A/N: Don't you just love when you find something that wasn't there before, or was hidden and you stumbled upon it purposefully or on accident? Here's a little something extra. This was NOT in the Grandson's binder. Think of it as a hidden musical track or buried treasure. Or that special spoon you lost 5 years ago and gave up on that suddenly appeared in the silverware drawer again.

Fezzik straightened up and stretched his back while Inigo came around from the other side of the beam and did the same. Rebuilding the blacksmith shop was hard work, but the ability to do so from the ground up gave them the chance to make it just the way they wanted. They wiped their brow and took a drink of water from a barrel set nearby. The shop was going to be bigger and better than before, with plenty of space for Inigo to set up his sword forge. In a handful of days the walls would be up and then it was a matter of finishing the inside and putting on the roof; hopefully something a bit fireproof, Fezzik thought.

As they contemplated their work in progress, a figure strolled down the street from the town to meet them. Even from a distance Fezzik could tell it was Staf, the traveling bard that roamed Haypenne singing his songs and bringing news from other parts in exchange for food and drink. Staf walked purposely up to Fezzik and Inigo, bowed and laid his mandolin at Fezzik's feet.

Puzzled, Fezzik and Inigo looked at each other and then back at Staf.

"I Staf do hereby lay down my profession and livelihood in atonement for past deeds."

"Really Staf, your music couldn't have been that bad" Inigo said.

"No, he is quite good actually" Fezzik said. "The people seem to enjoy his performances. What are you talking about Staf?"

Staf, seemingly lost without his constant musical companion that now lay on the ground, stammered. "I have done things of which I am not proud" he managed to get out.

"Yes, but what?" Inigo prodded.

"Bad things" Staf added.

"WHAT THINGS?" Fezzik roared. He did it more for effect than anything; he was enjoying the break from work anyway.

"It…I…well…I'm the one that informed Humperdinck where you could be found. That allowed him to burn down your shop."

"You?" Fezzik wasn't convinced.

"Yes. I passed on the information to a courier to be given to Captain Tu who passed the information on to King Humperkinck. I was responsible for the burning of your shop." Staf truly seemed reticent about the fact.

"Of course Fezzik, it makes perfect sense" said Inigo. "Don't you see? Who would be in a better position to gather information and pass it on than someone who travels the country, whose public job is to do just that anyway? You told me he was the one that solved the mystery of the missing Rosetta. Tu's spy is a musician."

"The other way around, actually" Staf went on. "I was already a bard when I was recruited by Tu. I am a man of small pockets, but aside from food and drink I have need of clothes and strings for my instrument. A few extra coins passing on information seemed harmless enough; I didn't know it would lead to the loss of your livelihood. For that I must atone."

As he waited for a verdict, Fezzik and Inigo conferred. At last Fezzik confronted Staf. "I can forgive you what you have done because you didn't know what the consequences would be. However, to ease your conscience you are hereby convicted of spying and sentenced to hard labor…alongside us. You shall stay at my house and eat at my table until such time as the shop is rebuilt."

Inigo leaned over and whispered to Fezzik. He continued "And during that time, I shall require the occasional tune upon request to entertain in the evening before bed. Keep your instrument and your performance in good working order until you are released."

Staf beamed. "I could ask for no fairer sentence than that. Let me set my instrument safely aside and I shall join you in your toil."

And shortly afterward the three set about their work, with a humming Staf providing music to ease their efforts.

The End of the End