Chapter 1: A Gateway to another World

This during the time before Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, and Carla meet up with Gray and Juvia.

Gray and Juvia came to a small village with a few people walking around smiling, some were holding bags with food, while others were doing work on houses, and most were carrying boxes to grocery shops.

"This is quite the town." Juvia said admiring the scene with people smiling.

Then two kids a boy and girl ran pass then approached to their parents.

"Hi, daddy!" The girl said happily as the dad embraced her.

"Hello, mommy!" The boy said happily as the mother embraced him.

Juvia began to fantasize.

A boy with blue hair but with Gray's hair style. "Mommy!" He called as Juvia embraced.

"Daddy!" A girl with Juvia's hair style including color ran to Gray.

"Hey!" Gray said embracing his daugther with a chuckle.

"Hey, Juvia!"

The Water Wizard came back to reality. "Huh?"

"Can you turn off your imagination?" Gray asked annoyed but knowing what his stalker was doing.

"Oh right." Juvia said nervously chuckling.

"Hello." A old woman said with a friendly smile.

"Uh...hello." Gray said looking a bit nervous.

"If you two lovebirds need a house, I would be happy to let you have my house." She said generously.

"We're not..." Gray began to his with his eyes closed which were twitching at the old woman's words.

"We would love to have your house!" Juvia squealed as jumped excitedly.

"Oh, on one condition." The old woman said pointing with her finger.

"What is the condition?" Gray asked curiously.

The old woman had a serious look on her face which startled the two Fairy Tail wizards. "I want you two to help me move my stuff house, if any of you whimper snappers break it or damage my house, then you can clean it up!"

"Huh, we'll be careful." Juvia said nervously smiling.

"(Just be great, Natsu isn't here for once.)" Gray thought knowing he and his along with other of his friends caused a lot damage to people's propety.

Gray and Juvia were escorted by the old woman through trail with trees nearby, a river, and beautiful flowers.

The old woman's house then came into view.

The house was big with a front porch. "Its quite the house." Gray commented. "Its kinda small."

"What was that little twerp?" The old woman asked with an angry glare.

"Nothing...nothing." Gray stammered nervously.

As time passes as Gray and Juvia helped the old woman move her clothes, tables, and living room furniture.

"I'll leave the bed here for you two lovebirds." The old woman said. "Also keep the kitchen table and chairs."

"She thinks we're lovebirds!" Juvia squealed putting her hands on her face totatly flattered. "We're not..." Gray mumbled with embrassement. "Yet."

"Anyway, here take this for helping me." The old woman said handing a small bag.

Gray took the bag and saw gold coins inside. "Are you sure we can have this?"

"Don't worry, I got plenty, consider it as a thank you for helping an old woman like me." She replied with a smile. "Also use it to decorate the inside of the house."

"Will this enough?" Gray asked.

"For food and water, however this place hires people to do work, cooking, training, and going on missions." The old woman replied as she took a ride with a woman and man in a wagon. "Take care of yourselves."

"I suppose we should go shopping for food." Gray said.

"Alright, let's go my darling!" Juvia squealed.

The rest of the day, the two Fairy Tail Wizards went grocery shopping, they bought eggs, orange juice, water, chicken, bread, seedless graps, and lettuce.

As they got back to their house they put the food and drinks into cabins and refridgerator for their drinks.

Juvia was done making the bed which had two soft pillows and blue blanket.

"This is going to a good night." She said. "Oh Gray, I can't wait to cuddle with you."

She stopped herself as soon as she realized Gray wasn't inside the house anymore. "Where is he?"

She looked everywhere but then noticed the front door was opened so she walked towards it.

Juvia noticed Gray was looking up at the sky which the sun was setting so she approached by his side. "Something wrong, my love?"

"No, just admiring the sunset." He replied with a smile. "Too bad, Fairy Tail was disbanded."

"Yes, I wonder how our friends are doing." Juvia said. "Especially Natsu and Happy, I mean I wonder how they'll react."

"Knowing Natsu and Happy, they'll be in for a shock." Gray said chuckled. "That, Natsu will throw temper tantrum."

