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Chapter 7:

September 16, 1997, 11:04pm

It's funny, people always say "You look different" in the movies when a girl finally loses her virginity. Though I don't think I look different at all…well, aside from my kiss-swollen lips and my sex hair…but Merlin, it was good. I mean, I knew it would have to be with him, but I wasn't expecting…just wow.

He is so infuriating though; one minute, I am over the moon, lying in his arms completely content, and the next, he makes me feel like I am just a toy to be played with and discarded. Honestly, I really should just put an end to all of this madness, because as he's repeatedly pointed out, nothing can come of this…it's just sex. Why does the thought of telling him it's over take my breath away? Because it's too late…I'm already head over heels in love with him, that's why. Godric help me, this is not how this was supposed to go…


"You look different." Ginny said eyeing Hermione suspiciously as she nibbled on a piece of bacon.

Hermione had to bite back the grin that threatened to form, and the reply, 'Oh, you think? It must be all this sex I'm having', and instead just shrugged.

"Have you done something different with your hair?" Ginny asked raising an eyebrow.

"Just a good night's rest is all." Hermione answered, hoping to quickly change the subject.

Ginny continued to look at her suspiciously, "You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you look like you've been shagged three ways from Sunday…but that cant be it."

Hermione spat out her tea, "Ginny! We're eating!"

Ginny smirked, "Yeah, I bet someone was eating…or getting eaten."

"Miss Weasley."

Hermione froze

"Oh, hello Professor, say…Does Hermione look different to you at all?"

Hermione wanted to curse Ginny and melt into the floor.

The corner of the Professor's lips twitched, though his face remained stoic, "I don't make it a habit of studying my student's appearances, Miss Weasley, however Miss Granger appears well rested today."

More like properly fucked, Hermione thought to herself.

"Thank you, Professor" Hermione said quietly, as she picked up her teacup, hoping it would hide her blush.

"You're welcome, Miss Granger." Tom said as he continued past their table over to his seat at the staff table.

"That man needs to get laid. He's far too uptight." Ginny said as she watched him slip into his seat, thankfully not noticing the way Hermione snorted into her teacup.


"Who can tell me what is the one thing a Vampire could never refuse?" The professor asked as he leaned casually against his desk.

No one raised their hand, and he crossed his arms over his chest, "Really? No one?"

Hermione reluctantly put her arm in the air, feeling obligated to answer if no one else would.

"Yes, Miss Granger?"

Hermione cleared her throat and felt her face blush scarlet at the reminder that until just recently, she herself would've fit the bill, "Virgin's blood, Professor."

Thankfully, Tom nodded, and turned away to write on the chalk board.

"Correct, take ten points for Gryffindor, Miss Granger. Virgin's blood has the same effect as Unicorn blood when it comes to cursed creatures. The purity of it is like a drug…One taste and they simply can't get enough" he said as his eyes swept over the room, finally landing on Hermione. Her breath hitched when she noticed how dark his eyes had become…were they always that color?

The spell was broken a moment later when the chime sounded signaling the end of class, and he called out their homework assignment.

"Miss Granger, do you have a moment?" he said distractedly as he shuffled though a stack of papers on his desk

When the last student filed out, he flicked his wrist towards the door, and it slammed shut, the lock sliding into place. Within two quick strides he was standing in front of her, hoisting her onto his desk, kissing her hungrily.

When she felt his hand slip under her skirt, she broke the kiss and whispered, "We shouldn't be doing this here."

He pulled her hand down and placed it over the bulge in his pants, "You have no idea what the sight of you in that skirt does to me…"

She felt her resolve slipping as his lips trailed hot open mouth kisses down the column of her throat, and she let out a soft moan.

That was all he needed to hear, and his hand slipped beneath her skirt once more and tore her cotton knickers off with a sharp tug

She was too consumed with lust to think about what he had just done, as a moment later, she felt him sliding into her, as his hands cupped her bottom at the edge of his desk. His thrusts were hard and fast, and despite the sting of his sudden entry, she could feel the pleasure mounting as he continued to hit a spot deep inside of her that sent shocks of pleasure up her spine. He circled her clit with his thumb as he came inside of her, and she let go and came hard around him, with a muffled cry against his neck. He pulled out of her a moment later, breathing heavily and giving her a naughty smirk as he pulled out his wand to clean them both up. He was fastening his trousers when she looked down and noticed the scrap of what used to be her panties on the floor.

"I don't have time to go back and get a new pair before my next class." She said trying to look annoyed as she gazed down at her torn knickers, though in truth she was anything but.

"Well, you best not bend over, then." He chuckled as he repaired the torn fabric and handed them back to her.

She scoffed at his words and slipped off of his desk, smoothing down her skirt, and willing her legs to stop shaking.

