Welcome to Aura wars 2 restart: the message from the other side let's start.

-chapter start-

An explosion occurred in the hallways of the Æther Foundation, as Professor Burnet was sent back from a flame, as the Æther Foundation guards tried to hold her up, "don't think you can squabble what we've waitied for, for so long," the guard said as he was Absorbed by a stray UB-01. Which dragged the man away screaming, Professor burnet took the chance to get in the life boat and sped off to Melemele island.

Ash woke up and looked to see everyone from the school looking at him. "What is it?" He asked " well we have I visitor, " Sophocles said ash looked up to see Professor burnet "oh what are you doing here?" Ash asked in a slight narrow eyed " listen I know you have no right to trust me because of who I worked for, but I swear I didn't know," Professor burnet said. " I believe you," Ash said making the Professor look up and everyone else was shocked. " remember Aura." Ash said winking.

Ash got dressed in his Aura Grandmaster combat Robes, amd lead everyone to the Alola base. " now I must tell you the second you step into these doors you are on Rota turf, which means Anything I say goes. Understand?" He asked everyone nodded " well then welcome to Rota." Ash said as he opened the doors.

[ Æther paradise: Æther Foundation]

Lusamine looked to Faba, and a few other scientists in a field, " are we ready?" She asked. Faba nodded " alright activate the machine." She said Faba nodded as the scienctists pressed the buttions and powered up the portal, " size expanding...1 meters...3 meters...7 meters...the portal has grown to average human size." One said " stability accounting...40%...stableized." She said. " any movement?" Lusamine asked " negative." Faba said " well keep watching we-." Lusamine was cut off when movement was shown. " we got something." Faba said.

( Alola)

The second he opened the doors and stepped in hundreds of Aura Guardian's were pouring over him handing him folders and reporters Ash held onto them all, as he kept walking undtil he couldn't see where he was going, Serena took a few papers and began gliding her husband around a coffee table as they settled down. " Grandmaster!" A girl said "yes?" Ash asked "who are these people?" An aura adept asked. "These are the members of the Pokémon school, who will help us with the Ultra beasts." Ash said "understanding they are guests so they will be treated as such. We are an embassy, so put your best foot forward as well as Lillie's connection to the Æther Foundation she will be staying here. Now Professor Burnet one of the key sciencists from The Æther Foundation has News for me, I will be in the meeting room. Do not enter if anything is urgent slide it under the door." Ash said " command will you show our guests to there quarters?" Ash asked "yes Grandmaster," the commander said bowing. Ash turned to Professor Burnet, and Serena. "Let's go." Ash said "oh sir!" The commmander Said " Yes?" Ash asked "we updated the meeting room to be more technological." He said, Ash nodded and walked in.

"Holy shit." ash gasped as he stepped in. The room looked like the Ultra guardians Base and a billiards room. A red rug, and wooden slide away walls to reveal the computer stacks. The table had screens touch screens on all sides to allow anyone to put up something on the holo screen in the center of the table. Ash looked over to see a door was left ajar leading to his office. ' good a quick access,' Ash said, he walked around the table and stood on the other side as he shut the door, Professor Burnet walked in with Serena. "Oh wow they weren't kidding about the upgrade." Serena said. "Yea...let's update the system." Ash said as he plugged in his Global-Dex and updated the system, as the loading bar was filled up it it said ' welcome Ash Ketchum. Updating personal settings.'

Ash edjected the global-Dex which slid out of the Panel with a spring edject system as Ash caught it. And slid into his pocket, " now let's see what we have here." Ash said, "so what do you know?" Ash asked "well from what I saw The Æther Foundation is trying to open an Ultra wormhole for some reason," Professor Burnet said, "really how far are they?" Ash asked, "not long but I'm unsure I was forced out when I went to get you the information." Burnet said. Ash nodded. "Alright I'm telling the others." Ash said as he placed a call. On the holo screen faces of all his allies, appearing on them were Evea, Jenna, Mark, Riley, Looker, Jack Walker, Cynthia, Iris, Dawn, May, Max, Clemont, Bonnie, Brock, Misty, Giovanni, Many of the Professor's including Ivy, Oak, Tracy, Roland, Birch, Sycamore, assistant Oak, Halt, Crowley, and his mother.

