Written by Van, ©2003

            I am the white Gordos.

            I live in these ruins. I have lived here for sixty years. I will live here for sixty more. I will live here until my gears lie still and my body is rusted through. I must stay here. I cannot leave. He may come back someday. I know there is a reason he has not returned. Something is holding him back. I trust him. He was my partner, my friend. He will come back for me because he would not leave a fallen comrade behind.

            A boy and his Shield Liger came one day, a long time ago. The boy told me I was free to go. The boy told me no one would come back for me. I did not trust him. I do not trust anyone but my friend who I miss so dearly. The boy was wrong. I went back to the ruins and lay down, awaiting my friend.

            The boy was a good boy, a nice boy. He helped me. He protected me from the red and black Command Wolf that attacked. The boy reminded me of my friend when he and I first met. My friend was young, only seventeen. We were assigned to each other for training. We got along right away. We could sense each other's thoughts. This boy, this boy who visited me, seemed spunky and courageous, like my partner.

            But he wasn't my partner. I wish he were, because then I would have left with him and his Shield Liger, and had many adventures, and maybe even gotten my leg fixed. It pains me every day. I wish someone would fix it. The boy tried to, but he couldn't. I know my friend could have.

            I live here in these ruins and think over and over again of all the adventures I had so long ago. It helps to pass the time, the time until my friend comes back. I'll make sure no one comes in here and disturbs this base, these memories. No one will disturb my memories.

            I am the white Gordos.  And here I will stay.