LINK 01: Ruger

"What is the point of coming here"? I thought to myself. I already know everything that they teach at this school so why do I still come? I guess I still come because he would want me too.

"Oi! Hiroshi quit day dreaming!" I hear Sensei yell to get my attention.

"Sorry Sensei," I said in a bored tone

"Jeez! You could at least pretend you care. If you try, you would be smarter than the average idiot." This joke got the class to start laughing. I have known as the delinquent of the school everybody thought I'm stupid even though I would have better grades if I tried.

"Settle down class. Let's get back to the lesson." Sensei said while holding back a chuckle.

The rest of the school went by slowly just like it always did. I grabbed my bag and started to walk home. The walk just like school was uneventful. I couldn't wait to log into LINK VRAINS where I could become the other me.

I along with Blue Angel, and Go Onizuka are the top players of LINK VRAINS. Go, and Blue Angel are both Charisma Duelist's, which are duels that have the purpose of making the audience smile.

"Finally! I'm home!" I walk up the steps to my apartment and get the key out of my pocket and unlock the door.

"I'm home," I said to nobody it's not like anyone is. I set my bag down and put on my duel disk on left my wrist. My duel disk isn't up to par with the new ones that they have but its good enough

The duel that I'm supposed to have is starting in 5 minutes. I guess I'll go ahead and log in.

I walk over to a bookshelf that I have in the living room and pull out a red book on the third row. The bookshelf then started to slide to the right showing a room that was small. This was the room where I log into LINK VRAINS

"Deck Set!"

In to the VRAINS!

A blue sphere formed around me and I felt myself starting to disperse. In LINK VRAINS I come out of a portal and land in a Colosseum. My avatar hair is flat and red with blue shades in it. My eyes are orange, and I have an orange T-Shirt with a picture of a duel monsters card on it and finally brown jeans. Yeah, I'm not for caring how I look as long people don't recognize me as Hiroshi Takeda I'm fine.

"Thought you weren't gonna show up Ruger!" I turn around to see my opponent he is named Kuzma. Let's say he looks stupid. I started busting out laughing he was wearing a full blown astronaut suit.

"What are you laughing at!" Kuzma said in a hurtful tone.

"I'm laughing at your stupid avatar design. What else would I be laughing at?" He looked pissed off. Good now, this match was a good as done.

"Take that back!" He was so mad that I thought I saw steam coming out of his ears.

"Huh? Sorry, I can't hear you." This is too easy

"Let's start the duel!" Kuzma said in a rush

"Fine." I turned on my duel disk the blue blade coming out.


Ruger Vs Kuzma

"I'll take the first turn Astronaut-San. I summon Scrappter Warrior!"

A warrior that was made up of different parts that looked like it would collapse at any second appeared.

Scrappter Warrior/ Level 3, Dark, Machine/Normal, 1000 ATK, 400 DEF

"I set a card face-down and pass on the torch to you."

Ruger 4000 *3

"My Turn!" Kuzma drew his card.

Six cards appeared in front of Kuzma. He touched the one on the far right.

"I summon my Kozmo Goodwitch!"

A blond hair girl with butterfly wings and a sword appeared.

Kozmo Goodwitch/ Level 4, Light, Psychic/Effect, 1800 ATK, 1000 DEF

"I activate her effect! I banish her so that I can summon a level 5 or higher monster from my hand! Come Forth Kozmo Dark Destroyer!"

Goodwitch dispersed into particles, and then a giant Airship appeared in her place.

Kozmo Dark Destroyer/ Level 8, Dark, Machine/Effect, 3000 ATK, 1800 DEF

"You got a jet so you can fly home to mommy when I'm done with you." I taunted

"Let's see who's crying to their mommy when Dark Destroyer's effect activates! Since he was normal or special summoned I can destroy your Scrappter Warrior! Annihilation Cannon!

Kozmo Dark Destroyer fired a laser that hit Scrappter Warrior and destroyed it.

"Now, Dark Destroyer attacks you directly! Annihilation Cannon!"

The same laser that his monster fired earlier shot again. Checkmate.

Ruger 4000-1000 *3

"How did I do Ruger? I inflicted an enormous amount of damage to you! This duel is as good as mine!"

"Trap activate! Scrap Fest!"


"When I take 1000 damage or more I can special summon monsters equal to a number of 1000 damage I took. I took 3000 damage so I can special summon three level 4 or lower monsters from my deck."

"3 monsters!"

"The three monsters are Scrap Giant, Scrappter Hound, and Scrap Pirate."

Scrap Giant was like his name tells a giant, but just like with Warrior he looked like he would fall over any second.

Scrap Giant/ Level 4, Dark, Machine/Effect, 2000 ATK, 500 DEF

Next up was Scrappter Hound he looked like a dog that wanted to bite your head off.

