I Book two:

Intro: Against the wind
It seems like yesterday
But it was long ago
Ash looked out over the hill of pallet town with pikachu on his shoulder ash looked and saw his old town relapsed over the town he looked at,
Janey was lovely, she was the queen of my nights
There in the darkness with the radio playing low
Ash and Serena were laying on top of each other laughing as a zoom out on the window as the moon hangs alone.
And the secrets that we shared
The mountains that we moved
Ash and Serena walked side by side hand in hand, as more of the companions and disappear as the background of where they traveling changes,
Caught like a wildfire out of control
Misty, Brock, then Misty becomes May, and her brother max, before they to fuse into dawn, before she and Brock both vanish to look into iris and Cian, only to then form into clemot and Bonnie, before they vanish to leaving Serena with her husband before she too vanishes
Till there was nothing left to burn and nothing left to prove
ash alone looking at the fading outline, before facing the camera and zooming out to show ash on a podium holding a trophy saying Pokémon master, everyone under him clapping and cheering for him.
And I remember what she said to me
How she swore that it never would end
Ash looks to his mothers grave alone again tears fell down his face as he looks to the left to see Serena next to her,
I remember how she held me oh so tight
Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then
Ash grabbing on to Serena who was on a medical bed as she is rolling away leaving ash to reach helpless to grab her.
Against the wind
We were runnin' against the wind
Ash looking back toward the camera and zooming out to see him and Brock, with Serena, May and max running down the hill
We were young and strong, we were runnin'
Against the wind
Ash looked back to see the wind blowing in his face thinking about what he was going to do next. Be turned to face his group who smiled.
And the years rolled slowly past
And I found myself alone
Ash slowly growing older and older as he reaches alola and he waves as Serena goes to hoenn as he is seated in a shadowly classroom filed with solicitous before he fell through the floor,
Surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends
Ash looks around the room for help only to see the faces of Sophocles, Marrow, Lillie, and the other giving him evil smirks as ash sinks lower and lower.
I found myself further and further from my home
And I guess I lost my way
A map of the world apperes and a Pin attached to red string, the camera flips over to show ash contemplating where to go next.
There were oh so many roads
I was living to run and running to live
Ash spins around to look at the endless maze of intersecting roads before taking off down one, he looks back to see the road burning beneath him as ash runs faster to not be lost. Before as he is eaten by the darkness.
Never worried about paying or even how much I owed
Moving eight miles a minute for months at a time
Ash was reaching into his pocket to pay the person, when Brock stopped him and payed for him
Breaking all of the rules that would bend
I began to find myself searchin'
Ash running in the forest alone looking back ducking under pokemon attacks and rolling
Searchin' for shelter again and again
Against the wind
Ash looks to see a cliff in front of him he turns to see his back which should be covered with enemy Pokémon empty, and a breise flowed
A little something against the wind
I found myself seeking shelter against the wind
Ash sighed as he shoots up in his tent as the wind pounding outside.
Well those drifters days are past me now
I've got so much more to think about
Ash is sitting in his house clicking at channels and looking at red in his cradle as he moved his hand and started to rock him back and forth,
Deadlines and commitments
What to leave in, what to leave out
Ash at the castle looking at folders about attacks as he puts them away and goes to read sir Aaron's book.
Against the wind
I'm still runnin' against the wind
Ash running down the road with Serena in there ten year old body's as they getting father and father away.
I'm older now but still running
Against the wind
After that Ash and Serena 25 year old selves follow them. Holding red in between them
Well I'm older now and still running
Against the wind
Ash tries to run alone in his old age as a ninety five year old man but it only shows him limping. His aura robes showing the age, which has worn them down, his blues a light grey, and the grey being close to black, up as old ash tries to catch up.
Against the wind
I'm still runnin' against the wind
Old ash looks up slowly realizing he can't win as he slowly grows depressed before walking on as he looks to see a light
I'm older now but still runnin' against the wind
Well I'm older now and still runnin'
Against the wind
Front ash looks back and smiles at the future and leads them forward. And running back down the road
Against the wind ...
In the distance the ash's dissipate in the fog never to be seen again.
CHAPTER one start

Ash in his old Kanto gear a pair of jeans black and white sneakers, black short sleeve shirt, under a green coat, green fingerless gloves, and his Pokémon expo hat that was destroyed in a fire hid his messy hair, his face still had his iconic z marks on his cheeks, his back is his first bag which he gave to his son and was then lost when he died, ash's journey would be different, this time he feels like he could do it in the one trip.
walked down from the hill and looked at the town he once hailed from. He walked to the main lab building to get his first Pokémon only to stop when he was confronted by Gary oak. Gary was at least a month older, as he was a few inches taller. He had light brown hair, a blue sweater and a yin yang symbol around his neck, although he didn't show it, it represented the bond they shared and that Gary would always have ash's back. Ash still beleave the bond exists but Gary denies it, but after a few years Gary let up and was one of the ones who traveled with him. Especially on the journey right before he became a guardian, he was actually very useful in a dangerous mountain region with his wife Serena, the only reason they're alive as they had to share a bunk to keep hypothermia from killing them SERENA was in the most danger so she was in between the two but right now this is not that Gary, he still has a lot of maturing to do

" oh hey it's ashy-boy coming to bask in my glory of the champion?" He asked " hi Gary are you ready to get your Pokémon today I'm sure am, let's go." Ash said as he went around Gary only to be stopped as he shuffled left

" what are you talking about us getting our Pokémon I already got mine, I'm just waiting for you and that bitchy girl of yours to show up, who knows this time the whore might actually go with the better of us this time, what do you think?" He asked ash looked at Gary's eyes in stone cold stair " you really don't want to be here now. I'm letting you go, but next time if you insult Serena I'm not letting go." Ash said as the rocks in the mouth scratched up on each other.

Gary shrugged the threat off " huh whatever later ashy." He said as he hopped in the back of his car and drove off. Ash watched him go petting pikachu " come on buddy." Ash said (I wounded what your going to do when there's two of us?) The rat asked " hey in that case your twice as powerful who knows?" Ash said as he opened the door and walked in. Inside was a few scientists studying pokemon, " hello professor!" Ash called softly. Not wanting to disturb the other scientists. Ash looked around and came up to the professor who had his back turned to him. As ash approached oak turned around, he wore a red shirt under a white lab coat his hair is a bit of spiky but that mostly came from his son Gary's father ( rip) " oh ash hello, I didn't notice you I take it your here for your Pokémon?" He asked " that would be nice yes." Ash said nodding vigorously. " yes I expected that." He sighed before saying " unfortunately the last Pokémon I had a pikachu has some how run away, he was going to be the one I gave you and...it's the one that's just on your shoulder." He said. Ash looked at his shoulder to look at pikachu " yea I found him on the hill when I was looking over pallet, before I came here." Ash said

" yea so it's seems you've been reacquainted for a while, almost like you've lived a life together before you came here." Oak said " yea oak I think your losing it, you talking like I've been here before. But that's impossible right?" He asked worried that he had been found. Oak bore eyes into him " you tell me, your eyes are at least ten years older than the rest of you. And it seems the innocent in your eyes have evaporated from the last time we've meet yesterday, and I didn't hear of any death from the town below." Oak said

ash sighed " alright fine you win, yes I'm from an alternate reality, what do you want to know." Ash asked " absolutely nothing." Oak said. Mishearing him ash sighed " alright I-wait what?!" He asked " I don't care from the alternative reality, as your aware, not only I'm I not just a champion, but Im also a time traveler. The multi verse theory I know the ins and outs of." He said " yea I'm just going to take your world for it." Ash said " anyways here's your dex. It's a national dex so you can carry two full teams on you." Oak said " thanks Professor well I guess I'm going off to pewter city now, wish me luck! He called as he walked away not noticing pikachu hopped off his shoulder and stood next to oak, the professor looked down " aren't you going to go with him?" He asked ( he'll come back he just forgot something) pikachu said which for some reason oak understood " ahh" he said as he watched ash leave before stopping comically and rushing back to oak " I forgot have you seen Serena here?" Ash asked.

