Feline, Norwegian Forest: Write about friends

Supernatural, werewolf: Write something set during a full moon

Word Count: 421

"Scared, Piersy?" Malcolm asks as the group approach the dilapidated house.

Piers rolls his eyes. "What's there to be scared of?"

But as he looks around at his friends, he knows they're all scared of the same thing. They all know the legends of Old Man Robert. The fact that the moon is full in the sky only adds to the atmosphere and makes things infinitely more terrifying.

"We… We don't have to go," Dennis says, shuffling his feet nervously, trembling fingers pushing through his messy hair. "It's not… I'm not going."

"Me neither," Malcolm agrees.

Piers turns his dark eyes to Dudley, waiting for his best friend to make his decision. Dudley is clearly nervous—any sensible fellow would be. His face scrunches up in thought; Piers taps his foot impatiently.

Finally, Dudley nods. "Sod these chickens," he says. "Let's go."

Piers grins. That's one good thing about Dudley. It doesn't matter how scared he may be, he will never show it. Dudley is a proper leader through and through.

Still grinning, Piers grabs his torch from his bag and shines them beam. "Let's go."

"Hey, Piers, if you die, can I have your skateboard?" Malcolm asks.

With a roll of his eyes, Piers turns his back on the other two. It doesn't matter if they're too scared to do this. He has Dudley by his side, and nothing can touch him.

"That was… disappointing," Pier decides when they reach the living room again.

The tour of the house hadn't proven successful. Piers had hoped for even one little glimpse of s ghost. Instead, the most shocking thing they had found was a rat's skeleton in the middle of the kitchen.

Dudley peers out the window. Piers follows his gaze. Malcolm and Dennis are still out there, both looking completely uncomfortable.

"Wanna have some fun?" Dudley asks.

Piers raises his brows. "How?"

Dudley's lips pull into a broad grin. "It is a full moon," he points out. "Maybe Old Man Robert has some pet werewolves in the basement."

Piers mirrors his grin. It's ridiculous, but it makes sense to him. They may as well find some way to entertain themselves.

He curves his hands around his mouth to throw his voice, and then he howls. Dudley join him, their combined noise loud and eerie.

The effect is instantaneous. Malcolm and Dennis exchange frightened glances. They don't even wait around. The two boys take of running, disappearing in seconds.

"Disloyal bastards," Dudley muses.

Piers shrugs. "At least we have each other."