Scrappter Hound/ Level 3,Light, Machine/Effect, 1600 ATK, 700 DEF

Finally, we have Scrap Pirate he looked like your typical pirate except he was a machine. He had a yellow pirate hat.

Scrap Pirate/ Level 4, Light, Machine/Effect, 1800 ATK, 400 DEF

"I had nothing to worry about none of them are as strong as my Kozmo Dark Destroyer. Just in case I place a face-down and end my turn."

Kuzma 4000 *3

"There are three reasons why you never stood a chance against me."

"Huh? What are you going on about I have the lead right now." Kuzma questioned, but I ignored him.

"First, You didn't even think about studying up on your opponent did you?"

"What do you mean?" He asked Dumbfounded

"You never watch your opponents previous duels to try to figure out what their strategy. That's how I figured out your plan. You go all out from the start and try to overpower your opponent with Kozmo Dark Destroyer."

"Second, your whole strategy realizes on one single card if that is taken out your whole plan goes out the front door."

"Third, you rush ahead whenever you even a little hot headed. You didn't even stop to think if I had a trap set up."

"Shut up! You don't know anything!"

"Just get out of my sight! My turn!" I drew my card.

Ruger 1000 *4

"This duel is over! I using Scrap Giant, Scrappter Hound, and Scrap Pirate Link Summon!"

"Link Summon! The only Link Monster you have is your ace, but that's a Link 4."

"So you do know a little about my deck, but Don't assume what cards I have. King from the future come forth and aid me in this battle! Link Summon! Link 3 Scrappter King!"

Scrappter King was very tall he stood up to about 7 feet. He was wearing a gold crown. His throne appeared behind him, and he took a seat.

Scrappter King/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, ATK 2000, Link Markers Up, Up Right, Up Left

"He Link Summoned! GO RUGER!" The people in the stands started to cheer for me.

"Hmm, even the fans have written you off, Kuzma," I said to him

"Your monster has fewer attack points so stop acting like your about to win!" Kuzma was really about to get on my nerves does he think attack points are everything?

"You're a lost cause. I activate the effects of Scrap Giant, Scrappter Hound, and Scrap Pirate in the graveyard."

"All three of them?"

"First!" I said holding one finger out

"Not, this again!"

"When Scrap Giant is sent to the graveyard for a Link Summon the monster gains 1000 attack points!"

Scrap King 2000-3000

"Second!" I held out two fingers. "Scrappter Hound's effect when he is sent to the graveyard for a Link Summon my monsters cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects that turn."

"That renders my trap card useless then!"

"Third, Scrap Pirate's effect when he is sent to the graveyard for a Link Summon you take 1000 points of damage!"

Kuzma 4000-3000 *3

"You had this planned from the start didn't you!" Kuzma was shaking

"Now, you're catching on, but it's too late for you. Battle! Scrappter King attacks Kozmo Dark Destroyer!"

Scrappter King stood up from his throne, and a sword appeared in his right hand. Then Scrappter King squatted down then jumped with all of his might and brought his sword down on Kozmo Dark Destroyer.

"I will not take damage from this Ruger you will lose on my next turn!"

"You should look up."

Kuzma looked up to see that his monsters remains were still floating in the sky with Scrappter King next to it and above.

"What's going on here Ruger?" Kuzma asked

"It's Scrappter King's Link effect when he destroys a monster that is Linked to him you take damage equal to the attack of that monster!"

"Wait a minute we can talk this out right?"

"Nah, I'm good. Do your thing, Scrappter King!"

Scrappter King pointed his sword toward Kuzma, and then the remains of Kozmo Dark Destroyer started to fall on Kuzma. Kuzma skidded back a few feet from the blow.

Kuzma 3000-0 *3

Ruger 1000 *4 Win

"How are you so strong?" Kuzma asked sitting up

"That's none of your business." I then left the arena

I then started to walk toward my new destination in Link VRAINS after about 5 minutes I arrived at my destination.

"She said to meet her here after my duel was done so what is taking her so long" I mutter to myself.

"Sorry, I'm late Ruger!" I turned toward the voice and saw who I was waiting for. She was the staple girl of Link VRAINS Blue Angel.

"Can we hurry this up I have places to be."

"You don't have to be rude Ruger! I just want to be nice and see how you're doing like what a friend is supposed to do."

"When did I ever say we were friends?" I hated when people assumed that I was friends with them when I hardly knew them.

"Do you not think of me as a friend?" She asked with a frown on her face.

"I don't know what your name is in the real world, and even then the only reason we know each other is because were both famous Charisma duelists. So no I don't consider you a friend" I didn't really like being called the term Charisma duelists because I'm not some idiot who try's to force people through dueling. I just needed the money that's it.

"Then why don't we meet in the real world? Let's say tomorrow at noon?" She asked with her frown turning back into a smile. That smile whenever I see it makes me think it is fake.

"Sorry, I have plans tomorrow. I have to go I will see you later Blue Angel."