right when he said that the door bursted open and a young women voice yelled " IM LATE!" The women kept running and didn't stop until she was in front of oak. Unfortunately that meant she smacked into ash and sent him flying, right into some sharp equipment he was slashed on the side as the point grazed him. " OH SHOOT IM SORRY!" The girl said as she turned to reveal her honey blond hair, ash looked up and coughed " I'm- I'm fine." He said as he knelt on his hands and knees and pressed a hand to his left side.

under that guise ash prepared and unleashed his aura and healed his wound after that he stood up like nothing was wrong, " see all better." Ash said slightly mad a he saw he runied his shirt as he looked at the one who caused him to crash. He wanted to be angry, he really did but he found it impossible, as who was standing in front of him was Serena, but not the Serena he knew her eyes were green as grass, she wore a different outfit to as she had a white hat with a simi circle of red, and a band on it. She had a blue shirt that clung to her a red short skirt, with blue shocks that match her shirt and shoes that match her hat. Her right leg has a slight scar from when she fell in the woods at the summer camp.

she looked at her shoes and poked the tips of her fingers together. Which ash had to admit it was cute, before he noticed and sighed " well no harm done just...look where your going, straw hat girl." Ash said " wha-?!" Serena looked up to see ash and backpedaled " AHH ASH! Oh my god I'm so sorry!" She said as he clapped her hands together and bowed slightly to him. Apologies flying out of her at the speed of sound.

" do you understand any of this?" Ash asked pikachu on his shoulder the little rat shrugged as well. He sighed and put a hand on Serena's shoulder. She stopped " its cool just...you know..." he said he let his and drop and was about to look away only for Serena to cherish him in a hug.

ash froze as did everyone else, they knew Serena as the shy girl who didn't like to be touched at all, they heard yelling coming from her house one night and some people came to take a look, what they found was an parent argument turned abuse. Soon after grace divorced, but was unable to receive custody of Serena, Grace fled to kalos. After that Serena took the blunt of abuse from her father. In the summer she took a paper of attendance for the summer camp and admitted herself to escape, during one of the days on the camp the scavenger hunt. Her father found her and came back for her forcing Serena to run into the forest.

later ash showed up and took her out after patching her knee, he promised her that if she needed anything he would be there for her after that Serena was seeing ash in different light. Fast forward to now, Serena was running away this time forever never to see her father again,

ash read her story thought her aura she emmited she was scared. And he did the only thing he could, he hugged back. Serena winced as ash hugged a bit to hard in a soft spot but that didn't ruin the feeling of comfort in her heart.

after they let go of each other oak came up " hello Serena are you here for your Pokémon as well?" He asked " yes please I need to leave as fast as possible if I stay another minute I'll die that's why I was scarred I was late." She said fast as she explained her situation. Oak nodded but thought nothing of it. Serena's father was an asshole who treats everything he owns like shit, including Serena, but the fact he was rich, allowed the town to look away. " unfortunately Serena I don't have a Pokémon for you to give, I'm really sorry but the next ready pokemon won't be here till the next month, sorry." Oak said sadly oak was probably the only one who didn't fall for Serena fathers trick as he didn't need money.

Serena's voice hitched at the news as she closed her eyes to stop the tears that threatened to fall ash rubbed her back " I'm really sorry I-oh hold on!" Oak said as he turned around to show the face of Professor sycamore the regional professional of Pokémon in kalos, he had a bit of a scruffy face, he had jet black hair a blue collared shirt under his coat. " ahh professor sycamore what do I owe this present call?" Oak asked as he smiled but sycamore wasn't smiling back. " this isn't a pleasant call, it appeares one of my Pokémon I was studying has escaped." He said " so has one of mine, it happens sometimes, nothing you can do." Oak said

oak you don't understand this one is a starter but not only that this starter was full evolved and was said to mega evolve with out the use of a stone!" He said oak was taken back " but...how?!" Oak asked " in your thesis you said mega evolution was only capable because of the stones how it must have been a trick?!" Oak said but sycamore shook his head, " no it wasn't as this was a wild greninja a week ago I know because I was the one who caught it, and not only that he was in that form when I met him but refused to show the form to me again." He said

" why don't you call the Pokémon back?" Oak asked " because when he escaped he broke the ball." Sycamore said holding up the two broken pieces " oh my!?" Oak said as ash was in deep thought ' no it couldn't be...could it?" He asked himself before focusing on the conversation once again " not only that professor but I've also found that that same Pokémon is in Kanto as of right now!" He said " well I'll send one of my best to locate it and bring it back to you." Oak said " okay then I guess that's all we can ask for, oh you wanted to study the three starters from this region right?" Sycamore asked " actually just chespin but I also have a trainer who really wants to leave so I can take all three and give her the choice." Oak said sycamore nodded alright I'm sending them over." He said as the pokeballs appeared " thank you my friend, I hope to hear from you soon." Sycamore logged off.

oak turned around and opened the pokeballs to reveal chespin, forkie and fennikin " these are the three starters from kalos Serena, seeing as I don't have any Kanto starters you'll have to make due." He said Serena looked over the Pokémon, looking deep into there frokie on the left, fennikin in the middle and chespin on the right. Serena tried to scan each on them evenly but her eyes always returned to fennikin. " I chose fennikin Professor!" She said which made oak confused " okay but didn't you say you would start with a grass type?" Oak asked

but Serena gave him a sly wink and pointed to the ceiling " no I said I would start with a bulbasuar but seeing as it's not here I can't, and besides...this just seems...right..." she said oak sighed " oh well, now I don't expect you to see any other Pokémon not native to Kanto, but I'm giving you the local dex just in case you come across anything from Johto somehow." Oak save a wink to ash who sighed.

after there stuff was ready ash asked Serena the question. " so Serena since your leaving soon and I'm just about to leave I was wondering if you would...like to travel?" He asked Serena just starred at ash like he was an idiot. " are you serious ash...we told each other...we promised each other that when it was time for us to leave we would do it together." She said " oh right..." ash said as he rubbed the back of his head ' totally forgot that promise...again.' He thought ( yep!) pikachu said shaking his head. " so lets go then." Ash said as he out the building he looked up to the sun to see it midday. Ash sighed " damn its already 12 I was hoping we would be at least on the road by now to give us a fairly good chance to reach viridian before dark." Ash said

" oh well, sorry but hey come on let's go!" Serena said with fennikin in her arms. Ash looked at her, " why isn't fennikin in her pokeballs?" Ash asked " I don't know why isn't pikachu in his?" Serena asked " pikachu doesn't like pokeballs and I refuse to force my friend to do something." Ash explained as they reached the edge of town, " SERENA!" A voice called from behind them. They turned to see Serena's father stomping up to her, he was pissed. " WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? I WAS CALLING ALL OVER FOR YOU MISSY AND YOU WERE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!?" He yelled he was as much as a monster as he looked he had blond hair, which shined in the sun, he had a complexion of white paper as he didn't go outside much "works to busy right now" he would say, and after that he would come and hope for a nice supper, which usually meant Serena had to make it, now he stood in front of her towering over them.

