February 4th, 2017

"Well, look who's back. You didn't die after all," Lucifer leaned forward, giving Chloe his most charming smile.

"That makes one of us. I heard you saved me," Chloe read his body language, the way he leaned forward broadcasted he was more concerned that what he let on.

"Well... much as I'd like to take all the credit, this one was a... a team effort,"

"You know, this whole poisoning thing has just... ...really put a pause on everything that's been going on with you and I, so... should we just pick up where we left off?" Chloe's heart forgot to beat when she looked him.

"I think, right now, you just need to focus on feeling better, Detective," Lucifer replied, clasping his hand in hers.

"Would you have someone bring Trixie in? Yes. Yes, of course. And we'll talk. We'll talk later, yeah?"

Lucifer opened the door, giving her one last look of affection before he let out a deep sigh.

Lucifer's eyes were bright red as he left, not with the fires of Hell but from holding back the unshed emotion threatening to spill over. As he left, he resolved not to look back as his heart lay beside Chloe in that hospital bed. How dare Dear Old Dad create a blessing to manipulate him with good heart and pure soul, only to have it turn out to be a curse on two legs. As he left the hospital, he knew he had to get away and he'd exact vengeance against the pain both parents had made him suffer. However, first, he needed a little fun and what better than the city of sin?

With that thought a sly grin slowly widened on Lucifer's face as he lit took a swig from his flask, lit up a Morley, turned on the car and revved the engine. Lucifer cranked up his stereo until nothing by his music muffled everything else within earshot. He sped from the parking let and left his heart in Los Angeles.

A single biker signaled in the turning lane as Lucifer head the opposite direction. Pulling up a sleek black and chrome Harley Road King motorcycle, the biker stepped off bike. Clad in black, thick work boots, the rider was familiar to the road in his black leather riding chaps, black leather jacket and matching motorcycle helmet. He removed it, showing a long crop of salt and paper hair.

He walked to the floral shop across the street, returning to the parking lot with a bouquet of fresh daisies and other flowers tinted in bright colors. Along with the bouquet, He carried a fuzzy teddy bear. Several minutes late, He gently rapped on the door to Chloe's room. "You up for company?"

"Josh, hey!" Chloe motioned him into the room. From seemingly out of nowhere, a glass vase with water appeared on the table near the window. She watched the lanky cowboy put the brightly-colored flowers in the vase.

"I know you have a thing for daisies," He said. "Kinda thought they'd brighten up the place."

Chloe watched Him stand in front of the window, a golden aura surrounding Him. She shook her head, smirking and chuckling at Josh Johnson aka God: one-half cowboy and other half biker. She looked at three patches, one with a cross, one with a Dove and the last with a symbol she couldn't recognize. Through her studies to learn more about Lucifer, she'd discovered Enochian sigils and recognized the symbol as one. "Thanks, I like them a lot."

"Josh!" Trixie jumped out the bed and ran full-speed toward him, encircling his waist. She looked up at Him with a big smile and he returned it with a warm grin. From nowhere came the teddy bear.

"Hey, Squirt, this is for you," Josh's deep Western drawl filled the room with an air of comfort that Chloe found rather peaceful.
"Thank you!" Trixie hugged the bear tight.

"Well, your pipes are fixed and I finished the kitchen renovation," he leaned back in the chair, still warm from where Lucifer sat just moments earlier. "Everything your house that had something wrong with it has been fixed."

"How much do I owe you, Josh?" Chloe asked. "Monkey, would you grab my purse for me?"

"Sure, Mommy!"

"We're even," he held up his hand to stop Trixie. "We're good."

"O..okay," Chloe nodded head eagerly. She saw Josh's smile fade to a more serious expression. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, Chloe, but I came to give you the news myself. I'm leaving."

"Leaving?" Chloe blinked twice. "Why?"

"Well, there's a guy named Earl in New Mexico that needs my help and You've got everything under wraps here."

"I'm going to miss You," Chloe blinked again, this time to hold back a few tears. "I have so many questions."

