Note: Since NPYD isn't gonna be on for awhile due to that stupid reality show, I thought I would write my ideas out on how Jr. handles his father's death after the 2/25 episode. Thanks!

Sunlight poured in the room. Jr. slowly opened his eyes and suddenly guarded them from the brightness. He sighed and rubbed his red, puffy eyes. After he had watched the video of his dad he cried every last tear he had until he passed out from the pain, and tiredness. He slowly sat up and looked at the clock, soon realizing that he was an hour late for work, a place where he didn't feel like going to today. Everyone would just be saying how sorry they were, and he didn't need that. He started to get up, but suddenly sat back down in an instant with everything that happened the day before hitting him like a rock. He thought back to how he found his dad, how he looked- blood everywhere and his eyes wide open. No matter how hard he tried though, he couldn't get that image out of his head. He suddenly moved and accidentally hit the remote to the t.v. and his dad filled the screen once more.

"I'm done raising you... I love you... Keep making me proud..."

Jr.'s chin began to quiver again, but before he would let any tears come out, he suddenly got up and threw the remote at the t.v. in a fit of rage.

"Do you really dad?! Do you really love me or just wanted to make my life a living hell??!!"

"No, he loved you."

Jr. turned around and saw Andy standing before him.

"Sorry, the door was open and I heard you... Uh, anyway, I just wanted to see how you were holding up."

Jr. sighed and picked up some things from the floor. "You know as well as one kid can when their father kill themselves thinking it's the best thing to do for them."

"Your dad left a note?"

"No, a video tape. He taped himself saying that he was done raising me, that this was the best thing he could do, you know, typical suicide stuff."

"Aw, John... Look, I know it's hard and that your dad may not have picked the best way out of his pain, but he loved you."

"Yeah, sure. But I don't know why seeing as how I drove him to do this."

"John, this isn't your fault. I don't want you blaming yourself for this."

"The last time we spoke I told him to stop worrying about me and to worry about himself."

"John, I know it may not seem like it, but you told him the right thing. You were trying to get him straightened out. Some people just can't handle things well. You didn't do anything wrong."

"Then why..." Jr. paused and took a deep breath trying to calm his shaky voice. "Why do I feel so... so..."

He then leaned forward against the wall and closed his eyes tight, Andy soon hearing him cry. Andy stayed silent a few moments. He knew what Jr. felt like with losing a loved one. However not one of the four people he lost had died from committing suicide. Losing a loved one was enough but when they take their own life it's worse, because the ones who were closest feel that they were somehow responsible. He knew that that's what Jr. must have been feeling at that point and he wanted to curse his dad for doing this to him. The poor kid had already been through enough this year and this was the worst thing to top it all off with.

Andy slowly walked over to Jr. who was still crying, and gently turned him around, and held him. Jr. buried his head in Andy's coat and continued to shed the tears of pain. Andy was willing to do whatever it took to help him through this. Because he couldn't stand to see his partner and friend like this- so upset, so hurt, so... lost.

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