Deep in Blue

Chapter Three: Forever farewell to the vampire hunter?

Several hours passed and it was time for D to ride out in search of another mission. Both Doris and Dan looked on with sorrow as their dear friend departed.

"Please return soon D!" Dan called after him.

D waved goodbye before kicking his horse into a gallop and disappearing over the horizon. Tears began to flow from the young mother's eyes, "he's gone again…" Doris murmured lowly.

Dan gently patted his sister on the back, "I am sure that he'll return one of these days. We just have to keep faith that he will," he told her.

"It just hurts so much," she responded.

"I know sis…" replied her brother lowly.

Just then the infant began to cry in the house.

"It sounds like Rosalia needs a diaper change or a feeding," Dan stated before going into the house to aid the baby.

Doris took one last look in the direction that D left before heading into the house to take care of the baby. Rosalia suckled vigorously upon her mother's breast as Doris stared into space from renewed sorrow. Dan, though sad, began to prepare dinner so his sister could care for her baby.

Later that night:

Doris sat awake in her bed and thought about the kiss that D bestowed upon her earlier. Tears began to flow from her eyes as the renewed pain in her heart began to augment exponentially. Getting to her feet and walking over to the bassinet, the teenager peered onto her sleeping newborn, "I'm sorry that your daddy had to leave us," she told her.

The infant continued to sleep soundly with very minimal reflex twitches. Doris returned to her bed and after an hour of lying awake, she finally fell asleep.


A single tear fell from the vampire hunter's eye as he continued on his way toward his next mission.

"Are you crying D?!" questioned the parasite in disbelief.

The half-vampire did not respond to the inquiry.

"At least you got to see your baby. She sure was cute but boy…did she have a smelly ass," chuckled Left-Hand playfully.

"I hope that Rosalia has a good life," D suddenly remarked.

"Oh…I am sure that she will. After all, she is only one quarter vampire so she'll be fine as long as she doesn't look like you," teased the parasite.

His host remained stoic as he kicked his horse into a gallop.


A half-decade passed since Doris last seen her beloved savior. Their daughter, Rosalia, was maturating into a well-rounded and beautiful child. The dark-haired woman sighed longingly as she looked toward the empty frontier, hoping that D would come out of it. Dan, now thirteen, was coming into his own and enjoyed being an uncle. Turning from the frontier, Doris made her way toward to chicken coop in order to dispatch and prepare one of the many large hens for cooking. After choosing one of the larger white Cornish hens from the flock, Doris quickly broke the hen's neck and took it to the house for rendering. After boiling the hen to soften the feathers, the twenty-two-year-old woman began to pluck the hen as her daughter watched on, "let me help mommy," she said.

The dark-haired woman pushed the hen toward her daughter, "Ok, give it a shot," she smiled.

Rosalia grabbed a couple of the feathers and pulled, "yay! I got them!" she laughed.

Her mother smiled softly as she stared into her daughter's steel-blue eyes before thinking about the girl's father.

"You look so much like your daddy," Doris remarked.

The girl laughed, "I know mommy. You say that a lot. I want to see daddy."

The dark-haired woman frowned, "I do too sweetheart—I do too," she then began to stare off into space as she thought about the man that she loved.

"Mommy? The chicken…"

"OH! Yeah…thank you," responded her mother before she began plucking the hen again with the help of her five-year-old.

Later that day:

Doris added the chicken parts into a broth that she made before pouring several chopped vegetables after it to cook. After turning the stove down to simmer, the young lady took another look outside toward the frontier, "oh D…I miss you so much," she murmured.

Dan suddenly came inside the house with two buckets of milk.

"Yay!" cried Rosalia happily as she jumped up and down at the sight of the milk.

Dan walked up and hugged his niece before turning to his older sister and smelling the aromatic air, "it smells good sis!"

"Thank you," responded Doris as she continued to look out to the frontier.

"Are you missing D again?" asked the thirteen-year-old.

His sister nodded as a small tear fell from her eye, "I must be sick. I just love and miss him so much. I hope that he is still alive."

"Oh sis…I know. I know that you miss him. I am pretty sure that D is doing just fine."

His sister gave him a small, sad, smile, "I know that you are right."

"And who knows? He might just show up out of the blue like he did that one day, five years ago."

"I guess that we can hope. It would be so nice if he could see just how much Rosalia has grown."

"I would like to see daddy too!" Rosalia remarked happily.


D pulled his sword from the body of his adversary and wiped the blood from his face. The vampire hunter then took the vampire's captive back to her parents and received his fee. Riding off, D took one last look at the girl and her parents before kicking his horse into a gallop.

"So, are you thinking about your little girl?" Left-Hand asked.

The dhampir did not respond.

