did adopt Dick. He was just Bruce's ward, his charity case so people would say.

Jason was downright rude and arrogant while Tim on the other hand, was timid and quiet. They both got into fights with each other a lot, but when the time matter, they worked together as a team. Despite their difference, he loves his two younger brothers. They were a few of the people who make him happy. They brought light into his life. He would sacrifice his life for them.

"Master Jason and Master Tim are in their room, doing their homework," Alfred informed, "Like someone in this room should be." Taking the hint, Dick jumped his way to his room. There, he sat on his bed, homework sprawled all over the bed. He sighed. There was a ton he had to do.

'Well, better get to work,' Dick slammed his math textbook, opening it to the assigned page. To his surprise, stuck between the two pages was a letter. On the outer part of the white envelope was just his name, last name to be exact.

Opening the letter, there was only a small sheet of paper with only a sentence. 'See you in a week, Grayson.' There was no signature, but he figured it was the brat. After all, no one else besides him calls him Grayson. They prefer to call him Dick or Richard if he was in trouble.

"Dick!" someone called, snapping Dick out of his thoughts. "You're back!" He looked up to see Tim jumping on him. Jason walked slowly towards the two, a scowl on his face. Tim was grinning widely, settling himself on Dick's lap.

"How was the team mission?" Tim asked excitedly. "What happened? What did you do? Are you in-"

"Put a cork in it," Jason snapped. "Golden boy can't answer any questions with you asking them left and right. Hey, Dickie bird, was there any explosions?" Jason grinned at the thought. Tim, on the other hand, winced at it. Dick chuckled, ruffling both of their heads.

"Sorry no explosions," Dick replied. "Well, maybe when the team was trying to get me out. We went to Rah's Al Ghul's hideout and stole some info from them. The assassins surrounded us, so I told the rest to go to the ship first with the info. I ended up battling 100 ninjas, and knocked each and every one of them, unscathed." Okay, Dick had to admit. He lied about the last part, and made sure it was obvious that he exaggerated. The first to react was Jason. He glared at the older bat sibling. Afterwards, Tim gave Dick a pout.

"You huge fake," Jason grumbled, "you did not take on 100 ninjas. Even the mighty golden boy couldn't do that." Dick chuckled ruffling Jason's hair, which was quickly brushed off. It was then that Tim noticed the white envelope on Dick's desk.

"What's that?" Tim asked, ending the current conversation. They all began to focus on Tim's question. Dick scratched his head nervously. He couldn't tell Timmy and Jay yet. It wasn't time.

"Haha, this?" Dick picked up the envelope and raised it. "It's just a letter a kid sent to me as a joke. It's nothing important." It was a wonder they believed him. Dick had thought that he was an open book. He felt bad though. He didn't like lying to them, but what could he do? He promised not to tell yet, and he was gonna make sure he kept his promise.

"Oooh, can we read it, Dick?" Timmy reached his hands up to reach it, but Dick moved it away. Soon, Jason joined in the fun of trying to reach it too. Dick smirked, jumping to the door, away from the two.

"You'll have to catch me first," Dick called. He rushed out the door and escaped. Jason and Tim's yells echoed behind him. Cackling, he slid down the banister of the stairs and... into none other than Bruce.

"Watch out!" he yelled, bracing himself for impact. Luckily, it never came. When Dick opened his eyes, he could only see that he was sitting on the end of the staircase. Bruce had managed to stop him from colliding.

"What do you think you're doing?" Bruce asked. Before Dick could answer, he was tackled to the ground by Jason and Tim.

"Hahaha, got you!" Jason bragged, sitting on his chest. Tim stood nearby, smiling at the sight. Dick grimaced. He could've gotten away if only Bruce hadn't gotten in the way.

"Ahem." The three boys froze and looked at the stern man. He had one eye raised and silently questioned them. The boys chuckled nervously while getting up. None of them knew what to say to justify why they ran around the house. One of the rules Bruce laid out was not to chase each other in the house, but they always seem to break that rule a lot.

"Might I say that dinner is ready, Masters?" Alfred asked, appearing at the doorway leading to the dining table. There was no chance any of them were to protest against food and especially Alfred. With that, the letter and the chase was forgotten, and they all left to have a happy family dinner.

Young Justice: A New Bat

'Where is that little brat?' Dick groaned. He searched all around the park for Damian. This was the designated location where they were supposed to meet, but the kid was late. Where was he?

"You're pathetic, Grayson," Damian insulted, appearing behind him. Dick jumped away in surprise. Damian shook his head in disappointment. Each were thinking about about opposite things. One was thinking about the similarities of Batman and the kid. The other wondered how Robin came to be 'cause that person seems incompetent.

"Why do you hate me so much?" Dick wondered, taking a step towards a path. Damian, not wanting to be left alone, followed with a scowl. He rushed to be side to side with Dick. He felt that if Dick was steps ahead of him, then it would make Dick more superior than him, and he couldn't let that happen.

"There are many reasons that I hate you Grayson," Damian replied. "One, you are an insult to the Wayne name along with the hero business. Second, you are too cheery and happy. This is Gotham, Grayson. You shouldn't be this cheerful. It's not helping the people here. Might I continue some more?" They had stopped in the middle of the path.

"No need to," Dick rolled his eyes. He didn't protest against Damian's reasons. He was pretty sure, whatever he says, Damian wouldn't believe him. He continued the path once again, with Damian trailing behind him.

"So, let's start introducing ourselves," Dick decided, grinning. "I'm Richard Grayson, but everyone calls me Dick. I like butchering the english language and fighting baddies." Dick turned to Damian, who growled at Dick.

