Corliss sat, licking her fur, in a patch of sunshine. Her kits were playing next to her. Yeardley was on top of Aldwyn. "Haha! You were pinned!"

Aldwyn shook her off and purred, "Let's see who's pinned next!"

She lay down. Her brother, Malvern, was beside her. "Want to go somewhere more private?"

Corliss tilted her head. She thought, Why would he want me to do that? But then she felt a telepathic thought coming from Malvern's mind. One that would haunt her forever. One day, I'll kill Corliss and those bratty kits. Then, once I turn them in and claim Baxley did it, the tribe will be mine! I'll have complete control! Corliss shook her head. "I have to watch my kits."

She had never told anyone she had telepathic powers, she wanted to keep the cool secret to herself. That night, when everyone had gone to sleep, she made the hardest decision of her life. It was either have the risk of killing her kits, or get herself and the kits killed. She finally chose the first one. She moved a basket towards her, and slowly moved the kits in. She put a small blanket over them, and whispered, "Sleep well, my kits."

She nudged them into the river and watched as they set off on their long journey. She would just have to wait until Malvern killed her. She went to sleep, and woke up to Malvern standing over her. "So your going to kill me now."

He stepped back. "How did you know?"

"I read your mind."

Quick as lightning, he slashed his claws over Corliss's neck, and the world went dark around her, until she slipped away quietly and peacefully.