Deep in Blue

Summary: The love that Doris has for D will never wane even after decades of his absence…

Chapter One: My love will never die….

Doris rubbed her heavily pregnant belly as she looked onto the frontier with deep longing for the man that she fell in love six months earlier. The man who saved her from the diabolical vampire known as Count Magnus Lee and who also, after engaging in intimacy with her on the couch in her living room, fathered her child. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the longing for her savior increased in intensity, "will you ever return to me D?" she whispered to herself.

Longing was momentarily replaced with sorrow as she held her head low and went into the house to activate the electric barrier around her property for the night. After getting ready for bed, Doris wandered to her little brother's room to check up on him. The eight-year-old was sleeping soundly when she peered into his bedroom. Satisfied, the young lady walked into her bedroom and got into bed. The girl with raven-black hair rubbed her belly as the fetus kicked vigorously inside her. Though she did not regret it, she was still astonished that D impregnated her the first and only time that they had sex. Prior to being abducted and shunned, she had many friends who were only able to conceive after several months of intimacy with their partners.

A lonely smile crossed the girl's lips before she whispered, "at least I have this baby to remember you by…D."

After thirty-minuets, the seventeen-year-old female fell into a deep sleep and dreamt about the dhampir she loved so dearly.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away:

D took a drink of the Salsa Booze he kept in his satchel while gazing intently into the fire he built hours earlier. Though he didn't want to admit it to himself he often thought about the welfare of his former clients, Doris and Dan Lang, back in Ransylva. He especially wondered about the welfare of Doris Lang since she was so devastated to see him leave despite her being one of many former clients who could not bear his departure once a job was completed. The dhampir took another drink of the booze before storing the rest away.

"Hey…D…are you thinking about that girl back in Ransylva again?" Left-Hand inquired.

The dhampir did not respond to the parasite's question.

"I know that you cared about her. I mean you HAD to of cared about her more than you've let on because you slept with her. Heh-I thought that you were going to remain a virgin forever with the rate that you were going."

"It doesn't matter now…I would have hurt her in the end if I remained with her," he told Left-Hand matter-of-factly.

"Oh—well-perhaps you are right. After all, a guy such as yourself could never conform to married or family life…at least in your eyes," responded the parasite.

The Vampire Hunter continued to stare into the flames of the fire until he fell asleep a couple of hours later. As the dhampir slept, Left-Hand chuckled to himself before whispering to his host, "I guess that it is a good thing that you have no idea how virial you actually are D…because you inadvertently gave that girl from Ransylva a child."

D was fast asleep and did not hear Left-Hand's whisper.

Back in Ransylva:

It was 3 o'clock in the morning when Doris awoken covered in sweat from the nightmare that she just had. Looking around the dark room, the young lady arose to her feet and made her way to the kitchen for a drink of water before going to the toilet to relieve herself. Returning to her bedroom, she laid awake in her bed and stared at the ceiling while recounting the nightmare she suffered earlier about her beloved being brutally murdered by some unknown assailant. Tears flowed from her eyes before whispering, "D…no matter where you are, I hope that you are safe."

Finally after about an hour of laying awake, the teenager fell back to sleep and remained asleep for the rest of the night. It was 8 o'clock in the morning when Doris was awoken by her brother calling for her downstairs. Walking downstairs, the sweet smell of pancakes bombarded her nose as she made her way toward the kitchen.

"There you are sis. I made breakfast for you. How are you feeling today?" Dan told her.

"I didn't sleep too well last night," responded his sister before placing herself at the table.

Dan frowned, "was it a nightmare?" he asked while placing some pancakes onto a plate for her.

"Yes…I dreamt that D was killed," she told him.

"Oh…sis…I am sure that big brother is doing just fine. He's the strongest person that I know and I have a hard time believing that he would be defeated so easily," Dan reassured her before making himself a plate of breakfast.

"I am sure that you are right. I just miss him so much."

"I understand that because I miss him too but he does very important work."

"I know that Dan," she sighed before placing a gentle hand on her belly, "At least I'll have this baby to remember him by."

"Y'know I kind of wonder what the baby will be like—will it be more human or will it be like D?" Dan stated before eating his breakfast.

"I know that it won't be much longer before we find out," Doris told him softly.

After breakfast was eaten and the table was cleared, the siblings went outside to care for their ranch animals and tend their garden. Several hours passed until all the farm chores were done and it was time for dinner to be made. Doris plucked the goose that she killed earlier in preparation for dinner. Dan husked the corn at the kitchen table before moving on to peel the potatoes. The dark-haired woman looked out the window and thought that she seen D coming toward the ranch upon his mighty steed. She blinked and shook her head before looking out the window again only to find that what she seen was a large dog running across the field. Doris let out a disappointed sigh before grabbing another handful of feathers and ripping them from the flesh of the dead bird.

"Sis, are you ok?" inquired her little brother.

"Yes, I am fine," she told him as she continued her task of preparing the goose for cooking.


"Are you insane D?! You're going back to Ransylva? WHY!" Left-Hand gasped.

The dhampir did not respond to the parasite in his hand before mounting his horse.

"I should have known that once you had yourself a piece of ass, you wouldn't be able to let it go…damn you are hopeless," complained the parasite as the two rode off.

Back in Ransylva:

Nightfall fell onto the ranch when Doris's water broke and the contractions began. The young lady called for her little brother for aid. Dan came running and briefly stopped when he seen what condition that his sister was in, "I'll get the doctor!" he cried.

"No! It is too late for that! Fetch a bowl of water and some towels-hurry!"

Just then, Doris threw up her evening dinner as the pain from the contractions intensified. She had been in hard labor for about two hours and the feeling to push got stronger. The raven-haired girl bared down with all her might and after unleashing a mighty scream, the baby was born. Doris finished pulling her baby from her birth canal and looked at crying babe with complete awe. Dan arrived with the supplies, "Sis!" he cried in disbelief.

"It's a girl…the only part of D that I have left," she responded softly as she allowed her infant to breastfeed.

Dan handed his sister a towel before going over to receive the afterbirth. After the afterbirth was properly discarded, Dan asked his sister about the baby's name.

"I think that I am going to name her after mom," she responded, "yeah…her name is Rosalia."

"I think that our mother would have liked that," Dan told his sister with a smile on his face.

He looked at his niece who was suckling upon her mother's breast, "welcome to the world Rosalia."

The Next Day:

D rode hard into the night and was half-way to Ransylva.

"Come on D-why are we going back to Ransylva?!"

His companion finally responded, "I sense urgency…" he told the parasite.

"Urgency? Over what?! You never acted like this before!"

The dhampir's expression momentarily hardened, "I don't know…I just have a feeling that something is going to happen."

"I think that you've lost it. I mean, she's just a piece of ass y'know…you fucked her once and she drove you crazy—shame," Left-Hand responded.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" snapped the dhampir as he pressed his mechanical steed to its limit.

"Oh well-whatever, don't listen to me then. You poor pussy whipped bastard…" the parasite mumbled with a chuckle.