"That was rather impulsive…" she said with a smirk, glancing over at him while she packed her things into her bag.

He nodded giving her a small frown.

Was he nervous about something?

"I apologize…it won't happen again. It was careless of me."

It was her turn to frown. One minute, he seemed to let go of his tightly held control, only to pull away from her again. It was maddening.

"Maybe I should be the one to apologize," she said sarcastically, "my regulation school skirt and sensible cotton knickers were clearly too provocative to be worn in class."

He scowled at her, "Hermione…"

"Open the door, Tom." She said

Knowing she had class in five minutes he had no choice but to let her go, "Fine, but we're discussing this later." He snapped as the door latch clicked open with a flick of his wrist.

"Don't hold your breath" she muttered as she pushed through the door out into the hall.


At dinner, Hermione wasn't surprised when she discovered a small piece of parchment waiting for her next to her plate. It was spelled with a notice me not charm, so that no one except her would be tempted to read the contents. She shoved it in her bag without reading it, and did her best to avoid looking at the staff table throughout dinner.

"Have you heard? There's been another Dementor attack." Ginny said nervously as she pushed the copy of the Daily Prophet towards Hermione.

Hermione took the paper and scanned the article:

Dementors attack muggle town of Little Hangleton

For the second time in recent days, it has been reported that Dementors have escaped the confines of Azkaban Prison in what appears to be a series of unprovoked attacks. The first of which followed a breach at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the newest, and youngest member of the staff, Professor Tom Riddle, was able to successfully fend off nearly a dozen Dementors with the help of a student hailed as the brightest witch of her age, Miss Hermione Granger.

Hermione blushed at the praise that was heaped on her by the author. Usually, she was written about in a much more negative fashion; clearly this article hadn't been written by Rita Skeeter.

The second attack occurred just yesterday in the muggle town of Little Hangleton, where three unidentified muggles were left in critical condition. Aurors from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement along with team of healers from St. Mungos arrived swiftly to the scene to perform memory modifications on the witnesses, and provide medical care to the injured. The victims were later transported to a local hospital where they will be given further treatment, though it is unclear if they will survive. It is widely speculated that Lord Voldemort is behind the attacks.

"Lord Voldemort? Why don't they just use his real name…Severus Snape." Hermione rolled her eyes as she looked over at Ginny.

"It makes sense though, doesn't it? I mean, someone over at Azkaban has to be behind this…Snape is in Azkaban…clearly he must've ordered it." Ginny said as she stabbed a piece of steak with her fork.

"It's strange though, don't you think? I mean, there's been talk of Lord Voldemort for the last ten years or so, yet no one has ever caught a glimpse of him in all that time…" Hermione said thoughtfully as she chewed her steak.

"Yeah, probably because he was here teaching potions biding his time until he could get his revenge on Albus Dumbledore for his treatment of him while he was a student. Can you imagine waiting 27 years to finally take your revenge on someone? Blimey, that must've been a serious grudge."

"Still…something isn't adding up." Hermione said before Ginny elbowed Hermione to shut her up as they saw Harry approaching the table. It was made crystal clear to the both of them that Severus Snape was not a name he ever wished to hear again after the murder of the much beloved Headmaster, though Hermione knew there was more to it than Harry was saying.

"Alright, Harry?" Hermione asked giving him a small smile as she casually folded the copy of the Daily Prophet and slipped it into her bag without him noticing.

"Yeah, just a bit of a headache is all." Harry answered pouring himself a glass of pumpkin juice and filling his plate.

"Well, don't look now, but I think Peeves is about to start something…" Ginny said as the mischievous poltergeist flew into the hall cackling.


Once she had reached the privacy of her room, she opened the note and frowned.

Can we talk?

Grabbing her quill off of her desk, she scribbled a reply.

What do you want, Tom?

A few moments later, her words disappeared into the parchment, and new ones began to form in his tidy script.


She felt her throat tighten at his words. She wanted to believe it, but he was so hard to read; she still knew virtually nothing about him, other than what Slughorn had let slip, and she could feel that somewhere underneath his tightly crafted control, he must feel something for her, or else why would he bother?

I wish I could believe that…

Then let me show you.

Quite without her consent, a pulse of desire raced through her. She knew that sex wasn't going to solve anything, but maybe she could get him to open up to her, even if only a little.

Before she could respond, another word formed on the parchment:


Her resolve crumbled and she scribbled a hasty 'Alright' before she slipped her shoes back on and snuck down to his rooms. Thankfully, she had to pass by the Defense classroom on the way to the library, so no one would think twice if they saw her heading in that direction.

When she reached the classroom door, she looked around to make sure no one was watching as she slipped inside, quickly closing the door behind her. She moved over the wall where the entrance to his quarters was hidden and whispered the password, Dominus.