' oh shit I'm going to die?' Serena thought as she cowered. ' use me.' A voice inside of her head said ' who are you?' Serena asked as she drifted into a blank landscape in her mind ' no time for that use me!' the voice said ' how?' Serena asked ' close your eyes.' I'm going to take control now.' The voice said ' so what are you a parisite?' Serena asked ' no I'm you...here we go.' The voice said as Serena's world faded to white,

Serena closed her eyes only to open them to reveal oceans blue eyes. " THERE IS NO WAY IM GOING WITH YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" She yelled making her father flinch back in anger " you-YOU DAMN WINCH YOU GET OVER HERE!" He yelled as he threw himself at her. He expected her to run allowing he would catch her and carry her away, but things didn't go as expected, he also didn't expect Serena to yell back at him. And neither did he expect her to hold her ground and knee him In the place the sun don't shine. He groaned and fell down moaning " you are an abusive, alcoholic, rapist, BASTARD WHO I HATE AND PITY AT THE SAME TIME!" She yelled as she kicked him again. She turned and left " you bitch, I'm coming for you and then, your'll really regret it, just like the whore of a mother you had." He said as he stood up and left.

Serena stood still until he was out of view before collapsing into ash's arms. She looked into his face and the confidence he had in her, Making her smile back. Finally she stood on her own " lets go. Honey." She said as she left with ash out into the world. Along the way they stopped to see Gary waiting in his car, although it appears he waited for a while as his intrigue was moaning as well. " come on Gary can we go!?" Someone asked " be quite girls don't worry we're go in a minute." Gary said as he looked in a mirror to see ash approaching he jumped out of the car " AHHA!" He yelled as he pointed to ash " I knew you would come this way so I came prepared and set up an ambush to beat you!" Gary said " in a bright red car parked in the open oh my god I'm so supriesed I might die of shock!" Ash gasped fakery as pikachu brought a paw to his face and fainted off of ash's shoulder, ash then looked at Gary calmly like ' your a fucking moron.' Serena was looking at the bright red car that was rolling down the hill with the girls screaming for help. " yea you might want to see to your car." Ash said as he pointed down the hill, Gary followed his hand and saw the car moving " OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL! HOW!?" Gary asked " my guess you forgot to put the parking break on." Ash said " FUCK YOU ASH ILL BE BACK!" Gary yelled as he raised down the hill after his runaway car.

ash sighed and looked down at pikachu who was on the ground. " nice job at disabling the parking break and putting the car into drive without being spotted." Ash commented ( nah it was easy.) pikachu said as he rubbed the back of his head. " that said it was still good." Ash said he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to face Serena " yes honey?" Ash asked " so what happened where are we?" She asked " well what's the last thing you remember?" Ash asked as he sat down on a rock Serena next to him " well I was in a hospital hooked up attached to the bed with everyone of our friends next to me, Gary was like oak he had grey hair, Brock looked the same but he had a cane and Misty well...Misty was in a wheelchair, durning one of her performances a water Pokémon bashed her leg in." She said ash winced " ouch." He said " yea, Clemont couldn't make it, due to him being a gymleader and had to take care of the gym, but Bonnie did come with a video phone for me to talk to him. As well as mitichett. She was so happy for me to be married to you...then I told her you died along with our only son some 14 years ago." She said " wow was it that long?" Ash asked " no it was longer but I didn't want everyone to be super depressed saying you were dead for what 49+ years." She said ash was shocked " oh my god, I'm so sorry I didn't know I left you for so long?" Ash said " no harm done." Serena said " besides I wouldn't miss it for the world." She said as they walked in the forest.

( 5 minutes later)
" WHAT THE FUCK! OW!" Serena said as she winced as a sperow pecked her hard. " YOU KNOW THOSE SPEROWS I PISSED OFF ON MY FIRST DAY I TOLD YOU ABOUT?" Ash asked as he ducked a strike and retaliated sending the bird back " yea!" Serena said as she held on to her hat from the wind " LOOKS LIKE WE BOTH PISSED THEM OFF THIS TIME RUN!" Ash said " GOD DAMN IT!" Serena yelled as she ducked an swooping bird, unfortunately this exposed her plunk ass in he skirt, and a perverted spearow flew and mapped her right up her crack. " EEP!" She cried and smacked the bird away blushing like a tomatoe. ( hey at least we don't have to worry about camping out in the rain and mud!) pikachu said " now's not the best of time my friend!" Ash yelled at pikachu who ducked and rolled a bird.

( COME ON I WAS TRYING TO LIGHTEN THE MOOD! SERENA TELL HIM!" Pikachu whined " sorry pikachu but I have to agree with my husband on this one, for all intents and purposes were about to die now isn't the best time to crack a joke besides I was just pecks in the ass by a perverted bird!" Serena said ( meanie) pikachu said before ash landed square on a rock making pikachu bounced hard his eyes shut as he nuzzled his head to the shoulder his ears pinned to the back of his head.

" SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT THIS CLIFF!" Ash yelled as he slipped due to the wet rocks from the morning dew. Ash took a dive followed by Serena and pikachu. " AHHH!" Serena yelled ( HOW COULD YOU FORGET ABOUT THIS, ITS WHERE WE MEET MISTY!) pikachu yelled " THAT FUCKING WHORE YOUR KIDDI-!" Ash was cut out as they impacted the water hard and all sound was drowned out. Serena watched as she saw her love drown and pass out, followed by pikachu her own eyes were starting to darken and the last thing she saw was a hand reach into the water and pull out pikachu. Followed by ash and her.

ash opened his dead eyes and looked around on the beach they appeared in. 'I'm...alive?' Ash thought, he looked to see Misty wearing her yellow shirt that showed off her belly, blue overalls attached to short jean shorts and red shoes her hair looked like it was on fire. taking care of Pikachu in between him and Serena, ash started to reach for his wife, but was hit away by Misty. " ouch!' He said as he pulled his hand back. She still hit like a professional boxer/ slapper " don't you dare try to violate her." Misty hissed ash ash sat up, " relax I'm just checking to see she doesn't have hyperthermia." Ash said as he touched her on the forehead before moving to her neck. Misty narrowed her eyes when she heard Serena moan. Ash smiled softly as he felt her hands. He stood up " she's going to be fine." Ash said

" yea well that's good but why would you do that are you alright?!" Misty asked waking SERENA up fully. She almost shot up and was going to hurt herself, when ash moved his foot to stop her rise at a small angle. Unfortunately Misty didn't see it like a save from sudden launch. But more like an attack. As Misty tackled him to the sand. " oomph!" He sighed as his head buried in the sand, " see? this is what happens when I try to do something nice, I get a face to the ground and a mouth full of sand." Ash said with his face full of sand as he spit it out. Misty dug her hands deep into his back " ARRR! Alright fine! your going to play rough I'll play rough!" Ash growled as he suddenly rolled to the left flipping Misty over " gah!" She cried as he was suddenly facing Ash who stood up and looked down at her, " your a really annoying brat you know that right?" Ash asked sarcastically " ARR!" Misty yelled as he stood up and charged at ash. He only side stepped and allowed Misty to charge past him and smacked into a tree.