"OK, see you later."

I then logged out of LINK VRAINS.

"Ruger are you lonely in the real world like me?" Blue angel said

There was one word to describe how I felt right now and that word was tired. I guess that direct attack wore me out more than I thought. I would need to fight through the tiredness or I wouldn't be able to see him today. I got up and headed towards the door. It was still only about 5:00. The walk is thirty minute, so I got a Taxi to drive to the hospital. When I got there, I paid the Taxi driver his money and walked in and headed towards the recipient's desk.

"Hi, I'm here to see Takeru Takeda. I'm his adoptive son" I said to the nurse behind the desk

"OK, do you know where to go?" She asked me

"Yes, I do." I then proceed to walk towards the room that I knew he was in. I knocked on the door to make sure no one was in the room. When I heard nothing I opened the door and closed once I got in.

Laying on the bed was my adoptive father Takeru Takeda. 2 years ago he got cancer his condition was getting worse and worse with each day that passes. He took me in 5 years ago when I was 11. It is rather painful watching him go through this.

"Oh, Hiroshi its nice to see you come sit over here." He pointed to a vacant seat next to him.

"How are you feeling?" I asked him after taking the seat

"Let's not talk about that stuff Hiroshi. How's school going?" He asked to change the subject

"It's going alright I already know everything they are teaching, which makes things rather boring," I answered him leaving out the part about I'm not familiar with my peers.

"Trust me it will get better soon, so are there any ladies in your life yet?" He had the biggest grin on his face which made smile a bit.

"No, I'm too young to get involved in that kind of stuff dad."

"You're 16 you need to put yourself out there; I hope you're not avoiding that stuff because of me?"

He does know me the best. I don't need to be telling him about my problems trying to get money for him and my lack of popularity at school.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in my dad said." It was the doctor that oversaw my father. Oh, Hiroshi I didn't know you were here. I'm just here to give him his medicine. He gave him the medicine and a glass of water. "While your dad is taking his medicine can I talk to you for a minute Hiroshi?"

"Sure." I got up and left the room. "What do you need doctor?" I asked him hoping it wasn't bad

"Your father's condition is getting worse every day. I don't think he will be around much longer if he doesn't get that surgery that we talked about last time."

"How long do we have left before..." I didn't want to say it

"A month at best." A month? That's not enough time for me to get that money what I can I do?

"Even if you somehow get the money there's a 70% chance of him surviving the surgery." I'm frightened I don't want to lose him.

"If he doesn't get it he has no chance at living right?" I asked the doctor

"None at all."

"OK, thank you for telling me."

"One last thing Hiroshi. Don't tell your father about it."

"I know" What do you think I have been doing this whole time I think to myself.

I open the door back to the room and then talk to my dad for a while longer, but what the doctor said is weighing on the back of my mind.

"A month at best."

"You alright Hiroshi?" My dad asked concerned.

"I'm all right; I better be going I have school tomorrow. I love you."

"Love you too."

I always will love you until the end. So the other me will keep winning for your sake so that everything can go back to normal.

Created Cards

Scrappter Warrior/ Level 3, Dark, Machine/Normal, 1000 ATK, 400 DEF

Scrap Giant/ Level 4, Dark, Machine/Effect, 2000 ATK, 500 DEF

When this card is used for a Link Summon that monster gains 1000 attack points

Scrappter Hound/ Level 3,Light, Machine/Effect, 1600 ATK, 700 DEF

When this card is used for a Link Summon the Link Summoned monster cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects for the remainder of the turn.

Scrap Pirate/ Level 4, Light, Machine/Effect, 1800 ATK, 400 DEF

When this card is used for a Link Summon inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent.

Scrappter King/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, ATK 2000, Link Markers Up, Up Right, Up Left

When this monster destroys a monster that is linked to this card by battle your opponent takes damage equal to the original attack points of that monster.

Scrap Fest (Trap)

When you take 1000 damage or more from a battle, you special summon one Scrap or Scrappter monsters for every 1000 points of damage inflicted on you.

OC Information

OC name: Hiroshi Takeda

Personality in the real world: Ignores what happens around him. He gets annoyed when people try to act friendly with him. He is seen by his classmates as a delinquent due to him not socializing with anybody. Hates to dress up. Is very smart.

Appearance: He has spiky brown hair with some red in it. He has blue eyes. He wears his issued school uniform during school but elsewhere he wars a red jacket unzipped with a blue shirt visible with black Jeans.

LINK VRAINS name: Ruger

Personality in LINK VRAINS: He is one of the top players in LINK VRAINS, which causes him to believe everybody is bellow him in both worlds. He taunts his opponents saying that they would stand a chance against him.

Appearance in LINK VRAINS: has full red hair with blue shades in it. big orange eyes. He wears an orange T-Shirt with a picture of a duel monsters card on it. He has brown jeans.