"Yeah, he's always been a brat." Juvia chuckled with her friend. "Then again so were you."

"Tch, you're right, but perhaps we'll meet our friends again." Gray said with a straight face.

Meanwhile in the world where an Capital Empire.

A young boy who journeys to the capital but not befor he hears a roar and charges.

A huge beast creature known as the earth dragon came from underground and stood in front of two men, charging with its right claws but was instantly killed by the boy using his sword.

"Thanks for saving us." One of them said gratefully.

The young boy turned around with red hues on his face and with a big smile. "It was a piece of cake, like taking candy from a baby."

The two men were wierded out by the boy's face. "Anyway, can you two tell me where the capital is?" The young boy asked.

Two of the men soon looked uneasy. "I'm guessing you working your way to the capital to seek your fortune." One of them stated.

"Yep, where I come from we dream of making it big in the capital." Tatsumi said proudly.

"Look, I'm afraid the capital isn't what you think, sure its the big city, but its got more Danger Beasts that are just as powerful as this one." One of them explained.

"What do you mean, how can the capital be full of Danger Beasts?" Tatsumi asked curiously.

"Not that, humans those kind of people have hearts of a monsters." The man replied.

Tatsumi just chuckled as he turned around. "Thanks for the warning, but see my friends and I are on a mission to make a fortunate and save our village."

Meanwhile in the World of Magic.

A day passed since Gray and Juvia lived together in a house.

It was morning Juvia was sitting at the table eating eggs while Gray ate eggs with bacon, both had orange juice.

"Its time for us to do some morning training." Gray said as he took out a request form. "Check this out."

"A request form, what does it say?" Juvia asked.

"There is a criminal known as Taron the Wizard of Teleportion." Gray declared. "I heard she can teleport any where to locations she's been at."

"How much is the award?" Juvia asked curiously yet she was interested.

"2000 jewels." Gray answered.

"That's a lot of money!" Juvia exclaimed in surprise. "With that, we redocrate our love nest!"

"Uh, sure." Gray said looking creeped out. "Anyway, she was spotted on the west side where there's a mysterious valley."

"Mysterious valley, huh?" Juvia said looking even more interested.

Meanwhile in the world of a Imperial Captial.

Tatsumi arrived in the city. "Its bigger than I thought." He said amazed how big the city was.

He then arrived at the registeration and he end up as a private. "Wait, wait, what is this, I'm starting as a private?"

"You think you're special?" A mustache man said.

Tatsumi slammed the paper on the table and pointed his sword at him. "I'm way too good for that, I'm thinking on starting as a captain."

The man twitched was getting annoyed that he pushed Tatsumi outside. "I'm in a depression state cause I got a lot of applications to handle!"

"Huh, a depression?" Tatsumi asked confused.

"Beat it!" The man shouted as he shut the door.

"Huh, maybe I can stage like a kidnapping and save the day." Tatsumi muttered as he sat on the ground. "Nah, its obvious."

Then a woman approached from behind. "Hell-ooo."

He bend his head down to see a blonde hair woman looking down at him. "What's with you kid, whatever it is don't worry, big sis is here." She said.

Tatsumi exclaimed as he gazed at the blonde's chest. "(This place, I love it.)" He thought.

Meanwhile Gray and Juvia journey through the forest and came to the mysterious valley.

As they walked through for almost an hour and half, they came to the open area in the valley.

Juvia noticed there was something on the wall up ahead that looked like a gateway with a three strange symbols.

"This is quite mysterious alright." Gray said looking very puzzled yet curious.

Just then a blast of psychic energy came from behind however Gray and Juvia dodged it quickly.

They stood their ground waiting to see the woman they were going to capture.

"Come on out!" Gray declared.

Just then the criminal appeared in front of them, the woman had long black hair that went down to her back that almost reached her bottom, and that covered the front of her forehead.

"I'm Taran, I'm a wizard that uses Psychic magic, I can not only teleport myself but I can also manipluate objects even people." She declared with a smirk.

"Bring it on!" Juvia declared.

Gray then stripped off his shirt surprising the Psychic Wizard. "(What the...he's so hot.)" She thought blushing.