" pitiful, possibly the worse combat strategy I've ever faced, charge at your opponent at full force and ram into them, if they hold there ground it's a high chance there just flip you from behind, or just do what I did at the last second." Ash said coldly as his aura general blood took over. Misty stood up as she wiped the small trail of blood from her mouth. " you've...what?...I-AHH! HEY!" Misty yelled as she looked to see ash checking on Serena again. This time caressing her face. " shush don't worry we're almost out of the woods, shush shush." Ash cooed as Misty stormed forward she slowed as she heard Serena whimpering with tears on her face she cried " it hurts ash...ash it h-hurts...help me." She gasped inbetween breathes ash moved her hand that was on her face, and brushed the hair out of her eyes. " shush...it's okay." He cooed " where does it hurt?" He asked. "E-everywhere." Serena gasped ash sighed " alright I'm going to check your body tell me when I'm close, and tell me when I'm on it." Ash said as he gripped his hand around Serena's neck, Misty was about to intervene as she noticed Serena face start to scrunch, as ash moved down to her chest. He moved inbetween her Breasts. As ash reached the stomach Serena gasped and ash sprung her hand up. " y-your close." She said ash nodded as he reapplied pressure and looked again he moved to the abomin when Serena let out a gasp again this time more painful. Ash stopped again and looked at Serena. " there!" She gasped, ash pulled up her shirt, and looked to see nothing that would cause said injury. " Serena there's nothing here. Is it a cramp what is it?" Ash asked " s-sting-ahh wet...ness...pain." Serena said, ash flipped her over to see, the wound Serena was talking about, it was a stab due to the rock, she was bleeding, " SHIT!, MISTY I NEED BANDAGES NOW!" Ash yelled to misty

" how do you-?" Misty asked but ash cut her off " NOT NOW GET ME BANDAGES NOW!" He yelled his aura flailing a bit. As he looked to see Misty leave ash turned back to Serena, " hold on honey, I'm...pulling out...the stone...!" Ash grunted. As the rock inched it dug back into Serena as she squealed in pain. " I know my beloved, hold on." Ash said as he ripped the stone clean out. Causing a fountain of blood to repture from her. Ash pressed his hands on the wound, ( this was right above the buttocks) as Misty came back " ALRIGHT HERE ARE-!" Misty spoke as she saw the position they were in, ( yes it looked wrong in her eyes) ash turned around and reached out with a bloody hand " FANTASTIC GIVE THEM HERE!" Ash said Misty reached slowly to ash worried he might do the same thing he did to Serena, and flinched when he ripped the bandages out of her hands, and wrapped them around Serena. " how's that?" Ash asked " better." Serena said her voice calmed down, " can you stand?" He asked Serena picked up into a push-up position, and swung her left foot under her and leaned her back before shooting her right foot below her to stabilize. She was standing. " yes" she said nodding " great now all we have to do is get you to the center and they can patch you up-." Ash said as he heard squawking from a distance ( I'VE FOUND THEM! I'VE FOUND THEM!) the bird said as he flew back to his flock, " SHIT! UMM, UMM?" Ash questioned himself as he looked around, he didn't want to reveal his aura to Misty just yet and with Serena injured in the back there movement would be slowed, ' if only Misty had her bike... HER BIKE!' Ash thought " MISTY IM GOING TO USE YOUR BIKE!" Ash said as he looked back to the trail to see the bike he used the first time. The bike that started the trend. Misty looked and followed him so many questions she could ask " Hey-WHA?!" Misty yelled but ash was already putting Serena on the bike, and pushed her along,

ash the bike only takes one what about you?" Serena asked " I'm fine I can catch up using my aura, you go don't stop until you reach viridian, there be a local officer there asking about Pokémon thieves, team rocket ok, say you don't know about team rocket but you need to get to the Pokémon center priority one." Ash said with a hint of sadness in his voice, almost like he didn't plan on coming back, Serena gasped as that thought crossed her mind but ash shook her head " don't worry I have plenty of last stands to fight ahead of me, I'm just stalling them for you, pikachu go with her, I know you want to stay and protect me, but your better to be on the move besides you know the city, if Serena lost." Ash said to the rat on his shoulder, as much as pikachu didn't want to agree with his trainer he knew he was right, ash heard the bushes move and knew it was the birds, he nudged Serena down the road " GO, AND REMEMBER DONT STOP UNTIL YOU REACH THE CITY!" Ash yelled as he turned back and saw the flock of spearow his eyes widened as he saw the flock of not hundreds, nor thousands but one million spearow, the flock was so big, it had several ferow leading them, it was probably the complete species that resides in Kanto. " AWW SHIT!" Ash yelled as he charged up two aura spheres in his hands, and crouched low. Thunder sparked as the rain started causing the shadow to cover his face only being able to be Seen when the thunder strikes.

seeing the challenge the front furrow charged flanked by 2 spearow as wingmen. Ash jumped and flipped in the air landing on the bird as he released the two aura spheres into the wingmen, sending them spiraling down to the ground. A second spearow charged alone trying to get the human off of its leader, he was to late as Ash brought both his hand together and blasted an aura sphere at the bird the explosion knocked the bird out instantly. The ferow froze as it glided to the ground. Ash being so low was able to grab the foot of the spearow passing over him and flying away. Ash being so heavy fell to the ground. And at the last second he threw the bird at the ground.

as he fell he kicked a second spearow who flew up to meet ash only to be smacked him with his shoe and launched off he sent two more aura spheres at flanking sperows. As he grabbed on to a third ferow from the underside. Ash clung, onto the brest as he pumped forward and back and ripped the body in half revealing the bloody chest and organs. As he fell ash flipped so he landed feet first but due to the high he knew that no matter what he did and no matter how much aura he put into his feet, we was either going to die here, or be crippled enough so the birds would finish him off, ' well Serena I'm sorry, I guess I won't be joining you.' Ash though as he closed his eyes expecting to hit the ground feel his back break break unable to move, following sharp pecks before encasing in blackness which would be death.

only that didn't happen, yes he felt the himself hit the ground, but no snap, crackle and pop! Ash slowly opened his eyes and saw ferow right above him. 'damn he's right on top of me, even if I'm somehow uninjured I can't get away.' Ash though ( DIE YOU BASTARD!) ash heard from his left where the road led the the center in viridan city. Ash snapped his head back to see pikachu and Serena riding back towards him " GET AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND!" Serena yelled as she rode faster as pikachu zapped the bird on his trainer and friend.

the bolt was pure white showing it was plasma hotter than the sun if it made contact with ferow it would be burnt to a crisp with ash indistinguishable from the pile that was his name. Fortunately the ferow flew away allowing ash to get up and run back to Serena " WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT GOING TO THE CITY?!" Ash asked looking at Serena while still looking at the birds in the sky.

" not to stop until I hit the center, but of course the thing is, well I was locked out saying that there was no identification and was forced out." Serena said ash nodded alright then come on we should go, I'll catch up and regroup later-!" Ash said " NO WE STAY TOGETHER IM NOT LEAVING YOU RIGHT AFTER I ALMOST SAW YOU DIE!" Serena yelled ' damn so she saw that.' Ash thought before sighing " fine PIKACHU THUNDERBOLT FULLPOWER!" Ash yelled

pikachu jumped up angling his tail to the sky before he yelled " ( here WE GOOO!) pikachu yelled and right as he was about to send the bolt of lightning at the non grounded bird when he was hit by a thunder from the sky, the now supercharged thunderbolt on steroids fired and literately changed not only the birds but the air around the shot to charged plasma adding to the attack before disintegrating into nothing. Pikachu landed on his fours and slammed his tail into the ground to discharge the sparking that was arcing on his fur, only for that not to happen. After realizing what was going on he smiled stood up and let out an insane laugh not fit for the small mouse.

