From Clone to Clown
By kirbymanx

Chapter 1: Out the Grasp of the Clown

Sig completely lost himself in the sight, not noticing that Doppel has now turned her gaze towards him, smiling from ear to ear. Just being with him made her hopeful that she really did make the right choice. That letting go of her identity as a doppelganger was possible and that she could have a different life.

A life as Silvana…

Silvana took one step towards the town that she wants to make her new home. But as soon as her foot connected to the ground something dawned on Silvana.

"Wait here, Sig. I need to get some things." Silvana hurried back into to shack and closed the door before Sig could reply.

"Okay." A minute later, a familiar harlequin carrying a not-so-familiar small metal box came from the door.

"Let's go. I have a lot to do." Silvana said as she walked towards Primp Town. Sig followed his new friend.

"What're you going to do, Sil?" The blue haired boy asked, curious what she was planning, it happened so fast he didn't have time to think about.

Silvana answered without thinking. "Phase One: Cover my… Didyoujustcallme,"Sil"?" Her face slowly turned to Sig blinking blankly, her mask was expressive in all places but the mouth.

"You don't like it?" Sig responded.

"Weeeeell, I do." She scratched the back of her neck as lightly blushed, hoping the mask would not project the blush. Would be embarrassing if it did. "It's just so soon, I just got my name and I still need to get used to the full version."

She didn't exactly know what she was feeling, but she could get used to this, more reason why her plan is so important. "Can you call me "Silvana" for now until I'm used it?" Sig nodded.

"You should probably get back on track."

"Oh yeah! Sorry. Phase One: To always cover up my face, if I wanna be my own person I gotta separate myself from Arle as much as possible. No one must know I share her face." Silvana couldn't believe what she was saying. If you told her she was gonna say this a day ago, she'd take it as an insult and buried you in Puyos.

"Phase Two: To pull of phase one, I need to move into Primp, set up the tent, expand my Pierrot persona, get some non-Arle clothes, enroll in Magic School, getting everybody to know me as Silvana Pierrot so I can convince myself of that too. Because nobody will compare Arle and the town's performer."

"Don't you need your tent?"

"I have it with me, Sig." Silvana tapped her box, bringing attention to it. The bug lovin' boy looked puzzled. Sil liked seeing him like this and hoped to see him more often like that, it was adorable.

"This box holds my all belongings." And stolen goodies and money but Sig doesn't need to know that. "ALL of MY belongings." She repeated as she slowly pushed the box in his face, hamming it up. Quickly getting into character and just as quickly getting back their walk.

"If you say so. Is that all you're planning to do?"

"No, the last Phase Three: Study and practice more tricks, I'm a one girl show at the moment." Pierrot half-jokingly slumped forward as she said it. "But enough of that, do you know an open field near town that no one will miss?"


It was a normal day in Primp Town. As normal a day Primp can have anyway, not a day goes by without misunderstandings, statements that offend and ensuing Puyo battles. But other than that it's a perfectly pleasant town, the citizens largely get along fine most of the time. (DESPITE the misunderstandings, insults and Puyo POPs.) But life can get boring here if you don't have studies, have hobbies, are undead or have a job to do. (Again, DESPITE the misunderstandings, insults and Puyo massacres.)

Amitie only has studies yet she was bored. Very becoming of someone wanting to become a great mage, she was looking outside for someone or something to distract her for a moment. While normally not a hard thing to do, but all her friends were either busy or out of town. Welp, Plan B, time to cast spells willy nilly and see if she's improved.

But before she could go home and break something, however, she saw something new in the distance. It was a large beige circular circus tent with two flags on a single flagpole. One of them had a face of a clown with some words that read: …... Amitie ran closer so she could actually read it. It said: 'Puyo Puyo Circus'.

Amitie's face beamed with excitement. "Wicked! A circus!" She sprinted towards entertainment tent some more.

*Meanwhile, at Amitie's destination*

"Finally! We're done." It was hard work setting up the circus with just two people, both of them sitting on the grass, out of breath. But they've done it. And it only took several a varieties of mistakes that resulted in Silvana getting hurt. Boy was she glad she didn't take her armour off under her harlequin suit.

