Prologue: Fifty Years Have Passed

The future that is Aku always brought forth catastrophe, devastation, and carnage upon the innocent and weak in a seemingly never-ending cycle of death, tyranny, and fear. None have dared stand up to his reign for years out of the realization that there is no hope left in this world.

… Almost no hope...

A lone, Samurai warrior wielding a sword of mythical power once stood as the vanguard, protecting those, who couldn't stand, fighting those, who harmed the meek, who dared, and fought the demon infesting this land. For many years, he stood against machine, monster, and beast to lead him to his goal of vanquishing this evil from the world.

… But, times have changed…

The Samurai known only by the alias, Jack, has mysteriously disappeared from the public eye, as the black-hearted devil never shown himself to the world again. The latter still ruled on, but the former slipped into legends and rumors. Decades have passed. Some thought he was dead, fighting to his last breath, others certain that time had finally caught up to him. That didn't stop his legend and example from inspiring many, even to the point of the Rebellions. Many have tried to take the fight to Aku, all have failed. Hope became a fleeting sentiment as death followed in its wake. The stalemate stretched on for what seemed like an eternity.

Samurai Jack needs to return to the world and save it from Aku, but where is he?

Will he take upon himself the life purpose destined upon him again?

Can he ever return to the past and avenge this world?

Only Time and Fate will be the deciding factor...

It was once a calm, summer day for a large farming village in the middle of nowhere, its humanoid people of cobalt and emerald fur with long, silken white hair. A pair of bioluminescent antennae crowned their heads, an identifying trait with these citizens. Game was good and the harvest plentiful. Life, while not without its routine challenges, was peaceful.

That is, until they appeared one afternoon…


An explosion rocked the settlement, the people in shock and awe.

Ka-Boom, another one.

People screaming for cover as the village windmill is reduced to ash and rubble, many innocents caught in its wake. Pillars of black smoke and the screams of men, women, and children fill the air. The obvious was soon made clear.

They were under attack.

Many tried to run from Aku's personal Beetle Drone swarms, of which were unmanned ferocities clad in fearsome black and red armor with piercing, lifeless red, compound eyes seeking out to destroy. Many others tried to take up arms to stand and fight for their brethren. The same fate befell either party of runners and fighters nonetheless.

But alas, a flicker of hope like candlelight in the dark abyss. A loving father sacrificed himself in the fighting to afford his small family's escape as they managed to get away from the carnage and destruction. A young mother, her infant cradled close, alongside her little daughter all dressed in whatever rags they could throw on quickly as they attempted to take their chances into the farmers' fields beyond their homelands and hopefully into the wilderness whey they will seek to hold out for as long as possible.

This was a gamble that would not pay off.

Black, mechanical, bladed legs followed closer and closer. In an instant, they were cut off. Scores upon scores of the dreadful swarms encircled them, mercilessly denying their escape. There was no way out, for they knew this moment would be their last. Holding each other close for a fading sense of comfort, the antennae of the mother lit up and lightning arced. Various words and emojis was this people's method of speech as a last message formed as a last confession appeared.

"I… Love… You!" The daughter closed her eyes, and responded likewise the same as she held her mother's hand for what seemed to be the last time. The infant's eyes remained shut as the inevitable got ready to crash down on them.

The automatons all stopped in an instant. The drones maintained a tight formation all around, the hum of their motors and power gyros filling the silence, and their red compound eyes focused and scanning their next targets as the dust settled. Fear was written across the family's faces as they braced themselves to meet their maker.

However, a low rumble echoed in the distance. One member of the drones' rear guard turned around and stood on hind legs to investigate the new presence. Its built in microphones registered the sound as a motorcycle's engine.

"Single entity, unknown classification. Bearing Three-Zero-Five, travelling at high speed. Four hundred meters out and closing," the drone silently transmitted to the others. "Ready weapons, get set for contact."

The antennae of the daughter flashed a question mark in curiosity as to what was going on.

They all saw it. The unmistakable profile of a motorbike appeared from the horizon, eclipsed in shadow, lit only by its front headlight. The drones responded and all stood at once, raising their blades at the ready, many of them still stained from the red blood of the unfortunate villagers.