Juvia noticed this. "Don't get any ideas!" She spatted. "WATER CLAW!"

Taran was then slashed on her chest with a water like claw which completely knocked her down. "Ugh!" She groaned in pain.

"Not bad." Taran said getting up quickly and teleported.

"Where did she go?" Juvia asked.

"Psychic Beam!" Taran declared as she shot a beam of psychic energy at the Water Wizard.

Juvia was hit but barely since her body was made of water. "Drip, drip, drop." She chanted confidentdly.

Taran then raised her left hand controlling Juvia's body and send the Water Wizard falling into the wall.

"Juvia!" Gray exclaimed in shock. "This won't be easy."

"You got that right." Taran stated. "Psychic Shock!"

Purple like rocks appeared and were launched at Gray making him slide backwards.

"Oh no!" Juvia cried in worry.

Gray then took his left hand into a palm while making a fist with his right hand. "Ice Make Lance!" He declared as long curved ice Lances were launched through the Psychic purple like rocks.

This hit the Psychic Wizard and send her into the wall where the gateway was.

"Let's finish this." Gray said approached the Psychic Wizard.

Taran got up. "Psychic Blast!" She stated as she fired a psychic orb of energy which was red

"Ice Make: Ice Cannon!" Gray declared creating a large bazooka cannon that fired an ice cannonball.

The two attacks from Taran and Gray collided with powerful force.

Juvia began to get up until she noticed the gateway was starting to glow. "What the?"

This got Gray and Taran's attention.

The symbols that were above the gateway where also shown more visible, the first symbol was water shape drop, second was a snow flake symbol and symbol was a person using Psychic powers.

The gateway starting to make a humming sound which got louder and louder until the gateway opened a portal that enhaled the three wizards inside as the portal vanished.


"Can you focus?" The blonde girl asked. "Anyway, let me guess, you came from the country side for fame and forunate."

"How did you know that?" Tatsumi asked getting back on his feet.

"I lived her for a long time, so its easy to spot a new face." The blonde girl replied. "Hey, I know a secret of becoming an officer into the army quick."

"Tell me!" Tatsumi spatted eagerly.

"First you need to treat me to lunch." The blonde girl said with a smile.

From the forest nearby the capital city.

Gray, Juvia, including Taran were on the ground unconcious.

Gray was the first to awake. "Uh, what a ride we got." He groaned as he noticed his stalker including the Psychic Wizard were laying by him. "Hey, you two wake up."

Juvia and Taran began to wake up.

"Where are we my love?" The Water Wizard asked looking around seeing nothing but trees.

"Not sure, but this doesn't look like the valley we were just fighting in." Taran answered.

"Mainly the question I have is: how that gateway was activated?" Juvia asked very confused.

"I think I know." Taran answered as she got up on her feet and gazed at the sky. "I heard about this gateway when I was little, I thought it was a rumor but it seems that gateway is real."

"What are you talking about?" Gray asked not following the Psychic Wizard's words.

"Secondly why should we listen to you?" Juvia asked.

"I'm not expecting you two listen, but I heard this gateway was used as a teleporter to create shortcuts, the people who created it where known as the Wizards of Teleporation." Taran explained. "That's where I come in, some wizards used not only for shortcuts but to use it to get into other places they weren't suppose to be such as banks, villages, and hidden treasures."

"You got be kidding?" Gray asked in shock.

Tatsumi went to a resturant with the blond girl.

The blonde girl was drinking beer but Tatsumi was drinking water.

"Come on, let me know how can I become an officer!" He spatted impatiently.

The blonde girl was getting drunk. "Um, you need a lot of money, I know a guy in the army, I'm sure he can hook you up."

Tatsumi then took a out a bag full of coins.

"Oh, where'd you get all that?" The blonde lady asked impressed. "I got it from saving two men from a danger beast." Tatsumi replid proudly.

"My, you just might fit into captain." The blonde said even more impressed as she got up from her seat and took the money. "I'll have a talk with my friend, wait here."

Gray, Juvia, and Taran decided to walk together as soon as they saw a dirt road.