"Um… *pant* Uh... Th-th-thanks Sig." It's rare when she thanks somebody sincerely. She didn't know how to describe how she felt. It did feel wrong, even if she knew it wasn't. How could thanking someone for helping you selfishly with no strings attached be bad?

"No problem, Sil*pant*vana." Sig sounded more tired than he usually does. "Need anymore *yawn* help?"

"No, *pant* Sig. I'll do the shopping and *pant and pant* enrolling myself. Go home, Sig. I'll see you *elongated yawn* tomorrow."

"Cya, Silvana."
"Wait a sec, Sig."

"Call me, Sil." She smiled and winked. "It's a *yawn* mouthful."

"Okay, Sil." Sig slumped off in the distance, he looked back to his new friend to wave back. Silvana returned the favor, smiling.

All that work in her 'business suit' coupled with the fairly hot sun made it so hot it was barely livable. "I need *a relieving pant* some air." She made sure nobody was near her before she could magically shred her costume for some fresh. Too bad for her…

"HI THERE!" There was a girl around her age running towards her circus. It was Amitie, someone who would instantly recognize her as Arle. A little while longer in the suit it is… "Are you the Circus mascot?" The Puyo capped girl asked like a child receiving the exact present she wanted for Christmas.

Silvana sighed, she was not in the mood to answer someone so high-pitched. But if Sil wasn't at least trying to be nice to a friend of Sig's, Sil won't stay a friend of Sig's. "No, I'm the ringleader." She answered with a straight face.

"Hahaha. That's funny." Amitie didn't look past the costume. Sil didn't look amused, Amitie didn't notice. "Wow, I've always wanted to go a circus. When are you performing?"

Silvana got up on her feet. And said deadpan. "Seriously, I'm the ringleader, there is no one else."

"Oh, Sooorry."

"Whatever. And for now, I'm just settling in. No performances from me just yet. I need to learn more tricks. But I'm planning to rent it out if someone needs it until then." She was also planning to ask for part-time performers, but Silvana knows better not to bring something like that up directly to Amitie. The less she has to clean up after her mess the better.

Silvana took a bow out of formality. "I'm Silvana Pierrot, Harlequin. And I'll let you know when we're in business, Amitie."

"Wooooow! You know my name? Is that one of your magic tricks?"


After all the spur of the moment planning she did today. Silvana made one oversight. She is not supposed to know their names yet. Time to spin it in her way. "No, I just called you the first alphabetical name I could think of and I'd slowly climb down until I hit the right one." She said with great confidence and a slightly forced jokey tone.

"Get real! You know that many names?"

"No." There's not a pan dead enough to describe her tone. That bought enough time to come up with a proper excuse. "A local named Sig told about you."

"Really? Sig's not that talkative." Amitie dusted off her deductive abilities. Silvana was internally on edge.

"I asked about the locals?" Desperately hoping she'll buy it. It suddenly felt warmer in her suit.

"Okay!" The beanie girl accepted the answer. Silvana wasn't sure if she should try more or less. "Anyway, I need to do some shopping, I'm sure we'll see each other later." The clown ended with a bow, and prepared to do a few backflips towards her caravan. But Amitie stopped her from doing that.

"I can show you around if you like. I know this town like the back of my hand."

There seem no way out of worming out of this one. "I'll go, on ONE CONDITION!" Pierrot ominously hammed up, looming over the blonde.

Amitie was shocked by the seemingly out-of-nowhere hostility came from. "Wh-wh-wh-wh-whaat iiiiis iiiii-iiiiit?" Ami sounded like she's been crying for hours.

Pierrot kept towering over her soon to be classmate/customer. "Let me have a quick shower and a change of clothes will ya? I've been working all noon." Silvana practiced mood whiplash. Amitie wasn't sure why it happened but was relieved it wasn't anything bad.

*One shower later, inside the caravan*

'Okay, Arl... Sil. Think quickly. On the trip Amitie shall see your clothes in the Oshare Shop, so I need to disguise me now, I don't have any other clothes. So I have to drop a few items to disguise myself.' Silvana looked into the mirror, she saw Arle from a few years ago in red with a silly mask.

"Ungh..." She took off her armor, cape and her armbands. "I feel naked." She whispered to herself. The mirror showed off the clothing difference, it made her distinct enough from her counterpart, as she didn't have the time to update it since she last faced 'herself'. But it also showed something that could possibly betray her nature.