"Grandmaster what's happening?" Crowley asked. "An update about Alola." Ash said as he transferred the files. " are you shitting me?" Gary gasped "language!" Professor Burnet said "we're all adults here we've been through worse." Ash said "says the warmongering physopath." Giovanni said "drug dealer." Ash countered, suddenly they both bursted into laughing, " ah the good days," ash sighed " yes now the news of Orre." Giovanni said. "We've reported that the Shadow Pokémon are giving a full force but we won't give ground," Giovanni said. "Do you want me to Come and help with Orre?" Deila, asked "no I have someone in Orre who is handling the situation." He said, " but the fact is even if you are quote unquote "handling" the situation then why is it your sending more toops there?" Halt asked. "Halt rude." Crowley said "no he's fine. I was going to Ask the same thing." Deila said, Giovanni sighed. " look I don't know but the commander requested it." Giovanni said, ash looked to Deila. "Mom?"Ash asked " no reason giving just, 50,000 MORE TROOPS!?" Deila gasped. "But that's a whole army, why would he request that?" Evea asked,

"The Shadow Pokémon are quite powerful so superior numbers are the best circumstances for an incounter." Ash said, "now we're getting off topic, what is it going on with the Ultra beasts?" Both Oaks asked. "I'm not to sure but I do know The æther Foundation is trying to open an Ultra wormhole." Professor Burnet said, "your Sure?" Samual Oak asked. " I heard them talking," Burnet said. "This is urgent an Ultra wormhole is a two way gateway, and if it's stable enough, there would be an endless amount of Ultra Beasts swarming." Samual said. " I'd just like to mention most of this is theoretical." Gary said, " okay so as of now we need to stop them before they open the wormhole. What is the best way to get into the Paradise?" Ash asked. Professor Burnet pulled up a map on The æther Paradise. "The entire compound is heavily shielded to keep the injured Pokémon inside, however anyone else can get in, without setting off the alarms that's another challange." Burnet said.

"actually I may be able to help." James said. "We were able to sneak in using stolen uniforms, we still have them we sneak in and lower security, then you bust in." James said. "Or we can teleport using Nebby right to the center of trouble and by that time they won't be able to react." ash said. Giovanni shook his head, "no I don't think that's a good idea doing that will only give them a way to complete the wormhole stable, where as before it was only a one way trip." Giovanni said " the only way to get rid of a Ultra wormhole is killing the creator of the tear." Professor Ivy said, " I don't accept killing any Pokémon." Jack said. " leaving an Ultra beast alive is pulling your own trigger." Looker said. "I doubt it." Jack said "the Ultra beasts control the Shadow Pokémon so there." Ash said, Jack Walker thinned his lips. "Fine but I'm not apart of this I will have no part of the killing." He said "that's fine you will be used as ground control and used to keep the citizens safe, if we fail to cover the breach." Ash said. Jack sighed and nodded.

"Now with that ordered with, our task force." Ash said. As he looked around, "the Aura Guardian are going to be needed incase of a breach, and I want the TR-Defender. Acting as Orbital sights and reacting to events as they unfold." Ash said. James nodded, " so who will go with you into the facility you need a tour guide?" Professor Burnet asked. "Your to important as you were main scientist of the facility, you hold vital information of their plans, I need you here updating my global-Dex with maps and information the Class will join me Lillie knows enough of the nessessary because of family ties." Ash said. "I'm on the way too it's obvious you need an extra pair to help over the facility, Deila you want to join?" Samual asked, "negative I'm going to stay by the lab and assist Tracy and Dasey." Deila said Sam nodded. "I'm coming not only do I have a new teleporter to test but I was just giving the off from Roland." Gary said "we will be happy to have you, with 2 Oaks I'm sure we can figure out all we can about the Ultra Beasts." Ash said. "Make that three." Samson said as he stepped into the doorway. Ash turned around "how did you get in past security?" Ash asked. " said urgent papers and license's." Samson said,

Ash nodded. "I should punish you for trespassing...I'm glad to have you." Ash said Samson nodded. "Now Gary I need your blue prints for your teleporter I need to study the mitereals." Samson said, Gary nodded. As Ash looks to the screen. "I'm staying in Kanto, a lot of things are going down and a bit rousy here." Evea said, "same in Sinnoh, however I'm sure the champion can atest we are handling it quite well." Riley said, Cynthia nodded as they logged off, "oh shit." Serena said "what is it?" Ash asked his wife. "Lusamine is calling your bluff saying the info you have is a hoax and your just framing her, "how many are agreeing to it?" Birch asked, "a few...thousand." Serena said. "Not suprisingly. Lusamine can turn a crowd it's one way she has invigorated such a loyal following." Ash explaned. "I'll will stay in Kalos to take more reading on a global scale." Clemont said,

Looker stepped up "I can't do anything much in Altama I'm on the way to Alola with a squad." He said. "Alian and Mairian what of them?" Ash asked "I haven't seen them since the tournament when they left to travel." Sycamore said. "Damn anything else with the other rivals?" Ash asked "negative." They said the gym leaders had to log off, "oh shoot what about Scott?" Ash asked "the battle frontier is acting as a secondary defense for Kanto. Other than Rota itself it's the second most secure Region in the world." Looker said. "The G-men?" Ash asked, " off to Orre to help the Shadow Pokémon threat," Giovanni said, "well I guess this is it. Order everyone to-." Ash started when he was cut off.