Flashback scene.

"I suppose we can travel together." Gray said.

"Wait, with this woman?" Juvia asked looking very unpleasant. "Look, she maybe she criminal, but we're still taking her in as soon as we get back to our world." Her Love Interest said with a straight look though he was not liking the idea either.

"Hmm, I thought we would get the chance to be alone with each other." Juvia grumbled with her arms crossed.

Flashback ends.

A woman and a young boy were riding on a wagon.

"Maybe they can help us find a way out of this forest." Gray said as the ground began to shake.

"What is going on?" Taran asked keeping her balance steady.

Then out of the ground came a Danger Beast the same kind that Tatsumi killed.

"What in the..." Juvia asked in totally shock.

Gray quickly looked at the creature and it was looking down at the three people who instantly stopped their horses.

The Dange Beast charged with its claw.

"Ice Make: Lance!" Gray declared as he launched long curved lances at the creature.

"Water Slicer!" Juvia declared as she launched seven slicers.

"Psychic Beam!" Taran declared next.

Their magic went through the Danger Beast's chest and fall on its back in defeat.

The three people were amazed.

"Are you three ok?" Juvia asked turning the family.

"Uh, thank you." The mother said gratefully.

"Yes, thank you the three of you." The boy bowed gratefully as well.

"I must say, you three are quite strong, taking down a Danger Beast." The father stated impressively. "I must say, young man, your ice powers are quite impressive."

"Uh thanks but, what's a Danger Beast?" Gray asked confused so were the two girls next to him.

The three family members were confused.

"You really don't know what a Danger Beast is?" The father asked in shock.

"Uh, no we're new here." Juvia answered.

"Anyway, is there a city we can stay at or something?" Taran asked.

"Oh, there is a capital nearby that's not too far away." The mother answered pointing behind her and her family.

Gray nodded at the two girls.

"Are you three going there for real?" The boy asked looking nervous suddenly.

"We should warn you three that the people there are not so nice." The mother said looking quite uneasy.

"What do you mean?" Juvia asked confused yet concerned on the families sudden behavior change.

"The people in the capital aren't humans, they're also poweful very powerful as the Danger Beast you three defeated." The father answered.

Gray was confused what the family was talking yet he knew in their eyes had fear. "(Hmm, something's not right here, I have a feeling its worth finding out.)" He thought. "Look, you three just get leave here, we also maybe new here but we must see this through."

Juvia smiled acknowledging her love interest's words.

Taran was astonished by Gray's boldness. "(Wow, he's so brave, such boldness, and handsome too.)" She thought blushing red.


Tatsumi was waiting for the blonde girl to come back for hours and then the sun was setting. "Excuse me, where that girl?"

"Oh, sorry to tell this but she ran off with your money." The waiter said.

Tatsumi was speechless. "I got to go find her!"

"Don't bother, its your own fault you got scamed." The waiter said.

Outside the City.

Gray and the two girls arrived.

"So this is the Capital." Taran said.

"Its quite big." Juvia said amazed.

"Considering its big, there must be a lot of people here." Gray said.

In the City streets.

"Ah, this totally sucks, the money I had was all I had left, damn that rack I mean damn that girl!" Tatsumi spatted. "I guess that's what I get."

He soon came to a bridge and slept next to the walls.

Just then a girl riding in a wagon being escorted by two male guards, one was wearing a mask noticed the boy. "Stop right here!"

"Are you really doing this my lady?" The masked guard asked.

"You know how I am." The girl said as she got out of the wagon and looked down at the boy. "Excuse me, if you're looking for a place to stay, you're welcome to come home with me."

"Uh, thanks but I'm broke." Tatsumi replied.

The girl giggled. "Well if you weren't then you wouldn't be here."

"Lady Aria has a bit of weakness for those who have no where to go." Second guard explained.

"You can stay with me, pretty please?" Aria begged which made Tatsumi blush.

Tatsumi was taking in the girl's wagon from and afar was Gray, Juvia, and Taran.

"Should we follow them?" Taran asked.

Gray was getting suspcious which Juvia noticed. "(Gray seems very suspicious, I wonder why.)" She thought.

