"This is...different from what I expected." Keefe said slowly, still taking it all in.

Fitz jumped up and smacked his forehead. "How could I forget? One second, I need to show you something."

Fitz ran over to the window and pulled the curtain closed so that the room was bathed in shadow. Then he snapped his fingers 3 times. Suddenly, the room lit up, and Keefe was filled with wonder and awe.

The room, so plain and dull before, was now bathed in tiny pinpricks of light. They pulsed like a star on a cloudless night and were all slightly different shades of white.

"This is...amazing!" Keefe exclaimed.

Fitz smiled at his friends joy. "Watch this." He ordered.

Keefe looked up at Fitz obligingly, and Fitz started to spin. His fingers became magnets to the pulses of light. When it seemed like he had collected every remaining piece of light, Fitz brought his hands down in a sharp swooping motion. The light burst forth from his fingers, creating fractals and patterns in the air before settling down once more. Keefe smiled at the light, lazily running his hand through it. His fears and worries had disappeared for the moment and all he felt was a pure, bright joy that lit him up on the inside.

"Fitz! Keefe! Time for supper!" Della called. Her voice snapped Keefe out of his reverie as Fitz sprang into action, snapping his fingers three times to make the lights disappear. Fitz opened the door for Keefe and the two boys walked down the staircase together in silence-Fitz reflecting on the day; Keefe's worries coming crashing back down onto his thin shoulders.

What if I mess up? What if I offend Fitz, or his family? How did I even get here? Keefe wondered, his hands twisting around themselves in nervousness.

"Let's go, Keefe!" Fitz exclaimed. Then he looked at Keefes expression, and said (in a gentler tone) "You have already met the family-how hard can dinner be?"

Keefe nodded and took a deep breath, smoothing the wrinkles out of his fancy tunic. The two boys descended the stairs together and entered the dining room.

Jewels glittered on the walls, casting little sparkles on the ceiling and the floor. The table was a dark mahogany and set with white dishes trimmed in gold. The silverware next to the plates were of a polished white gold, and the crystal glasses completing the look shone.

Fitz laughed once again at Keefes expression. "I thought you would be surprised-you look like a fish out of water!" He said.

Keefe shook himself, and looked over to where the Vackers (minus one Fitz) were sitting. "Thank you for inviting me to dinner." He said shyly.

Della smiled at the small boy in front of her. "It's our pleasure."

"It sure is!" Alden exclaimed, taking Dellas hand. "Any friend of Fitz is always welcome."

Their words filled Keefe with a foreign emotion. It glowed and spread through his whole body, warming him from head to toe. It was only after they had sat down that Keefe was able to pinpoint it.

Love. He thought, amazed. This is what it feels like to be cared for.