" hold on...Ash I'm getting readings from the Paradise time space ripples!" Samson yelled when a huge shockwave threw everyone off there feet ash stood up "GET TO THE ÆTHER FOUNDATION NOW!" Ash yelled. Nebby floated to everyone and teleported them,

[ Æther Foundation]

"miss Lusamine we got a breach of security in the paradise." One said. " mobilize the Team Skull garrison to hold off the intruders." Lusamine said, " unfortunately You got no time." Ash said Lusamine turned around, and saw Ash standing there with the class Ash drew his sword as Nebby floated behind him, " it's over Lusamine GIVE UP NOW!" Ash said, Lusamine smerked "you think you have the upper hand but you just Have illusions of Grandjure!" Lusamine yelled. As the portal opened and Necrozma jumped out, and roared, Ash stumbled back. "YES YOU WILL DIE KETCHUM!" Lusamine said Ash narrowed his eyes and noticed a black veil over her. ' she's being controlled.' Ash thought, Ash stepped forward and saw about to charge when Necrozma roared and grabbed Lusamine. "Noo mom!" Lillie cried as she ran forward,

" You will not pass!" Faba yelled, as they went to stop Ash and the others but they ran inside, as Ash parried a strike from Faba with a knife, as he jumped into the portal.

[ Ultra Space]

Ash jumped out and looked to see the other side of the portal and found the Ultra space of black sheet cliffs and black crystals. " what the hell is this?" Ash asked. 'This...is Ultra space.' His Global-Dex ash looked down and heard Professor Burnet speak again. " Ultra beasts opened a portal right at there portal so destroying the machine won't work you need to find the source." She said "and where is that?" Ash asked. As his Global Dex showed him the way. They walked carefully. Serena clinging to Nebby,

Suddenly the group stopped as Ash held up his hand and stopped everyone, " so are we there?" Sophocles asked, "I think so." Ash said, "well your right there." Lusamine said. Ash looked to see her standing by a Necrozma and a UB-01 floating on her other side. "Lusamine." Ash growled Lillie stepped forward, "mom why are you doing this?" She asked. " because I will rule the world!" Lusamine Cried, Lillie gasped " that was never what this was about!?" Lillie screamed as she stepped forward but Ash held her back. "I'm sorry Lillie. Your mothers not in there anymore...she's the equivalent of a Shadow Pokémon." Ash said

"Shadow Pokémon I thought that was only something a Pokémon could get?" Kawie asked "so Did I." Ash said "is there a way to save her?" Lillie asked "I'm not to sure." Ash said. "YOU CANT SO DONT EVEN TRY!" A voice boomed ash looked over and he gasped. There stood Serena's father in his black Ultra beast Armor. "She is one of us now." Richard said as he dropped a symbote. Onto Lusamine, she laughed as her face was covered and laughed minaliacly. "Finally I get to join the rank of my brothers." Ultra Lusamine said "YOU BASTARD!" Ash yelled as he drew his sword and swung at Ultra Lusamine she just leaned away and parried the blade with a flick. Ash was sent flying, but jumped back up just in time to avoid her long nails that shot out. ( think like lust from FMA) Ash parried five as Ultra Lusamine was ontop of him. 'damnit' ash thought, " SERENA GET THE OTHERS OUT OF THERE NOW!" Ash snapped. Serena nodded and ran off Nebby following under Serena's arms. "Oh no you don't!" Richard snapped as he thrusted his hands out toward Serena, "SERENA LOOK OUT!" Ash yelled Serena stopped and slowly turned around. And Nebby was gone ash looked to see Nebby slowly coming closer to Richard, "what are you!?" Ash asked as Richard tapped the forehead of Nebby and transformed into Solgaleo. He roared in power. "Sweet." Lusamine said as she sent ash flying. Ash was going to get up when he was sent back Down by a claw from Necrozma. ( Time you die Ketchum lord grim shall return!) the Necrozma said when a whine was heard Necrozma looked up as Mew slammed through thin killing him instantly. "MEW!"ash gasped. "Get up Ketchum you have to get out of here, even now my body is weak in this dimension. We have to leave now!" Mew said Ash nodded "EVERYONE CLEAR A PATH!" ASH HOLLARED, ( BIG BOOM!) Pikachu yelled as he fired gods wrath, ( YOUR GONNA BURN IN HELL!) Charzard XYZ used V generate, ( EVEN IN THIS REALM PLATS WILL STILL RULE!) Septile used frenzy plant, ( The aura is with us!) Lucario said as he used Aura blast clearing away a horde of Ultra beasts, "PATHWAY IS CLEAR MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!" Ash yelled. As he and his Combat team held off the Ultra beasts. Solgaleo roared. Amd was echoed by Lunala Ash looked up "aw shit!" He cursed as he jumped on Lunala back. "GET TO THE PORTAL!" Ash yelled, Lucario amd Pikachu looked to Ash who was flying higher they nodded and ran off.