The door appeared, and she slipped inside. The first thing she noticed was that his rooms were dark, except for the soft glow of light coming from his bedroom. She crept quietly across the floor to his bedroom door, and pushed it open slowly. The sight that greeted her eyes made her breath catch; there were candles everywhere, on every surface, as well as floating near the ceiling. The ceiling had also been charmed like the great hall to appear as the night sky, with thousands of stars twinkling down. As her eyes moved to the bed, there was a single long-stem red rose lying on the pillow.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when a pair of arms slid around her waist from behind and she yelped in surprise.

"What is all this?" she questioned, not daring to hope that it meant what she hoped it did

"Do you like it?" he asked as he nuzzled her neck from behind.

"Yes, of course I do, but why?" she asked as her hands came to rest over his.

"I felt I owed you an apology; I upset you earlier, but it was not my intention."

She bit back a smirk, thinking back to the conversation that they had just the night before in this very room.

"But I thought you said you didn't do romance?" she teased.

"Do you find this romantic?" he asked chuckling against her neck.

"What happened to 'keeping things in perspective'?" she challenged as she turned in his arms to face him.

He sighed as he leaned his forehead against hers and admitted, "Things tend to get a bit blurry where you're concerned."

She bit her lip knowing this was about as much of a declaration as she was going to get from him, and pulled his face down to hers in a kiss that could have melted lava.

"Make love to me, Tom" she breathed against his lips, and she felt her feet leave the floor as he lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bed. When she felt her knees hit the back of the mattress, he urged her onto it, crawling over her, trapping her thighs between his legs.

"I do want to make one thing very clear, Hermione. I don't make love, I fuck…hard."

She felt a throb of desire, and wetness pool between her legs at his words.

"Now, put your arms over your head and grab the headboard." He commanded.

She did as instructed, wondering what he was planning to do when he produced a forest green and silver neck tie from his back pocket.

Hermione chuckled, "And here, I didn't think you even owned a tie."

His lips twitched in amusement as he tied her wrists securely to the headboard with it.

"Keep it up Miss Granger, and I'll be forced to…discipline you."

Another throb of desire shot straight to her core; between the things he was saying in that husky tone of voice, and the things he was doing to her, she knew it wouldn't take much to make her come undone.

"Now, what shall I do with you?" he said with a wicked glint in his eye as he produced his wand, twirling it idly between his fingers.

Hermione stiffened as she felt the cold tip of his bone-white wand glide over her lips and chin as he dragged it lower, trembling in anticipation as she watched the buttons of her blouse pop open as it moved down between her breasts. In one swift move, he pushed off her blouse and twisted it around her wrists along with his tie against the headboard. Her breathing had become heavier now, her desire for him clouding her senses.

"Do you want to come, Hermione?" he asked, pinching her hardened nipple through her bra, "Tell me what you want."

She let out a shaky breath as he gazed down at her expectantly, twirling his wand menacingly in one hand while stroking the bare skin of her stomach with his long pale fingers.

"Yes…Please, I need to feel you…" she begged, arching her back and pushing her breasts toward him as much as the restraint would allow.

"Well, that's not very specific, now, is it? Is it my hands that you want?" he asked, sliding his hand under her skirt to skim his finger along the damp fabric of her knickers.

She whimpered with need and bucked her hips trying to get him use more pressure instead of the light teasing strokes he was giving her.

"Or is it my mouth?" he breathed against the heated skin of her stomach as he moved lower, pulling her knickers down as he went, skimming his nose along her thigh and flicking his tongue over her clit a few times in a tortuous rhythm.

She was panting now and pulling against the tie that bound her to his bed, wanting desperately to come.

"…Please Tom…" she begged nearly out of her mind with need.

"Or maybe it's my cock that you really want…" he said, and before she knew what was happening, he flipped her over onto her stomach and lifted her so that she was on her knees. His hands moved quickly to his belt, and he pushed his pants down over his hips as he pushed into her with a groan, pulling her body flush against him

"Fuck…" he hissed as her muscles clenched around him causing her to moan into his pillow.

He gripped her hips tightly as he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in. She felt every inch of him as he fucked her, and she couldn't ever remember feeling this turned on in her life. She was right on the edge, and when he slammed into her again, and again when she finally felt her orgasm washing over her, causing jolts of pleasure to shoot up her spine. Distantly, she heard him groan as he stilled, his cock buried deep inside of her as he found his release.

As he pulled out of her, breathing heavily, he flicked his hand towards the headboard to release her from the restraint, and collapsed beside her on the bed.

She turned to face him, biting her lip and gave him a naughty grin.

He arched an eyebrow as he looked at her, "Something amusing?" he asked

"That was really nice." She said with a smirk.

Tom snorted in disbelief as he moved back over her, "Nice!? I'll show you nice…"

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