"You know it wouldn't hurt you to show some emotion," the parasite remarked.

"You are out of line," D responded calmly before slowing his horse to a walk.

"I know that you thought that leaving that girl and that baby alone would protect them, but I know that you still think about them and it eats you alive. Just admit it, you miss them and you miss that boy too."

The hunter remained quiet and emotionless as he continued his journey. The parasite chuckled at his host, "I know that the thought is there…we're going to see them?"

D remained silent and rode on.

"Oh…you are so predictable. I knew that you wouldn't be able to stay away forever."

"ENOUGH!" snapped his host.

"What, did I strike a nerve?" teased the parasite.

The half-vampire did not respond.

Several days later: On the Lang Ranch:

Rosalia laughed as she tossed chicken feed at the hens, "chickens! Come and eat chickens!"

Dan laughed at his niece's enthusiasm as he watched her dance around the feeding hens. Coming from the barn, Doris looked at her daughter and little brother with a soft smile. Just then, the sound of galloping caught her attention.

"Could it be?! Is it D?!" she thought to herself.

Peering around the barn, Doris was met with the gentle gaze from D. Her mouth dropped, "D?!"

He dismounted his horse before receiving an embrace from the twenty-two year old, "Oh D! I missed you!" she cried happily.

The dhampir gently pressed his lips against hers momentarily.

"Please! You have to see how much Rosalia has grown since you last seen her!"

The ranch girl pulled the man, who looked no older than eighteen, around the barn.

"D!" Dan cried before running up and hugging the visitor.

Remaining stoic, the vampire hunter turned to face the five-year-old girl playing amongst the chickens, "she's grown…" he remarked matter-of-factly.

"Rosalia, come and see your daddy," her mother called happily.

The little girl with long, dark-brown, hair stopped dancing around, "daddy? It's my daddy!" she cried before running up to the tall stranger.

The dhampir lifted the little girl into his arms and received a tight hug from her. She then gave him a kiss on the cheek, "hi daddy!"

"Hello," he responded.

The girl laughed before giving the man another tight hug.

"How long are you going to stay?" Doris suddenly asked.

"I could stay for a couple days," responded the man.

She smiled, "thank you for coming back. I really missed you."

"I know…" responded the dhampir as he followed the siblings into the house.

Once inside the house, D placed his child on the ground before removing both his hat and sword. D then placed his sword very high up out of Rosalia's reach before sitting on the couch.

"Do you want me to brew some tea?" asked Dan happily.

The half-vampire nodded.

Thirty-minutes later:

The young man with long, dark-brown, hair finished drinking his tea and sighed.

"Would you like to take a bath?" Doris asked.

"Yes, that would be nice," responded her guest.

"Ok, I'll make sure that there is a towel for you in the bathroom and some extra cleaning products too," she told the man that she loved.

The youth thanked her for her hospitality.

After Doris prepared the bathroom, D removed his clothing and sunk into the warm bathroom. He closed his eyes and relaxed as he allowed the steam to encapsulate him. Suddenly, the man's eyes shot open and he turned to see his five-year-old staring at him. He had no idea HOW she managed to get into the bathroom without him knowing.

"What are you doing? Are you taking a bath?" inquired the little girl with doe eyes.

He sunk lower into the water but did not respond.

"I have to take a bath too," she told him before taking her dress off and hoping into the bath with him.

Though outwardly emotionless, her father was absolutely panicking deep down and had no idea what to do. The girl laughed and splashed around in the tub, "I like baths!" she told him with a giggle.

D continued to watch the little girl as he kept himself at a distance. Suddenly the girl stopped jumping around and noticed something under the water, "what is that?" she asked.

The dhampir quickly jumped up as she made a grab for his penis, "no!" he told her in a panic.

She laughed, oblivious to what she almost done, and went back to splashing in the bath water. The youth quickly got dressed and left the bathroom to get Doris or Dan.

Later that night:

The hunter laid awake on the living room couch.

"Well that sure was a surprise earlier huh?" chuckled the parasite.

"That's enough," he told Left-Hand.

"I think that was the first time that I ever seen you panic, it was nice!"

"Shut-up or I will cut you off!" snapped his host.

"Ok-Ok…jeeze you're always so damn touchy," responded the parasite.

The young man continued to lay awake for another hour before finally falling asleep.

One hour later:

The dhampir quickly opened his eyes and turned to face Rosalia, "hi daddy, I'm scared."

He sat up on the couch, "what are you scared of?" he asked unemotionally.

"The dark…I want to sleep with you now."

Though still shaken from the earlier incident, D allowed Rosalia to lay with him on the couch. When she fell asleep twenty minutes later, he carried her back to her room, tucked her in, and returned to the couch to get more sleep.

To be continued…