Emma took her seat next to Killian on the sofa in the Nautilus, fingers entwined. She smirked, watching as her husband and his Wish World doppelganger eyed each other suspiciously.

"So…" Wish World Henry said, looking at her, confusion crossing his face, "you're telling me I'm not real?"

"No, that's not it, exactly," Emma said, "It's just…like an alternate reality."

"And there's another version of me running around there, just like there's another version of Hook?"

Emma laughed. "Oh no, your version from my world is nothing like the version of Hook is here."

Wish World Hook looked over at her. "I don't know love. I see very little difference between my dashing self in this land and the man sitting beside you. Devilishly handsome as always."

Killian growled beside her. "Tell me I was never such a prat, love."

Emma leaned over and kissed him softly. "Never. The Evil Queen really did a number on you when she created your double here. Like a caricature of who you really are."

Wish World Hook got to his feet, his brows furrowed. "Now Princess Enya that isn't sporting at all."

"It's Emma," Emma, Killian and Wish World Henry said together.

"Now Hook, remember what we talked about," Nemo said, getting to his feet and putting a hand on Hook's arm. "There are more productive ways to deal with your anger than losing your temper."

Wish World Hook eyed them for a moment more, and then backed down, taking his seat once again.

The strange little group fell into silence for a moment, and Emma felt the emotions broil within. This was a wish world; none of it was real per se, but still, she had 28 years of memories of a life here. She remembered raising this Henry, remembered her happy life with her parents. She would never give up her real life for this pale imitation, but…she also wanted Wish World Henry, and even Wish World Hook to be happy

"Henry, I'm so sorry you had to go through what happened a few months ago," Emma said finally. "To lose your whole family like that all within a space of a couple of days…I never would have wanted that for you."

Emma felt Killian's arm go around her, lending his strength when he sensed she needed it the most.

Wish World Henry looked over at Liam and then Nemo before nodding. "I understand, mom," he said. "I…had a lot of anger just after it all happened, but they've helped me work through it."

"Thank you," Killian said earnestly, looking over to his younger brother and the man who had become a surrogate father.

Nemo waved it off. "It's what we do."

"Speaking of what you do," Emma said. "I'm curious. Why are you guys even here? And why do you have both Hook and Henry?"

Wish World Henry sighed and then looked over at Wish World Hook. "This guy tried to kidnap me."

Hook rolled his eyes. "Kidnap you? Never. I was merely trying to…rescue you…in hopes the kingdom would pay me a pretty penny for your return."

"Anyway," Henry said, "he'd just…rescued…me and taken me to his ship when the Nautilus surfaced, and Nemo took us aboard."

A light of understanding came into Killian's eyes. "It was your spear wasn't it?" he asked Nemo. "It led you here, to a couple of souls consumed with vengeance."

"Right you are, my lad," Nemo said.

"We were led here," Liam said, "and imagine our surprise when the man and boy we picked up were Hook (of sorts) and Henry. My own flesh and blood. We couldn't help but take them in."

"So how did it go?" Emma asked. "Did you put them through some sort of 12 step anger management program?"

Liam looked at her quizzically. "We merely taught them a better way."

"They taught me that there are more productive ways to handle my disappointment over lost revenge than drinking to the point of passing out and eating my weight in tavern food each day," Wish World Hook said.

"And they taught me that if I'm consumed with rage, I won't be able to be the leader this kingdom needs," Henry said.

"Excellent lessons, both," Killian said. "And take it from me, um…Hook. Love is far, far more rewarding than vengeance. Perhaps, one day, through some miracle, you'll be able to find love as well."

Wish World Hook looked as though he were rather offended by the intimation that he needed a miracle to find a willing woman, but before he could build up a full head of steam, Henry spoke again.

"So, on our voyage on the Nautilus, Hook and I worked really well together," he said. "I never would have believed it, but I think we've come up with the best solution for all of us. Hook can move into the castle and be my advisor. Neither of us has any family left, so maybe we can, sort of, become each other's family."

Emma felt her heart warm. "I couldn't come up with a better solution myself," she said, getting to her feet and leaning down to hug her son. "Hook's a good man, Henry, no matter what version of him you have, and I'm glad the two of you found each other."

Emma and Killian remained on the Nautilus until nightfall, Emma catching up with her son, and Killian making the most of the opportunity to spend time with his little brother. At length, they bid the guys farewell and returned to the Jolly where they took full advantage of the last official night of their honeymoon.


In the morning, Killian woke Emma with kisses and caresses that had her gasping with desire for her husband before she was even fully awake. He made love to her slowly, so achingly slowly, drawing out every emotion, every sensation, every breathless high. She cried out his name as she reached her summit for the third time that morning, before collapsing beside him, out of breath and nearly boneless with the pleasure.

"Oh for the love of all the gods!" Blackbeard shouted from his holding cell down the hall in the crew's quarters. "This most certainly counts as cruel and unusual punishment!"