"Let's go." Gray whispered as they secretly follow the wagon.

The three wizards follow the wagon to a big mansion.

"Whoa, that's some mansion." Taran stated in amazement.

Just then a guard came by. "Hey, who are you three?" He asked.

In the mansion Tatsumi was in the living room with Aria and her parents.

"So you brought another one home, how much was that now?" The mother asked.

Tatsumi was gazing around the living room. "Oh, thank you having me." He said bowing as he gazed at the two guards. "(Wow, those guys are big.)"

Then he turned his attention to the family.

"I guess it makes sense you have guards herel to make you feel safe." Tatsumi said. "I appreciate for your help."

As time passes Tatsumi explained about his mission.

"So your goal is to make a name for yourself, is that correct?" The father asked.

"Right." Tatsumi said nodding.

"As you probably heard, the capital is a peaceful place, however there are three tribes on each side, if you do well then you can expect to join the fight." The father explained.

"Yes, I will fight." Tatsumi said looking spirited.

"You got spirit, I admire that in a young man." The father praised impressively.

"Did you come all this way by yourself?" Aria asked.

"No, I came here with two friends of mine." Tatsumi said.

Flashback scene.

Tatsumi was with a boy wearing a head band and girl wearing a white flower on her head, all three were talking to the mayor.

"We're heading out." Tatsumi stated.

"You guys are pushed each other since you were kids, its time to make something good of yourselves." The old mayor declared.

"You can count on us sir, we'll bring back a fortunate for the whole village." Sayo said with a smile.

"That's right, no one is going to starve on our watch, give it about 10 years or so, then everybody from miles around will know the name Ieyasu." The head band boy said confidently.

"Sure as long as you don't get arrested and have your head chopped off before then." Sayo teased.

"Hey!" Ieysau spatted offended by his friends words.

"They're spirited as always, also I have something for you Tatsumi." The old mayor said as he got out a wooden statue. "If times get tough..."

"I'll sell it." Tatsumi spoke quickly.

"You will not!" The old mayor spatted as he calmed himself down. "Look just keep on yourself, it ensures that God will protect you."

Tatsumi gazed at his statue gripped it tight. "Thank you."

Flashback ends.

"At first, things went smoothly, but we got attacked by bandits and we got separated." Tatsumi finished showing a bit concern. "However both of them are descent fighters so I'm not too worried, however Ieyasu can't navigate his way out of paper bag."

"WHAT WAS THAT!" his friend's voice shouted.

"We planned to meet here at the capital but I'm not sure if he can make it." Tatsumi added.

"Then its settled." The father said getting the browned haired boy's attention. "I think I have a friend in the military that can help you, I'll give him your name and ask him to fin your two friends."

"I have extreme keen intuition so I know you'll see your friends again very soon." Aria said with a smile.

"That would be great." Tatsumi said gratefully smiling.

Outside the Mansion's entrance gate.

Just then another shorter man wearing the same guard suit came into the living room.

"What is it?" The father asked.

"Excuse me for interrupting but, we have three new guests outside the entrance gate." The small guard replied bowing his head.

"(Three new guests?)" Tatsumi asked himself.

The father got up from his chair. "Aria, come with me."

"Yes, father." His daughter nodded.

She and her father soon approached the mansion gate.

"Hello, can we help you three?" The father asked.

"Sorry, we're new here and we don't have any place to stay." Gray answered. "We don't have any money either." Juvia added.

Aurora observed the three for a sec but mostly gazed at Gray. "Hmm, you three you can stay with me until then."

"Are you sure?" Taran asked surprisinly.

Aurora nodded with an innocent smile as Gray observed her. (Hmm, I'm not sure why but I have feeling something off about her.)" He thought but decided accept. "Ok then, we'll stay for the night."

Tatsumi continued talking with mansion mother.

"So, how long you and these two friends of yours been seperate." She asked.

"Its been 3 weeks I suppose." Tatsumi said. "Like I said, my friends are decent fighters so I'm not too concerned."

Just then Aria came back inside the room with her father.

Tatsumi gazed at three people, he saw the Gray was the first noticed the boy.

