Clara walked back down the steps with Alex, her hand holding onto his as she did her best not to appear too nervous by what she was going to see. They had been in their room, discussing everything that had happened, including Alex telling Sara to get to safety and stay there and what happened in the hotel. Her uncle was angry, she could tell that much. Everything was not going to plan and Christina Scofield was making sure of it. As they returned to the open spaced living area, Clara felt her stomach sink as soon as she saw the men there. Her grip in Alex's hand tightened as he moved his other arm to wrap around her waist, drawing her closer to him.

"What's going on here?" Alex was the one to enquired as the General looked to his niece and her new beau.

Michael and Lincoln were stood in the room, their eyes flitting on everyone else who was near them. Clara let her gaze move to Michael, wondering exactly how he had escaped the conference. It was another second before Krantz spoke, his hands holding onto his hips as he paced up and down a few metres.

"I confess myself disappointed with the lot of you," Krantz said as his bodyguards kept their guns in their grips and it was another moment before he spoke. "I wanted Scylla and none of you could get it. You are all useless. I gave you a time limit and I warned you what would happen to those who you love if you failed."

"No," Clara said with haste, looking to her uncle. "They were set up. You know that."

"That is irrelevant," Krantz said as he moved to the breakfast bar and began to write names down on a sheet of paper, ripping those names off and tossing them into a glass bowl. "They failed and now they pay."

"So what?" Clara demanded. "You get them to pick a name out of the bowl and then you murder their loved one?"

"I have to say, Clara, your intelligence knows no bounds."

"No," Self was the one to snap, shaking his head back and forth. "This is bullshit. I never signed up for this. I never asked for any of this to happen."

"Yeah…I think maybe we need-"

"-Shut up," Clara interrupted T-Bag before he could continue speaking, her glare moving over to him as she did her best not to let anger boil inside of her. Looking across to her, T-Bag glowered as she looked to Lincoln and Michael, and even Self. "He's defected."

"Now, I never said what side I was playing, gorgeous," T-Bag said.

"And you think we would ever trust you anyway?" Lincoln demanded from T-Bag, scoffing and shaking his head at the sight of the man. It was another moment before Krantz looked between the group and Clara did her best not to feel sick as he dipped his hand into the bowl of names, swirling his fingers around.

"All this stalling will not detract from the fact that you failed and failure means consequences," Krantz declared.

Gulping for breath, Clara felt her stomach churn as he withdrew a name from the bowl and she felt Alex's grip on her increase. If it was Pam then she had no idea how he would cope. If anything ever happened to his wife then it would ruin him. How could it not ruin him? He blamed himself for so much already that Pam's death would destroy him.

Pulling out the name, Krantz held it up and Clara struggled to read it without her glasses. She could make out the number of letters, however, and in a moment she knew who it was. The man in question shook his head with haste, slicing his hand through the air.

"No," Self declared. "No way. You go nowhere near my wife!"

Clara had to confess that she knew nothing of Self's wife. The man had kept himself to himself, choosing to withhold information at any given moment. Krantz looked to one of his agents before speaking, his tone low and dangerous;

"Call the man."

"No!" Self screamed loudly, but he didn't charge at Krantz.

Instead he moved towards the open balcony and everyone watched on as he launched himself out of the window. Gunshots followed as Alex grabbed hold of Clara, his arms wrapping around her and drawing her closer against his chest as he heard the bangs. Before he knew it, they had stopped and Self had disappeared, the bodyguards peering over the balcony and looking for his body.

"Did he make it?" Clara whispered, knowing that no one had the answer to that question as she moved from Alex and Lincoln shrugged.

"If he survived the fall then he still has his life and his wife to worry about," Krantz declared.

"Enough!" Michael was the one to snarl, anger taking over him as he pinched the bridge of his nose and longed for this mess to be over with. Looking to Krantz, he moved closer to him and spoke, his voice so low and dangerous that Clara had to admit to feeling goosebumps on her neck. "You want Scylla? We will get it for you. But if you think that by killing the people we love will be the way to do it, then you're sorely mistaken."

"No," Krantz said with haste. "I know that this way keeps you all in line. It stops you all from going against me."

"We have no intention of going against you," Lincoln said quickly. "Just let us go and find Scylla."

"Fine," Krantz said. "And where do you suppose you should start?"

"The banks," Michael said with haste. "She will need a Federal Reserve signatory to withdraw money and confirm that she has payment from India. She wants to sell Scylla, but she will make sure that she has the money before she even sends it over."

"Find a bank," Krantz said. "If I have no update by the end of the day then I swear that you will pay…all of you."

Moving over to the doorway, Lincoln and Michael began to move off and Alex looked down to Clara. He knew fully well that Krantz would never let her leave the apartment. She was some form of leverage over each of them. Alex would never abandon her and Lincoln, despite his anger with her, also would never abandon her. Krantz might have their families, but he also knew that if he kept Clara then he would ensure that they returned to him.