"Shut it," Killian shouted back. "Perhaps next time you won't attempt to pilfer the ship of a newlywed couple."

Blackbeard muttered something that was likely laced with every obscenity he knew.

Emma laughed, before getting up and dressing for the day ahead. "I guess we have to go home today," she said regretfully.

"Aye," Killian answered, tossing on his own clothing, "we've just one bean left. Our honeymoon has been sheer heaven, love, but all good things must come to an end."

"I supposed so," Emma said, "but it's all good anyway."

"How so?"

"When we go home," Emma said, "we get to return to our house and our bed, and we get to spend the rest of eternity together."

Killian leaned down and kissed her slowly. "And there's no one else I'd prefer to spend my forever with."

After a quick breakfast (which Blackbeard insisted he was too nauseated to eat after the earful he got that morning), and an equally quick shell-phone call to Henry to alert them to their plans, they returned topside and, holding hands, they tossed the last bean into the deep. A wet and tumultuous moment later, they found themselves just beyond the Storybrooke docks, where it appeared the entire town was waiting to welcome them home.


One week later

Killian kissed Emma slowly, deeply, walking her backwards toward their bed. Emma giggled as she tumbled back onto the counterpane.

"Killian!" she said, between kisses, "We can't. You know we have to be at Granny's in ten minutes!"

"Hang Granny's" Killian growled, nipping his way down her neck toward her collar bone. "I've a far more delectable meal in mind."

She giggled again, before pushing him gently away. "You know we can't blow this off," she said. "It is a party in our honor, after all. We'll have to save this for desert."

Killian groaned, placing a hand dramatically on his chest. "In the meantime I believe I shall die from need of you."

Emma offered him a hand, smirking. "I think you'll survive, and I promise I'll make it up to you when we get home."

"I'll hold you to that."

They strolled, hand-in-hand down the main street of town, enjoying the lovely day with just the hint of fall in the air.

"So I heard something really interesting yesterday," Emma said.

"Aye, love? What's that?"

"Blackbeard's not only coming to our party," Emma said, "he's bringing someone!"

True to her word, as soon as they'd docked and greeted Henry and the Charmings, Emma had returned Blackbeard to his normal size, and then fitted him with a magical ankle bracelet.

"Remember the deal," she'd warned him sternly. "You gave up all claim to the Jolly Roger, and this little tracking device will let us know the minute you steal so much as a stick of gum from the Dark Star Pharmacy."

Blackbeard sighed theatrically, but offered no more protest.

To Emma's surprise, he'd lived up to the bargain, securing a room at Granny's in exchange for work in the diner.

"Can you believe it?" Emma had asked Killian the first night back in their old home. "Captain Blackbeard, the dread pirate on the high seas is filling his days bussing tables and washing dishes!"

Killian had laughed long and heartily at that.

"Never in all my lifetimes, love," Killian had assured. "I'd wager he'll be back to his nefarious ways within three days."

But that would have been a wager Killian lost. It had been a week, and aside from his grumbling and colorful language, Blackbeard had been a model citizen.

"He's bringing someone?" Killian asked, bringing Emma back to the present. "As in a date?"

"Uh-huh," Emma said, nodding. "Grumpy told me yesterday."

"Trust the dwarf to spread the word."

"You'll never guess who it is!" Emma said, eyes sparkling.

"I haven't a clue," Killian said. "Who would put up with that bloody git?"


"Pardon?" Killian said, "Blue?"

"Yeah," Emma said, giggling. "One of the most fearsome pirates in all the realms is totally whipped by the freaking Blue Fairy!"

Killian laughed. "How in any of the realms did that happen?"

"Apparently she was at Granny's for breakfast one day, and she lost her necklace," Emma said. "Blackbeard found it when he was bussing her table, and he returned it to her at the convent that afternoon, and the rest is history."

"Are the nuns even allowed to have romantic entanglements?" Killian asked.

Emma shrugged. "I think since they only became nuns because of the curse, the whole no dating thing no longer applies."

Killian shook his head. "Truly, love, Storybrooke is a place of wonders."

Their conversation was cut short as they reached Granny's diner, and Killian dropped Emma's hand in order to open the door for her.

They stepped into the diner fully decorated for the party, a large banner hanging along one wall reading "Welcome Home Emma and Killian!"

Killian felt his heart turn over as he was greeted first by Swan's father and then by Henry. Finally, after 3 centuries of searching, he'd found a home and a family. He closed the door behind them, ready to take the next step into the rest of his life with Emma.

The End!


-Well there you have it, the end of The Honeymoon. Happy endings all around! I hope you enjoyed this story. Basically, this is the story of how season 7 would go if I had unlimited power to plan and write it. Thank you to everyone who read, liked, commented/reviewed! I've appreciated every bit of feedback you've given me!