"I know, Chloe, and that's why I'm gonna give you a few answers before I head on down the road," Josh pulled out a pack of fig cookies. "Heaven's finest. Have one, it'll speed the healing."

"Don't mind if I do," Chloe reach for the one he offered her, each the sweet cookie and sipping water. "Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?"

"Always leading with the classic," Josh chuckled. "You're not gonna believe me, but you're special, Chloe, real special."

"Aren't all God's children?"

"You know Isaac was, right?"

"Yes," Chloe answered. She'd read through the Bible and the Torah several times over the past several months in search of answers.

"You know who Elizabeth was, the one who gave birth to John the Baptist?"

"Yeah," Chloe gave a shrug. "Josh, I don't see how those two pertain to my questions."

"They were miracle children, Chloe, just like you. Abraham was my friend and he wanted a child more than anything, but he never asked Me because he thought he should ask for something for himself and his wife, so at 90, Sarah conceived Isaac. Elizabeth was close to 70 band she conceived John. Both of those boys were special and a part of the bigger plan."

"Okay. . ."

"So are you, Chloe," Josh drawled, saying nothing more.

"What?" Chloe remembered how to speak. "I'm going to found a nation or get my head served on a silver platter?"

"Nope," Josh replied. "You're walking redemption."

"Excuse me, I'm what?" Chloe struggled to sit upright in the hospital bed, almost tugging out her IV.

"I know you like things straight, Chloe, black and white. You're Dad and I talked. . .a lot. . .when he was on his beat. He'd pray every night for a kid and he was a good, good man. He was righteous in a way I hadn't seen in a very long time. He always helped others and lent a hand to anyone who needed it. He did pray for a child, so I sent Amenadiel down to give My blessing to your mom to conceive."

"So, I'm their miracle baby because He prayed to You?" Chloe's eyes narrowed. "People pray to you every day for food, clothing, shelter, peace. Why don't you answer their prayers?"

"Sometimes, Chloe, people pray for food and starve their neighbor. Sometimes, they ask for rain, but don't use their skills to build the reservoirs or the dams for the rain I send. Sometimes, some real sons-of-bitches get in power, saying they're doing things in My name when that's a bunch of -" His eyes flamed gold for a moment.

"Language, Josh," Chloe said, thinking that she'd never seen a display like that from Him. Truly, if this was her private delusion, it came with great special effects.

"Yeah, I created you for a purpose and a reason, Chloe," Josh laid a hand over hers. "You can choose it or you can walk away. Free will."

"Did Judas Iscariot have any free will when he betrayed Christ?" Chloe asked.

"Yes, Chloe, he did."

"Was he one of your miracle children?"

"No, why are you asking this now?"

"He betrayed Christ and committed suicide," Chloe retorted. "Did You make him betray Christ or did Judas have an out?"

"I gave him an out, Chloe," Chloe still saw the glimmer of gold surrounding pupils. "No temptation was put on Judas any more than any other human gets. He made his choices and I left him an out, but he thought some silver was a better choice. He never figured that his choice would get my son killed. Chloe, I never anyone face a bigger temptation that what a person can handle. If a person is tempted. I also give them an out so they can deal with it."

"I always wanted to ask that question and why are you telling me all of this now?"

"To give you the chance to take the bull by the horns or to walk away," Josh answered. "Sam. .. .Lucifer is going to face some hard times ahead. He was Satan and, yes, he exists."

"So he and you keep telling me," Chloe said slowly. "There's no out for him, he's doomed to the Lake of Fire."

"Let's say I'm on a learning curve since the old days," Josh took a bite of His fig cookie. "So, you're the next Miracle child. My Son was one."

"What?" Chloe scoffed. "You want me to get nailed? Your miracle children don't end up well, Josh. Usually killed."

"Yeah, sometimes," He admitted. "But not all and not always. There was no redemption for Lucifer or Amenadiel or for any of my other fallen children. Until now."


"You are Lucifer's redemption, Chloe," Josh said. "Your love is his redemption. If you choose to be brave and stand with him at his side, he will change for you and because of you. You don't know everything, Chloe, and there are things that you'll learn about that will terrify you. I'm offering you an out."