"Damian al Ghul Wayne, " Damian boasted. "Son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al ghul. Grandson of the mighty Ra's al Ghul. I have no particular interest... Fine, I like bloodshed." Damian rolled his eyes, adding the last comment after Dick gave him an exasperate look.

"If you haven't heard lately, killing isn't Batman's style," Dick glared at the rascal, who glared back. "If you want to be able to help Batman and make him proud, no maim and deaths." Damian tutted and shook his head.

"But that method is not effective," Damian argued. "The villains can escape and cause havoc and kill millions. One death vs millions. What would you choose?" Dick sighed, placing his hand on Damian. It was no wonder he thought like this. Everyone would. Being raised by assassins probably didn't help either.

"Dami," Dick earned a slap for the 'hideous' nickname from Damian. "That's the easy way out. If you do that, you'll follow a path that will not be a happy one. I almost went on the same path you think about walking through, but I was saved by Bruce, and I'm glad he did." Dick grinned as he reminisced the time they met. Damian just glared. He didn't get what Grayson was saying. All he knew was that his mother and grandfather taught him to kill his enemies. To eradicate those who leave filth in this world.

"Let's get moving," Dick sighed. He knew it wouldn't be very easy to convince him of Bruce's way of serving justice. How could he when he was brought up by assassins? Guess it'll just take some time. Jason had similar thoughts when he met Bruce, but in time, that changed.

"Ding Dong Ding Dong," the familiar instrumental song of "Pop Goes the Weasels" started playing. Dick ran in the direction only to stop and look back to see Damian not moving at all.

"Why aren't you going?" Dick asked. "Don't you want to get some ice cream? I'll even pay." Damian gave him an annoyed look. But his eyes held something like confusion? Dick knew that face though. It was the face Bruce had when he was hiding what he's actually feeling inside.

"Do you know what ice cream is?" Dick asked in shock. Even if he was in a deserted, secluded place, wouldn't he know the wonders of the cold treat? Seeing him shake his head, Dick's eyes started to glitter.

"HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT ICE CREAM?" Dick yelled, getting weird stares from bystanders. "WE MUST INTRODUCE YOU TO IT RIGHT NOW!" And with that, Dick grabbed Damian and ran to the truck. Handing in the money, he got two vanilla ice cream cones and held one out to Damian.

"I don't want your charity," Damian scoffed, knocking Dick's hand away. Unexpected, the cone flew out of his hand and onto the floor. Damian had a shocked expression before quickly hiding it with his scowl. Dick however, was trembling with anger. Without saying anything, he jumped on top of the kid and pinned him down.

"You are gonna eat this and enjoy it," said Dick in a deadpanned voice. All the happiness left his body as he pushed his piece of ice cream to Damian's mouth. Damian was reluctant, but ate it nonetheless.

All of a sudden, Damian's eyes lit up with wonder and glitter sparkles. He eagerly ate the ice cream in less than a minute, but still savored its taste. Once Damian was done, Dick got off of him, smiling at the scene.

"Knew you'll like it," Dick grinned at the kid. Damian gave him a look of confusion, before his cool facade took over. He crossed his arms and glared at the ground.

"It was barely adequate," Damian retorted. "It's very sugary and unhealthy. I never had anything that tasted that unorthodox in my life." Dick rolled his eyes and put an arm over Damian's shoulders.

"Just admit it," Dick said with a sly grin, "you totally loved it. Just wait, next time, we'll get different flavors." Damian stilled denied it, but deep inside, he did actually want to have some more. He loved the cold taste of it in his mouth.

Dick secretly watched the boy's actions. Damian may not know, but his cold facade couldn't hide the truth in his eyes. Dick knew the kid liked, no, loved the ice cream. It was kinda nostalgic. Besides for obvious reasons, Damian reminds him of Bruce in so many ways. How they act like they're heartless was uncanny. A little part of him kinda liked the kid.

"Let's get going, Grayson," Damian walked off. "I just want to get this day done with and get away from all your simpleminded shenanigan." Dick frowned at the boy who was getting farther by the second. On the other hand, he might be wrong and completely hate the kid.

Young Justice: A New Bat

"So how was my little Damian?" Talia asked. She was in casual clothes that didn't give her away really easily to citizens. Damian stood right by her side, silent and patient.

"He was a total prick and was troublesome," Dick started. At this, Talia looked down sternly at Damian, who in turn, gave her a skeptical yet a bit fearful look. He could read from her expression that she was gonna punish him later. After all, his mother wanted him to get along with Grayson.

"But," Dick continued, gaining the two's attention, "it was fun. He and I actually bonded somewhat. It'll be great to do this again soon." Talia's expression changed to a satisfied one. Once she looked away, Dick gave a sly wink at Damian, who glared back. He could tell Damian was thankful though, cause his eyes showed it.

"It's getting late," Dick observed, looking at the street clock. "You guys should get going before it gets even darker. You know how Gotham can be when it gets late." With a nod, Talia turned around and walked off. Damian, stood in his spot for a few seconds, causing suspicion.

"See you around, Grayson," Damian muttered loud enough that Dick could hear before running off. Dick stared speechlessly at the kid as he caught up to his mother. Sure, the way he worded it was like the usual Damian, but the hidden meaning of it could be deciphered rather easily.

And off Dick went. Back to the Wayne Manor before it's so late that Bruce will get suspicious. On his way, he kept on thinking of the next things he could do with Damian when he comes to visit again.

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