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Running, he needed to keep running, they couldn't catch him.

A small blonde ran as fast as he could not letting the tree branches and roots slow him down.

He could hear their boots, the could hear the thunder and see the lightning.

His small evee that once belonged to his mom was latched on to his orange hoodie, its squeaks of worry where ignored as the boy frantically looked for somewhere to hide.

He had just managed to fit himself and the evee into a large gap within a bush when they came to close for comfort.

"Sparky baby, mommy and daddy wanna bring you home" a tall figure yelled out, a large R printed on his chest "come out ya brat, it was a couple of hits, you'll live" a woman shouted wearing simmilar atire.

The boy now dubbed Spark started to cry, Mommy and Daddy where scary, they hurt him lots and they even hurt Aki.

Spark held on to the evee named Aki trying his best to sooth the fear the both of them felt.

Aki did its best to calm the child by nuselling (sp) up to his chest reminding him they where in hiding and that they had to stay calm.

"Im getting tiered of this, HOUNDOOM GET OUT HERE" the woman yelled throwing a pokeball releasing a demonic (to the child) looking dog. "sniff the brat out, we dont have time for his bullshit" the man muttered as the large Dog like pokemon began his search wich was very difficult in the rain.

Spark let out a light sob from fear making the Houndoom look directly at their hiding spot.

Aki whimpered as it came closer and it barked to tell its trainer where they were.

Spark panicked and tried to run only to be grabbed by his hair.

"for a damn 7 year old you sure can run"

grumbled the man patting the Houndoom on the head, "Reina we should head back to HQ, Boss isnt gonna take 'our son ran away' as an excuse" the woman nodded but anoyance was clear on her face.

Aki clung desprately to Spark as the boy was dragged by his hair, "damn usless pokemon, i raised you from an egg and this is how you treat me"? the woman growled out watching the evee cling to her stupidly

usless son.

10 years later...

Spark is 17 Blanche and Candela i made a year older at 18 cause i can

Spark shot out of bed tears streaming down his face, that nightmare again...

He hated to remember things like that, they dampered his usualy energetic mood.

He sighed running a hand through his horribly disheveled hair, he needed to stop thinking about the past, it was the past for a reason.

He looked over to the clock, 5:30... Oh well he could go on a walk and hatch some pokeggs.

He stood up and took a quick shower, brushed his teeth and got dressed, "Aki, come on im going on a walk you coming with?" The small jolteon seemed tiered but ready to go as he jumped onto his trainers shoulder.

Spark smiled Aki had been with him through it all ever since Aki had hatched when he was 5.

He grabbed two 5k eggs and put one in his bag (specially desighned for eggs) and one in his arms , hopefully he could relax now.

Spark had been halfway through his walk, the clock hitting 6am when he got the call.

"yo Professor whats up?...oh um yea...Right away, i should be there in 10 minutes i was on a walk anyway" and with that the conversation was over.

Aperantly some strange Pokemon based crimes were going on around town and professor wanted the team leaders to check it out... must be pretty serious if he wants all three , especially him, he wasnt as strong or as smart as Candela or Blanche... He was more comic relief then anything, yea he wasnt compleatly sure why he was even a leader...he wasnt worthy, he was pretty usless when it came down to it.

His depressing thoughts were interupted when Aki licked his cheek, purring sadly as if he could hear Sparks thoughs and was reashuring(sp) him of his worth.

When he got to the lab things seemed a little hectic, quickly making his way to his own lab to drop off the eggs he was carrying not missing the rushing instict members, somthing was definitely wrong.

He made his way to the main lab where Professor Willow did his own work to find Blanche and Candela already there.

"sorry had to drop off some eggs at the Lab" he laughed scratching the back of his neck nervously.

Blanche only rolled their eyes clearly annoyed and Candela just shrugged "better late then never " she yawned cracking her knuckles. "now i hear we have criminals on the loose, who's ass do i get to beat" she said grinning maniacally a dark aura looming around her.

Spark laughed lightly taking a step closer to Blanche who was obvously annoyed.

Professor sighed " throughout the region a group of people have been seen stealing, poaching and abusing pokemon" he paused to show a pictcture obviosly taken on a phone, "they've been seen wearing Black with a large R printed on the front they call them selves-" Spark had frozen the moment the picture was set infront of him "team rocket" he wispered.

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