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The sound of an alarm could be faintly heard; trying to arouse the sleeping girl to consciousness. Furrowing her brows in stubborn defiance, the girl turned her head away from the noise and somehow managed to burrow her head deeper into her pillow. The only thing that could be seen was her long, white-slated hair, rather ungraciously sprawled all over the top quarter of the bed - she was determined to enjoy her slumber to the fullest until a certain Cat Faunus would force her to physically get up.

As if on cue, she felt a soft object pelt the back of her head. She groaned in irritation and was about to say something but was interrupted by her perpetrator.

"Weiss! Turn that thing off, for Oum's sake…" the alleged perpetrator said as she stifled a yawn.

Weiss huffed and turned herself around, slowly swinging her legs over the edge of the bed and sat up to face her assailant. She rubbed her left eye, subconsciously tracing her scar, as she tried to get rid of some residual sleepiness. When she took in the sight before her, she barely managed to cover her laugh.

Standing before her, leaning on the doorframe of her room, was a cranky-looking, sleep-deprived Blake Belladonna. She wore black boxer shorts, and a light grey tank top that had a simple outline of a fish on the front of it. She also had an impressive bed-head, with strands of black hair darting out in each and every direction; and her half-lidded eyes were struggling to stay open. With each relentless 'beep' of the girl's alarm, the cat faunus' ears would twitch in both rhythm and annoyance.

Weiss smiled inwardly and followed Blake's orders, swiftly typing the passcode to her scroll and ending the irritating sound. She looked up again to face the faunus and quirked an eyebrow, "better?"

Blake grunted in response, but instead of returning to her own room she made her way next to her friend; and plopped herself beside the white-haired girl with her back against the bed and her arms covering her eyes.

"Weiss, you know when I wake up I can't go back to sleep…" Blake half-whined in exasperation,

Weiss rolled her eyes, and a sense of mischievousness washed over her,

She smirked, "What? Was your cat nap not good enough for you?" she asked in a teasing tone,

To answer her question, she felt the familiar sensation of a pillow smacking the back of her head. Albeit this time, there was slightly more force behind this particular attack.

"That's not funny, Ice Princess" Blake stated, emphasizing the nickname she knew would annoy the former heiress.

At that, Weiss glared at the Cat Faunus, and Blake gladly returned the intense stare.

For a few moments, they held each other's gazes, silently sizing each other up. That is, until a corner of Weiss' mouth twitched upwards, and Blake's ability to suppress her laughter had faltered. Soon, both of the girls were in a fit of giggles, and Weiss playfully threw the pillow back at Blake, who let out an 'oomf!' when it made contact with her stomach.

She sat up and rubbed the back of her head and sighed, "but seriously though, why is your alarm always set at this ungodly hour?"

Weiss scoffed at that, "because unlike you, it takes me longer to get ready for school! Not everybody has hair that can pass as naturally messy. You literally brush your hair like once, and it just bends to your damn will!"

Blake laughed at that accusation, "what can I say? Some of us were born with more favourable traits like nice hair, while others were born with a family name that sounds like a confused sneeze"

The Schnee rolled her eyes at that statement.

"Former family name," she corrected

Blake smiled, "right."

Both of the girls sat in silence for a moment; and nothing about it was awkward. They just sat and enjoyed each other's presence before they were forced to continue on for this tedious, and mandatory day. A sudden grumble from Weiss' stomach could be heard, and the former heiress flushed at the sound.

"Hungry?" Blake asked. The heiress nodded in embarrassment.

"Let's have breakfast then, I think mom made some before she left,"

"Kali? Where did she go at this hour?"

Blake shrugged, "probably to workout or something, she's been getting into that scene recently."

Weiss smiled at that statement, as she could recall a time when Kali paled in horror when Blake made an offhanded remark about 'how much rounder' her mom's face had seemed nowadays. It wasn't meant to be mean-spirited, but it served as a diversion from Kali's questioning about Blake's slightly revealing clothing. This resulted in playful banter, and bickering and maybe a fish bone or two being thrown across the dinner table. It was a heartwarming scene, really. And definitely a stark contrast to the painfully silent dinner's that she had back at the Schnee Manor.

Her smile faltered a bit at the memories of her past, but her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden blinding lights of the outside world. Weiss hissed and covered her eyes with her arm at the sound of Blake opening the blinds to her room. In the back of her mind, she wondered when the hell the Cat Faunus got up from beside her, but then attributed the girl's stealth skills to her feline heritage.

"Well, mom should be back soon. Let's get ready so we can all eat together," Blake declared

Weiss playfully rolled her eyes, but smiled in agreement.

With that, Blake took her leave, and headed towards her own room so the both of them could get ready for the day. Weiss closed the door behind her, and then strode purposefully towards her closet. She slid open the closet door and began to scrutinize the articles of clothing before her, carefully considering what she should wear. Running her hands over the differing fabrics, she spotted a familiar white, form-fitting sundress outlined with an elegant royal blue snow-flake design at the bottom corner where the skirt flared out. The waist-line was also outlined with a similarly-coloured ribbon with intricate white snowflakes placed at the edges of it. Weiss grabbed the article of clothing and tossed it onto her bed and began to search for a particular blazer.