"Who are you?" The black spiked haired man asked.

"My name Tatsumi." The browned boy replied as he noticed Juvia and Taran walking behind him.

"Why is that a boy like you is here?" Taran asked.

Tatsumi began to explain again.

Meanwhile in the Earthland.

The old woman was walking through the forest.

"Sheesh, I hope that Gray and Juvia are doing fine after they disappeared with that Taran woman." She said looking concerned.

Flashback scene.

A browned haired man and his wife were talking to her.

"Gray along with his friend Juvia were sucked into the gateway portal whatever." The man said with a troubled look. "Yes, we followed them as you wanted us to, as the battle was underway, the gateway activated and then the two kids along with Taran were sucked into the gateway portal." His wife added equally troubled.

The old woman was speechless.

Flashback ends.

"I would help them, I don't where to start." She said.

"Something wrong ma'am?" A voice asked.

She looked to see a man with long spiky haired that was slicked back, had no eyebrows, but had three visible studs above his eyes, and beside him was a girl with shoulder length blue hair with eyebrow length bangs and tied to her head was a colorful bandana around, a yellow dress with tank tops.

"Are you two..." She began to ask.

"Yes, I'm Gajeel Redfox." The Iron Dragon Slayer answered putting his fist on his chest with a grin. "I'm Pantherlily." The black Exceed stated raising his paw up.

"I'm Levy McGarden." The blued haired girl said with a smile. "Also we're members of the Magic Council Custody Enforcement." The black Exceed stated.

"Good, I have something to tell you about Juvia and Gray." The old woman said which got the two former Fairy Tail members to gasp and their eyes to wide.

Meanwhile at Aria's mansion.

Tatsumi and the others were given their own bedrooms.

"This place is nice." Tatsumi thought. "Meeting three new people like Gray, Juvia, and Taran has got me curious about them, though they seem nice."

Flashback scene.

"My name is Gray Fullbuster." The black haired man said pointing at himself.

"My name is Juvia Lockster." The blue haired woman said with a smile.

"My name is Taran." The black haired woman said with a cold stare.

"Nice to meet you three, the reason I'm here is because I came here with two friends to join the Capital but we attacked by bandits then we got seperated." Tatsumi said.

"Oh, that's bad." Juvia said feeling sorry for the boy.

"Yeah, I can only hope they're ok." Tatsumi said looking tough. "Anyway, I've been training so hard and want to save my village."

Gray observed the boy's face. "(I can tell he looks very concerned though he's putting on a brave face.)" He thought as an image of Erza and Natsu went into his mind. "(Strange, his tough act reminds me of Erza and his strong spirit reminds of Natsu Dragneel.)"

Tatsumi noticed the black man's look. "Is something wrong?"

Gray turned his head away. "No, I'm fine."

Flashback ends.

"Hmm, strange I wonder who Gray is let alone his two friends." Tatsumi said looking out the window now. "I guess I'll find out tomorrow."

Gray was in his room sitting on his bed. "This is strange, Juvia and I were transported to this world because of that gateway, I wonder how we'll get back home."

Juvia was taking a shower. "This is bad, not only was I transported to this world by that gateway, I couldn't be the same room with Gray!"

Taran was in her room gazing out the large bay window. "Hmm, this is strange how I and two of those Fairy Tail wizards were transported to this world, but we all saw three symbols glow after using our magic, then we faced off against creatures called Danger Beasts."


Aria was outside gazing with a hidden smirk. "(Tatsumi seems to be quite spirited, however I sense something strange about Gray and those two girl comrades of his.)"

Two of her royal guards were beside.

"Excuse me, lady Aria, what shall we do with the four new guests?" The masked guard asked.

"Treat Tatsumi well, however keep an eye on the three people something tells me that there's more to them than meets the eye." Aria replied not bothering to look at her guards.

"Yes, my lady." The un masked guard nodded as he and his partner left.

Aria closed the door to a shed and next to it was another that she gazed at it. "Looks like your friend is here, but too bad you're sleeping, on top of that you won't last long."

She then walked away with a hidden smile.

End of chapter.