"My ponytail..." She whispered sadly to herself, touching her hair. She felt reluctant to let it go. She wanted it to be long, but she also didn't want to get her hair in her face, something's she's terrible with at avoiding. She never had it any other way for as long as she existed. She wouldn't be Arle without it. *sigh* "Which is why I must let it go..." She pulled the headdress off.


The caravan's door opened slightly. "I'm... ready." Silvana rubbed her arm. Today was a rollercoaster of emotions. Shyness was something she never felt before. Was it because of how the outfit felt?

"Wow, you look great!" You just know when Amitie is honest.

"I do?" The mimic was taken aback by that. It's surprised her enough to forget to be happy the disguise worked.

"Yeah, I thought you'd be a whole lot less attractive with the full body suit you had earlier." Silvana just gave Amitie a look that just screamed a sarcastic 'Thanks'. "AH! I didn't mean it isn't possible or anything. I didn't expect someone as average as you to be in the suit. And with average I mean perfectly healthy with nice, long, messy hair." Silvana's short-lived shyness sure sailed ship soon. She felt like herself again.

"I'm sorry, Sil, misspeaking this isn't something I usually do. I don't mean anything with it, I swear!" Again, easy to see when Amitie is honest.

"Whatever, I believe you. Does my mask show my eyes rolling?"

"Yep! Why keep the mask?" If this keeps going Silvana will never have any patience ever again.

"I'mamethodactor. Can we go? I wanna go to bed early."

"Okey-okie, Sil." Amitie grabbed Silvana's arm and ran towards town.

"I'll show you around!"

'Help me!'

*One arm dragging, sightseeing tour across Primp, shopping, enrolling, a scolding skeleton and Amitie tolerating afternoon later.*

"Cya tomorrow!" Silvana gave her newest friend(?) a half-hearted wave back with her sore arm.

"Cya in class." She said just as half-hearted as the closed her door and turned on the light. Silvana threw her mask aside and jumped on her bed face first, it was relieving to finally rest. "Aaaah..." A few minutes later she's rolled around to look at her mirror, to reflect back on herself before going to slumberland.

It's fitting of her façade. She wore a thick red and white vertical striped polo shirt. A red sports jacket with an orange plaid pattern. Above the knee green coloured shorts and red suspenders to hold them. And thick white and red horizontal striped stockings. She kept her boots.

This what the boney shop owner found stylish. Truthfully, she didn't care how it looked, as long as it fits her motif. It was purely to hide herself even more. If she didn't like it, she'd just get used to it. It's all part of the progress of differentiating herself...

She was happy to have an insult based misunderstanding induced Puyo Match with Oshare Bones though. Now he's the exclusive costume provider at a discount for her as long as she's in Primp. "Fufufu." Silvana weakly chuckled, she's gotten really tired.

She took one more look at Arle's face with messy hair. There always was a small sting in her heart when thinking of letting 'Arle' go. But as strange and hectic the last part was, this day felt more good than bad.

In fact, she's never felt that happy ever, normally she was too bitter not being Arle. And tomorrow might be better. Sig, School, she may like her classmates more than she expects, new magic, combing her hair more often, considering pigtails, misunderstandings, insults, Puyos, Amitie(?), and more to look forward to. 'How come I haven't thought of this myself?' Silvana rolled over to stop facing herself. "Thanks, Sig." The last thing she said before she fell asleep with a smile. Let's hope it's a smoother time…

Aside from eating sand while practicing circus tricks. That's inevitable.

Author's End Notes:

First and foremost this is just the setup, this chapter may not be indicative for the rest of the story.

Forgive the exposition, after this they'll be toned down. I'll try anyway. And I'm also not sure how to write Sig. I also may've aggregated Amitie a bit. Sorry.

Also also, I'm not good at replicating writing styles, after a while here I changed to my regular not-all-too-serious writing style. Which reflects the story I wanna write anyway. I will subvert it from time to time though, I'm just more invested in writing if I can be less serious.

In Puyo Puyo Tetris, Amitie sounds like someone spiked her drink. I'm not going to do anything with that, just thought to share it.

I went back and created some more paragraphs and fixed some typos. No retcons.