Her eyes lit up with joy when she finally found the piece of clothing and she took it out to examine it. It was pretty simple, really; just a royal blue half-blazer with white lines outlining the cufflinks, and pockets. She placed the two pieces of clothing together on her bed and nodded with satisfaction. The Schnee then grabbed her outfit and made her way to the bathroom to get her morning routine down and get ready for the day.

When she emerged from the bathroom she saw a familiar flash of black and white flitting across the hallway towards, what she guessed was, the dining room table downstairs. Soon after, the sound of the front door opening could be heard and Kali's "I'm home!" echoed throughout the house. Weiss made her way towards the sound and was going to greet the Belladonna matron a 'welcome back' but stopped when she saw the scene before her.

A very scantily clad, and sweaty Kali Belladonna was drinking a bottle of water that her daughter had tossed her. The woman was wearing nothing but a sports bra and form-fitting tights, revealing an impressively toned stomach and slender arms. Weiss furrowed her brows in confusion at Blake's previous remark about Kali's disposition; as there was definitely nothing round about her. Before she could realize that she was basically ogling the older woman's body, Blake took this as an opportunity to embarrass the former heiress.

"Like what you see?" The younger Cat Faunus teased,

Weiss flushed at that statement and began to sputter incoherent noises. At this, both of the Belladonna woman guffawed and successfully deepened the former heiress' blush to an entirely new shade of red.

"H-How vulgar! The woman is basically my mother!" the Schnee exclaimed,

The two women's laughter died down a little at the declaration and they stared at the girl warmly, with smiles plastered on their faces.

Kali swatted the air dismissively, "yes, yes. It's just a joke, child"

Weiss merely rolled her eyes playfully, and smiled at the woman. She knew that the older faunus woman never had ill-intent towards her. Especially considering that she was the sole person who opened up her home to the young girl after she was disowned from the Schnee heritage. Weiss frowned slightly at the memory, but was interrupted again by a Belladonna woman.

"Well, lets go eat! I'm starving, especially after that run," the older faunus said as she made her way to the dining room.

Both of the girls just stared at the receding form of the Belladonna matron and shook their heads while quietly stifling their laughter. Their breakfast went by pleasantly, as they talked about many things. Like how nice Weiss looked in her outfit, or how 'maybe too much skin' was being showed from Blake's, who retaliated by making playfully snarky remarks about Kali's workout clothes; which again resulted in some projectile fish-sticks being thrown. They then spoke about the schedule for their first day of school at Beacon Academy, and the classes that they were going to take. All in all, the morning was going by swimmingly, and Weiss was genuinely enjoying herself.

When they finished their breakfast and cleaned up after themselves, both of the girls decided to leave for school. They said their farewells to the older feline faunus and began their morning trek.

"I don't get why that woman always makes comments about my clothes! It's not even that bad…" Blake grumbled as she gestured to her outfit.

Her statement was true, her clothes really weren't that revealing in Weiss' opinion. The Cat Faunus wore a simple white, cropped tank-top with a heart-shaped neckline; which, at most, exposed her stomach. She accompanied that look with a black jean jacket, and a pair of black short-shorts with white outlines over the pockets. Weiss just shrugged with a monosyllabic noise in response.

Suddenly, the familiar buzzing and default ringtone of her scroll could be heard from her pocket, and she knew before checking who was calling her.

Blake stared at the girl knowingly, and waited intently for the Schnee to answer it.

On the scroll, the name COCO was visible. Weiss sighed and answered,

"What is it, Coco?" she asked with annoyance,

"Well that's no way to greet one of your best friends" the girl on the other side replied

Weiss rolled her eyes, but smiled nevertheless at the statement, "If you're going to ask us to wait for you in front of the school's monument, then the answer is no."

Coco hissed, "damn girl, why so cold?"

Weiss' eyebrow twitched at the pun, "because all of the times we decided to wait for you, we would either barely make it on time, or be late!"

"It's called being fashionably late, honey. Trust me, no one will care, and people probably expect it from the three of us."

"Being tardy isn't something that I want to be expected of me," Weiss mumbled.

At that, Blake laughed and raised an eyebrow at the girl, but the Schnee ignored it.

"Alright! I relent. I'll be at the monument in say, 15 minutes?"

"Okay. fifteen minutes." Weiss warned. And with that, Coco uttered a 'tata' and hung up.

Weiss rolled her eyes, for what seemed to be, the umpteenth time that morning.

"You know… 15 minutes in Coco time is actually like 30, right?" Blake chimed

Weiss' eyes widened in realization, but then she slumped over and nodded in defeat.

"So that means…" her friend trailed,

"I know." Weiss deadpanned

They were going to be late to the opening ceremony.

The very opening ceremony that Weiss had to recite a welcoming speech at.

She let out an incomprehensible sound of pure exasperation and felt Blake's hand on her shoulder as an attempt at comforting her.

Great way to start of the school year, Weiss.

I hope you guys enjoyed it :) dw, I'm going to include a detailed flashback of how Weiss was kicked out of the Schnee family in the upcoming chapters. I just wanted this WhiteRose fanfic to not be too angsty, especially regarding her family name :P; not to say that there won't be drama between the White and Red characters ;). I'll also be including the girls' parents in this story, who also have a bit of a history/flashback of their own. Leave some comments/reviews to lemme know how it is or how it can be improved!