( WAAHAHAHAHA YESSS! FEAR ME WORLD IM THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL PIKACHU THE POWER TO RIVAL A GOD I WILL RULE THE WORLD AND ONCE I EVOLVE I WILL BE THE MOST POWERFUL POKEMON THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!) he yelled ash stepped forward " hey pikachu calm down shouldn't you relax. We have to discharge you extra electricity." Ash said pikachu snapped a look at ash ( extra? EXTRA!? Ho no I haven't felt this charged up in years. I could run around the planet in a volt tackle. And be ready for more!) pikachu yelled
"yea well we don't want to overexert yourself and have a forced restart." Ash said " I DON'T THINK YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THAT!" A booming voice saw heard overhead. ash looked up to see ho oh flying above him " ho oh!" Ash gasped " hello chosen one. You've grown faster than I anticipated mew will be glad of your powers awakening and of your competence." Ho oh said " well, yea but of course the fact is...I'm not from this realm. I'm sure mew knows this and maybe arceus to." Ash said " most likely but they don't really share there knowledge down to Pokémon of this level as foreknowledge of upcoming events will effect the choses drastically." Ho oh said " makes sense." Ash shrugged " how ever you made a mistake...arceus is god here I don't know what rule you come from but no Pokémon exist from there-!" Ho oh boomed as he was about to unleash sacred fire as of punishing ash for preaching of a false god of the world when a blast of judgment blasted in front of Ho-oh stopping him both ash and ho-oh looked to see a pure white mew with a silver belly area standing there hands above its head " that's where your wrong!" The voice boomed everyone looked in shock. " arceus is a copy of my power split due to a mistake that if I didn't threatened the known reality at the time, before creating this one!" He said as he floated down " so...is this world...a mistake?" Ho-oh asked mew nodded " in a way, yes but I've grown fond of this world and I don't want it nor the species on it harmed." Mew said ho oh sighed. " alright I shall leave for now you seem to have thinks under control." Ho-oh said as he flew off.

mew sighed " alright well I must speak originally ho-oh was going to tell you but now I shall." Mew said before sighing " as you've noticed right now this world is not the complete same as or old one, but I've placed you in a place where you will not be to foreign." Mew said ash and Serena nodded " as well as the fact as many events happened after your death as such I've sent you to my realm, this is the realm where your world split off of burning the age of man. But as such you were still mortal." Mew said " wait you said were?" Ash asked " correct you were mortal. You, your wife, your pokemon, and her pokemon, will be immortalized in the prime of there combat age." Mew said smiling " so I'm going to be immortalized at 45?" Ash asked " no not 45-25 that's the prime age of humans I also unlocked your pikachu's full potential." Mew said pikachu nodded ( thank you now I have to work to control it, I'm still a bit mad that I didn't unlock it myself.) pikachu said " little one if I didn't intervene you would've never reached it, even with ash and my blessing." Mew said " the future you will face great dangers as you know Michaud is still a threat, as well as the others gangs and more be careful." Mew said " I WILL mew, good luck." Ash said " luck isn't an issue. Fate...is." Mew said before vanishing small waves of reality bent as mew forced himself out of this plane of reality

ash looked at the space mew left behind. " come on to the center." Ash said as he walked away. Ash walked down the path as he slowly and more surly headed to the edge of the treeline. Finally his aura sparked making ash stop suddenly he flung his hand up to stop the party behind him. Serena who was walking now ( the bike exploded) stopped " what is it-?" She asked " SHUSH!" Ash hissed looking back as he crouched low and instinctively reached for his sword, and again felt air ' shit!' He cried in his mind before looking back at Serena he felt his aura flare again the enemy spotted him and was charging " GET BACK!" He yelled before he was cut off as a blue frog burst out of the treeline and clotheslining him making ash slam his head on the ground pikachu flew back and landed next to Serena and started to spark " ASH!" Serena cried before she looked at the beast that subdued her husband and realized it was greninja, the very same greninja ash met in kalos. " wha-?" Serena asked. Greninja looked down at ash and prepared to stomp him into submission, only to notice he was gone. ( huh where did he go?) greninja asked as the camera panned to his left we see ash standing behind him his back to greninja. " maybe look behind you!" Ash spoke before jumping high. Greninja spun around and activated cut aiming for the neck only to miss. The frog looked up to see ash descending on him. The frog knew he wouldn't be able to block the hit with his arms so he performed a blackflip and made ash smack a knee on the ground. Ash looked back quickly to see greninja standing over him preparing a second cut overhead. Ash dodged using a combat roll but was kicked in the stomach and sent flying from a swift aerial ace. Ash flew on the back and slid. " ohh god!" Ash said as he stood up. He didn't see but he felt with aura, greninja was heading for a punch. Ash ducked left and formed a fist with his left hand and covered in with his right making his elbows sticking out, he slammed his left elbow into greninja's gut like a battering ram, before he flicked his elbow upwards knocking into greninja's chin. As the frog spiraled back he panted ash brought his left foot back to where his right was facing greninja. Greninja knew this would be the end. 'no more pulling out the stops' greninja thought as he unleashed his ash-greninja form the tower of water acted like a beacon. Ash stood impassive but pikachu and Serena looked shocked ' alright I wasn't sure before but now I am, " a wild Pokémon using the bond pernonemon, and it just being a greninja that just so happens to want to fight ash, bullshit.' Serena thought and she was sure sh thought the Same thing it was confirmed when ash speaks to him. " nice to see you greninja buddy." Ash said what he didn't expect was his response (YOU LEFT ME!) he yelled at ash making him step back. " what?" Ash asked ( YOU LEFT ME TO DIE!) greninja said " how did I do that?!" Ash yelled ( WHEN YOU BROUGHT ME HERE YOU WERE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND I HAD TO FIGHT ON MY OWN!) he yelled ash gasped and felt a ping in his heart. " gre-greninja?" Ash said but greninja wasn't done ( YOU DONT DESERVE TO A TRAINER. YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME AFTER I CAME BACK BUT YOU DID I-!) he yelled " you died." Ash said coldly looking down. Greninja stoped his tirade ( WHAT?! WHAT BULLSHIT ARE YOU SPUTTERING NOW?!) greninja yelled " greninja what was the last think you remember from the good time before you woke up here?" Ash asked ( WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO WITH ANY OF IT?!) greninja yelled the question " please tell me." Ash said using his aura to calm him down. Greninja thought hard ( well...I remember...team rocket... completing the bond...then blacking out from the pain...when I woke up I was here in the forest) greninja said ash sighed sadly " I'm so sorry greninja but you died, the fact was you were stabbed by a harpoon Meowth launched at you and didn't open, it stabbed right through you and held you in the ground while you bled to death trying to get you out, by the time we reached the center you were unsavable," ash said

( and what of you?) greninja asked " the nurse had to chose one of us to live she valued my life over the life of a frog so she made me her priority, I wish it wasn't the case but it is, I did leave you and for that I broke me promise something I've never done, if-if you don't want to come with me that's fine, if you want to kill me on the other hand I can't allow that." Ash said ( and why is that?) greninja asked thinking he was bluffing " I'm immortal, I can't die, me pikachu, Serena, maybe you I don't know but I do know I am." Ash said

( LETS TEST THAT!) greninja said as he charged and used water shurikin and flung it at ash. Ash didn't move at all as he let it hit. He was decaptated in an instance, as his head rolled on the ground. Greninja looked shocked 'I knew he let him hit him and he knew the risk so why?' He thought as Serena looked at greninja in shock and anger, pikachu wasn't any better. " WHY DID YOU DO THAT AFTER WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT YOUR DEATH CAUSED AND YOU KILLED HIM!" Serena yelled ( yea its not like my " death" effected him that much I mean he was up and about soon after-) greninja said " NO HE WASN'T! AFTER YOUR DEATH, ASH SHUT HIMSELF DOWN, WE WENT TO HIS OLD HOUSE WHERE HE STOPPED COMPLETELY I LITERATELY HAD TO FORCE FEED HIM FOR A MONTH!" Serena said ( just an act to make you pity him) greninja huffed " LISTEN TO YOURSELF GRENINJA YOU WERE THERE WHEN ASH's MOTHER WAS KILLED HE DIDNT ASK FOR PITY THEN WHY WOULD HE ASK FOR IT NOW!?" Serena asked greninja stopped and froze as a flash back hit him from the old, fun days of ash.