As the unknown warrior came closer, his features became more apparent. He was adorned in grey armor of hardened and lightweight metal, ceramic, and Kevlar. The suit itself was fashioned after a manner of extinct, ancient Asian warriors, notably Samurai in origin. The whole suit concealed his identity, giving no indication of who he is. Large sode shoulder guards, up-armored gessan thigh protectors, flexible and tough combat boots and kote gauntlets, and the dō chest armor came closer into view. His helmet stood tall above his head, black bull's horns on either side at the top.

The only spot of color was his fearsome, red oni mask, white fangs displayed and his piercing eyes, observant as ever, focused though the eye-holes. He was heavily armed, carrying more weapons than most soldiers would carry, some on his person, the rest stored aboard his bike.

His moment to strike first came. Locking the steering on his motorcycle to keep it moving straight, he drew from the side his M134A2 Squad Automatic Weapon, compact and custom-made. Tucking the butt-stock under his arm, he fired a single 40mm high-explosive rocket from the center barrel, the warhead spiraling towards its foes.


Unable to separate and disperse due to their tightly packed numbers, the rocket impacted the midst of their left flank, blowing to bits a dozen of them. Breaking through their lines and through the smoke came the unknown Samurai, Gatling gun shouldered as he steered his bike to encircle the family, keeping the beetles at bay.

Was he there to protect the family and save them from their fate? It seemed so.

As his doughnuts continued, he flicked off the safety and pulled the trigger. The minigun roared to life as it fired at a rate of several hundred rounds per minute. Each of the 7.62mm full-metal jacket rounds was more than sufficient to pierce the black ceramic and steel plating of the beetle drones as scores upon scores of their right and back flanks fell with ease, with the family covering their ears at the staccato pace the gunfire continued. Spent shell casings littered the battlefront.


He tapped the trigger twice only to find his machine-gun ran dry as the red-hot barrels smoked, whirring to a stop as the chamber and bolt carrier group locked back on empty. The warrior of old releases the trigger. The lone hunter of these mechanical beasts holstered his heavy-duty firearm back in its place on his bike as he changed weapons and tactics.

Propping his bike up on a wheelie, he deployed a set of chrome-plated titanium spikes that extended from within the front wheel. Engaging all-wheel drive, he revved his bike spinning both wheels dangerously at a single charging beetle. Bad decision on the machine's part, as it was rapidly ripped to shreds, armor, circuits, and debris was sent flying at its comrades.

Using the remaining stump from its lower body, he drove his bike into a ramp-less jump, sending rider and machine soaring above everyone's heads, as the unknown savior deployed a second set of spikes from the rear wheel. He ran over the drones, driving atop their exposed heads, shredding and crushing great numbers of them as their tight formation became their downfall.

"Lock-on achieved. Engaging." A drone seized its chance and leapt forth, knocking the Samurai warrior off his ride, leg-blade wrapped around his waist, ready to strike him down, but it wasn't fast enough.

The Samurai drew from his leather chest holster a DC-17 hand blaster, the safety switched off and drawn in a single, fluid motion. He knew where to aim, for he had faced these mechanical beasts several times in the past. Pointing his pistol at its optical cluster, he targeted its main CPU and fired a single plasma bolt, the immediate chain reaction causing the drone's head to explode.

Landing on his feet, he gripped his pistol again, firing a volley of shots at those closest to him and the poor family. The yellow bolts of plasma cut the bots down with ease, some blowing off limbs and heads, others shot through with enough force to take out the drones standing behind each other.


The blaster huffed out nothing but smoke and needed a new charge. No time to reload. He holstered his firearm and drew from the back of his equipment belt a short bo staff. With the twisting and sliding of a few parts, he extended it to a full three meters in length. Pressing the buttons on either side, he revealed a few surprises this weapon carried. One end extended, splitting the spear-end into a jagged trident and the other lit blue and charged an electric prod.

It was purely a close-quarters fight now. The remaining front flank of beetles took their positions around their enemy.