"Go," Clara urged him in a soft voice. "Just go and be safe."

Nodding, Alex bent down to kiss her swiftly before dropping her hand from his. Rushing towards the door, he left with Michael and Lincoln in toe before Clara let out a deep breath. Looking over to her, Krantz let his hands move behind his back, lacing them together.

"Bagwell told me something interesting," Krantz declared. "Your little boyfriend went to check on Sara before he returned here."

"Did he?" Clara wondered back, sinking down onto the sofa, perching on the edge of it as she looked to her uncle and T-Bag remained stood by the breakfast bar, a sly look on his face.

"You should be careful how loudly you and Alex speak," T-Bag hissed. "Anyone could be…lurking outside your door."

"You asshole," Clara snapped at him.

"But you see, we both know Michael, don't we, pretty?" T-Bag spoke, moving closer to her and standing besides Krantz. It was another second before he spoke, his eyes set on Clara and a sneer on his lips. "Michael will never give Scylla back, not unless we have some leverage over him."

It was then when Clara seemed to understand what she was hearing from T-Bag. If they wanted leverage then she knew exactly what they were going to try to get. Gulping once, she shook her head and tugged on the dress she wore. Looking worried, Clara watched her uncle.

"You need to leave Sara alone," she urged from him. "She is innocent in all of this. She has done nothing-"

"-She is his girlfriend," Krantz interrupted. "She is not innocent. She is involved."

"So what?" Clara asked. "You're going to take her hostage and use her against Michael?"

"Again," Krantz said, a smug look on his face, "you are not as foolish as you appear, Clara. Perhaps I can understand what Alexander Mahone sees in you. A man with his intellect would hardly look at you twice if it wasn't for your pretty face."

Clara ignored the insult, taking a moment to compose herself.

"Bagwell," Krantz spoke. "Go to the car Mahone was driving and look at the GPS on it. Find Sara and bring her back here."

Clara would have protested, but she knew that it would do her no use. The fact of the matter was that he would do what he had to do and she could not stop him. She was outnumbered and she was being watched like a hawk. What other option did she have?

It was two hours before Bagwell returned with Sara in tow. Standing on her feet, Clara moved over to the woman and took her from Bagwell's grip, holding onto her hand softly as she moved with her into the living room. Sara's breathing was erratic as Krantz watched the two women wander towards the sofa and perch down on the edge of it.

"Pleasure to see you, Doctor Tancredi," Krantz said.

"You won't win," Sara declared. "You know that, don't you? Michael will never let you get away with this."

He chuckled as he flipped out his phone and pressed it to his ear. "The sad part is, that I know men like Scofield…Mahone…I know men in love and how they think. Trust me, I will get what I want."

"Did he hurt you?" Clara asked as Bagwell and Krantz went off to whisper in corners. The bodyguards were still loitering and Clara knew that there was no point in trying to escape.

"No," Sara said with a shake of her head, tucking her hair behind her ear. "He didn't get a chance to do anything. I…I should have gone somewhere else…somewhere to help Michael."

"You did what you thought was right at the time," Clara responded. "Believe me, you are doing better than I am. I haven't left this loft in too long. Alex…he's running around out there and risking his life with Lincoln and Michael while I am locked away in here."

Nodding her head, Sara seemed to understand the annoyance that Clara was feeling before she bowed her head and looked to the floor.

"What if they don't do this?" Sara worried. "What if they can't get Scylla?"

"They will," Clara responded, nodding her head quickly. "It is Michael. He knows what he is doing. He knows how to play this."

"But…I…" Sara said and Clara sensed that she was on the verge of telling her something. There was a look in Sara's eye that Clara had never seen before. It was almost a stare of panic. Then again, Clara knew how she felt. But there seemed to be something else as Sara bent down, her hands holding her face as a soft sob escaped her. "I don't know what to do."

"What do you mean?" Clara wondered from her. "Sara, what is it?"

"I'm pregnant," Sara spoke, her voice a soft whisper as she looked to Clara and her eyes widened in response. It was another moment before her mouth gaped and she saw Sara sniff loudly. "I know."

"Sara…" she trailed off. "I mean…that is…that is lovely news…"

Sara managed a small laugh at hearing that. "Yeah," she agreed, "if it wasn't for the really bad timing."

"True," Clara said in a whisper back to her. "Does Michael know?"

Sara shook her head. "I haven't found the right time to tell him. Funny enough, we've just been running around and trying not to get killed."

"He will be thrilled," Clara assured her, moving to hold onto her gently, wondering if she could bring some form of comfort to her in this difficult time. It was another second before she felt Sara relax and Clara knew she had to do everything in her power to protect the Doctor in the loft.

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