"I don't abandon my friends," Chloe said without hesitation.

"I know that," Josh agreed. "Lucifer will do dumb-ass things that will make you wonder what hell he is doing. Your life will be in danger countless times. He's been a selfish ass who needs love and hope to guide him through his changes and that's you, Chloe."

"If I were made just for this, is what I'm feeling for him even real?"

"That's between you two and it grew all on it's own," Josh rose to his feet. "That's a bonus and you decide if it's real. I had nothing to do with it."

"So, what happens now?"

"I'm going to New Mexico," Josh said. "I've taken months to prepare you for your new undercover mission as Lucifer's redemption. How you choose will affect not only him but those around you: Amenadiel, Mazikeen, Linda Martin, Trixie. You're a wise woman, Chloe, and I don't usually tell people straight out, but, I wouldn't mind having you for a daughter-in-law and I'd like to see my son again. As long as he is as he is, he can't see Me directly."

Chloe sat there, her mind numbed by Josh's revelations. "No superhuman powers?"

"Only for you to see things from Lucifer's point of view?"

"No more miracles?"

"You make miracles everyday when you love someone as yourself, whether you know them or not."

"Demons? Will I be fighting any of those?"

"Probably not yet, but someday, it's possible," Josh's grim answer sent a shiver down Chloe's spine. "You have Mazikeen to show you how to deal with what you may choose to face."

"Will you show her mercy?" Chloe asked. "A second chance or soul?"

"I tell you what, I'll give what's needed, but not always wanted," Josh tweaked her nose. "I've told you enough of the universe's secrets. So, Decker, you in?"

"I'm in," Chloe gave him a smile. "I care about Lucifer."

"I know you do, Darlin,' "Josh tussled her hair. "I didn't say it'd be easy, but I didn't say it wouldn't be worth it."

He put on his sunglasses and gave Trixie a hug. "You take good care of your mom for me, okay?"

"Josh, are we going to see you again?" Trixie sniffed.

"I'm Always with you," He said in a voice that was unearthly and lovely beyond description. "We'll see each other again, Trixie. That means you, too, Chloe. Promise. You gals take care and if you need help or just want to talk, just call out to me and I'll hear you."

A glowing gold light pulsed from the center of His being until it engulfed him and then He was gone. Chloe found herself wiping away tears, saddened by the departure of her newest friend. Trixie came back to the hospital bed and snuggled beside her mother.

Later that night, she contemplated everything Josh had said about her existence and her life's purpose if she chose it. She had the right to embrace it wholeheartedly or to walk away. Chloe sighed, contemplating if Judas or John the Baptist had the same free will she did. If she walked away, would there be another to slip in and fulfill the role of Lucifer's walking redemption? Was it something only she could specifically do? Josh never answered those questions.

Chloe knew several things.
1) Lucifer always had her back and had been there for her.
2) He never lied to her.
3) He was loyal.
4) She was in love with the Devil.

Josh warned her that there was trouble ahead if she followed her heart and chose to stand with Lucifer. He also said that it wouldn't be easy, but it'd be worth it. The weight of a thousand worlds lay heavy on her shoulders. Her choices wouldn't only affect her, but her family and those around her. 'I'm only human. I can't do this. How?'

"I'll be with you always," a familiar drawl answered in the dark as if He were in the room. "You worry too much, Chloe. Get some sleep because tomorrow brings enough worries of its own. Tonight, just sleep."

"Just. . .sleep," Chloe murmured. "I choose, Josh, I'll stay where the winged ones are. G'night."

"That's my girl," Josh murmured as the moonlight shown down upon Him as he crossed the state line into New Mexico with Steppenwolf's 'Magic Carpet Ride' miraculously blaring through the desert, accompanied by the sounds of howling coyotes and hooting owls.

The End?


Under the light of a full moon, Josh read the sign as he cruised into the small town on his Harley-Davidson Road King: Puente Antiguo, New Mexico City Limits.