Readying the trident, he thrust it into the abdomen of a single charging drone, stopping it completely in its tracks, the machine still struggling and active. With a twist, he shredded its insides, tearing apart wires and circuits, before yanking the weapon out, the drone now permanently disabled, frozen in place as its insides were exposed and ruined.

The unfortunate family stood in awe of the gore and carnage around them.

The stragglers all charged at once, but to no avail. The Samurai warrior ran the electric prod attachment through one of their number in its power cell, short circuiting and destroying it. He swung the trident again, taking the head off another as he swung around, tipping over another drone, sending it flying, crashing into another as it blew up on impact. Clearing the drone's head off the trident, he observed their dwindling numbers.

Ten drones remained. He continued swinging, slashing, and stabbing as the robots continued their hopeless onslaught.








The last one as it fell to bits swung at the hero's head, chopping his mask off in two. The rope that held the helmet in place was cut as the bulky piece of headgear dropped to the ground. His identity was revealed. Long, jet black hair extended over his back as his equally long beard hung loose, almost grazing his blaster pistol. His unmistakable face's expression was full of confidence and seriousness as he scowled. He was the long lost warrior and savior, Samurai Jack.

"Jack…?" flashed the little girl. Her eyes were not deceiving her. After a lifetime of disappearing, he had finally come to save the day at the most pivotal moment in their lives.

Two drones left. Jack leapt from his position and screamed his war cry, driving his trident down the cranium and out the back of a beetle drone, spraying its black insides, yanking it out a bit with a grunt to make sure the machine was truly dead. The lone survivor turned his back and attempted to retreat, its artificial intelligence coming to terms with its odds.

"No," Jack asserted out loud to the mechanical beast. "There is no escape…"

The Samurai charged forward, trident taking the lead, taking the drone from behind and shoving his weapon all the way through as the blades pierced through its chest. Toppling over, the Samurai finished off the last drone, jumping atop, then swinging himself around, twisting the weapon into the robot's body. Leaping off, he yanked his retractable weapon free as the beetle's inner pipes burst open, spraying its motor oil about.

As of today, one more drone swarm was ready for the scrap heap.

The black substances crept up to the little girl's feet, eliciting an emoji of utter disgust from her. The young mother couldn't believe it. Their lives were saved by the one man everyone thought was gone. All around them were the blown up and shredded remains of the horde that nearly ended their lives.

The Samurai looked on at the scene before him as he got his gear together and ready to head out again. The village was badly damaged, many innocents lost their lives, but the people survived. He saw off in the distance people helping one another, whether it be bandaging injuries, clearing the rubble, or comforting those grieving over lost loved ones in the attack. His work here was done. There was no more reason to stay.

Donning his helmet, he mounted his motorcycle and rode off into the sunrise, not saying a word. The little girl ran up to where he stood, and thanked him, uncaring that Jack never got the message of gratitude.

Fifty Years have Passed…

But, I do not Age…

Time has Lost its Effect on Me…

Yet, the Suffering Continues…

Aku's Grasp Chokes the Past…


And Future…

Hope is Lost…

Gotta get Back…

Back to the Past…

Samurai Jack…


Author's Notes:

Alrighty then!

This was mighty fun to type. Took a while to do. I am really impressed with what Genndy Tartakovsky and his team of animators, writers, and voice actors have given us for Season 5 of Samurai Jack. All credit should go to them and to Adult Swim for making this season possible.

What I aim to do with this fanfiction novelization is to build upon that which is canon and expand it if you will. We can all agree that despite all that Season 5 did right, there were undoubtedly issues with pacing, build-up, and the like. I personally have few to no issues with plot, but I still feel as if more would have been needed for all of it to work smoothly. While this work will focus on what we all saw this season, I wish to address what goes on behind the scenes and between episodes. Perhaps I'll be going into some Alternate Universe territory and some ideas of my own and yours as I continue this.

Your reviews and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated! If any of you have ideas you'd like to share, leave me a message or include in your review. Expect updates to this work at most weekly to no more than a few weeks at most. I want this to work out.

Thank you for your time and look forward to the next chapter, where I continue upon The Daughters of Aku and the fight against Scaramouche the Merciless!