( flash back: aura hunter base: unknown age pokemon master ash)
Pokemon master ash Ketchum, lead an expedition force into a unknown cave system with the knowledge that that was where his was mother held.

" you ready ash?" Serena asked by his side " yea Serena are you?" Ash asked Serena nodded ash open snorlax's pokeball " snorlax stay here guard the door, " EVERYONE ELSE LETS GO!" Ash said as he moved in the cave entrance SERENA went to follow him. " Serena I know it's hopeless trying to get you to stay out of this and go back, but I must insist you stay behind the others where it's safe, your a performer not a fighter." Ash said and as mush as Serena didn't want to she ever so nodded and waited for the rest to pass her before following in the back.

ash jumped down infront of the big boss who held his mother captive " LET.

HER. GO!" Ash yelled as everyone facepalmed at the idioticy of the demand. The man turned " oh and why should I WHAT are you going to do kid cry?" The man teased. " of I have to I'll neuter you before I kill you." Ash said with steel in his voice which got the man to stop laughing and stare at the kid in shock and fear. ' good he's beleaving my bluff got to finish this act now.' Ash thought " I'll say again let her g-!" Ash didn't finish the sentence as a SHINK! was heard and Delia's body dropped to the floor headless. Everyone starred in shock, ash let a tear roll down his face " you fucker." Ash swore" I-I ILL KILL YOU!" Ash yelled before charging head first fist ready " ARRR!" The criminal smirked and readied the knife to plunge it into ash " ASH WAIT NO STOP!" Serena cried " THUNDERBOLT!" Ash yelled as he jumped behind the guy as pikachu fired his most powerful attack at the guy, it didn't matter what he did as the guy was electrified and died.

ash exited the cave with everyone and everyone was crowding ash telling them there sorry. Ash just shoved them off " my mother died that's what happened as long as she gets a good burial, I'm going to be fine." Ash said as he left greninja looking at his trainer leave.
( flashback end)

(oh my god...what have I done?) greninja asked outloud " you did what you thought was right." A voice echoed around them the three. pikachu, Serena and greninja looked to see ash standing up head back on his shoulders " ASH!" Serena cried as she jumped into her arms, ash grabbed and brought his arms around her as he allowed her to cry into her shoulder. " I'm here, shush!" He said he looked at greninja who approached slowly. And knelt (I'm sorry, old friend how could I ever forget the loyalty you shared to me as well as everyone else,) greninja said ash smiled " you are your own body and thus I don't control your actions, you can only do what you think is right." Ash said as Serena pulled away.

( I'm sorry for doubting you, now I know the truth I do wish to rejoin you and rekindle our friendship.) greninja said " that is acceptable, I'm going to have to catch you again," ash said ( just throw the ball.) greninja said with a hint of a smile as ash tossed the ball and hit greninja and was sucked into the ball. And the light went off revealing a successful capture. Ash smiled and picked up the ball. " alright now with that lets go to the center!" Ash cheered lightly before walking away. In the distance up on the hill Misty finally climbed up and panted harshly ' damn you kid you stole my bike so I have to carry it now, and then you just leave without apologizing I'm going to find you.' Misty said as she stepped forward down the hill and unknowingly into a puddle " I'm going to-woah!-woah!-woah! Woahhhh!" Misty cries as he tumbles down the hill. She groaned and sighed before the bike fell on her head " OW!" She yelled to the sky.

At the city edge " HALT!" A voice of officer Jenny spoke as she ran to them " aww great." Ash sighed " what is it?" Serena asked, ash didnt say anything just pointed at the road to see Jenny charging at them " that son of a whore!" Serena cursed ash spun around and jumped back shocked " wow I did not expect you to curse such foul language." Ash said " yea mostly cause of my dad here he is a complete asshole, why are you gong to clean my mouth out with soup?" Serena asked before ash engulfed her in a kiss before he broke away. " and risk damaging that mouth of yours?" He asked making Serena giggle. " you know I can't see you dying of old age, I mean marrying to an old lady-?" Ash was knocked out of his thought when Serena hit him over the head with a pan " THATS VERY MATURED LADY MR!" Serena said alright alright, jeez also where's Misty's bike?" Ash asked ( umm well you see.) pikachu spoke sheepishly " YOUR KIDDING ME!?" Ash called to thin air, Flailing his arms around.

ash sighed and sat up when officer Jenny appeared infront of them " HALT THIEF!" Jenny yelled as she approached ash and Serena. " finally you and your accomplish will be taken in for questioning!" She said " officer you have a mistake, me and Serena here are pokemon trainers heading to viridian city to go to the center." Ash explained " on a stolen bike with a stolen pokemon in the basket-" she pointed off when ash spoke overlapping her. " which I was helping her to the center, which is mine I've given her." Ash said the officer spoke hard " well can you explain and show me your identity-" the officer stopped as ash shoved his dex in her face as it monologues finally the dex light stopped flashing, and powered down. " alright fine I guess I can believe you." The officer said " thank you now if you excuse me I have to get Serena to the center she's bleeding hard and I can feel he's about to pass out." Ash said but Serena placed a comforting hand on his and tried to speak unfortunately it only came out slurred.

" sh oney m ine plse ake are ff uself." Serena said (ash honey I'm fine please take care of your self) ash looked at the cop knowingly " ALRIGHT GET IN." She said as he pointed to the side car.

ash and Serena hopped in with Serena going face first into ash's lap. Her legs sticking out wildly at weird angles, in embarrassment he clung onto her skirt " LETS GO!" The cop said as she revved the motor " AHH NO IM NOT READY YE-!" Serena cried but it was to late at they went flying down the road leaving Serena's legs flapping in the wind.

miraculously Serena was able to flip over and sit properly, on ash's leg pikachu in his arms. Serena blushed at the incident that occurred and kept quite. Before the cop teased them " ahh young love, you guys are so close to each other you had a night tango before havent you?" She asked Serena blushed hard and ash coughed. " YOU KNOW THAT'S REALLY NOT APPROPRIATE RIGHT NOW!" Ash yelled the cop shrugged " maybe...but you haven't denied it yet!" The cop leaned over smug look on her face. Ash muttered " what is it with me and meeting bad drivers?" Ash asked before Serena sighed " or us and people breaking into our private life." Serena said ( the world my never know, much like how many licks it would take to get to the center of a tootsies pop!) pikachu said trying to lighten the mood. " ash... I'm getting a headache, and...dizzy...anchor me." Serena said as he clung on to him from behind and in front " OH SHIT! JENNY SHE'S ODing STEP ON IT!" Ash yelled. in hindsight he really should've been careful of his words as that's what she did. As well as cause 3 accident's over, $1,000 in propriety debt, and possibly gave officer Jenny's a worse name in the city of viridian.