" Damn it...DIE!"Ash yelled as he stabbed Lunala in the wing making him fall. Ash cursed his luck as he was thrown off. 'well this shit went sideways fast.' Ash said as he slammed into the ground creating a crator of his imprint 2 feet deep in rock. Ash groaned, he looked up to see the Ultra wormhole, was infront of him ash climbed up and jumped into the portal right as a pair of claws tried to snatch his legs.

Ash fell through the portal and into The Æther Foundation Head quarters. And found it overrun by Ultra beasts amd Shadow Pokémon, infact every Pokémon that was apart of the Æther Foundation was now a Shadow Pokémon. "What the hell?" Ash asked. ( intruder!). A shadow Pokémon yelled as the horde fired on Ash, "holy fuck!" He swore as he ducked under a table and returned fired with aura spheres. ' I have to break out.' Ash thought he snapped a look to see the door shut, Ash made a break for it and with his Aura he broke it down, and ran down the halls, at the other end infected Team Skull members holding 22. Rifled aimed and opened fire, Ash was shot in the leg and cursed, as he threw a sphere behind him blowing up the Grunts. Ash stopped as he looked to see an entire squad of Aura hunters. "Heh time we finally beat your skull in Ketchum." The sailor like Aura hunter with a bullet proof vest Said when suddenly Charzard XYZ landed behind them crushing the two smaller guys with ease makin them explode and biting down on the Sailor guy tearing out his artery and letting him bleed to death, "thanks Charzard." Ash saod ( we should go the others have already regrouped at the base.) Charzard said ash nodded as they flew off.

At the base Ash walked in and cursed, " God FUCKING DAMN IT!" He yelled in the room, stomping back and forth, on the side Serena and the rest of the class sat patently waiting for him to stop venting and hopping he wouldn't turn to them. Ash took several deep breaths and sighed, " Alright I'm calm what do we have?" Ash asked turning to the table the four Professor's, (Samual Oak, Samson Oak, Assistant Professor :Gary Oak(*only because he doesn't have a lab), and Professor Burnet.) " I just got the WiFi back on." Gary said as he slapped the consol and the light turned on, 'welcome.' It read "we're going to up our anti viral soft wear I don't want that happening again." Ash said " I've installed a personal Genrator so when ever a power outage occurs we have at least 2 hours before we're out." Gary said. "Good seeing as there's an Ultra beast that controls Lightning, it's good your prepared."Ash said Xurkitree I know. I've read up the files Jessie and James uncovered." Gary said. "Speaking of which, what have they found?" Ash asked. "Not much. However the other regions are as well completely cut off from support, so each region it's up to there own government not to fall." Gary said. "Well we can hope. As of now I want the command structure of all units here, Giovanni, Scott, Jack Walker, Looker, Cynthia, Iris, Lance, Drake (orange islands*), Crowley, Riley, Diantha, get the Professor's looking into a way to protect people from the Ultra gas." Ash said. They nodded "we need to mobilize a defense force. Get the local rangers and round up the civilian's into a bunker." Ash said to the commander who nodded and rode, off. " now we stopped the Ultra beasts in The æther paradise but that doesn't mean they won't-." Ash was stopped by a rumble amd the ground shook. "breach in the Space time fabric!" Samson Oak said as he clung onto the console "WHERE!?" Ash yelled "on."Gary stopped. "Gary?" Ash asked "above Melemele island." Gary said. Ash widened his eyes and shot out the door. "GET THE DEFENSE's READY WERE UNDER ATTACK!" Ash yelled as he ran out side and looked to the sky,

[ play doctor who (New) series 1&2 Dalek theme]

Above them a massive wormhole filled the sky as Ultra beasts fell down into the city and attacked everybody a UB-06 Blade apperes and cut apart a line of 5 runaway civilians as UB-07 gluttony ate up the pieces. Ash and Serena looked in horror. "well this will be fun." Ash said as he and his Allies charged the First battle for Alola has begun.

(Eoc) yep the climax of Alola has arrive. In fact the climax of this entire book, now to be hinest I have no idea how long I'm going to stretch this for, but this is going to do one thing, wrap up every single loose end I put in the series so please comment about what plot points were the weakest in this book and I'll make them heavier implied well that's all I have to say Enjoy, Peace is war! Keep reading -Bankerrtx01.