Ok, this is my 'what happened next' story for the TV show 'Space: Above and Beyond', and is set after the end of series one, the only series they made.

Legal: Space: Above and Beyond, and the regular characters are owned by the studio and writers that created them. The character of Michael, and his back-story are my own personal creations, and are nothing to do what so ever with the actual Space: Above and Beyond universe.

Angel in Disguise, part 1

Shane Vansen felt her head swim as she tried to focus here eyes. She could vaguely remember activating the emergency landing system for the escape- pod, but not much more. She was certainly aware of her body: she felt like she had taken part in a boxing match with a gorilla.

A shadow moved over the canopy, and she could just make-out a voice, "I have found the escape-pod. Both captain Vansen and lieutenant Damphousse are alive, but one is severely injured. I recommend that we recover the entire escape-pod." There was the garbled sound of radio chatter, then the first voice came back, "Yes sir, I could remove the two officers from the escape-pod, but I do not recommend it." The radio squared a second time, then the shadow seemed to give in, "Ok sir, I will extract the casualties myself. Request a medi-vac shuttle at the rally-point. Angle-one out."

The shadow came into sharp focus as a cutting torch ignited. Shane screamed when she saw the face that came with the voice: the un-mistakable eyes of an AI unit looked down at her. She tried to reach her sidearm, but found her arm un-willing to respond. The AI looked at her, "Do not move captain Vansen. A Chig patrol is in the area, and I must cut you and lieutenant Damphousse free before they find this pod."

The AI expertly cut the remains of the escape-pod away, and with surprising gentleness, removed first Shane, then Vanessa Damphousse, from the tangled wreckage. It was only once she was free that Shane got a good look at the AI's uniform: the cross of St. Gorge on the left shoulder seemed to indicate it was English, but she didn't recognise the unit badge below it.

The AI suddenly stood, and lifting an assault-rifle, fired at two Chigs who had gotten too close for comfort. The two aliens went down, and the AI lifted Vansen over one shoulder, then Damphousse over the other. Seemingly un-affected by the weight of the two Marines, it started to walk along the gull that the escape-pod had created when it landed.

Shane finally found her voice, "Who, who are you?" The AI answered without braking its stride "My name is MCL-1703-X, but you can call me Michael." Shane took a deep-breath as the AI landed heavily on a rock "But you're an AI, why are you helping us?" The AI seemed to shrug, "Because it is my job, captain Vansen: I was sent to find your escape-pod and return you to allied lines. Pleas keep quiet, there are more Chig patrols in the area."