" HERE WE ARE THE CENTER IS RIGHT UP AHEAD!" Jenny said, ash looked down and slapped Serena lightly on her cheeks to wake up. " she's not responding officer!" Ash said " THEN WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE!" Jenny said as she roared forward " umm we're getting close to the door you know that right?" Ash asked ' dear god not again.' Ash thought as he realized what was going on in her mind. Suddenly the door of the center opened and the bike slid in creating tire tracks on the floor and a loud screech to wake up the dead ( or at least the mostly dead).

ash was somehow sent flying with pikachu and Serena hanging on dead to the world. Ash hit the counter with the back of his head and gasped as the reverberations before Serena slammed limply into him still dead to the world. The nurse who hid under the counter when she saw the bike charging to the door in the center stood up and berated the officer " we have a driveway you know." She said " I'm sorry nurse joy but we have a Pokémon emergency!" Jenny said " MY FRIEND IS NOT A POKEMON, SHE IS NOT A SLAVE, SHE IS NOT MY COMPANION SHE IS A PERSON AND SHE'S FUCKING BLEEDING OUT RIGHT NOW!" Ash yelled

the nurse vaulted over the counter and took Serena from ash's arms, don't worry well take care of her and her Pokémon, you just sit right here." The nurse said before yelling harshly over her shoulder " CHANSY GET A STRETCHER FOR A SMALL FEMALE! AND PREP THE ER!" Joy yelled " can you tell me where she's bleeding from?" The nurse asked " just above the prostate. Drill peck punctured the flesh from a spearow but opened the wound enough to leak slowly out, there might be internal damage." Ash said " don't worry we'll take care of her, you get yourself some rest. We have a phone on that wall over there." The nurse said pointing to the wall, ash smiled and nodded ash as he saw Serena being take. Away fennikin next to her sitting by her feet looking at ash as they both left through the doors.

ash sighed and relaxed " alright let's call professor oak and tell them what happened." Ash said to pikachu only to find he wasn't on his shoulder " pikachu? PIKACHU?!" Ash called as he spun around looked at the center to find his friend. He saw him eating a bottle of ketchup near a table " dear god my friend don't you ever stop?" Ash asked ( do you?) pikachu looked up and blinked cutely as ash. He sighed " your right but come on let's contact oak first." Ash said and picked up pikachu. Before walking to the video phone and was about to speak when someone called ash or at least the phone was extremely lucky and ash was the one they wanted ash, he picked up the phone to see oak with his back turned facing the wrong way " hello nurse joy sorry to bother you this late at night, but I have two new trainers who are very young and most likely in danger, if you can send a unit to help them there names are ash and Serena," oak said

" wow you must really care about us professor send a extensive unit to personally to oversee we get to viridan safe." Ash said the professor jumped in his his skin and flipped around " ASH!" He cheered before realizing Serena wasn't nearby and frowned " where's serena?" He asked ash dropped slightly " in the ER, she's been emmited because of a wound above her ass. And passed out from blood loss." Ash said " ash I'm so sorry." Oak said sadly ash staired at oak for a bit before taking a big ingulf of air and breathed " yea! BUT In other news I saw ho oh!" Ash said oak sighed and facepalmed " ash you cant've seen ho oh that old bird has vanished, people have looked for years trying to find him." Oak said " its like the legend of smounti island, with the chosen one, it's just a small religion, nothing of it really exists!" Oak said, ash looked at oak like 'are you kidding me.' Oak seeing the look only gave a look back " what is it ash?" He asked " you know of my adventures, in the past world, doing feats that are only copied in fairy tails and yet you still beleave a tablet that has 'MY NAME' on it is bullshit." Ash said oak rubbed the back of his neck. " well when you say it that way it sounds dumb-." Oak argued " THATS BECAUSE IT IS DUMB!" Ash argued back. " well no matter, but you know what does?" Oak asked " the comment question of the day?*" ash spoke raising an eyebrow " WHAT!?" Oak asked " nothing!" Ash said a bit to fast.

no Gary contacted me and we made a bet about that you woundn't catch one pokemon at all we put up a million dollars!" Oak said " of course I know you and I took the bet!" Oak said proudly, ash sighed, well this world is screw up every which way, oak with his gambling, his father, Gary's a orphan, Serena's father is an alcoholic asswipe. Ash rubbed the back of his head " well...money isn't the only thing in the world." Ash said as oak fell limp in shame, " even in a alternate universe you screw me over." Oak sighed before ash continued, " that being said...I can't wait till I see his face when you tell him to cough it over." Ash smirked and ash rebounded smiling and sticking his face in the camera

" OH YEA REALLY NICE! WHAT POKEMON IS IT, CAN I SEE IT?!" Oak asked ash stepped back " woah woah woah settle." Ash said before taking a pokeball, this pokemon is mine, and has been mine no matter what anyone else says understood?" Ash asked oak nodded ash accepted the nodded and tossed the ball " alright greninja come out!" Ash said as the ball opened to reveal greninja and stood next to him. Both arms crossed standing back to back. Oak did I spit take on the screen. " ASH WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE STOLEN GRENINJA FROM KALOS, SYCAMORE GOING TO BE PISSED WHEN HE SAYS HE CLAMED IT FOR YOURSELF!" Oak yelled

"yea well the reason why is because he is mine, I told you he died after i became a master." Oak nodded " this is the same one, the one with the ability to change into a combat form at will." Ash said " well shit how am I going to explain this to him, I'll send him a note and tell him it's chosen you as a trainer." Oak sighed "- why not tell him in person!" A voice said from behind to reveal professor sycamore on screen he was not happy.

"hello old friend." Oak said " cut the crap oak I heard the whole thing." Sycamore said before looking past oak and looked at the screen across from him at ash. " now ash, what you're doing is constitutional stealing of property if you go down this road, you do know this right." Sycamore said " do you know why greninja didn't want to show you his true form to you after you caught him?...you were not ready, you're still not ready...and until you do I will handle greninja." Ash said leaving no room for argument. " OH AND WHY CAN YOU CONTROL HIM!?" Sycamore asked " I don't." Ash said leaving the professors to question him " what?" They asked " I don't control my Pokémon, there my friends and they always will be, there well being will always, always come before mine." Ash said

" then you've already proven what millions have tried to do and failed only the real masters have found out," oak said before turning to sycamore "you should do well to remember this lesson," he said before he shut him off. Oak turned back to ash, " you did a risky move there ash, I'm thankful it came out like it did." Oak said
" yea so am I greninja return." Ash said as he opened the ball and sent greninja back. " you've gotten a lot more to do so I won't keep you, good luck with serena, " you to professor." Ash said " oh that's the other thing we we're crowed before but call me oak." He said as he shut off the phone. " ash smiled " of course Sammy." Ash said as he dialed his mothers phone.

