Jack grabbed Irina's arm and spun her body towards his. Swiftly he lowered his lips to hers, holding her body close. Irina responded immediately, her lips parting while her hands reached up, tangling themselves in his hair. Jack's hands began to explore her body hungrily, eliciting moans of pleasure.

Slowly he backed her up against the wall in the deepest shadows of the alley, hips pressed against hers, locked in a passionate embrace. Irina's hands found their way inside his shirt, and they moved sensuously across his back, down towards his belt.

The footsteps faded. Jack stepped back and dropped his hands. "They're gone," he said, breathing heavily. Irina leaned against the wall for support. Involuntarily, she reached up and touched her lips, swollen and moist. Jack's hands clenched at his sides, unable to break his gaze from hers, his eyes dark with suppressed desire. Warily each studied the other, each fighting for control.

Irina broke eye contact first. Closing her eyes briefly, and pushing away from the wall, she said quietly, "We need to go. This way."