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A/N: Written for a fill on Comment Fic for LJ user Geckogirl89 who prompted with the lyrics to Adele's "Water Under the Bridge." Having never heard the song, I just zeroed in on the lines 'Oh, honey, if I'm not the one for you/Why have we been through what we have been through?' and wrote this.

Cordelia knocked the entire universe off course by swimming upstream through a crowd of wannabe actors and cocktail dresses to follow the sound of a familiar voice.

They muddle through together.

They fight their way, with swords and teeth and a little help from their friends, against monsters and lawyers and angry exes. They make it through Cordelia's reign, and Angel's firstborn, the visions, a dressing room with way too much pent-up energy, and their mutual inability to address their feelings.

Again and again, something tries to tear them down and they make it through, together.

Shouldn't that mean something?

"I guess I just always thought you and Cordy'd… That y'all were meant to be together," Fred says after the funeral. She plucks at the hem of her black dress with one hand and grips Angel's hand with the other. "It just seemed right."

And Angel still tastes her last kiss and still sees the destruction that she warned him is coming.

"Ah," says Spike. "Destiny's all a load of shit."

But Angel had thought like Fred, for a while.

They'd fought.

They'd gone through so much pain and loss and hardship.

And he'd let himself think that that could mean something more than more fighting to come. Let himself think again, for a little while, that there might be some kind of reward at the end after all.

But Cordelia was never even supposed to be there.

And maybe the Powers never forgot.