" ASH KETCHUM WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" His mother yelled almost making him drop the phone. " mom I'm at viridian city." He said frantically Delia immediately lost her anger and cheered with pried and joy as she jumped back Tossing her arm in the air. Reveling her pink bathrobe. " mom did you just get up?" He asked " no sweetheart I was just getting out of the shower-." She said when " DEILA!" A manly voice called from behind her Delia looked back to show a man close to her age, topless and ripped. She looked back and whispered to him " I'll be right there mark now hush it's my son." She said as she turned back to ash, and tossed her hair back. " so what were you saying honey?" She asked

" please be careful I don't want a baby brother who, has to grow up like me, with that type of father" He said Delia blushed and pouted " oh and what type of father are you talking about?" She asked. " you know exactly what I mean." Ash said " good luck mom have a nice night dance." Ash said as he started to hang up the phone but deila called for answered " ASH DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HANGING HOW DO YOU KNOW OF THIS!" She was cut off when ash hung up. He sighed and went to sit down and rested " ahh finally some relaxation!" Ash sighed as he headed to the couch to leaned back on the chair and was about to take a nap, until he was suddenly pulled off by his feet, making him bonk his head on the couch before hitting the floor. " ow!" He hissed as he rubbed the back of his head in pain as he looked up to see Misty grumpy. ' god damn it there goes my nap, also how the hell did she sneak up on me?' Ash thought

" YOU!" She said before she bent down and actually helped him up. " you stole and then proceeded to ruin my bike, and for that you owe me a new one." She said ash stood up and dusted off himself and sighed. He just wanted to get rid of this women, " fine fine no need to get your panties in a knot-GAHH!" Ash said as Misty smacked him upside the head, he looked up hands and knees on the floor " WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?!" He asked he didn't get the answer as the nurse came out and called for him " ASH KETCHUM?"

ash scrambled up to the counter " yes?" He asked " Serena has been taken out of the ER, you brought her in just in time, unfortunately she's still asleep, but we can allow you to see her." She said before leading him into a back room. The nurse pulled back a curtain to reveal Serena in a coma, " do you know how long she will be like this?" Ash asked " unfortunately we do not, her wounds she suffered is sever with the blood loss, but the final nail was the crash into the desk." The nurse said sadly ash looked at the nurse. " but you have an idea right?" Ash asked he felt the aura of another person and felt Misty come in. The nurse sighed " if she wakes up it will be a miracle, as we calculate it now she has less than a .1% chance to live, but we will do the best we can." The nurse said " thank you nurse joy you may go now." Ash said coldly. Pikachu tapped ash on the shoulder ( but hey didn't mew say we're immortal why are you so worried?) pikachu asked " being unkillable and living like a vegetable are two different things, yes Serena is technically immortal but if she's stuck like this it's basically the same thing." Ash whispered so misty didn't over hear them. " you can come out now Misty." Ash said as he looked back to see Misty step out, at least getting her head out of her narrow ass to look ashamed. " I'm sorry, I didn't know about how hurt she got." She said looking down. " it's fine Misty all we can do is hope." Ash said before a loud explosion happened out side ash sighed of 'you've got to be kidding me.' as he walked out side and into the lobby.

" ALRIGHT HAND UP NO ONE TRY ANYTHING FANCY!" A male with blue short hair said as he looked around with a Pokémon a koffing and looked around the room. " that's right we don't want to hurt anyone we just want your pokemon and we will go!" The lady with red hair in a crescent shape said. " ya cogh up thems pokemons " a Meowth said " TEAM ROCKET GO AWAY WE DONT HAVE ANY POKEMON YOU WANT EVERONE HERE IS INJURED!" Nurse Joy said
the blue headed male looked at the time on his watch " 5 minutes!" He said the lady said " look we don't want much just give up pokemon and you can go, or we'll get nasty, Meowth cut the power!" The cat went to the wall and slashed at it exposing the wires and started sniping, the lights flickered on and off before completely shutting off. " NO STOP THERE ARE POKEMON WHO ARE BEING KEPT ALIVE WITH THAT POWER!" Nurse Joy said " then give us the Pokémon and we will reattach them." The girl said
" ENOUGH OF THIS!" Ash yelled as he hopped the counter with pikachu next to him " not only are you risking the lives of every single Pokémon " BUT ALSO THE LIFE OF MY FIREND IN THERE!" Ash yelled the male adult rocket member started to fakely cry " oh boo ho who is it a little charmander?" He asked " NO A HUMAN GIRL HER NAME IS SERENA, I don't have time for your bullshit I'm going to fight you!" Ash yelled

the girl in red hair laughed with the cat, REALLY YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ON A ELITE GROUP OF TEAM ROCKET?!" She asked " I KNOW I CAN TAKE ON A CIRCUS ACT, I MEAN COME ON YOU HAVE THE TALKING CAT!" Ash said " HEY DO YA KNOW HOW LONG T's TOOK MEY TA LEARN Ta SPEAK, YA FAT APE UNCLE!?" The cat yelled " How about ten seconds Garfield?" Ash asked with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms " FUCK YOU IM GOING TO SLIT YA THROAT AND MIAK YA CHOK ON YA BLOOD!" The cat yelled as he charged at ash " thunderbolt." Ash said calmly before looking to pikachu and saying " don't burn down the building." Pikachu jumped " EKINS POSION STING!" The women yelled," KOFFING SMOKESCREEN FLANK THEM!" The man yelled as the Pokémon charged " STARU WATER GUN!" A girl voice yelled as two jets of water came and blasted the snake, and floating rock away. Ash looked over his shoulder to see Misty standing there " thanks." He said

"I have to help out some how." She shrugged " pikachu finish them off!" Ash yelled ( LATER ASSHOLES!) pikachu said as he released his thunderbolt making them fly out of the center " were blasting off!" The man and women yelled " YOU LITTLE FUCK's!" The cat yelled as they twinkled in the distance. Unfortunately the building started to crumble around them " AW FUCK!" Ash said as he released a blast of aura to protect the center and wipe the memory of everyone there.

after that Misty woke up and saw the carnage and sighed " where ever you go death and destruction follow your path." Misty sighed " yes I'm surprised an absol doesn't follow me around everywhere." Ash said. " a what?" Misty asked raising an eyebrow " forget it you don't know." Ash waved her off, the nurse stepped forward " I thank you ash you've saved the center we can't have thanked you enough." The nurse said " no thanks is nessary, just do all you can for Serena, and when she wakes up, contact this number," ash said as he pulled out a card and handed it to nurse joy. She looked over it and nodded " we will good luck ash." Joy said " hey I'm not leaving just yet I'm going to take a rest here before I go." Ash said as he headed up stairs where his room was located " finally a place for peace and quite." Ash said as he opened the door " I can take a shower and -WHAT THE HELL!?" Ash said as he looked to a bed to see Misty on it asleep, worse it was the only bed there, " FUCK!" Ash cried Misty jumped awake, and looked at ash, " why are in my bed?" Ash asked " you think I'm going to let you get away that easily and not pay me for my bike?" Misty said " well no but I didn't expect you to leap into my bed couldn't you just sit in a chair?" Ash asked looking forward to see a wood table and two chairs.

"...I liked this more...and I kept to warm for you." Misty said slightly blushing, ash rolled his eyes he didn't need his aura to tell Misty liked him, but unfortunately he couldn't give it back, as he loved Serena and was more loyal to her than this whore who only cared for a stupid bike most of the time, more to the point, ash loved Serena before he knew what love was. ' well that makes sense why she wanted to stick around so much.' Ash thought and sighed " It's alright il lay on the floor I have a bag." Ash said as be brought a bag out and rolled it out before going to the bathroom and brushing his teeth, before jumping in his bag, which laid exactly over where Serena's medical bed was, as ash closed his eyes he could only hope SERENA would awaken soon.

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